The Marriage

by Rosiane

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© Copyright 2001 - Rosiane - Used by permission

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The Marriage

The first time I saw Arthur I thought he was ugly and skinny, and never look at him twice. But he fell in love with me immediately and every opportunity he could find he would come to speak with me, he called me several times saying I was the woman of his life, that he would do anything to marry me. Few months have passed and I started to grow fond of him, and I guess I had a little pity on him, because of him being always alone, I had never seen him with a girl before. But he was very nice to me like no one I ever knew. He also had a very good position in a firm and made lots of money.

One day he confessed that he was a virgin and he had never even French kissed a girl before, and he asked me to marry him. I accepted but I told him that he had to do things always my way, and that I thought I was beautiful and sexy and he did not deserve me and he was being extremely lucky in life.

He agreed in doing things exactly as I told him, so I laid a few rules:

First he was not to lay his hands on my body until after the marriage, and even then I will determine when.

Second I was going to treat him harshly, make him jealous and even humiliate him so that whenever he gets something nice (I started calling these “small prizes”) from me he would be extremely thankful and appreciative.

Preparations for the wedding were under way, we would meet almost every day and so far I had let him kiss me in the mouth (no tongue) and hold hands. He was getting crazy; he told me that he was masturbating twice a day!

He also was very proud of having a sexy fiancé like myself, and loved to show me around to his friends. Especially to one of his best friends Mark, they have been friends since high school and back then Mark would pick on him frequently because Arthur was the “nerd” type and Mark was the athletic type. Arthur invited Mark to be his best man at the wedding and was very happy that I was sexier than Marc’s girlfriend and that made him feel superior in a way.

The wedding went great; at the party everything was wonderful. Arthur was so excited when we headed to our honeymoon suite, he was sure he was going to loose his virginity, poor thing!

When we got in the room I told him to strip his clothes and to sit down naked in a chair facing the bed. I got a couple of handcuffs and cuffed his wrists to the back of the chair and his ankles to the legs of the chair.He was really puzzled by this but he had agreed to do whatever I told him to in order to win his small prizes.

I then started to strip and as he saw me naked he was in ecstasy, he said to me that being this the first time he sees me naked, he was very happy that I was his wife now, he grew a little desperate from being tied up and unable to move and he already had a hard-on just by looking at me naked. I looked sexy, I was wearing my high heels and nothing else, and I also shaved my pubic hair completely bare.

Suddenly we heard a knock on the door, Arthur look puzzled and I said I was going to see who that was, before he could protest I had open the door to Mark his friend that came in the room and I locked the door again.

Arthur tried to free himself from the handcuffs while asking Mark and me what was going on. I told him to calm down and started to explain to him that since he was still a virgin and had no experience whatsoever in sex I decided that his friend Mark was going to fuck me in our honeymoon instead of him, and he was to watch it so he could learn.

Arthur struggled against the handcuffs but to no avail. He then said that was not fair, that his wife should be fucked by other than himself on their honeymoon. Then he said it was even worse because Mark was the guy that at school got all the girls and now was going to have his way with his wife!

Mark laughed and told him to enjoy, then he told him that he would make me give Arthur a small prize in the end. Then he pushed me facing down on the bed and licked my pussy and ass, he especially loved my shaved pussy. I look at Arthur and he was still struggling and also crying but he kept a huge hard-on.

Mark then slapped my ass and told me to be on all fours, I readily did, always looking at Arthur, then Mark spanked my ass while he was putting his cock in me. He was talking to Arthur saying I was a bitch that he was fucking my shaved pussy that he was fucking me without a condom and he was going to come loads of his sperm inside me and that I might even get pregnant.Arthur was just begging for him to stop and he kept fucking me really hard. Mark then told me I could use my hand to relieve Arthur’s hard-on. I put my hand around his cock and I pumped only twice before his load spewed in my face!!!

Mark laughed and asked Arthur how was his first orgasm with a woman!! He laughed again and said it was only a lousy hand job but it was a start!! He then pumped harder and shouted, “I feel a baby is under way!!”And I don’t know why but I let him cum inside me, I was really excited about humiliating Arthur and at the same time being a whore and letting Mark do whatever he wanted.

I am now 6 months pregnant from Mark, and Arthur and I are going to raise this child.

I am still keeping my husband Virgin except for hand and blowjobs that he love so much.

And Mark always comes to our house to fuck me in front of Arthur.I told him that if he were a good husband after the child is born I would let him fuck me.