Mary Louise

by Cynthia Harder

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© Copyright 2008 - Cynthia Harder - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/f; bond; rope; gag; stuck; cons; X

Mary Louise came home from her dull, boring secretarial job to her dull, boring garden apartment. Her random reflections on the dullness and boringness of her life suddenly stopped when she saw the door to her apartment was ajar.  She was certain she had locked it – she always did.  Cautiously, she stepped through, closing it silently behind her.  She looked about.  Some of the things in her living / dining / kitchen area had been disturbed.  Papers were lying on the floor.  There was a can of beer on her dining table.  She listened.  A distant mutter of voices could be heard from her bedroom.  She tiptoed closer.

There were two men – no, boys – going through the drawers of her dresser.  After a first jolt of surprise and anger, she paused.  Casually, she leaned against the doorframe and folded her arms.  After a suitable interval, she cleared her throat.

The result was immensely satisfying.  Both boys leapt two feet into the air and spun towards her.

“Just what do you think you’re doing?” she asked.
The older / bigger of the two recovered first. “N–now don’t get upset or anythin’, lady,” he stammered, “an’ you won’t get hurt.”

“Oooh,” she replied coolly, “I wouldn’t want you to – try and hurt me.”

“That’s right,” he said, “Just be quiet.”

“Stan!” whispered the younger / smaller boy.

“Shaddup!”  The older one said, agitated.  “No names!  Now,” he turned towards Mary Louise, “We have to figger out what to do with this old biddy.”  Mary Louise was less than 15 years older then they were,  but being addressed as ‘biddy’ did nothing for her feminine morale. 

“What did you have in mind?” she asked calmly.  There ensued a hasty, whispered conversation between the two that veered all over the Criminal Code.  Finally, Mary Louise got tired of waiting.  “Might I suggest,” she said, “that you two dangerous criminals simply tie me up while you finish ransacking my place, then make your escape?”  More whispered conversation finally came to the conclusion that this was a great idea.

“Fine.  I’m glad that’s settled.  Now go out into the living room and wait for me.”  That this seemed perfectly reasonable to the two proto-felons was, she thought, a mark of their inexperience.  She shooed them out of her bedroom and shut the door.  She quickly stripped off her work clothes, and opened a drawer that they hadn’t gotten to yet.  She grabbed out a bustier made of red satin with black lace over it, long leather gloves, and seamed stockings.  In only a trice she had slipped into this outre’ costume.  From the floor of her closet she got her black leather high-heeled boots. Grabbing up a couple of silk scarves, she headed out to where her captors waited.

The two boys were huddled together in the middle of the room, whispering urgently and eying the front door.  The expressions on their faces changed instantly from worried to stunned when she came in.  “Uaaaa – why are you dressed like that, lady?”  Asked the smaller one.

“Well, you’re going to tie me up.  The boots, the gloves, the corset will protect my skin from getting rope marks.  Now if you do a good job,” she continued, “I’ll tell you where I’ve hidden my cash.  Then you can lam out of here.”

The bigger kid grinned.  “Hey, that sounds kewl,” he said.  “What’ll we use?”  He glanced around, eying the drapes.

“Heavens!  Not those!” she exclaimed.  Her heels clicked as she walked across the tile floor of the kitchen.  “Here,” she said, grabbing a clothesline out of a cabinet and handing it to the boys.  “Cut it with these,” she added, adding garden shears.  They stood there.  With a sigh, she pulled off about six feet of the clothesline,  and cut it deftly with the shears.

“First, tie my hands,” she said, turning her back and crossing her wrists behind her.  There was a brief period of whispering – “You!”  “No, You!” – Finally somebody wrapped the rope around and around her wrists, then looped it up between.  The coils were pulled up snug, then a little tighter, and knotted.

“Just a moment,” she told them.   She walked away, twisting her hands behind herself.  They were tied just right– tightly, but not too bad.

“Good,” she said as she strolled around the room.  “Now pull one of those chairs out.  Not that one–the wooden one.”  This chair had more tie points on it than the folding chair first selected.  She seated herself and placed her feet neatly together.  They were much quicker this time, and had her ankles tied together in just a minute.

“Wrap the ends around the rung of the chair,” she said, “and knot them off.  Then tie a short piece around my wrists and to the back of the chair.” 

With her hands and feet tied to the chair, she was immobile.  With another smirk, the older boy tied the tops of her boots together.  Then they took the remaining rope and wrapped it around her body, waist, and lap, pinning her to the chair back and seat.  She squirmed.  She was thoroughly and tightly tied.

“Which of you was the boy scout?” she asked as she moved against the ropes binding her body and legs.

“Him,” replied the bigger boy.  Indeed, the smaller one was paying far more attention to knotting the ropes just so. 

After a little more squirming to adjust the ropes, she settled back.  “Now,” she said, “You may force me to tell you the location of my valuables by any means.”  This inspired another round of whispering. 

“We don’t want to hurt you!” they said finally.  She smiled.

“Who said anything about pain?  Haven’t either of you ever gotten to ‘second base’?”  They looked at each other.  Then the big boy reached out and touched her breast.

“Oooooh,” she said, sticking out her chest.  “Mmmmmn,” He grabbed her other breast.  She moaned again.  He carefully worked his fingers inside the cups of her bustier, and gently popped the soft flesh of her breasts out.

“Why, look at those,” she said as her nipples came into view.  The boy flicked his thumbs over them, making them hard.  Then he gently pinched them, and twisted lightly.

“You aren’t tuning a radio, dear,” she panted.  He twisted more firmly, until she gritted her teeth an tossed her head back.

“Okay, Okay!!  My money is taped to the bottom of the left kitchen drawer!!”  Immediately the boy stopped his play and went to the drawer.  He found the envelope, and emptied it.  It was left to the other boy to slip the cups of her bustier back over her tits. 

“Okay, we got what we came for – let’s get outta here!” the older one said.
“Shouldn’t you gag me first?” Mary Louise asked, indicating the scarves she’d laid out.  With a shrug, the younger one pushed a silk handkerchief into her mouth, then tied it into place with a wide scarf.

“Is that all right?”  She nodded.  He dithered, then followed his friend out the door.   The lock clicked.  She sat alone, in bustier, gloves and high heeled boots, tightly tied to a chair in her locked apartment.  Heaven.

45 minutes later things were somewhat less heavenly.  She had squirmed and struggled to her hearts content, enjoying the sensations of being a beautiful woman bound and gagged.  But now some of the ropes were beginning to chafe, and she couldn’t work herself free like she had anticipated.  The ropes were more cunningly tied than she expected, and she was unable to get herself loose.  She had managed to release the knot that fastened her wrists to the chair with her gloved fingers, but nothing else was within the reach of her bound hands.  

Then she saw the garden shears.  They were lying on the table, a few feet away.  Working her body against the ropes, digging in with the toes of her boots,  she jerked her chair around and over to the low table.  Extending her hands, she just managed to touch the shears.  With one finger, she worked them over towards herself, until she could almost pick them up.  Before she could, they slipped from her feeble grasp and fell to the floor.  Her scream of frustration was thoroughly muffled by the gag in her mouth.

Experimentally, she rocked her chair back and forth.  If she could tip herself over, she might be able to reach the shears.  But she realized that was unlikely, even if she could avoid hurting herself when the chair fell.  She realized that no one would miss her anytime soon– even when she failed to show up for work it  was not certain anyone would notice, as she was such a small cog.  The realization that she might remain tied up for hours, possibly days, hit her like a slap in the face, and she began struggling frantically.  Her spike heels dug into the floor as she kicked her booted feet against the ropes binding her ankles. She strained against the cords wrapped around her body.  Her gloved hands twisted behind her back. 
She was gasping in frustration when there came a small sound at the door.  “Help Me!  I’m tied up!” she shouted, but the gag made it “Murf Muf!  Imurf mied Mup!”  Murrf!  Muurrrrff!”

There was another faint sound.  Then a key turned, and the door opened.  The younger of the two boys who had captured her, the one who had tied her, stuck his head around the door.

“Jeese, lady!” he said, coming in and shutting the door.  He quickly crossed to her and removed the scarf from over her mouth. 

“Th–thank you,” she said.  No!  Don’t untie me – yet,” she went on as he started to undo the knots.

“Huh?  Lady, are you crazy?”

“Yes, but not seriously.  I want to talk to you, first.  Now sit.”  He shuffled over to the end of the couch and sat.

“Lady, I’m sorry about breaking in and stealing–“

“Hush.  You should be sorry, but I don’t mind so much.”

“You don’t?”

“No.  I consider the money I told you about to be well spent, since I got what I wanted for it.  You see, I am a little crazy, in that I like to be tied up.”  She closed her eyes and moved sensuously against the ropes that still bound her to the chair.  “You did an excellent job – too good, in that I couldn’t free myself.  I think you’re a good kid, because you did come back and check on me.  This break in was the first time, wasn’t it?”

“Uh – yeah.  St – er, that other guy, he said it would be kewl.”

“Was it?” she tilted her head.

“I was scared the whole time.  Then when you came in on us, I didn’t know what to do.”

“Well, I am the one who suggested tying me up. I had reason.  So, would you like a job?”

“Huh?  I mean, excuse me?  Aren’t you going to have me arrested or somethin?”

“No, you’re not going to get in trouble.  What I want is like you mowing the grass for a little old lady, or shoveling snow.  I want you to come over here every so often, and tie me up, just like this afternoon only without the burglary.  I’ll suggest how I want to be tied, you do the job.  Then you can sit and do your homework, or watch music videos, or whatever,  while I enjoy myself.  After an hour or so, you can rescue me.”

He smiled.  “Can I watch you struggle?”

“No.” His face fell.  “I won’t be a party to contributing to the delinquency of a minor.  Are you a minor?”

“No, ma’am – I’m of age, but not by much.  I have a girlfriend and everything.” 

“Very good.  But no one else, not your girl and especially not Stan, can know.  Will you do it?”  The lad thought about it.  Then he smiled.  Eyeing the still-tied woman, he stood up and popped the gag back into her surprised mouth.  With a smirk, he turned and walked to the door.  Mary Louise sat stunned for a moment, then squealed through the replaced gag, thrashing at the ropes that still tightly secured her sexily-clad body to the chair.  The boy paused with his hand on the knob, looking back at the frantically struggling bound woman – then he smiled. Quickly returning, he pulled the gag back out.

“Are you sure I can’t watch you struggle?” he asked as he untied the ropes binding her body to the chair.

“Why–why you little smart ass!” she said as her hands came free.  “If you ever do anything like that again, I’ll – I’ll–“

“You’ll what, lady?”

“I’ll enjoy it, kid.”