The Meeting

by nonoeb

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Continued from part two

Part 3

I began to think about what he had just said. "First hogtie? Punishment?" I wasn't sure what it was that he had in mind, but something told me that it would be a reminder not to disobey for the rest of the weekend. When he mentioned my dirty socks, I knew he meant that I would soon find myself gagged with them. My mind began racing about some of what he had told me already. I wondered if he was going to actually keep me collared for the entire weekend, and whether he would force me to be collared in public.

Jim cut off my thoughts as he began to give orders. "I want you to take off your shirt, and then get on your knees at the foot of the bed with your hands behind your back."

Oh my God. He is really doing this. I stared at him for a moment, trying to read his thoughts.

"When I tell you to do something, I expect you to answer, and act immediately. Are we clear? Or do you need another punishment added?"

"Yes sir." I quickly replied. I didn't want another punishment added on, and it was clear he wasn't fooling around. I was now a little more nervous than I was before. I stood up, and began taking my shirt off. I placed it on the floor beside me, and then got down on my knees, and place my hands behind my back.

I could hear Jim stand up as he spoke. "Keep facing forward. Do not turn your head."

"Yes sir." Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him grabbing rope. And a moment later, he grabbed my wrist and began to wrap the rope around it. He crossed my wrists, and continued to tie them together before cinching it off with a few knots. Once he was done, there was no way I was going to be able to get out. I tried to wiggle my hands to see if I could loosen or get them free, but failed. He also had the knot out of reach of my fingers.

While I continued to struggle to free my hands, I felt him grabbing for my shoe. Instinctively, I moved my foot away from him.

"For moving your foot away from me, you've just earned being whipped 25 times on the soles of each foot. Move it again, and it will be 50."

"25 to each foot?!" I thought to myself. It was only an accident. I was quickly learning how serious about this Jim was. He grabbed my foot again, and pulled off my shoe, and put it on the floor. He then held my foot as he peeled off my sock. I expected for him to gag me with it, but I didn't expect how he did it. After he had taken my sock off, he grabbed me by the hair with his left hand and pulled my hair back in a sudden and forceful motion. I gasped while he did this, and the moment I opened my mouth, he forced the sock into my mouth. It was still damp from being gagged earlier, and from being worn all day. He grabbed another length of rope, and began to wrap it around my head making sure that I was unable to spit out the dirty sock that was now tied into my mouth.

"How does that dirty sock taste?"

"Mmph mmmph!" was my best attempt at expressing displeasure. I didn't have to wait long for his next idea as I saw him bring my shoe across my face as he quickly placed it over my nose and mouth. Another length of rope was wrapped around my head and over the shoe securing it tightly to my face. Every breath I took was now either through my dirty sock gag, or by breathing through my nose and smelling my shoe. As I alternated breathing between my mouth and nose, it was apparent that there was no way to avoid it. I shook my head trying to see if I could move the shoe, but there was no use. I would be forced to smell my dirty, sweaty worn shoe until he untied it.

"Go ahead and keep trying to shake it off. It isn't going anywhere. You told me you wanted your shoes tied to your face, so I merely giving you what you asked for. By the time we get to tomorrow evening, you will be begging me to sock gag you, and tie your shoe to your face."

I wasn't going to tell him, not that I could anyways in the position I was in, but he was probably right. It was definitely a humiliating experience; being gagged with my own dirty socks, and then being forced to smell my shoes - for the second time that day. But as I continued to think about the position I was in, and being forced to smell the shoe and taste the sock, I found myself getting turned on again. I tried to reason with myself that I shouldn't be turned on by this, but it didn't matter what I told myself. My cock was betraying me.

As I continued to think about the position that I was in, Jim took off my other shoe and sock. I wasn't quite sure why he only gagged me with one sock. Maybe he was being kind. I laughed at my own thought.

"Stand up."

Not wanting more punishments, I got up as quickly as I could with my hands tied behind my back. After I stood, I could feel him undo the button to my jeans. He helped slide them down to the floor, and then told me to step out of them. After my pants were off, it was very obvious that I was turned on. He slid down my underwear, and then I was standing completely stripped.

Jim eyed me up and down, and then turned his gaze to my erect cock. "You really are enjoying being gagged with your socks, and smelling your shoes aren't you?"

There was no point in trying to deny it. He was right. I moaned into the gag as I nodded my head. Then he grabbed the other sock, and placed it over my cock. Now I understood why he didn't gag me with it. He wanted to use it for something else. He began to stroke me through the sock. It felt good to be touched. I didn't even care at that point that I was being stroked by another guy. I was super turned on at this point. I began to moan as he continued to stroke me, and then he suddenly stopped. He pushed me towards the bed so the upper half of my body fell onto it, but my legs and feet were still off the bed. He grabbed a flogger and then began whipping my ass. Slowly at first, and not very hard. Then he began to whip me harder and faster. With each hit my moans became louder. It was really starting to hurt. After about being whipped about 30 times he stopped. I continued to moan for another few minutes as I could still feel the stinging on my ass.

Jim was chuckling. "What's the matter? I haven't even gotten to your feet yet. You still got 25 coming to each foot."

I was hoping he would have forgotten about that, but I was a bit distracted by the pain from being flogged. I couldn't tell what my ass looked like, but it felt like it was on fire.The next sound I heard was a very familiar sound, and gave me a moment of fear. I could hear the bottle of lube being opened. And I knew there was only one reason he was doing that. I tried to turn my head to see what he was going to use. A plug? The hook? I didn't have to wait long to find out. The first thing I felt was the cold steel touch my skin. Fuck, he was using the hook. I tried moaning and shaking my head to protest it. But he continued to insert it. I could feel the ball inside me, and the pressure as he pushed it in farther. I couldn't believe this was happening. I started moaning more frantically as he continued pushing the hook into my ass. I thought about whether I should use my safe gesture, but ultimately decided against it as I felt the final push as the hook was fully inserted in my ass. I let out a loud moan as it settled into place.

"There we go. That wasn't too bad was it?"

I don't know if he was trying to be funny or not, but I was still in a state of disbelief. I continued to moan to myself as I tried to get as comfortable as I could with the anal hook now firmly in place.

Jim continued "You know, the nice thing about the hook is that you can tie off the other end to various things. Your hands, your head, and even your collar. The best part is that any struggles that you make will pull the hook deeper into your ass."

I wanted to scream that I was well aware of how a fucking hook works. Thankfully I was gagged or I would have likely had more punishments.

"Get back on your knees.”

I hobbled back down to my knees, and as I moved, I could feel the hook moving as well. He went back to stroking me. He wasn’t doing it to give me satisfaction, but to tease me. And it was working. It was driving me crazy. As he stroked, I started moaning louder. I just wanted him to keep going.

“You like that don’t you?”

I emphatically nodded my head as I moaned in agreement.

“You like being gagged with your dirty socks, don’t you?”

I nodded and moaned again.

“And being forced to smell your shoes.”

I moaned louder in agreement and nodded.

“And you have a hook in your ass right now, don’t you?”

Again I moaned as I nodded in agreement.

“I think it’s about time to finish getting you hogtied, don’t you think?”

I definitely wasn’t going to disagree, I nodded yes and moaning as best as I could to say yes.

I felt him untying the rope that was holding the shoe to my face, and in a moment it was released. He grabbed the head harness with bit gag, and began placing it over my head. He secured the strap under my chin, and secured the straps behind and on top of my head. The bit gag part of the harness rested over my sock gagged mouth, and prevented the rest of the harness form being properly tightened. As he examined it, he muttered to himself that he needed to do something about that as it wouldn’t work. He rummaged through his bag, and he came in front of my with a pair of scissors and cut the leather straps that attached the bit gag to the harness. With the bit gag now removed, it left access to my mouth, and then he tightened the rest of the buckles behind my head. He took a step back and looked at the harness. It was firmly attached by the strap under my chin, and the straps that went from the back of my head to the side, and up my forehead and attached to the top. He gave the harness a pull from the back, and it pulled my head back.

“Had enough of this shoe?” He asked as he held it up in front of me.

I nodded yes, as I was now able to breath regular air, instead of my feet.

“Okay. Because I’m such a nice guy, I’ll give you a break from this shoe.” His voice trailed off as he went behind me. A moment later, he put my other shoe over my nose and mouth. “We’ll use this one instead.” He wrapped rope around my head securing the shoe over my nose and mouth, again forcing me to smell my shoes.

“Get on the bed, when you lay down, I want you to face the foot of the bed so your head is at the very edge of the bed.”

I slowly began to stand up. Apparently I wasn't moving fast enough because he grabbed the end of the hook to 'help' me stand up faster.

"MMMMPH!!!!" Holy fuck that hook. I got up as quick as I could. I wasn't sure how I was going to position myself like he wanted with my hands being tied, and not being able to see well with the shoe covering part of my field of vision. I walked to the side of the bed and kneeled onto it, and tried to kneel my way to the middle of the bed, and then just kind of flopped onto the bed. I was struggling to get towards the foot of the bed. Jim helped move me into position as he grabbed my legs and pulled them until I was in the position he wanted.

He grabbed some more rope, and next he began tying my ankles together. He wrapped the rope around them, and then between them making sure that I wouldn't be able to loosen it before cinching it off. He used another rope and looped it to the rope between my feet, and then began looping it through the rope between my wrists. Then he began pulling it tighter. My feet were forced into the air, and as he continued to pull it, he brought my feet nearly touching my hands before he tied it off. I was now completely immobilized and in an incredibly strict hogtie. I quickly realized he still wasn't done. While I was moaning to myself and trying to struggle and hump the bed, he used another piece of rope and began wrapping it around by big toes, I let out a moan as he cinched it, and then he pulled the rope back and attached it to the rope that was tying my ankles together. My soles were now completely exposed, and I couldn't wiggle my feet, or hide my soles.

"Can you get out at all?"

I shook my head as I continued to struggle. This was probably the tightest hogtie I have ever been in. There was no way I was getting out until he was done with me. I wasn't complaining though. I was really starting to get into this. I had to be careful not to make myself cum by moving around so much.


I screamed out into my gag. "MMMMPH MMMPH MMMPH!!!!! The immense pain to my soles was incredible. What the fuck!!


I screamed again. I began thrashing against the rope, but I wasn't going anywhere. I was fucked, and I couldn't avoid it. I couldn't move my feet. My soles were completely exposed because of my toes being tied back to my ankles. He was whipping my feet extremely hard, harder than I have ever been whipped before. I couldn't tell what he was using, but it fucking hurt! He continued whipping me, and with every strike I cried out and bucked against the bed.

"Breath through your nose, it'll make it better!"

What the fuck was he talking about? Smelling my shoe wasn't going to make this any better. He continued to whip my feet. My moans and screams were becoming louder the longer it went on for. I was afraid the next room would hear me.

"Breath through your nose like the little shoe sniffing bitch that you are."

He whipped me harder. I couldn't think of anything except for the pain. I screamed out into my gag, and then forced myself to breath through my nose only. I continued to inhale through my nose aside from screaming into the gag every time he hit my soles. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally stopped.

"That was 25. I trust you realize I won't tolerate you not listening?"

I tried to answer as I nodded my head. "Mmph"

"Good. Now you still have your first punishment for not addressing me correctly to come. I have noticed you have been trying to fuck the bed. Are you ready to cum or something?"

I nodded my head enthusiastically and tried to moan uh huh. I was so ready to cum. I was so turned on at this point. He completely put me in my place, and if this was a taste of what I was going to experience this weekend, I was definitely in for it. I wasn't sure what he meant by the punishment would be coming. I was hoping that it wasn't going to be not allowing me to cum.

He grabbed more rope, and I could feel him fidgeting with the head harness from behind. He was tying rope to the head harness, and I knew he was going to force my head off the bed. I wasn't in a very good position to fight because I couldn't really move. Once he finished knotting the rope to the head harness, he tested it by pulling the rope. My head lifted a couple inches off the bed. He began to loop the other end to the rope that tied my ankles. Then he began pulling it tight, until my head was held about 3 inches off the bed. When I tried to put my head down, it pulled my feet tighter in the hogtie. It was a little uncomfortable, and very tight, but it was bearable. Or I should say it was. Using another rope, in addition to the harness being tied to my feet, he tied the harness to the anal hook. Now every time I tried to move my head down, not only did it pull my feet, but now it pulled the hook deeper into my ass. I was completely fucked now. I couldn't move anything.

He decided to test out how strict my hogtie was by whipping my feet a few more times. I screamed. I tried to buck. I tried to wiggle. I couldn't do anything. Every move I made now moved the hook, and as I tried to thrash my head, it forced me to bring the hook deeper.

"Ready to cum?"

I couldn't even nod anymore. I just moaned yes. He untied the rope holding the shoe to my face.

"I am going to untie the sock gag, but do not spit it out. Do you understand?"

I nodded as little as I could to prevent moving the hook.

"Here is how this is going to go. That other sock has been on your cock since we started this little session. In a moment, I am going to force you to get off into it. After you cum, I will take the sock and you will be gagged with it. The shoe will go back on your face, and then I will go back to whipping the soles of your feet for 10 minutes.”

My eyes lit up. I tried to shake my head and protest, and began moaning loudly trying to say no. He was going to gag me with the other sock that I was about to cum in? Hell no. I wasn’t going to do that. I would fight that to the very end.

He grabbed the magic wand, and plugged it into the wall, and then he moved bedside me. He half rolled me onto my side just enough to position the wand so it would against my cock, and then rolled me back onto my stomach. He turned it on for a moment, and the reaction was immediate. The vibration on my rock hard cock was intense. I tried thinking of anything to stop me from cumming. Trees, clouds, flowers. Anything to stop what he was going to do. It quickly became apparent there was no way I would be able to stop myself from cumming. He then went to my feet and began to tickle them. I was going insane. As he tickled my feet, I was bucking on the bed which caused the hook to shift and pull in my ass. The wand was building me up into what was going to be a huge orgasm. He used one hand to tickle my feet, and using his other hand, he grabbed my shoe and held it over my face.

“Breath through your nose only. And cum for me.”

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I started breathing through my nose. I was moaning loudly, and my moans became louder as the wand did its job. Between the tickling and the wand, I couldn’t hold out any longer. I felt my body clench, and let out a loud moan as I finally came. It felt like the most powerful orgasm I had ever had. I continued to moan for the next minute, as Jim finally stopped tickling my feet and removed the shoe from my face. I felt exhausted. I felt humiliated.

“Let’s change your gag now, shall we.”

I tried to moan no, but he wasn’t listening. He half rolled me on my side again, and took the cum filled sock off my cock, and moved to the front of me and held it up in front of my face.

“My, my. Look at this. This is pretty wet from you being teased and then cumming in it. Spit out the other sock.”

I froze. I wasn’t about to let him gag me with that sock. I would not have my own cum in my mouth. I knew I probably wasn’t in the best position to argue, but I was making my stand. I clenched my mouth shut and moaned nuh uh.

“Really? Okay, well now you’ve made this worse on yourself.”

He used one hand to try and grab the sock out of my mouth, which I clenched down on. When I wouldn’t release it, he went to my feet, and began to whip them, but he didn’t start out gently. The first whack made me scream.

“Spit it out. Now.”

I didn’t know how long I would be able to hold out. He continued whipping me, the pain was agonizing to my soles. After 5 more strikes, I couldn’t bear it anymore and spat the sock out. My feet were on fire. All I could feel was the pain in my soles.

“Good. I thought you’d see it my way. I was just going to gag you with the sock you came in, but now because of your disobedience, I will be turning it inside out, and then gagging you so that you’re forced to really taste yourself.”

“No, please no. Just gag me without it inside out.”

“Too late for that. Now open up.”

“Nuh uh” was the sound I made while keeping my mouth closed.

He turned the sock inside out, and held it in front of my face.

“Look at all this cum that’s about to be in your mouth.”

He was right. I knew it was a powerful orgasm, but when he had it turned inside out, and held it in front of my face, I could see large amounts of my cum. I didn’t know how I was going to avoid this. And with the first hard strike to my soles, the fight was over. I wasn’t expecting it, and he hit hard causing me to open my mouth to scream. The moment my mouth opened, he forced the sock in. I bit down on it to prevent it going any further. He continued to whip my soles and with each hit, as I tried to scream, he forced the sock further into my mouth until it was all the way in.


I was not happy. I could taste the cum on my tongue, every movement of my tongue made me taste it more. He held his hand over my mouth as I tried to spit it out. He grabbed a piece of rope with his other hand and tied it into my mouth ensuring that I wouldn’t be able to spit it out.

I was beaten. I was completely and utterly humiliated. I was being forced to taste and swallow my own cum. I had tried to put my head down in exhaustion, but the harness was tied to my feet and hook in my ass, so I couldn’t do anything.

He grabbed my shoe and held it over my face once again while he tied it in place. I moaned softly.

He stood back to admire his handiwork. He pulled out his phone and began taking pictures from every angle. Closeups of the shoe tied to my face, the hook in my ass, my bound feet and toes. Then he began to take a video.

“How are you feeling right now? I guess you can’t really respond since you have your dirty sock that I just forced you to cum into tied in your mouth, while your smelling the shoe tied to your face.” He chuckled to himself. “You look pretty tied up right now.” He moved around while continuing to take video so he could capture the moment. “This will happen twice per day this weekend. With the next time being later this evening. There will be a few variations though. First off, before you are forced to cum, you will worship each of my feet for 10 minutes. Not that you’ll have any choice. There will be times that you will be forced to suck my cock, and other times that I will cum into the sock before I force you to cum into it you'll have double the cum in the sock when you’re gagged.”

I couldn’t believe what he was saying. I was still dealing with what had just happened. Hell, I was still tasting and smelling what was happening. I couldn’t move. Every part of me was tied. 4 more times? Forcing me to suck his cock? I’ve never done that, and we didn’t really discuss it. Although, if I was in the position I was, I would probably be too turned on and would do basically anything to get off.

“And don’t forget what I said earlier. You will be wearing those same socks all weekend. So it is in your best interests to get the cum out after each session. But don’t worry. I may give you breaks from wearing them when I force you to go barefoot in public in random places. Hell, maybe we'll even get you a pedicure and get your toes painted.”

I was going to be so fucked this weekend.

“And for those of you that watched this video, stay tuned for more! Our next session will be live streamed.” And then he stopped recording.

I looked at him wide eyed. What was he talking about? People watching? Oh my god.

“Watch this.” Jim brought the phone up to my face, and I watched as he uploaded the video to a couple porn sites. I was in shock. He did ask when we were chatting if I was okay with being recorded, or uploading videos of our session, and I agreed. I didn't think he would actually do it.

“You’ll also be able to watch these after the weekend to relive your experience. There will be quite a few videos. Now let’s finish whipping your feet. I want you to feel the pain with each step when we get something to eat. I’ve worked up an appetite.”

He went back to my feet and began whipping my soles. I screamed out into the dirty sock gag and shoe tied to my face. This was going to be my weekend. My cock started to twitch as I thought about the session I was enduring.

Maybe it won’t be so bad after all.

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