Meeting Maria

by Grumpy

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© Copyright 2014 - Grumpy - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; hotel; bond; mittens; bfold; cuffs; spreadeagle; tease; toys; mast; multi-orgasm; first; cons; X

“I’m in room 328”

“I’m on my way”

I grabbed my toy bag headed in to the hotel. I always figured that a guy walking into a hotel with an overnight bag does not raise any suspicion. I didn’t know if I would get to use my toys, but being a switch meant that there was a pretty good chance of someone getting tied up. It would probably be me, but then again you never know for sure.

I knocked on the door, and moments later entered the room getting my first look at Maria. She was a short Italian knockout with long black wavy hair, large brown eyes, a beautiful smile, and a killer body.

“Hi Maria, I’m Grumpy.” I said as I dropped the bag on a bed and wrapped her up in a hug. Even with her 4” heels she was only pressing her cheek into my shoulder. She enthusiastically returned the hug. We briefly kissed like old friends before breaking the embrace.

“Hi Grumpy, do you mind washing your hands?”

“Not at all.” I said as I removed my coat and hat. “While I’m doing that feel free to go through the toy bag.”

I washed my hands, then we made small talk while I stripped down to my socks. She was already wearing a slinky stretch lace bodysuit with a halter top and an open back almost down to her tailbone. The black lace looked fantastic against her dark skin. I noticed that my toy bag was unopened so I unzipped it and dumped the contents on the bed.

“I’m surprised you weren’t curious about the bag.”

“I was, but I didn’t want to pry.” She walked over and picked up one of my padded bondage mittens. “Do you hit with these?”

“No…” I said chucking. “Those aren’t for hitting. Would like to see how they work?” I said. I was starting to get a submissive vibe from Maria, but I kept my cool and reeled her in.


Gently I took the restraint from Maria and eased her right hand into the padded leather mitten. “Sometimes when I get tied up I like to try to escape.” I said as I finished buckling the glove and picked up the other one. I reached for her left hand and only waited a moment before she obediently raised it up to my grasp. “When someone puts these on me I can’t use my fingers, so I can’t escape.”

I gently pulled her hands down to her sides, and then behind her back as I clipped them together. I removed the other 3 double-ended clips and tossed them on the bed. Maria appeared to be dazed. She had not resisted at all, and even now did not even tug on her bonds. She was mine now, at least for tonight, and she didn’t even realize what she was in for. She was helpless, and I would do whatever I wanted to.

I grabbed the back of her head and claimed her mouth as my own. This was nothing like the friendly little brush of the lips we had just shared. I kissed her passionately, hungrily, exploring her mouth with my tongue. Maria kissed me back just as passionately, and claimed my mouth just as hungrily. With one hand I gently explored her shoulders, shoulder blades, and lower back. My other hand firmly held the back of her head, reminding her that this kiss would continue as long as I desired it. Eventually I pulled away but still left my hand on the back of her head. She stood there with her eyes closed in a sexual haze until I spoke.

“Have you ever been tied up before?”

“No. I’ve been blindfolded but never tied up.”

I smiled and pulled a silky white sash out of the toy pile. Maria closed her eyes as I placed the center of the sash across her face. I wrapped it behind her head and brought both ends forward again, knotting it tightly at the bridge of her nose. I know from experience that tied this way the sash pressed against her eyes, holding them closed.

I caressed her face, gently tracing my fingers down the side of her neck and into her cleavage. I placed my other hand gently on the back of her head and drew her willingly into another passionate kiss. Both my hands traced patterns gently down her sides and back this time. One hand reached across her back, and then I suddenly reached down behind her legs and swept her up into the air.

Maria gasped, a cute little sharp intake expressing fear. Then her mouth sought mine with a new sense of urgency behind it. I returned the kiss briefly before laying her down on her back in the middle of the bed.

I place my knee strategically between her thighs as I allowed both hands to explore her body. I only barely touched her with my fingertips as I traced her collar bone. Across her chest and upper arms, just barely brushing against the base of her breasts. I traced out patterns on her belly, thighs, and legs, coming within an inch of her pussy and clit without ever touching them. Up and down I worked her body as she slowly began grinding against my thigh. Her face showed an expression of pure helpless lust, with her mouth in a perfect “O” the entire time.

I stopped and removed her bodysuit, leaving her naked on the bed. Then I leaned into her, pressing my leg into her slowly grinding crotch, and began focusing on her breasts. They were big for a girl that small, and though their firmness gave them away as fake they were every bit as beautiful as she was. And they were also sensitive.

Maria was breathing very heavily as I lightly touched her breasts all over, tracing circles on the sides, bottoms, and tops. I came closer and closer to her nipples, but never actually touched them. I teased her relentlessly for several minutes, and when I finally did reach her areolas she arched her back seeking stronger contact. Unfortunately I moved with her to keep my touch light and teasing on her nipples. I captured a nipple with my mouth, biting it with my lips and rolling it with my tongue as she helplessly squirmed in lust. I stopped, and grabbing her head drank the passion from her lips. Instantly her tongue was invading my mouth, hungry for more. When we broke I got up and grabbed another toy.

I stretched a strap under the end of the bed, clipping both ends to the bondage mittens. Then I removed the clip between them and pulled the strap tight, stretching her arms out to either side of the bed. Now that she was tied down she shivered briefly and tugged gently against her bonds a few times.

“I’m getting a little scared.” Said Maria in breathy high pitched voice.

“Good.” I said suppressing a chuckle. She has been at my mercy for close to 20 minutes and now it finally hits her? “Enjoy that sensation.”

Before she could respond I took a velvety microfiber scarf and drew it slowly over her breasts. She gasped again, cutting off whatever she was about to say as a haze of lust returned to her expression. One hand began ever so lightly stroking her pussy and clit, while I continued with the scarf. Over her chest, up under her chin, down to her belly, then back across her nipples. She began squirming in earnest, desperate to increase that gentile teasing touch (or maybe escape it). She closed her legs on my hand and I stopped again.

“I have only one rule for you today. You may not cum without asking permission.” I said this while retrieving another strap and a set of sturdy Velcro cuffs from the toy pile on the other bed.

“Okay.” She said while practically panting out her desire.

I wrapped the strap under the other end of the bed, and after attaching the cuffs to her ankles I pulled it tight. She was now spread-eagled on the bed, and she would not be closing her legs on my hand again.

I slipped a condom over my vibrator and clicked it on the lowest setting. Well, my vibrator doesn't have settings. It has a wheel that clicks off at one end, so it can be set to any speed from almost a rhythmic thumping to a high pitched scream. It is also the strongest vibrator I have ever found. I started teasing her pussy and clit with the scarf while I lightly caressed her nipples with the vibrator.

“ooohhh…” Maria finally moaned out as I switched hands, using the vibrator on her clit and stroking her breasts with the scarf. She began twisting and squirming with renewed vigor, pulling at her straps and trying to hump the vibrator, to make me press harder. I followed her, trying to keep a constant light touch against her pussy. After a minute she calmed down, so naturally I ever so slightly turned up the vibrator.

“Oooh my… fuck… ooooh… fuck… May I… Please… FUuuck… Cum… May I… pleasemayIcum… PleaseMayICum… PleaseMayICum…”

“Yes, you may cum.” I said as I bumped up the vibrator again. Maria’s entire body tensed, pulling on the restraints. By trying to pull her knees up she pushed her ass down into the bed as she screamed.

“Oh, Fuck, Oh, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” Her orgasm was a thing of beauty. When it ended she started bouncing around trying to escape the vibrator, so I moved with her and turned it up yet again. By now I was just past half of what this monster could do.

“no… No… NO… Yes… Oh God… YEA… FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!” Maria pulled hard on the restraints as she came again. Just for fun, the moment her orgasm started I bumped up the vibrator again to draw it out a little. When she came down I immediately pulled the vibrator away and her whole body relaxed on the bed.

“Oh God, I don’t think I could have another orrRRGAAAAAAAAA” I flipped the vibrator up again and pushed it firmly against her clit mid-sentence, throwing her from relaxed to instant orgasm without warning. Three more times I bumped up the vibrator during her orgasm, keeping her screaming until she was out of breath. By the time it was over she had cum continuously for almost two minutes. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I’m sure it felt like an eternity. I finally had mercy and pulled the vibrator away from Maria.

Maria collapsed onto the bed gasping for air. I turned off the vibrator and set it aside before removing her blindfold. She blinked a couple times then focused those happy smiling eyes on me. We shared a long gentile kiss before I released her.

As I was untying her she said, “Wow, you really know how to make a girl cum. Where did you learn to do that?”

“The Internet. I read a lot of stories. I never thought I would be in one though.”

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