Meddling With Mandy

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2020 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; F/f; bond; leather; latex; toys; kidnap; nc; X

Meddling With Mandy by Anne Gray
Chapter 1 – “A Kidnapping Simplified”

This is a work of fiction.  The author does not condone or promote any activity that is not entirely consensual!

I waited, watching closely as Mandy’s chest rose, straining against the multiple restraints, to inhale air through the hollow nostril tubes.  As soon as I judged her lungs were as full as they were going to get I abruptly hit the computer key that activated the program and closed the air intake of the gas mask clamped over her face.

No air could pass through or around the gag that was packed in her mouth and secured there with several tight turns of tape.  Now, with her intake blocked, the only way she could inhale or exhale was at my whim, with help from the computer!

The same program activated the butt plug and dildo buried inside her at a low level and I used one long scarlet fingernail to delicately scratch her love nub as it peeked out through a slit in the tight leather crotch strap. Within moments it was engorged and erect.

As the computer clock clicked on 30 seconds the program opened the intake and shut down the inserts.

The system worked like a charm and my leather and latex covered Irish lass was in for a very frustrating time.


Research, research and more research were my rules when I had settled my eyes on a target and I spent the last three months detailing the life of one Mandy!

Nearing thirty years of age she was about 5’ 5”, the red hair and green eyes would have marked her as Irish anywhere in the world.
Slim, with probably a 35 or 36” bust I put her weight at about 125 lbs, maybe 130.

She managed a small staff at a financial group and, while she seemed very good at her job, I thought I detected a measure of dissatisfaction somewhere in her life.  Once, I deliberately bumped in to her and got a good look in those eyes.  She had a smile on her face as I apologized but the eyes were not smiling, I could see something behind them that I just could not put a finger on.

Then a possible answer came to me – twenty-nine years old, unmarried, lots of friends but no serious men in her life and men with eyesight and half a brain in their heads would have been all over her so she must have discouraged them.  Well now, this was going to get really interesting.

I wasn’t sure where or how to take her.  She spent a couple of evenings each week at the gym but almost as much time at the library picking out books and I had a problem with my usual method.  The zapper worked like a dream on skin or through light clothing but this girl seemed to live in her leather coat when she was outside and I couldn’t be sure of a one time successful hit.

Short of waiting for the season to change it came down to one answer – I had to take her at home when she wasn’t wearing that damn coat.

More research and I found the lock on her front door was a burglar’s delight.  It had to be a evening when she hadn’t been to work out because I assumed she took a shower before she left the gym and I wanted her in her own bathroom - naked.   I picked a Friday evening when she was out with friends, dressed in my leather slacks, a matching belted jacket, tight kid gloves and knee boots with block 2” heels and around 8 p.m., quietly walked up to her door.  I was inside within a minute carrying my bag of tricks.

I knew I had time to look around because Mandy usually stayed out until about ten or eleven.  First thing was to find a place to wait for her.  The hall closet was out of the question because she’d hang up the coat when she came in.  No, the bedroom wardrobe was the place.  She would come in, throw her clothes off and head for the bathroom and I would be waiting.

In the meantime, as I looked around, our little Mandy took on a new personality.  Tucked away in the bedside table were vibrators and other satisfying devices but then a little rummaging through the chest of drawers and lo and behold, a latex cat suit and all sorts of lovely fetish wear, even a can of baby powder. 

The wardrobe held various clothing items made of leather and suede that I had seen her wearing but a box pushed under the bed revealed cuffs, straps and bondage gear.   In all the time I had watched my prey she had friends over or visitors but nobody stayed the night.  That could mean just one thing; with a little bit of luck Mandy was going to make my job very, very easy!  I changed my plan to one of just watching to see what happened when she got home. Oh yes, this was going to be fun.

I took a few sips of water directly from the kitchen tap and then settled myself in the back of the wardrobe.  With the doors just ajar to give me a nice view of the room it was 10:30 when I heard her arrive and open the hall closet to hang up the coat.  Then I watched as she came in the bedroom, flipped on the light, peeled off the rest of her clothes, grabbed the can of baby powder and headed for the bathroom. 

Apparently she decided on a bath instead of a shower and I heard the toilet flush as the water was running into the tub.  Twenty minutes after that she came in the bedroom smoothing powder over her limbs and pulled the cat suit from its hiding place.  Shaking it out she added more powder through the various openings, sat on the bed and started working it on her body.

I couldn’t repress a wide grin as she continued with her preparations for a night of satisfying her fantasies that, in turn, would lead to me satisfying mine!

The cat suit molded to her body like a second skin and she padded out of the room to the kitchen.  A few moments later she was back sipping a large glass of water and carrying a flat dish about 2” deep and 6” square which she put down on the bed.  She had a towel over her arm that also landed on the bed.

In quick succession she laced on a pair of ankle boots with 4” heels; they would have been quite acceptable at a cocktail party but with the cat suit they took on a very erotic tone.  She took another drink of the water and then, while I almost choked repressing a giggle, she started working a large ball gag between her teeth.

It wasn’t a jawbreaker but certainly large enough to take a bit of pushing.  As it popped behind her teeth she buckled the strap at the back of her head and opened the drawer to the bedside table.  I could guess why she chose to gag herself first because the dildo she produced was a considerable size.  Unzipping the crotch of the suit she spent just a few minutes with her fingers before working the toy all the way in and closing the zip.

She waited for a few moments with her head thrown back, like she was catching her breath, and then reached for two sets of handcuffs.  I noted that nothing had gone in the back entrance; something I would need to rectify.

The cuffs had about 6” of chain between them and she fitted the first set around her ankles then folded the towel and used it to cover her pillow.  Smart girl.  Ball gags equal drool and she was going to protect her nice pillow; in a few minutes I would help.

She snapped a cuff around her left wrist and then lay down on the bed on her stomach.  She adjusted the dish so it was level with her thighs and about a foot off to the side.  The blindfold had an elastic band to hold it in place and then she reached behind and with her right hand grabbed the chain between her ankles.

With her left hand she worked the other wrist cuff over the ankle chain and snapped it on her right wrist.  When she let go of the ankle chain her body settled down in a fairly effective hogtie.

Very quietly I extradited myself from my cubbyhole and walked over to the bed.  I didn’t yet want her to know I was there so I moved with my legs slightly apart.  Anyone who has worn leather slacks knows they make a very distinctive sound as the legs brush together.  Looking down on the bed I had guessed correctly.  The dish was full of ice and frozen in the middle was a key that had to be for the cuffs.

When she had had enough, or the night was over, she would roll on her side, reach into the, by then unfrozen, dish and retrieve the key to release herself.  As I reached over to remove the dish she started squirming around and I heard a low humming; the dildo was battery powered and going full blast!

It was time for me to make my presence known.  As I squeezed the wrist cuffs a notch tighter her body went rigid, her head came up off the towel and various muffled sounds escaped passed the gag.  That was my next step.  I unbuckled the gag strap while keeping a firm thumb on the middle of the ball and pulled the strap out.  A few strips of duct tape sealed her mouth over the ball instead.

Like I say, ball gags mean drool and even though the leather helmet I was going to lace on her was lined with rubber over the mouth area the tape would avoid a mess to clean up later.  It was a full helmet with just nostril holes and extra padding over the ears.  I pulled it over her head; blindfold and all, and then laced it down the back, finishing the job with my own very tight gag strap across her mouth.

Pushing her over on her side I opened the crotch zip and turned off the vibrator; from now on I would decide when she had any fun or satisfaction.

Taking the dish to the kitchen I ran hot water on it until the ice melted and I could get the key, using a towel to protect my kid gloves I dried it off and set the dish upside down on the draining board beside the sink.  Everything needed to look normal when we left!

With Mandy both quiet and helpless I spent some time taking a more detailed look around and piling my discoveries on the kitchen table.  My she did have some interesting items and I wished I had the time to review her computer’s history!

It was just on midnight as I selected two items and moved back to the bedroom.  Opening my bag I unfolded the kid leather straight jacket and arranged it on the bed before pulling her back on her stomach with her chest on the jacket.

Using a pair of my own handcuffs I joined her left wrist to the matching ankle and unlocked the cuff on her right wrist.  It was not hard to work her right arm in the sleeve of the jacket and then reverse the cuffs to do the same thing with her left arm.  Closing the straps across her back I against released her right wrist and bent her arm across her back pulling the strap on the end of the sleeve under her chest and across to where I could put a knee on the buckle.

The left arm received similar treatment except that I tucked it over the right arm and pulled that strap through just above the elbow and under the bicep so I could join the two straps and pull them very tight under her breasts.

Anyone can put a straight jacket on with the arms across the front but I always preferred to fold the arms across the back; it made the breasts stand out quite impressively.

With her still on her stomach I opened the crotch of the suit and squeezed a good dose of KY in her rosebud before putting pressure, accompanied by a few judicious twists, on one of her spare toys and forcing it up her back entrance.

Closing the zip I turned her over and sat on her thighs while I removed the ankle cuffs.  The other item I had selected from her collection was a very tight pair of latex panties and I worked them up her legs until they snapped in place over her buttocks.  Now she had a double layer of latex holding the toys inside and I added some insurance.

Re-attaching the ankle cuffs I reached between her legs to get a hold of the strap from the waist band of the jacket, pulled it through and buckled it to its partner in the small of her back.  It made a very effective crotch strap.  My bag gave up a thigh hobble with a 3” chain that I fixed above her knees.

When I had been checking out the wardrobe I spotted a below the knee leather skirt that I pulled off its padded hanger and worked up her legs.  Swinging her around I pulled her into a standing position at the side of the bed while I closed the back zip of the skirt and pulled the matching belt tightly around her waist.  A little push and she was sitting on the edge of the bed as I tethered her ankles to the center leg.

She tried to put up a rather weak struggle considering the mess she was in but I gave her a quick slap across the side of her head and she settled down to sit quietly although I thought I detected a muffled sob.

A brief look out the window told me it was raining heavily and that was just fine with me. I got her keys from her purse and went to the hall closet for the coat.  It was a bit tight across the chest but otherwise fitted me quite well.  I found a wide brimmed rain hat on the shelf and pulled that on then went out to bring my car as close as possible.  Back inside I packed a couple of suitcases with all of her goodies along with the clothes I had selected from her wardrobe and took them out to the car.

The front closet gave up a trench coat and a headscarf that I took in the bedroom.  After releasing her ankles and pulling her to her feet, I draped the coat over her shoulders and just managed to button the front then cinched the belt around her waist over the empty sleeves.  I wrapped the head square loosely over the helmet, knotted it under her chin and pulled up the coat collar.

I pushed her back to sit on the bed while I took a last look around to make sure there was no indication of what had happened.  As a last thought I also checked through the kitchen cupboards and found a stash of glad money that I pocketed, I mean what was she going to do with it when I got her home?

I straightened the bed, hung the towel back in the bathroom, turned out the lights and pulled her through the door towards my car with an arm around her shoulders.  The late hour and the rain meant we were the only two around; no dog walkers or home coming partygoers were about.  Opening the back door I pushed down on her head and, with a quick shove in the back, she landed face down across the seat.

A couple of loops of rope around her ankles and the end yanked through the belt of the trench coat put her back in the hogtie.  Another push and she rolled to the floor, gagged, blind, partially deafened by the helmet, helpless and, most importantly, out of sight.

The whole process had taken less than two minutes and, while I was glad of her now soaking wet coat, the rain had provided excellent cover, it was just past one in the morning when I settled myself behind the wheel and headed home. 

An hours’ careful drive later I pulled in my garage and closed the door.

Less than another hour later we were ready for bed.  In Mandy’s case I had just removed the scarf, coat, skirt and ankle boots then, after lashing her ankles and knees together, laced her in a single leg ballet boot before stretching her out on the bed.

That glass of water she had drunk before starting her self-bondage session would have to suffice until morning.  Personally, I took a quick shower, had a bite to eat and a relaxing drink then snuggled up to her like we were a pair of spoons.  The leather of the straightjacket felt lovely against my naked breasts and after pulling up the covers, I then draped an arm over to gently massage Mandy’s kid encased tits and drifted off in a satisfied sleep.


Now it was two days later and she was in the middle of learning just one lesson.  She was mine; I controlled her, I let her breathe, I let her climax and I had her all to myself!

As the computer program ran through its sequence it randomly shut down her ability to breathe for 10, 15, 30 and 45 second periods.  I had programmed two and three minute intervals to allow her to recover yet the sudden shutting down of her air was going to really teach her who was in control.

Her arms were locked in a single binder and then, with some difficulty, I had installed single ballet boots that laced to her thighs and strapped her legs wide apart.  The rest of it was window dressing but she could feel every lace, every strap and every piece of leather and latex!

Eventually I would allow her to come and by that time she should be ready to thank me.  Yes, I was meddling with Mandy’s mind but I couldn’t help thinking, after what I had found out about her private lifestyle, that I was probably also just making Mandy’s day!

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