The Tell Tale Collar

by kitn

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© Copyright 2003 - kitn - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bondage; slave; cons; X

Master’s Snack
by kitn
Yet another of Kats Creations
She awakens and sits upright in the bed, listening, craning her head straining against the darkness of their room.  Eagerly she slips onto the cool floor her feet making little sound as she pads through the quiet hallways of the house.  She sighs softly thinking it must have been her mind playing tricks as she awaits her Master's arrival home.  Moving into the kitchen she opens the refrigerator and removes the gallon of milk nearly dropping it as His soft authoritative voice sounds behind her.  "A Midnight snack, my kitn?" Spinning and nearly dropping the milk in her haste she smiles and throws herself into His arms kissing him tenderly at times .. and passionately at others. "I've missed you so Master", she smiles up at Him then giggles as she realizes she is still holding the cold carton against His back.  Shrugging sheepishly she places the carton on the table behind Him and stand before Him drinking in His appearance. "How was your trip?" Curling close against Him and listening to His heart beat a moment or two longer before stepping away and pouring two glasses of milk and pulling His cake out of the refrigerator. 

She listens to news of His trip as she serves Him a slice of cake and a glass of milk, her heart bursting her body quivering with joy at being so close to Him again .... She runs her hands over His body just to ensure he is indeed sitting beside her and then she sighs softly and sinks to her knees between His legs, her milk forgotten, His presence a powerful force in her life ... missed deeply when it is away.

“Did You Get it Master?” her voice bubbles with curiosity as she kneels there smiling.  He looks down at her and giggles softly.  “Yes pet the table is in the truck ... it is late and there is time enough tomorrow to move it inside.”  Setting His glass down on the table He rises tugging her to her feet, He pulls her close running a possessive hand along her body making her melt against Him.  “Time for bed kitn,” His tone telling her that He missed her just as much as she missed Him she follows along the hallway into their bedroom.

Slowly she strips her Master from His clothing, removing everything with a slow sensual touch, taking Him by the hand she pulls Him into the bathroom and begins running the shower, slipping inside the large shower she beckons to Him, her small hands already slicking her wet glistening body with the soap.  He follows her into the shower and he smiles as he watches her, she can feel his loving gaze travel the length of her body and feel the heat and the passion that went hand in hand with it.  “Come to me Master,” she whispered softly and waited for Him in the shower.

He stepped into the lukewarm water His body becoming as glistening as hers, she stepped closer pressing her soapy body against His, rising to her tiptoes and slowly sinking to her knees rubbing her soap slickened breasts up and down His body slowly, her hands travelling along His limbs gently massaging and relaxing Him. she enjoyed the sight of this big powerful man standing in the shower with her... knowing that at a word from Him she would cease her ministrations and do whatever he desired her to.  This possession of her... by Him made her weak kneed when she thought of it ... Her hands soaped up a small sponge and she ran that up and down His back as her body rubbed against Him.  His hand entangling in her hair gave her only momentary pause as she relished the feeling ... the control not yet exercised by that grasp.

Slowly he draws her up the length of His body, tugging her head back and exposing her throat to Him.  Leaning in close her nips her throat lightly and kisses her lips in a bruising possessive kiss, eliciting from her a moan of desire and submission to Him. Releasing His grip he slides His hands down her arms to her hands and lifts them over her head, His gaze pinning her as no physical bonds could she understood that she was to leave them wherever He placed them.  Swallowing hard as her body begins to quiver she watches Him press up against her, pressing her backwards towards the wall, the cool tiles pressing against her, another moan escapes a soft plea for more.

Quickly he turns and rinses the soap from, His body feeling her heated gaze travelling over Him and knowing she would not move an inch from where He had left her standing.  With His back to her he allowed Himself a smile of satisfaction, knowing that it was not only her love for Him or His for her that made this possible... but that it was a much deeper sharing... a trust 

Turning around he pulled her to Him kissing her and allowing His hands to roam, slapping her ass playfully he turns off the shower and they both emerge. she reaching for a towel and slowly drying her Master off, sinking to her knees before Him her body still shining with the water she parts her lips and licks the water droplets from her Master's cock, whispering something about a powerful thirst.  With a deep chuckle he grasps her hair and pulls her head back slightly. “Not Yet pet ...” he strokes her cheeks and smiles at the lusty look in her eyes.  Tugging her to her feet he leads her to their bed, laying her upon it he slowly begins to bind her spread eagle.  Their time tonight sensual and slow a dance of pleasure and passions combined. 

Once she is secured, he places a blindfold over her eyes, eliciting a small whimper as her vision is removed for His pleasure.  Tugging on her bonds experimentally in the dark, she arches up and gasps as His tongue begins licking the little droplets of water from her skin, feeling His hands roaming, His tongue licking it did not take her long to begin begging Him for more. 

He slides one finger along the soaking wet folds of her lips and smiles, knowing it was not shower water that caused her to be so wet, leaning close he ran His tongue along those same folds, listening to her beg and feeling her squirm on the bed.  He continues in this fashion sometimes not touching her at all merely whispering in her ear the things that he would do to her on the exam table that he just purchased for the playroom.  Her body trembling with desire he smiled and licked and nipped and sometimes just caressed her skin until her body was just reacting to His every touch, till her voice was hoarse with her pleas for more.

Slowly he rose and positioned Himself above her, sliding slowly inside teasing her with just the head of His cock, hearing her beg, feeling her muscles grasp at Him. Easing Himself deeper he moaned with the pleasure of how tight and how wet she was for Him.  Gently he began to move knowing that she would not long be able to stop her orgasm and he wanting her to build higher before releasing, whispering to her and feeling her body quiver and move beneath Him in an effort to draw Him closer.

Leaning close he whispered to her as He began riding her harder enjoying His control of her, feeling His cock pulse as it pressed home sheathing itself in her hot wet folds... feeling her muscles grip Him in an effort to hold Him.  Together they rode Higher and slowly the pace grew faster her moans and whimpers music to his ears as they kept pace with one another.  Feeling Him tense and then surge forward she begged permission to cum with Him and moaned with gratitude when she heard the whispered word next to her ear .. cum .. her body arched straining in her bonds as it exploded in wave after wave of pleasure, sobbing her Master's name she tried to thank Him for the pleasures granted her and instead dissolved into incoherent sounds of her pleasure, her body quivering and pulsing her breath coming in gasps as she tried to still herself, she felt Him ease down on her and hold her, kissing her and whispering to her, loving her as she knew he would for the rest of her life.

Drifting off some time later held safely in her Master's arms she wondered briefly if he would like the gift she got Him to go along with His table.  Time would tell she thought sleepily and drifted off into a deep contented sleep.