by T S Fesseln

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Storycodes: M/f; insert; vag; clamps; collar; gag; leash; zipties; outdoors; public; toys; rom; cons; X

Disclaimer: This is a work of amatory fantasy. Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, please stop reading here. If you are a bit squeamish about graphic depictions of sex and bondage, please stop reading here. The author takes no responsibility for those who wish to reenact anything written below.

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Brandy was trying to relax on the old porch swing, gently swaying back and forth and daydreaming a bit. It was a beautiful Tuesday morning and the lawn sprinklers were creating little rainbows in the sunlight. It was her day off from the branch bank where she worked. The bank had cut hours for everyone due to the whole social distancing thing so only half of the teller stations could be open. Brandy now worked only four days a week. Thank God she was at least working.

“Mind if I join you?” Grant asked, holding two mugs of coffee, steam wisps twisting in the cool air.

Brandy patted the cushion beside her.

Without a word, Grant handed his wife her sugar-saturated morning beverage and sat down beside her. Grant knew he was the luckiest man alive. Here he was with his knock-dead gorgeous soul mate, her honey blonde hair in a half-assed ponytail and her six-foot body hidden by her frumpy pink sweats.

“Want to go on a walk this morning?” Grant asked after sipping his coffee.

“Maybe,” she replied, “Don’t you work today?”

“Work has slowed down. Armando can handle it today. He’s been wanting some extra hours anyway.”

Work at the salvage yard had slowed. There were less people on the road so less accidents. They were getting a little more business from weekend mechanics that had time now to work on their cars and trucks but it did not make up for the loss of business from garages and body shops.

“Where are you thinking?” Brandy asked.

“Twin Forks. The state opened it up last week.”

Twin Forks State Park was just down the road from them and it was a haven for fishermen and campers alike though Brandy imagined that the campgrounds were probably still closed. It had miles of trails winding through cottonwoods and scrub oak with picnic spots scattered along the way overlooking the streams and lake.

A nice walk away from the house sounded really good to Brandy, “Give me a few minutes to get myself presentable.”

“Cindy dropped something off I would like to see you in,” he said.

“What did Cindy drop off?” She asked.

“You’ll see.”

Brandy’s curiosity spiked. Cindy was a member of the local bondage club where Grant and Brandy were members. She was a sorceress behind the sewing machine. Brandy had a few pieces from her, including a denim armbinder she just adored.

Laid out on the bed was a pair of Daisy Dukes. Brandy felt let down. She was hoping for something with a little more kink. However, they looked as if they would fit like a latex glove.

The blonde left them on the bed and went in to take a quick shower and to make herself up. After drying herself off and a little make-up, she picked a crop top t-shirt to match the shorts and slipped them both on.

The shorts were tight and constructed differently from most. They buttoned at the waist but there was a snapped flap that was made to look like a normal zipper. If Brandy left it unsnapped, her shorts were basically crotchless.

There was a little kink in them after all.

“Like them?” he asked.

“They’re cute as hell.”

“Just like you,” Grant smiled, “But there is a little bit more to them but I am going to have to show you.”

Grant gently took her left wrist and guided it beside a belt loop above the pocket. He then produced a nearly clear zip tie and tightened it around her wrist and the loop. He repeated the process with the other wrist.

Brandy tested her bonds. Her wrists were pinned to her waist deliciously.

“Me thinks you had this in mind all from the start, Sir” she purred.

Grant just smiled as he took yet another zip tie and encircled her elbows, drawing them together as much as Grant dared. He knew his wife’s limits and did not want to push them. The effect emphasized her breasts beneath the t-shirt,; her nipples poking at the cotton fabric.

“Okay?” he asked.

“Very much so!”

Grant gave her a light kiss on the lips before continuing to prep her for their stroll. He had her sit on the edge of the bed while he put on her socks and laced up her sneakers. She squirmed a bit; imagining all the possibilities of what might happen. Brandy loved the rush of being bound in public. It felt like the wanton furnace inside her was stoked to a white hot burn. However, other than Halloween and at the Renaissance Festival, she really didn’t get the chance to indulge herself much in this way until today.

“Spread ‘em,” Grant ordered her while tapping her inner thigh. The blonde complied, spreading her long tanned legs apart.

Grant unsnapped the flap between Brandy’s legs, revealing her bare-shaven sex. Gently spreading her lips, his tongue caressed Brandy up and down her slit, causing her to shiver and give a little moan. She closed her eyes, letting the ripples of pleasure trickle through her as his tongue tickled at her clit.

His tongue stopped and she moaned her disappointment. She then felt him nudge in the Bluetooth vibe that had become one of their favorite toys. It’s ‘U’ shape pressed against her clitoris as well as her g-spot. He nestled it inside her and fastened her shorts back up.

“Ready to hit the trail, my pet?”, he asked, helping her to stand.

“More than you could ever know, Sir,” Brandy leaned into Grant.

Brandy’s lips met Grants and their tongues began a hungry Tango, his arms gathering her to him and she was frustrated she couldn’t crush him to her. All she could do was accept and enjoy and give as much as her bonds allowed.

Grant opened the dresser drawer that kept some of their bondage stuff and pulled out her ‘dress’ collar. It was polished brass with only a single ringlet in the shape of a heart to attach her leather leash. He fastened it around her throat and attached a leather lead.

“Come on,” he said, give the leash a slight tug.

“Yes, Sir.”

Grant guided her downstairs and through the kitchen door at the back house, to the garage outside. Grant’s old white F150 was parked on the side of the garage and Grant helped Brandy up into the passenger seat where he buckled her in and gave her another quick kiss.

There were zilch people on the drive over; just a passing semi or two and a couple of cars. Not that anyone could see anything. Brandy was just a ponytailed blonde enjoying the ride next to her beau. Grant didn’t even turn on her vibe.

They turned off the road through the open gate of the park and down to the parking lot and boat ramp. There were only a couple of cars and a SUV parked there as Grant pulled into a spot and turned off the truck. From the glove box he pulled out a couple of masks. Both were the black masks with filters and such. He hooked his over his ears and fastened it behind his neck before turning his attention to his wife.

Cindy had modified this one with a black leather pear-shaped gag inside. This was the first time Brandy has seen it and she opened her mouth without a word. Grant fastened her mask tightly and looked into his wife’s dark brown eyes.


Brandy nodded her head, the bitter tang of leather filling her mouth.

Grant put on a small pack and started to get out of the truck then stopped.

“Oops. I almost forgot something.”

He reached into his jean pockets and pulled out a pair of chained nipple clamps and dangled them in front of her.

She looked around the parking lot nervously as he lifted up her shirt and exposed her breasts, her pale pink nips already stiff with lust. He clamped the first one on, causing a shot of near pain to shoot through her, then he clipped on the second. An erotic aching rippled in her causing her to mewl into her gag. He pulled down her shirt, got out and opened her door, gathering up her lead and giving it a little tug.

Brandy followed close behind Grant. The fear of being seen being led around like a pony fanned her smoldering desire. They moved quickly to the trailhead that led around the lake.

The cool of the morning had not fled the shadows underneath the trees and shrubs that lined the dirt path and Brandy’s nervousness had subsided but did not go away. A map and signs directed patrons to the picnic tables, campsites and fishing piers. There was a faded poster stating the campsites were closed until further notice.

Her husband paused and turned Brandy around. After unbuckling the arm straps to the pack, he put the pack on Brandy, covering the ziptie holding her elbows in check, and then refastened the straps.


He gave Brandy another slight tug and they were one their way again.


Grant took the trail headed towards those camping spots, digging out his cell phone. With a few light touches on the screen, her vibrator began to hum, causing her to shutter a bit with pleasure.

For a while, the morning choir of birds and cicadas were the only sounds she heard. Then she could hear some laughter in the distance. The vibe continued to fuel her wanton needs but did not sate them. A fiery orgasm was drawing near, so tangibly close yet so impossibly far.

Grant could hear in her faint whimpers that her need was torturing her and that was just fine with him. It was the delicious and exciting part of bondage, the prolonging of the finale making it more intense. He could hear someone coming down the trail towards them. Grant quickly unsnapped her leash and put it in his pocket.

Around the bend, they saw a pair of teen fishermen lugging their poles, tackle boxes and a small ice chest. As soon as the pair saw Brandy and Grant, they pulled up their white masks.

“Morning,” Grant greeted them.

“Morning,” they both chimed as they passed Grant and Brandy and continued on without giving them a second look.

When the pair were out of sight, Grant pulled out the leash and snapped it back on.

The campsites were scattered at the far side of the lake, catering to mainly tents. Grant remembered one furthest from the lake, nestled in the cottonwoods and a little isolated. There was an old pedestal grill there, blackened from picnics past and a wooden table whose surface was scarred with initials and hearts. Grant stopped beside the end of the table.

Grasping Brandy on her sides, Grant hoisted her onto the edge of the table to sit. His warm hands reached under her shirt and began to flick at her clamps, sending more flames of bliss rushing through her and causing her to moan deeply. Brandy could tell he was as hungry as she was and tried to thrust herself out to him the best her bonds would allow.

Grant unbuttoned the flap to her shorts, exposing her damp sex to him. The smell of her arousal filled the air as Grant removed the vibe, putting it into her hand. He quickly unbuttoned his own jeans and pulled out his aching cock.

He positioned himself between her open legs and eased himself inside her. His cock filled Brandy completely as she thrust herself to him.

Their rhythm was frenzied and with each thrust, Brandy could feel the inferno about to engulf her until she screamed into her gag as white hot pleasure consumed her in wave after burning wave. She barely felt his seed spurt within her. With a gasping grunt, Grant collapsed against his wife, fully spent.

Quietly, they both panted, trying to catch their breath. Finally, Grant tucked himself back in and gave his wife a warm hug. He took the vibrator from her hand and carefully eased it back into her still buzzing its erotic tune. He buttoned up her shorts and gave a little tug upon her leash.

“We still have a mile or two to go, my pet, and maybe, just maybe, another picnic table stop if you’re good girl.”

Brandy soooo wanted to be a very good girl.


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