Match of the Day

by smwsurv

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© Copyright 2008 - smwsurv - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; leather; bdsm; toys; oral; anal; cons; X

Let me relate to you a session that occurred a couple of weeks ago here in play central. Those of you who know of me and have seen my pictures know that I have been happily married for many years. This does not mean, however, that we are a perfect match. There are things about my hubby that irritate and annoy me, like I guess every married woman, especially one married to a man from Liverpool. Unfortunately, this means he is football crazy ( that’s soccer to you colonials ), like many of his ilk. In his case this means Everton, the ‘other’ club of Liverpool, perhaps not as famous internationally as Liverpool football club itself, but with an equally long and illustrious history.

I was moaning and bitching about this obsession as the season began in August trying to get him to take me shopping instead of spending the afternoon in front of the TV for the opening matches of the season when he finally had enough. Happily in our house that means lots of leather and latex, straps and chains. Soon I was sat on the settee next to him, a large gag filling my mouth, arms useless behind me and the twins, my vibrating dildo and butt plug set on low and keeping me ticking over gently.

“I am going to make sure you have as much interest in the fortunes of Everton football club as me this season” he growled in annoyance.

“Hah !  Fat chance” I thought. How wrong I was !


“This is what is going to happen,” he said. “You will be properly dressed like this for every Everton match this season. Every time Everton score, I am going to turn up your vibes until you come. If the opposition score, you will get a stroke of the crop across your cute little ass. If Everton win, you will be released once the match finishes and you have had a celebratory fucking. If they lose you will be kept in bondage until bed time, so that I have something to cheer me up. If they draw I will release you after you have given me one of your special blow jobs to assuage my disappointment. By the end of the season I bet you will be more interested in football than you are now !”

I moaned in a mixture of dread and excitement at what was in store for me, and suddenly what the commentator was saying had much more interest for me. Everton won 2-1 that day so I was a happy subbie, two forced orgasms offset by only one stroke of the crop, and another orgasm when he bent me over the back of the chair and used me for his pleasure.

The season was going quite well for Everton, and I admit I was much more interested in the fortunes of Everton football club than I normally was. The low point  was the 2-1 defeat to local rivals Liverpool, after which my husband kept me locked into my inhibitor bar for what seemed like an eternity, leading me blindfolded and gagged around the house with the butt plug and dildo moving inside me with every step, while he vented his spleen at the team, Liverpool football club and anything and anyone else in range, including me ! He finally settled down, moaning at the ribbing he would get at work tomorrow.

A couple of weeks ago I was ready in my bondage for the kick off. Today they were playing Sunderland, a newly promoted team so they were expecting a win, and I was expecting to enjoy myself. In anticipation, my bondage was a little more severe than usual, with me fully leathered up in my favourite catsuit, corset and single glove drawn tight, blindfolded, gagged and hogtied on the bed. The radio was broadcasting the match as it was not on TV. Of course the vibes were slowly churning away inside me getting me in the mood.

It wasn’t long before Everton scored and I writhed in delight as the vibes were turned up to full. I had only just finished cumming when they scored again, so hubby left them running on full until I came again. I was still gasping for breath around my gag when they scored a third time. This suddenly was becoming an afternoon to remember !

I was looking forward for to some respite as half time approached when Sunderland scored. Damn ! I thought. Hubby unfastened my hogtie, and hauled me to my feet next to the bed. Bending me over he gave me a hard thwack with the crop, bringing a strangled cry of pain and a few muffled oaths from me.

I was back hogtied on the bed for the start of the second half. Hubby had released my gag and given me a drink during half time, but the gag had gone back in for the start of the half.

“That’s probably it” he had re-assured me, “the game is won so we will probably shut up shop and take the win.”


Shows you how much he knows about football ! Everton scored four more times in the second half for their biggest win in more than a decade. By the end of the match I was a wreck, begging for no more orgasms. He had to replace the batteries in the vibes twice before I had cum the requisite number of times! He still used me for his own pleasure before he released me, although out of pity for my poor abused pussy he used me anally, which really finished me off.

Fortunately, the next match was a nil-nil draw, and I got no pleasure from the match other than that of knowing I was pleasing my husband and the pleasure I get from being helplessly restrained for a few hours. Such is football ! Can’t wait for next Saturday…..

P.S. I said to hubby the other day that it was silly getting the same points for winning away from home as it was for winning at Goodison park (Everton’s home ground)-you should get double points for winning away. He said it was a silly idea. Now if Everton score away from home I get two orgasms for every goal, and if the opposition score at Goodison I get two strokes. What if Everton win 7-1 when they play at Sunderland ?