Max & Matt

by Max Roper

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© Copyright 2012 - Max Roper - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; D/s; naked; bond; ropes; gag; hogtie; tease; wax; climax; cons; X

Karla called from downstairs at 4:00 to announce the arrival of my guest. I told her to send him up and quickly went down my mental checklist. Everything was ready, so I ran a comb through my hair one more time, swallowed my nervousness, and moved myself into Dom mode. I took a few deep breaths, and the knock came. I opened up and let him in. My goodness, I thought. Heʼs a big one. About my height but at least a hundred pounds heavier. And quite a bit younger.

We got through the awkward introductions. He started to make small talk to mask his nervousness. I cut him off. “Enough” I said. “Weʼre not here to chat. Shut up and strip. All the way.”

He gulped once, then complied. He wasnʼt really fat. Just big. He stood naked in the center of the room, his cock beginning to twitch. I picked my belt up from the table and walked slowly around him, increasing his nervousness.

As he started to ask a question, I gave him a snap across his butt with the belt. “I think I told you to shut up.” I said. “You have trouble with simple directions?”

He shook his head. The cock was now fully erect. I gave it a little slap with the belt, then handed him the medium ball gag. “Put it on. Tight. I donʼt want you to have to remember about keeping quiet.”

He took the gag, slipped the big red ball into his mouth, and fastened the strap behind his neck. He got it pretty tight.

“On your knees. Forehead on the carpet.”

He slowly knelt as directed and, squatting behind him, I quickly roped his wrists palm to palm, cinched up tightly. His body was obviously not the type to accept an elbows together tie, so I used the bar wrap technique, leaving him about eight inches between his elbows. It was still pretty tight for such a big guy, probably more than he was used to, and he grunted a little as I knotted it off.

I had him sit up on his heels and wrapped a rope around his waist, holding his wrists against the small of his back. I told him to lie on his back and proceeded to bind his legs at the ankles and below and above his knees. As I was adding a fourth rope around his massive thighs, my hand “accidentally” brushed against his now-rigid cock. He started and made a noise into his gag which I studiously ignored.

Rolling him onto his stomach, I threaded a rope between his bound ankles and used it pull them back toward his wrists. I slipped the other end around his wrist rope and slowly pulled until he gasped from the strain, then tied it off leaving him in a very snug hogtie. I moved around him, checking and retightening the ropes.

“Okay Matt. You have one hour to get loose.”

I moved to a chair and watched as he began thrashing around on the floor. He managed to get onto his right side and made some abortive thrusting movements. He looked more like someone trying to get off then someone trying to escape. After a while, his thrusting and writhing subsided and he relaxed, seeming to luxuriate in the feelings of restraint.

About a half hour in, he once again started squirming and twitching. He rolled back onto his stomach and started humping the floor. I didnʼt want him to make a mess on the carpet so I gave him a swat from the belt which calmed him down a little.

At the forty-five minute mark I was a bit concerned by the redness of his face and the way he was panting, but when I asked if he was okay he nodded vigorously and tried to smile around the gag, so I let him be.

When the one hour mark was reached, I knelt beside him and untied the rope holding his wrists to his ankles. He slowly straightened his legs and I rolled him onto his back. He was still erect. Ah, youth. I blindfolded him, then lit a candle. I stood over him, my feet straddling his hips.

“You know nothing about me,” I said. “I could do anything I want to you. I could kill you and eat you. I could rape you or maim you.”

I let a little of the hot wax dribble onto his chest. He gasped.

“Or I could just leave you all tied up. All day.”

He nodded.

“Oh, you like that idea?”

He nodded some more. Harder. I let some more wax dribble, this time on his stomach. He gasped again.

“I could put you back into the hogtie and go to dinner,” I suggested. More wax. This time on his groin. Another gasp. He was getting the idea.

“Or I could stand you up, bend you over a chair, slide whatever I want inside you. Deep inside you.”

Again with the nodding. More wax. Just above his cock.

He was really getting into it now, squirming, making gag-noises, thrusting his hips. I let just a drop fall on his cock. He shuddered. Thrust his hips, and came. I donʼt think either of us was expecting that. He pumped semen onto his groin and thighs, twitching and groaning, finally subsiding into embarrassed silence.

“That was not an allowable action,” I stated. “You know youʼll have to punished for that, donʼt you?”

He nodded happily.

“But that wonʼt be this time, you know.”

He nodded sadly as I began loosening the ropes.

Gotta leave ʻem wanting more.