Mandy and Kelly’s Plaything

by Jennifer

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© Copyright 2005 - Jennifer - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; bond; D/s; cons; X

Mandy and Kelly’s Plaything by Jennifer
 Somebody once said curiosity killed the cat. Well in my case, it didn’t kill me, but it certainly turned out to be a lot more unpleasant that I anticipated.

 It was my own fault really. One Sunday afternoon, I was idly scanning through some ads at the back of a local magazine, and for some reason, one of them caught my eye. Two mistresses require naughty boys for humiliating correction it read, severe lessons at reasonable rates guaranteed. My curiosity was immediately aroused, and the term ‘reasonable rates’ was tempting. For a long time I’d experimented with bondage by myself, but I’d often wondered what it would be like to be properly restrained and teased by a girl so that I couldn’t possible get out of it. Especially if she knew what she was doing.

 I couldn’t resist it, so with a trembling hand, I picked up my mobile and rang the number in the ad. A soft, silky voice answered. ‘Can I help you?’

 ‘Yes’ I said, ‘I saw your ad in a magazine, and I was wondering if I could arrange to visit you.’

 ‘What sort of service do you require?’ she asked.

 ‘Well actually’ I said awkwardly, ‘I’d like to try some really strict bondage.’

 ‘Would you now?’ she chuckled, ‘Well you’ve certainly come to the right person. It’s a speciality of mine. When would you like to come?’ I asked her how much she charged, and was pleasantly surprised to hear how inexpensive it was going to be, so I arranged to pay her a visit the following Saturday afternoon. 
‘By the way’ she said, ‘There will be two of us to take care of you, and I can assure you we enjoy what we do. That’s why we charge such a low fee.’ I rang off, tingling with anticipation, impatient for Saturday to come.

 The week dragged by, but eventually Saturday came, and right on time I found myself ringing the doorbell of a detached house in a pleasant leafy London suburb. The door opened, and a tall attractive girl with long brown hair opened the door. She smiled at me and said ‘You must be Greg’ she said, ‘Come on in.’ I went into the hallway, and she led me through into the lounge. A good-looking blonde girl stood there and said ‘Hi, welcome to our little house of correction. Take a seat.’ We all sat down, and the brunette introduced herself as Mandy, while the other girl was Kelly.

 Mandy poured each of us a glass of refreshing orange juice and as I took a sip she said ‘Right then. Now just what sort of thing are you interested in?’

 ‘Well as I said on the phone’ I said, ‘I want to try some really strict bondage. I want to be made to feel completely helpless and at your mercy.’

 Kelly looked at Mandy and broke into a broad smile. ‘Well we can certainly do that’ she chuckled. ‘Have you ever been trussed up before?’

 ‘Not since I was a kid playing cowboys and indians’ I said, ‘I’ve tried tying myself up a few times, but obviously I’ve always done it so that I could undo myself. No, I want to be properly helpless.’

 ‘And so you shall’ smiled Mandy, ‘I can promise you that with the toys we’ve got, you’ll have absolutely no chance of getting out of it. We are experts, believe me. But before we start, I think we’d better settle up first.’

 ‘Oh sure’ I said, taking out my wallet, and I paid her the required amount for an afternoon with them. ‘And just one other thing’ she added, passing a printed form across to me. ‘This is a document in which you specifically ask us to tie you up, exonerating us from any blame as to what may happen. We don’t want you suing us afterwards.’

 ‘Fair enough’ I said, eager to start. I signed the form, barely looking at what it said, and passed it back to her before draining my glass of orange juice and putting the glass down on the table. Mandy watched me empty the glass, looked at Kelly and gave a slight grin. ‘Good’ she said, putting the money and the form into a drawer, ‘Come on through to our little nursery play room.’ We all stood up and went out of the lounge, down the passage, and into a room at the back of the house.

 The room was an Aladdin’s cave of bondage equipment, and it took my breath away. Every imaginable device for restraint was visible. Handcuffs, gags, leather arm binders and even a straight jacket all hung neatly in their place. Straps and ropes of all sizes hung from the wall, and in one corner was a set of stocks and a pillory. An examination couch fitted with numerous straps was against the wall, and there was even an adult size baby’s cot and highchair, both equipped with numerous restraining straps.

 ‘OK’ said Mandy, ‘Now the first thing I want you to do is take off all your clothes. We’re going to give you something more appropriate to wear.’ I did as I was told, and was soon stark naked. Kelly opened a drawer and took out a large sized disposable baby’s nappy, a terry towel nappy with some nappy pins, and a large pair of translucent plastic baby pants. ‘Are those really necessary?’ I said hesitantly. ‘Of course’ grinned Mandy, as she put the terry nappy on the floor and expertly folded it, ‘We don’t want any shall we say, little ‘accidents’ while you’re tied up, so I’m just going to put this terry nappy on you, with the disposable as a nappy liner. Now lie down on the floor while I put them on you.’ I saw no real point in objecting, so I did as I was told. Mandy placed the disposable nappy on top of the terry one, and as I lay on both of them in true baby fashion, she quickly brought the disposable one up between my legs and brought the points together at the front before taping them shut. Then she pulled up the corners of the terry nappy on top, and pinned them tightly in place. Finally she pulled the plastic baby pants on over my ankles and pulled them up my legs. ‘Botty up’ she smiled, and as I obliged, she pulled them up around my hips and tucked the elasticated lags and waist in around the nappy.

 ‘Humiliating, isn’t it?’ She grinned, and Kelly chuckled as she said ‘There we are, now we can start.’ She went to a drawer, and came back with two palm-sized bags of black leather, together with what looked like a pair of soft black leather mittens. Kelly put one of the small bags into my right hand. ‘Just hold this, will you?’ she said. I did as she said, and could feel that the bag had been filled with what I suspected were polystyrene foam particles. Once my fingers had closed around the bag, Mandy immediately pulled one of the mittens onto my hand, completely enclosing it. ‘You’ll notice that these mittens are fingerless’ she said, ‘They’re made of leather, and once your hands are in these, they are forced into tight fists that you cannot open. The wrist strap locks on with a key.’ The mitten fitted tightly over my hand, and once it was in place I couldn’t move my fingers at all. I heard the wrist strap lock click shut, and my hand was sealed in the unyielding leather mitten. A moment later my other hand was sealed into its mitten and my hands were now completely helpless.

 ‘Good’ said Mandy, ‘Now lie down on the mat face down and put your arms behind your back.’ There was a wooden pallet covered with a plastic covered foam mat on the floor with several straps attached to it, and the two girls positioned me on it so that I was lying on my front.   

 ‘Okay then,’ said Mandy ‘Let’s get you trussed and hogtied.’ 

 ‘Hogtied? I said, ‘Well that won’t be very comfortable.’

 ‘Who said anything about you being comfortable?’ grinned Mandy, ‘You asked for it, and now you’re going to get it in full measure.’ 

 She opened a drawer, and pulled out what looked like a long, tapered bag of black leather fitted with numerous straps and buckles up and down its length. 

‘This is called a single sleeve arm binder’ said Kelly, ‘And you can see that it’s pretty simple. It’s a shaped piece of leather that fits over your arms and is designed to make them completely helpless. Here at the bottom is where your hands go, and the rest of the binder fits over your arms up to your armpits. The width of the binder will pin your arms together from fingertip to elbow tightly, almost together, and the straps around the outside will wrap around your arms about every five inches. The binder goes all the way up to your shoulders. And of course, we’re going to strap you into it as tightly as we can.’ 

 Suddenly realising that wearing the arm binder might well be more uncomfortable that I’d really anticipated, I began to have second thoughts, so I tried to get up again, but Mandy was on me and forced me down onto my stomach again. I felt the leather sheath being slid up my arms, and knew that there was no way that I was going to escape its tight embrace. Long laces ran up the entire length of the arm binder rather like a shoe, and slowly the two girls began to tighten them unmercifully. They certainly didn’t intend me to be comfortable. It took at least five minutes for them to tighten the laces all the way up the arm binder from the tips of my fingers up to my shoulders, but by the time they’d finished, my arms were clamped together from wrist to elbow, and the leather stretched tightly around my arms like a strong, unyielding skin. There was absolutely no slack anywhere along the entire length of the binder.

 A flap with a zipper ran up the length of the arm binder all the way up my arms, and covered the laces. The girls closed it up, and secured it shut with a lock at the top to stop it from going back down. Then they buckled closed all the straps around the outside of the binder. One at the wrists, one at mid forearm, one at the elbows, and one at the top around my biceps, just below the opening at the top. Each strap was pulled tight and each buckle was locked shut with a small padlock. Finally, Mandy took two long straps attached the top of the arm binder, ran them up over my shoulders, crossed them over my chest, and then ran them back behind me, under my armpits, and buckled them together behind my shoulders. There was now no way that the arm binder could possibly be slipped down and off my arms. 

 I winced at the unaccustomed strain. ‘Look, this is too much’ I gasped, ‘I didn’t expect this. Let me go, I’ve had enough.’

 ‘Not likely’ chuckled Kelly, ‘We’ve hardly started yet. You asked for this remember, and you’re going to get it whether you like it or not. Now let’s get started on your legs.’ She pulled out a larger version of the arm binder which was now tightly laced up behind my back, and I realised that it must be a leg binder. But how did it work? Just the same as the arm binder, as I was about to find out, and much to my discomfort.

 First of all they strapped my ankles together securely, and tucking my feet into the bottom end of the leg binder, they slipped it on over my legs and up to my thighs. Then the lacing up began, just as they’d done with my arms. Starting with the bottom of the opening next to my ankles, they steadily worked their way up my legs, tightening the laces as they went. Past my calves, my knees, and finally reaching my thighs, where they secured the ends of the laces in a non-slip double bow. Then they buckled shut the straps around my ankles, below my knees, above my knees, and finally around my thighs. Like my arms, I now felt as if my legs had been welded together.

 ‘Right.’ said Mandy, ‘That’s got your legs nicely together. Now let’s really immobilise them.’ She picked up a black rectangle of soft leather rather like a very wide strap, about a foot wide and four feet long. Down the edge of the two shorter sides ran a series of holes through which laces could be threaded. Putting it on the floor next to me, Mandy said ‘Now bend his legs up behind him.’ As I lay face down, they bent my legs at the knee until my heels were touching my bottom. Then Mandy slipped the leather rectangle under my legs so that the one foot width ran from my bent knees up to my thighs. This broad strap now stuck out about a foot and a half on the floor on either side of my legs. Mandy brought up the ends of the strap together over my legs, and started to lace the two edges together. My bent legs and thighs were now enclosed by this wide leather strap, and Mandy began tightening the laces.

 Gradually she worked her way from my bent knees at the bottom up towards my ankles, which were now directly over my thighs and bottom. As they pulled the laces tighter and tighter, the leather sleeve closed around my bent legs, forcing my heels tighter and tighter against my bottom. As she tied the laces off in a non-slip double bow next to my ankles, Kelly said. ‘There, I don’t think you’ll be able to even wriggle your legs now. But just to be sure....’ She took a couple of broad leather straps, and running them around my thighs and bent legs, buckled them tightly in place. Now my legs were completely and uncomfortably immobilised in the leather leg binder, bent up behind me.

 I groaned with the discomfort, and said ‘But you can’t keep me like this, this is too much. I really have had enough, so let me go will you?’

 Mandy looked at me and chuckled. ‘After all the trouble we’ve taken? Not likely. I think it’s time to stop your whingeing, so what do you reckon Kelly, d’you think we should gag him next?’

 ‘Definitely’ grinned Kelly. She opened a drawer and took out a large red rubber ball gag fitted with an array of leather straps and buckles. I gulped as I looked at it. Suddenly desperate to avoid being humiliatingly and uncomfortably silenced, I said ‘Look, I promise I won’t make any noise if you don’t gag me’ I pleaded. But my plea fell on deaf ears. Gagging me into silence was obviously part of their enjoyment. Ignoring my request, Mandy held up the gag so that I could see it properly. ‘This is a head harness gag’ she explained, ‘It’s designed to keep this red rubber ball tightly wedged in your mouth. Once it goes in, the only sound you’ll be able to make is a quiet little muffled gurgle. Very effective, and very, very uncomfortable after a while, as you’re about to find out. There’s no chance of you being able to slip it off, because once the straps are fastened, your jaws will be firmly locked around the ball gag in your mouth and will clamp your jaws tightly together. Oh yes, it’s wonderfully effective.’

 I had been listening to her explanation with increasing horror. ‘Look’ I pleaded, ‘I promise I won’t make another sound, but please don’t put that thing in my mouth. I’ll choke!’

 ‘No you won’t’ she said coolly, ‘We’ve used it several times before, and even tested it on each other as well, so don’t try that one. Now let’s get it on you.’

  She handed the head harness to Kelly, put her knee in my back, and pulled my head back, so I opened my mouth involuntarily. These girls really knew what they were doing, and the moment I opened my mouth, Kelly instantly forced the ball past my teeth and into my unwilling mouth. After a few seconds of struggling, the ball forced my jaw wide enough for her to push the ball right into my mouth, filling it completely, and holding my tongue firmly down. I groaned and tried to pull my head away, but while Kelly held my head still, Mandy rapidly pulled the main strap of the gag tight behind my head and buckled it shut securely at the back of my neck. But this was a full head harness, and there were other straps to be fastened. One ran from either side of my mouth with a triangular gap through which my nose protruded. It then went up the front of my face, over the top of my head, and buckled onto the strap behind my neck. Another strap ran under my jaw, up the sides of my head, and met at a tightening buckle at the top of my head. As Mandy tightened the jaw strap, it forced my jaws to clamp firmly around the ball gag, making it impossible to move my jaw at all. I tried to give a shout of protest, but the only sound I could make was a quiet and muffled ‘Mmmmmmp!’

 And yet they still hadn’t finished. Mandy looked down at me, grinned, and said ‘That’s better. Now we can talk without any interruptions from you. But we still have something else to make that gag even more effective.’ She picked up a soft piece of leather about four inches square. On each vertical side there were four small straps, one above the other. She placed the leather square over my mouth, and stated to attach the straps to buckles that ran up the sides of the head harness along the jaw strap. One by one she tightened them, which had the effect of forcing the ball gag even deeper inside and completely sealing my mouth.

 I could hardly believe what was happening to me. I’d asked for severe bondage, but I hadn’t realised how uncomfortable it was going to be. I struggled for a few seconds, testing my restraints to see if there was any slack. There was none, and after several seconds of frustrated squirming and writhing in my tight leather cocoon, I panicked, and began to scream as loudly as I could. But all this produced was a quiet, muffled ‘Mmmmmmph!’, and I began to moan piteously into my gag.

 The girls looked down at me and chuckled as they sensed my frustration. ‘Well now’ said Mandy, ‘I think it’s time for the leather hood. You’re going to absolutely love this (I don’t think).’ She went to a draw and took out what looked like a black bag of soft leather with several straps and buckles hanging from it. It was also fitted with several metal D rings sewn onto it so that the wearer could be attached to any fixture. She knelt down in front of me and held it up for me to see. ‘This is how it works’ she said. ‘This hood will cover your face like a second skin. There are small holes for you to breathe through your nose, but otherwise there are no other openings at all. And you’re going to be in it for the whole time you’re tied up. I hope you don’t mind the dark’ she giggled.

 I looked at it with growing horror, and in no way intended to allow that thing to be put over my face, so I strained and struggled to move away, shaking my head violently from side to side. But it was a futile gesture of course. The girls had everything well in hand, and while Kelly held my head still, Mandy held the hood in front of my face. The hood was in one piece, and could be opened wide at the back of the head, with laces that ran all the way from the top of the wearer’s  head and down the back to the base of the neck. Mandy loosened the laces and brought the hood down over my head. 

 There was nothing I could do as the leather pressed firmly against my face, and I was plunged into darkness as the soft leather moulded itself over my face. Mandy began to lace the hood tightly shut down the back of my head. She pulled the laces tighter and tighter, and the leather closed firmly around my head. Soft pads covered my eyes, and a thick leather pad covered the ball gag filling my mouth. As the leather hood tightened, the pad over my mouth forced the ball gag even further into my mouth. Tighter and tighter the hood was laced shut behind my head, closing off all light, and any hope of escape. I suddenly felt like a thing rather than a person.

 The lacing down the back of the hood was covered with a flap that she zipped shut down from the top of my head to my neck, making access to the laces impossible, and after closing it, she took a small padlock with which she locked the zipper to a D ring attached to the hood at the base of my neck. Now no one could remove the hood without the key to that little padlock. But Mandy hadn’t finished yet. A two and a half inch wide strap was sewn onto the hood around the level of my eyes, and she pulled it tight before locking the buckle shut at the back of my head. Then a second strap across my gagged mouth was tightened around my head and locked at the back. Finally, a wide strap that ran under my chin, over my rubber filled cheeks and up to the top of my head was tightened as tightly as Mandy could pull it and this too was locked shut at the top of my head. Once this strap had been tightened, my jaws were clamped securely around the ball gag in my mouth.

 ‘Right’ said Mandy, ‘That’ll keep you nice and quiet. Now let’s just increase your discomfort, shall we?’ I gave a soft little moan, wondering just how much more uncomfortable I could get. At the hands of Mandy and Kelly, that was about to be easily demonstrated.

 Mandy took a narrow strap a couple of feet long with a clip at each end and a buckle in the middle for adjusting the length. She clipped one end to a D ring sewn into the toe end of the leg binder, and the other end into a D ring sewn onto the arm binder next to my fingertips. Then she pulled on the tightening buckle in the middle of the strap, and I felt my feet being pulled towards my fingers. When she was satisfied that the strap couldn’t be shortened any more, she buckled it and picked up another long strap. She clipped it onto the same D ring next to my toes, and then clipped the other end of the strap to a D ring sewn onto the back of the strap running around my mouth and covering my gag. Now I was to learn what real discomfort was. Mandy gave a chuckle and said ‘Remember you said you wanted to experience strict bondage? Well see if this is strict enough for you!’ 

 She started shortening the strap connecting the strap of my gag to my feet, and as she did so, my head was pulled back and my back began to arch as she pulled the strap tighter and tighter. At last I gave a little moan, and she buckled the strap at this adjusted length. I gave another muffled moan of discomfort as I soon found that any attempt to move my feet resulted in the ball gag being pulled deeper into my mouth.

 ‘Well there we are’ said Mandy, ‘That’ll keep you out of mischief for a while. We’re going to have some lunch now, so we’ll just leave you like that. But first we’ll just make sure you can’t wriggle around too much.’ I could hardly believe that I could be bound any more securely, but total immobilisation was what Mandy wanted, and that was what she was going to get. I felt a strap being buckled tightly around my waist, another around my neck, and finally a third one around my legs behind my bent knees. As they were tightened, I realised that Mandy was using the straps attached to the pallet on which I was lying to anchor me down in such a way that I couldn’t even roll over or move an inch in any direction. By now I couldn’t move a muscle, and was completely unable to move, see, or make a sound other than a quiet, muffled gurgle.

 ‘OK’ said Mandy, ‘Now you can stay there sucker. We’re going to have a nice leisurely lunch, and as to when we’ll let you go, well, maybe today, maybe not. Oh, and by the way, just to concentrate your mind, that orange juice you gulped down so completely earlier on contained a large overdose of a very powerful and quick acting laxative. I guarantee that you’re going to start filling your nappy within the next couple of hours. That’s why we put it on you. So have fun little baby.’ I was thunderstruck, and began squirming and writhing in my tight leather prison. I moaned into my gag, but by now I was more helpless than any real baby would have been. This was something I couldn’t possibly have imagined, and the prospect of what would happen when the laxative took full effect gave me an added impetus to get free. But I simply couldn’t move. The girls certainly knew how to make me uncomfortable, helpless and humiliated. They burst out laughing at my hopeless attempt to relieve myself of the situation, and I heard the laughter fade as they walked out of the room and left me alone and in silence.

 I lay there quietly for a little while, wondering how on earth I could have been stupid enough to put myself into their clutches. Fantasy was one thing, but I was rapidly beginning to realise how different the real thing was. Then I remembered that inside me the laxative was going to result in something I hardly wanted to think about, and as the horrible prospect grew more strongly in my mind, I instinctively tried to writhe and squirm in my restraints, desperate to gain some kind of slack. I heaved and bucked, but as before, only made myself hotter and hotter inside the strong leather cocoon I was tightly imprisoned in. I decided to lay quiet again, trying to relax as much as I could and not to fight against my restraints, realising that my only means of escape lay in the girls releasing me. Until then, there was nothing I could do except moan quietly into the huge rubber ball gag filling my mouth, unable to see anything.

 The time passed slowly, and I almost began to doze off. But suddenly I heard an ominous gurgle in my bowels and felt some movement. I knew that the powerful laxative was beginning to take effect. By now wide awake again, I tried to estimate how long I’d been tied up, but had no idea, locked as I was into my dark, silent, leather cocoon. I couldn’t help but concentrate on what was happening. The bowel movement repeated after a few minutes, and gradually these movements became more frequent and intense as time passed and the huge dose of laxative took effect. I suddenly felt the urge to empty my bowels, but that was something I was determined to avoid, no matter what. So began my real struggle. I desperately squirmed and heaved as I tried to clench my buttocks closed and press my knees together, but it wasn’t going to stop the approaching moment of supreme humiliation. I began to writhe in my restraints more and more as I tried to resist what I could feel moving down through my lower bowels inexorably towards my bottom. I became frantic as I tried to struggle, but was held down immovably by the strong leather straps anchoring me immovably in position.

 Inevitably though, nature took its irresistible course, and I gave a muffled wail into my gag as an uncontrollable warm, sticky flood oozed out into my nappy.  It was horrendous. I moaned with utter humiliation as I felt it spread around my bottom and inside my nappy. I lay there, sobbing quietly for a few minutes, but then I found that it wasn’t over yet. The gurgling continued, and every so often I could feel yet another burst coming out into my nappy. As I lay there, I could feel the nappy squelching around my bottom every time I moved. I just lay there, drained with emotion.

 All I could do was wait for the girls to return, bound more tightly than I could have ever believed possible. Occasionally I tried once again to get a little slack from the tight straps, but it was hopeless. They wouldn’t give a millimetre. Time and again I gave a muffled moan into my gag as I heaved and squirmed in my bonds, but it was completely useless.

 Eventually I heard the sound of footsteps, and realised that the girls were returning. I felt the straps around my head being unfastened, and blinked as the leather hood was lifted off my head. A grinning Mandy and Kelly crouched down next to me.

 ‘Well well’ chuckled Mandy, ‘Still there are we?’

 ‘Mmmmmph’ I gurgled quietly as I looked up at her. Suddenly she wrinkled up her nose. ‘Phew’ she said, ‘Something tells me that ickle baby’s done poo poos in her nappy. Has she?’ With a low wail of despair I nodded my head in the affirmative.

 ‘Oh goody’ she grinned ‘Humiliating, isn’t it?’ Once again I gave a submissive little moan as I nodded my head.

 ‘Well’ she said, ‘We haven’t finished with you yet. We’ve decided to leave you there like that overnight. If you’re lucky, we just might let you go tomorrow evening. So you just lie there like that and suffer.’ Suddenly she stood up, bent over me, and chuckled with amusement as she started to massage the area around my bottom. This caused the squelching mess to spread further into every nook and cranny inside my nappy. It was horrible. Kelly giggled. ‘I reckon he’ll have quite a severe nappy rash by then’ she grinned, ‘From what I’ve seen of most babies, that muck will give his skin quite a burn .’

 ‘Yep’ chuckled Mandy, ‘It sure will.’ She went across to the cot, and taking down a pillow, she bent down and placed it under my head. ‘There you are baby’ she said, ‘Aren’t I kind? You can rest your head on that. Not that I think you’ll get much sleep tonight. Still, I think we’d better put you in the dark again, just to help baby get to sleep.’ She started arranging the straps and laces of the leather hood, and while I vainly tried to shake my head wildly to prevent it, she quickly pulled the hood back on my head, and soon had it laced up and locked on just as tightly as before.

 ‘There we are then’ I heard Mandy chuckle, ‘Baby’s all settled down for the night. Now you try and get some sleep, and we’ll be back in the morning. In the meantime, nighty night, and pleasant dreams!’ I heard them both laughing as I once again began to squirm and writhe in my leather restraints, and then the laughter faded as they moved away, and I heard the sound of the door being shut. I was alone again, and would be like this all night long and the next day. I lay there and groaned with despair into my gag.

 It proved to be the most uncomfortable night of my life, but as the hours dragged on, despite my discomfort, I actually did manage to fall asleep a couple of times, probably because I was so physically and mentally exhausted.

 Mandy kept to her word, and I had to lay there for the next 24 hours. The next morning they came back to check that I hadn’t suffered any serious effects, but by then I was almost too numb to feel anything anyway. But they still decided to make me stay there until the full time was up, and my ordeal continued for another 8 hours.

 But fortunately, all things come to an end, and late in the afternoon, I felt the hood being once more removed. Mandy looked down at me, grinned, and said ‘OK, I think you’ve suffered enough, it’s time to let you go.’ I gave a moan of relief as she unfastened and removed the harness gag, and moved my stiff jaw from side to side.

 ‘Now just one thing’ said Mandy, ‘Don’t forget that you signed that piece of paper in which you deliberately requested us to tie you up, so don’t bother to even think of trying to sue us for assault or anything. You asked for it, and you got it. Right?’

 I knew she was correct of course, and that I would have no comeback. Besides, she was right. All they’d done was give me what I’d asked for, so I certainly had no chance of prosecuting them. No, I’d just have to put it all down to experience. ‘Don’t worry’ I said ruefully, ‘I know what the score is. I don’t think you’ll be seeing me again. Once is enough!’

 ‘I wouldn’t bet on it’ she chuckled, ‘We’ve heard that before. Now let’s get you out of this.’

 Slowly and carefully the two girls unfastened and removed my leather bonds, and after a few minutes, I lay there on the pallet flexing my stiff limbs, free, and dressed only in the nappy and plastic baby pants. ‘There’s an adjacent bathroom just down the passage’ said Mandy, ‘Go down there, clean yourself up with the toilet paper there, flush it down the loo, and put the dirty nappy in the plastic bag ready to be thrown out. Then you can take a shower and get dressed again. In the meantime I’ll make you a cup of tea before you leave.’

 I climbed stiffly and unsteadily to my feet, and the girls giggled as I waddled baby fashion in my nappy down to the bathroom. I cleaned myself up as instructed, and gave a yelp of pain when the hot water hit my bottom. I’d forgotten about the nappy rash.

 Rapidly recovering from my ordeal, I went back to the nursery and dressed before going into the kitchen where the girls were waiting. As I sat on my sore bottom and sipped my tea, they said what fun they’d had with me, and Mandy said ‘If you ever want to try another session some time, we’ll give you a discount.’

 ‘Another session?’ I said, ‘No way. Once is enough thanks.’

 And yet, believe it or not, I did return for another dose a few months later. They knew me better than I knew myself. We tend to look back on things with rose tinted glasses sometimes, and I was soon to find out that the girls had an endless list of ideas for humiliating a mere male in a variety of uncomfortable ways. But that’s another story.