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Storycodes: Solo-M; mall; stalking; caught; F/m; hum; handcuffs; public; shopping; carousel; bond; strip; enslave; femdom; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

Based on "Handgagged at the Mall" by TrustyJim

For Tyler Christmas was the perfect time of the year. No it wasn't the good cheer. It wasn't the presents or the songs or the food. Nor was it the weather. No for Tyler the best part of Christmas was the girls.

Tyler was a girl-watcher and unabashedly so. Talk to a girl? No, no he was far too shy for that. He was much happier just watching them from afar. His favorite hunting ground was the Andersontown Mall. Girls of all ages came and went through its doors every day. So often as he could he was down there watching.

Now what does any of this have to do with Christmas you may ask? Well Christmas break had just started so our teenage voyeur was out of school and the mall was filled with shoppers. That meant Tyler could spend all day indulging his obsession. And he did.

There had been plenty of beauties that day. He spotted three of them together in the food court. They were his age it seemed. One was Hispanic with long blonde streaked hair and large breasts, one was a leggy brunette with a British accent, and one was a pretty blonde with a great ass. He sat across from them pretending to text on his phone. Then there was the busty brunette college girl he found in the clothing store. God he was in heaven.

Then he saw her. He couldn't explain it but as soon as he did he felt weak in the knees and dry in the mouth. She had just left the bookstore as he was passing by. Early thirties with long wavy blonde hair she was the picture of elegance. Long luscious legs, a lean fit body, a classically beautiful face, and large firm attention seeking breasts. Her clothing was high end, designer by the looks of it. Simply put she was amazing.

Tyler was hooked immediately. He turned around and started following her. Now this was something he never did, too conspicuous, but this time he couldn't help himself. He followed her for several minutes and through several stores. He was so lost in his fixation he didn't notice that she'd turned down an empty service corridor. Not until he walked right into her anyway.

"Why are you following me?"

Well damn, this wasn't supposed to happen. Tyler's brain sputtered to a stop. He'd never thought what he'd do if he got caught. Normally he didn't follow the women like this so he could just walk away if they looked up. This was different. There was no escape from this.


He could think of nothing to say.

"Say something or I get security."

"I'm sorry for bothering you, I'll be on my way now."

He turned, red faced and started to leave. She grabbed him and through him against the wall.

"I didn't say you could leave. What's your name?"


"Well Tyler, if you insist on following me around all day the least you can do is be helpful."

She held up a small black bag. He recognized the logo from the sex shop around the corner. She pulled out a pair of leopard print fuzzy handcuffs.

"What are those for?"


Suddenly she grabbed his arm and snapped one of the cuffs on it.


Then she did the same to her own wrist.

"What gives?"

"In exchange for your freedom you're going to be my slave the rest of the day."

Tyler blinked a few times not really understanding.


"Oh Sweetie, it's not that hard to understand. Do whatever I tell you from here on out and if you're lucky I won't leave you handcuffed to the carousel for all to see."

"What if I yell for help?"

"You want to explain to the police why you handcuffed yourself to a woman you've never met."

"You did that to me."

"Who do you think the police will believe? A woman of means or a pervy little boy who spends all day leering at girls."

"I don't leer ... I watch."

"Well today you work."

Seeming to feel she had settled the matter she walked back into the main mall dragging poor Tyler along behind her. She lead him right into the throng of Christmas shoppers. Tyler was amazed. Not one of them seemed to notice or care about seeing an eighteen year old boy and a sophisticated thirty something blond walking through the mall together sharing a fuzzy handcuff bracelet. It was too weird.

Before he could think about it any further she led him into the first store. It was Bragh's - a high end Women's clothing store. Tyler felt very under dressed among all these designer clothes. Not the woman though. She strode through the store with the confidence of one who belonged. She didn't seemed hindered at all by the fact she was wearing him as a charm bracelet. She would grab clothes off the rack and examine them. If she liked it she would toss it to Tyler who would carry it from then on. After checking out she handed him the bags and went back out into the mall.

Without a word she lead him down the path into Tori's, one of the mall's many shoe stores. She took her time, leisurely browsing their selection, pulling out three pairs she liked and then headed for one of the little benches. She gracefully sat down. Tyler went to join her but she stopped him. Instead she handed him one of the shoes.

"What am I supposed to do with this?"

"I need to try them on."

Taking his cue he bent down, which was a little awkward with the cuff on, and slipped her heeled shoe off. He gently slid one of the new shoes on. She admired it for a minute.


He repeated this for the next two pairs. He could feel a stirring in his crotch. He had never touched a woman's foot before and he found he rather enjoyed it. Finding a pair she liked she bought it and gave the bag to Tyler to carry.

Her next stop was down on the next floor so she opted for the escalator. Tyler wished she hadn't. He was having trouble climbing on with the bags and the cuff. She chuckled and grabbed his hand pulling him up on to the step with her.


"You're welcome, Slave."

DB was a cosmetics store. Which meant Tyler was bored out of his mind. That was until they reached the lipstick. She picked up a tube she liked and uncapped it. She applied it to her lips.

"I don't think you're supposed to do that."

"I'm not supposed to turn cute teenage boys into my slaves either."

"Point taken."

"Tell me what you think about this one."

She leaned in puckering up like she wanted a kiss. For a second he had a wild urge to do just that. God this woman was having an effect on him.

"It looks perfect."

"Good boy."

When they checked out Tyler had to fight to keep from laughing when the girl behind the counter commented that the woman must really like their lipstick, she was wearing some already. Out in the mall again Tyler's stomach began to growl.

"Let's get something to eat," the woman said.

So they were off to the food court. Tyler got a burger from Johnny Rocket's. She got a stake from Great Stake. It was strange to say the least. As they ate one would pull on the other's arm. After a minute or two of this they began to laugh. It was a nice little moment in the middle of all this craziness. That only lasted a minute.


Oh God it was Anna, one of his classmates. He couldn't let her see him like this. He quickly threw his arm, and hers, under the table.

"Hi Anna."

"Who's this?"

"Julia," the woman said leaning over him and shaking Anna's hand with her free hand.

"Anna, are you Tyler's aunt or something?"

"Oh god no."

She held their cuffed hands together and held them up for her to see, carefully holding it just high enough for the table and their coats to disguise the cuffs.

"This cute little guy's my boyfriend."

"Really? Where'd the two of you meet?"

"Online, can you believe that?"

"He has always been so shy."

"Well I'm hoping to break him of that."

With that she leaned in and kissed him on the lips. Wow, just wow, was all he could think.

"I'll leave you two to it then."

"Bye," Julia said as Anna walked off.

She then disposed of their trash and continued shopping. They hit several more stores and Tyler noticed the sun had gone down. He had better be getting home soon. Right on cue his phone rang.

"It's mom, I'd better answer it."

Before he could Julia took it, ignored the call and put it in her purse.


"You're my property today Tyler. I require your full and undivided attention. Your mother can have you back when I'm through with you. Got it?"

"Got it."

"Good, now don't worry. We only have three more stops to make."

Tyler found the first of these stops rather odd. It was Grant's, a high end men's clothing store. Oh, he realized, she must have a husband or boyfriend or something. Of course she did, just look at her. That thought made him a little sad and for the life of him he couldn't figure out why. She picked a handful of nice plaid long sleeve shirts off the rack and headed for the fitting rooms. She lead him inside, closed the door and tossed him the red shirt.


"Try it on."


She un-clipped the cuff from her wrist.

"Don't get any ideas. It's going right back on when we're done."

He pulled his shirt off and handed it to Julia.

"Why Tyler you've been holding out on me."

She reached out and began to feel up his chest.

"Ooh nice, maybe I should keep you like this the rest of the time. No, I'm a little too selfish to let anyone else see you like this. Maybe another time, when we're alone."

He put the shirt on. She was talking like they would do this again. He was actually hoping that was the case.

"Perfect I like my men to look nice."

She had him change back into his old shirt and reattached him to her arm. As they made their way to the counter he noticed that all the shirts had a little button hole on the cuffs. Could she have chosen them so the chain of the handcuffs could pass through them?

Tyler felt his breath leave him when he saw the next store. Victoria's Secret. She saw his look and smiled.

"I think you deserve a little treat for being such a good slave don't you think?"

She led him into the store, scooping a catalog off the counter.

"Look at this until I tell you otherwise. I don't want to ruin the surprise."

Tyler did as he was told, fighting every urge to look at what she was picking out. Suddenly they were in the fitting room. She unhooked herself again and fixed him to a hinge on the door.

"Now?" he asked.

"Not yet," she teased.

He heard clothing come off and then go on again.


He opened his eyes and gasped. It wasn't the skimpy, lacey black lingerie she was wearing. No it was the incredible body her elegant clothing hid. Long, smooth legs that beckoned to be stroked, wide powerful hips, a lean tanned body, and large full breasts he had the sudden urge to kiss.

"Speechless? I like that."

She walked over and hugged him tight letting him get a face full of cleavage. Then she told him to go back to his catalog while she changed again.

She lead him back to the food court. This time they went past all the tables and stalls. In the rear of the space was a large two story carousel. Julia led Tyler up a small set of steps to the second level. She had him sit her bags down next to a rather fine looking white horse.

"Hop on," she told him.


"You should know by now I don't joke."

Shrugging he climbed on. Then she did something that surprised him. She climbed up on there with him. Now as you might imagine there's not a lot of room on those horses for two people so they were pressed up right against each other. She grabbed him and pulled him tight against her. He could feel her breasts press up against the back of his head. They spun around and around with him in her loving embrace. He wished it would never end. Sadly though all things do.

As the end came she unlocked the cuff from her arm. Well, it was fun while it lasted. Then she attached it to his other hand wrapping it around the horse's pole.

"What ...?"

Before he could finish his question she stood up and yanked down his pants and underwear.


He could hear kids laughing and approaching.

"Come on, this isn't funny."

"You have two choices," she told him, "I can leave you here where you'll be found like this and arrested for exposing yourself to minors, ruining your life. I can take you home with me where you'll live forever giving up all contact with your old life and serving me and my needs 24/7. Choose now."

She couldn't be serious. He could hear the children getting closer. She wouldn't really leave him like this would she? Of course he already knew the answer to this: yes, yes she would. Could he really give up his life? It wasn't a great life but it was his. Then again when would he ever find another beautiful, elegant older woman with a kinky side who would want to keep him all to herself? Julia started to walk away.

"No wait!"


"I'm your's."

"Good boy."

She strolled over and unhooked one of his hands allowing him to quickly pull his pants back up before reattaching it to her arm. She had Tyler pick up her bags and they walked right out of the mall without looking back. She led him to a sleek black sports car that looked like a panther on the prowl. Of course that could also describe it's owner he reasoned. She popped the trunk and he loaded in her purchases. Then she opened the passenger's side door and instructed him to sit. Doing so she unhooked him from her arm and cuffed his hands in front of himself before buckling him in.

Climbing in she started up the engine and tore out of the parking lot like a bat out of hell. Tyler felt himself pressed back into his seat as street after street flew by. Soon he had no idea where he was or how to get back to the mall or home. Not that he wanted to anyway. They pulled into a covered garage and she climbed out of the car. He watched her carry her bags in a handful at a time making sure to wiggle her hips a little more than necessary when passing his window. Finally she came for him. She walked him into a large living room fit for a Vanderbilt. She grabbed his shirt and ripped it off tossing the remains into the fireplace.

"Hey that was my favorite shirt."

"From here on out the only time you're allowed to wear a shirt is when we have company or go out for any reason. You will wear the shirts I bought you today when we do. Otherwise nothing keeps you from my view."

She grabbed his chest and began to feel me up like I was a piece of meat for her inspection. I loved it. She grabbed the chain to the cuffs and dragged him to her bedroom on the second floor. After tossing Tyler onto the bed she yanked off the rest of his clothes and then her own. He only got a moment to take in her splendid body before she was on him. She uncuffed one of his hands before yanking him up against him handcuffing again with his hands behind her back. Then he was on his back with her on top of him, assaulting his body with her own. Before he knew it he was inside her being ridden to explosive climax.

When they were done she unhooked him again and reattached him to her arm. They lay panting for a moment before she pulled him close resting his head against her breasts. He nuzzled up against them lost in the warmth of her body and the knowledge that he would be taken care of by this striking woman for the rest of his life.

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