The Mall Adventure

by Scott Akins

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© Copyright 2004 - Scott Akins - Used by permission

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The Mall Adventure - Part 2
by Scott Akins
The Mall Adventure2 by Scott Akins

“Well it would be a shame to waste an opportunity like this,” James thought out loud.

“Opportunity?”  Sammy said cocking an eyebrow at him.

“Yeah.  I mean I think some more play time is in order here,” James said with a smile not sure how that idea would be received.

“No way.”  Sammy said immediately.  She didn’t like the sound of that at all.

“Oh come on Sammy.  He isn’t going to hurt us…you have great judgement.  I am sure,” Jenni said looking like a small child begging for permission to do something she really wanted.

“We don’t know that,” Sammy said.

“I did say…” James started but the girls were not paying much attention to him.

“You always ruin the fun right when it gets interesting,” Jenni said pouting.

“I am sorry but getting killed or something is not my idea of fun,” Sammy continued to banter with her friend.  James meanwhile had turned and looked about the room.  He spotted the ball gag that Jenni had been wearing this very morning.  He walked over and picked it up and headed back toward the girls.

“You are just a big party pooper.  I don’t know why I even…mmmprh,” Jenni’s comment was blocked out by a red ball that appeared almost out of thin air. 

Suddenly both girls remembered that there was another person in the room.  James buckled the gag in place and sighed.

“Well now that I can get a word in,” He said grinning.  Sammy just looked at him sheepishly and Jenni was scowling a little but made no noise from behind her gag.

“As I was saying I will release you if you really want to.  But I think I can provide you both with a lot of fun for a while.  If you are up for it.”  James said.

“I just…I mean I like being tied up and stuff for sure,” Sammy said sounding real uneasy and unsure about it all.

“I will stop at anytime you tell me and release you if you want,” James said reassuring her.

“I guess it would be ok.  I mean it would be kinda of a waste after all the work to find you,” Sammy said loosening up just a little.

“Good.  We already knew what Jenni here wanted to do,” James said ruffling Jenni’s hair.  She actually growled at him behind the gag, she hated to have her hair mussed like that.  “I just wanted to make sure you wanted to play as well.”

“Yeah of course, we are friends and we do everything together.  I would feel left out if she was the only one having fun,” Sammy said grinning a little.  Jenni just rolled her eyes at her friend.

“That’s the spirit,” James said as he turned and stood in front of Jenni.  “I think we should start with the eager beaver here,” James said as he looked at Jenni.  She just smiled with her eyes and lips as much as she could.

“What do you plan to do with us?”  Sammy asked from behind him.

“Well first I am going to change you both into something more comfortable than the handcuffs you have on.  Where are your toys?”  James requested.

“In the closet over there,” Sammy said pointing to the door.  James walked over and opened the door and saw the two large plastic bins of bondage things.  A fully stocked toy box to say the least.  They were out in the open since neither one of them had bothered to clean up much from last night.  They had just thrown everything back into the bins without pushing them back deeper into the closet.

“This is quite impressive,” He said combing through the contents of the boxes quickly skimming over the contents.  He grabbed some rope and a set of four leather cuffs and some small padlocks.  He walked over to the bed and laid the stuff out there.

“Now since I don’t know your limits, if I do anything that you don’t want me to I want you to say something,” James said and then looked at Jenni and grinned. 

“Ok communicate the best you can.  Understand?”

He got a nod from both of them.  He then took a length of rope and went behind Jenni and started to tie her elbows together.  He pulled the rope tight and pulled her elbows close.  Jenni moaned a little at one point and he stopped her elbows at that point and tied it off and finished wrapping the rope around her arms.

“Is that to tight?”  He asked.  Jenni shook her head no.  James then removed the handcuffs and went over to Sammy.  She turned around and offered her arms to him.  He chuckled and took the rope and pulled her elbows together.  Sammy knew hers could touch so she didn’t say anything to James and just let him pull them all the way together.  He wrapped and tied off the rope and stood back.  Sammy turned back around and smiled.

“That’s not uncomfortable?”  He asked.

“Not yet,” Sammy said.  “I can take it for a while.”

“Ok,” James said as he turned her back around and removed the handcuffs from her wrists.  He laid both sets on the bed and grabbed more rope.  He went back to Jenni and applied the rope her wrists crossing them and tying them tight.  Jenni was making slight moaning sounds from behind the ball gag but didn’t make any other protest.  James then took the leather wrists cuffs and went to Sammy and gently placed each cuff on her snugging the buckle down and then locking the cuffs on with the small padlocks.  He then got the ankle cuffs and did the same to Sammy’s ankles.  Sammy sighed a little at that.  She had just gotten rid of the cuffs on her ankles this morning and here she is wearing them again.  Not that she really minded at all.  He stood back and looked at the ladies he had as his captives.

“Well I think now that both of you are a bit overdressed for the occasion,” James said.  He moved to Jenni first and slowly unbuttoned her pants and slid them down her legs.  She stepped out of them and he reached for her underwear and paused.  Jenni nodded and he took those off as well.  Then James moved to her top and started to undo the lacing of the garment.  It was a strapless top that laced half way up.  It revealed a lot of cleavage and was quite striking on the woman.  He loosened that lacing and pulled it down her body to remove it.  Jenni moved her hips and wiggled around in general to help the garment off as he tugged and pulled it off.  He then removed the shoes and socks that she was wearing. 

Soon Jenni was standing there completely nude.  James stood back and looked at her and shook his head.

“My oh my…you are quite stunning,” He said in an approving voice.  Jenni made what sounded like a giggle.  And then James turned to Sammy.  He removed her jeans and went to remove her underwear.

“No…please leave that.”  Sammy said sounding uneasy again.  James nodded and started to unbutton the blouse that Sammy had on.  Jenni made a sound into her gag and Sammy looked at her friend.

“What?  I am not as free spirited as you,” Sammy said. 

“Whaever,” Jenni gag talked to her friend.  James pulled the blouse off Sammy’s shoulders and down as far as her tied elbows would allow.  He then reached behind her and undid the clasp for the bra and paused looking at Sammy who nodded.  He removed her breasts from their cloth support and pulled the bra over her head and down her arms to join the other garment.

“There much better,” James said.  He then lead Jenni over to the bed and pushed her down gently on the bed.  He took a pillow and placed it between her bound arms and her back, and then pushed her on to her back.  He swung her legs up onto the bed and took more rope.  He tied the rope to both of her shoulders and then to the head of the bed holding her down to the bed.  Then he took some more rope and tied her ankles to the foot of the bed slowly wrapping the rope around the leg knotting it off.  Then slowly pulling her legs apart until they were far apart tying the rope off to the footboard.

“That looks like fun,” Sammy said looking at her friend.  Jenni just nodded and moaned a little into the gag.

“It looks like she is enjoying it so far.  Let’s see what else we can do for fun,” James said going back over to the toy boxes.  He came back with a vibrator, a small one of the group that they had.  Sammy watched as James walked over to the bed and sat down on the side.  He turned it on and started to slowly drag the tip of the dildo around her friend’s body.  Rubbing it over her breasts gently pressing it against the nipples lingering there for a moment on each side before moving it again. 

Jenni was enjoying this attention as she started to moan into the gag and try to move in her bonds.  There wasn’t much give in the ropes, as James knew what he was doing.  The dildo slid down to Jenni’s tummy, the vibration running through her.  The thing was on high and although it wasn’t close to her neither region she could feel the sensation there.  Sammy walked over to the other side of the bed and sat down looking at her friend.

“It looks like you are pushing all the right buttons,” Sammy said grinning at James and then at Jenni.  Jenni just looked at her friend with a wanting in her eyes.  Sammy knew where Jenni wanted that toy to go, but it appeared that James wasn’t going there just yet.  He was at the moment rubbing the toy down the inside of Jenni’s thigh up and down one side and then the other.  This was causing a combination of feelings in Jenni one she was ticklish there and was also very horny right now.  It was almost unbearable as she tensed against the ropes and made half laugh half moans from behind the gag.

“She must be ticklish,” James said watching her reaction.

“Not too mention extremely turned on,” Sammy said giggling at her friend’s predicament.

James then moved the torture implement to the area that Jenni wanted him to.  He laid the vibrator down against her crotch and just held it there without penetrating.  Sammy reached up with one of her hands dragged her fingernails roughly down Jenni’s torso.  Her wrists had not been connected yet so with just her elbows tied she had some mobility with hands.  Sammy’s fingernails catching on the stiff nipples of her friend.  Jenni mewed and groaned into her gag as they both worked on her.  Jenni wasn’t the only one getting turned on with all of this.  Sammy was starting to get real interested as well.  James somehow knew this and left the dildo where it was and got up to got to the closet.  Sammy scooted down the bed a little and picked up the dildo and gently pressed and rubbed the toy against Jenni.

“I bet you want this inside instead of outside?”  Sammy said teasing her friend.  Jenni just nodded and moaned her eyes closing.

“Yeah but I am the one who gets to decide that,” James said coming back to the pair.  He had a longer piece of rope in his hands.  “Stand up you,” He said to Sammy has he approached her.  Sammy stood up and waited to see what he was going to do.

He wrapped the rope around her waist a couple of times and then knotted it off in front.  Sammy knew what was coming next as she parted her legs just a little for him.  And sure enough James fed the rope between her legs under the rope that was wrapped around her and then he took her hands and fed the rope through the small metal rings on the leather cuffs.  Sammy hadn’t been expecting that move.  He pulled it tight causing the rope to sink into her through her panties.  He went back and forth a few more times with rope pulling it tight each time before knotting it off in front.

“There that should keep you entertained for a bit.”  James said as went back to Jenni who was enjoying the show.  Sammy did like wearing a joy rope but Jenni had never attached it to her hands before.  She pulled at her wrists and the rope moved and dug a little deeper.  She walked and the rope moved and rubbed.  Yes she was certainly enjoying this.  She sat down on the bed and rope moved some more.  She was getting that look of a woman who was really enjoying herself.  Both James and Jenni were watching her.  Sammy came back to her sense a little and looked at them both.

“What?”  She said trying to act innocent.

“Oh nothing,” James said as he turned his attention back to Jenni.  He picked the toy up and started to press the tip into Jenni slowly.  She was quite wet by this point and it slid in without much resistance.  Jenni really started to moan with pleasure as the dildo sank deeper into her the vibrations doing it’s magic.  James was slowly working it in and out never letting it come completely out.  He would move it up and down as well, making sure that the dildo rubbed against Jenni’s clit occasionally.  The moaning continues as Jenni moves her hips with the movement of the toy.

Sammy just sat and watched for a little while moving her hands a little bit moving the rope between her legs. Jenni was getting close to climaxing and James didn’t show any signs of stopping to let her stew.

“Hey want to really watch her explode?” Sammy said with a grin.  Jenni was concentrating too much on the toy inside her to hear the conversation.

“She looks like she is about ready to do that on her own,” James observed still working the dildo in and out at a quicker pace.

“Oh yeah she is...but watch this,” Sammy said as she scooted on to the bed a little further and then scrambled to her knees and got close to her friend.  Sammy kneeled down lowering her head toward her friend’s body.  She leaned down and licked Jenni’s left nipple.  That got Jenni’s attention as her eyes came open to see what was going on.  She immediately closed them again when she saw what Sammy was doing.  Sammy started to suck and nibble lightly on the stiff nipple.  Jenni was getting real close now.  The moaning was loud now the breathing was heavy.  Just when Jenni was just about to climax Sammy bit down on the nipple and pulled on it.  The pain was more than Jenni could take as she fell off the edge.  Her back arched and her legs pulled and quivered against the rope holding them.  Jenni’s whole body shook for a good while as Sammy released her friend’s nipple.  And sat back up watching her friend.

“You were right,” James said slowly removing the toy from her.

“Told you so,” Sammy said giggling and smiling.  Jenni’s orgasm started to subside a bit now and her body went limp and her breathing started to slow down a little.  All the moving still had Sammy excited but she couldn’t cum with just the rope.

“Well that takes care of her.  But what about you?”  James asked.

“What about me?” Sammy repeated.

“I know you are getting excited as well.  If that patch of wetness I can see on your panties around the rope is any indication,” James said pointing to the rope.

“Well…maybe a little,” Sammy said.  Jenni was starting to take stock of her surroundings now she made noise into her gag like she wanted something.  James looked at her and then untied her from the bed and let her set up as he removed the gag.

“Thanks…Can you untie my elbows please?”  Jenni asked.

“Sure no problem,” James started to untie the rope binding her elbows when suddenly the doorbell sounded.  They all froze James stopped what he was doing and looked to Sammy.

“You guys expecting company?”  James asked.


“I didn’t invite anyone over…uh oh,” Jenni said with a grin on her face.

“What do you mean uh oh?”  Sammy said.

“That friend I called…She didn’t call like I told her to she came over,” Jenni said.

“What friend?”  Sammy said.

“Sara,” Jenni replied as the doorbell sounded again.

“I’ll go get it,” James said has he left the room.

“Wait James!  Untie us first,” Sammy called after him but he didn’t return.

“Don’t worry about it.  She knows about our little games.  As a matter of fact I will go down with him,” Jenni said standing up, the pillow that was between her arms and back falling to the bed as she walked out of the room.  Sammy wasn’t sure what to do, this was going to be another one of those times.  A time that Sammy was going to be mortified and Jenni was going to enjoy every minute of it.  Sammy walked out of the room the rings on the ankle cuffs jingling as she walked.  The rope pulling at her crotch rubbing with every step.  She caught up with Jenni hiding in the stair well listening in.

“I think they are here,” Sara’s voice rang out.

“Ok you got me.  They are here but they are tied up at the moment,” James said enjoying the little game.

“I’ll just bet they are.  But I have to check and make sure they are all right.  Make sure you didn’t kill or mame them,” Sara said.  She was talking like she was checking in the well being of a couple of pets or something, Sammy thought.

“Oh perish the thought.  But are you sure you want to come in.  If I am a bad man you would be in the same predicament as they,” James said.  Now he was getting dramatic.  Jenni rolled her eyes and stepped down the last two steps and into the entrance hall.

“Oh James let her in…stop being so dramatic,” Jenni sighed walking toward the door as James stepped aside to let Sara in, closing the door behind her.

Sara was a red head with green eyes, her Irish background showing through.  He figure was trim and fit with a height of 5’10 and nice pert breasts.  She was dressed in her bumming clothes… the clothes she wore when she wasn’t going to work or out.  Just a tee shirt and blue jeans and sneakers.  She smiled when she saw Jenni.

“Jenni love, how you been?”  Sara said meeting her friend and embracing her in a big hug.  Acting as if seeing her friend completely nude and bound was a normal thing.

“Oh I am great!”  Jenni said with enthusiasm. 

“It looks like it.  You got that glow about you,” Sara said with a wink.  Jenni giggled.

“Yeah.  I see you have met our new friend here.  James this is Sara…Sara, James” Jenni said making the introductions as best she could without her hands.

“Good day to you James,” Sara said shaking his hand.

“Well met my lady,” James said bowing a little.

“Oh gods would you stop that?”  Jenni said sighing.

“Hey where is Sammy?”  Sara said.

“Oh she is hiding in the stairwell being shy,” Jenni explained.

“Aw…come on out Sammy I don’t bite,” Sara said.

“Unless you ask real nice,” Jenni said as they all laughed.

Sammy reluctantly took the last steps into the hall and into full view of a person she knew but not well enough to be standing almost completely naked and tied up in front up.  She stood there for a minute and tried to wave and got a reminder that her hands were quite tightly secured as the rope dug just ever so slightly more into her.

“Hi…Sara,” Sammy said blushing up a storm and bowing her head trying to hide her embarrassment. Jenni was on the verge of laughing.  Sara on the other hand walked up to Sammy and put a hand under the other woman’s chin and lifted her head up. 

“My he has you in quite a predicament doesn’t he?”  Sara said in a quiet soothing voice.

“What do you mean?” Sammy said sound real uneasy.

“Here you are all tied up and aroused but no way to satisfy yourself.  So mean.”  Sara said.

“Well I went first.  We were getting to her next,” Jenni said.  “And then you showed instead of calling like I said to.”

“Well I was in the neighborhood and thought I would stop by,” Sara said waving a hand in the direction of her friend.  Sara’s attention was on Sammy at the moment.  Sara lightly touched the ropes tormenting Sammy and pressed just a little making Sammy gasp.

“You want to relieve yourself of all that tension don’t you love?”  Sara said.  Sammy did at that but wasn’t sure what Sara was intending to do about it.  Sammy just nodded slowly.  Jenni was now standing beside James and she leaned in close and whispered. 

“Watch this she is good,” Jenni said laughing a little.

“Well, why not let me do something for you then,” Sara said as she pressed on the rope again Sammy moaned a little this time.  Sammy was almost like putty in Sara’s hands.  She didn’t know she was that frustrated until someone started to pay attention to her instead of Jenni. 

“Then follow me my dear and we will see what we can do,” Sara said walking up the stairs.  Sammy followed as if hypnotized.  Jenni and James brought up the rear as they headed back upstairs.

Now Sara had never participated in the little games that Sammy and Jenni had played.  Sammy only knew the woman casually as Jenni’s friend.  But Jenni on the other hand knew her quite better.  They had met a year or so ago.  And when Jenni had found her love of Bondage she shared it with Sara.  Sara had the same love only she liked being the dominant one.  So Jenni and Sara had played a couple of times when Sammy wasn’t available.  Jenni knew the woman was an artful person when it came to making a woman feel good.  And the fact that she liked to have said woman tied up while making her feel good was just a bonus.

They all made it upstairs as Sara took in the room to see what was already out.

“Hmm I don’t see anything to elaborate that happened here.  Not much rope other than what the ladies are wearing anyway.”  Sara said as she walked over to the bed and pulled the gag, dildo and ropes off it.

“Well I am a simple man,” James said.

“Most men are,” Sara said with a smile at James.  James dramatically put his hand to his chest like he had been wounded but smiled back.  Jenni was glad about the fact that James could take a joke.  Sara always liked pushing people’s buttons.  Sara then looked at Sammy, looked into her eyes and smiled. 

“Now let us see about making you more comfortable.”  Sara said as she trailed her fingernails down the center of Sammy’s body making a line from her neck down in-between her breasts and down to her bellybutton.  Sammy visibly shivered.  Sammy wasn’t sure about this; it was apparent that James was no longer in control.  She hadn’t gotten the same assurances from Sara as she got from James.  But for some reason she trusted Sara more then James.  It could because she already knew Sara kind of or maybe because she was a woman.  Sammy didn’t know, the only thing she did know is that it was her turn now and she wanted it bad.

James and Jenni had taken a seat on the small storage chest across the room from the action where they could get a look at everything.

“Damn she is good,” James said in an appreciative tone.

“Yes she is. Uh James dear my shoulders are really starting to hurt.  Think you could tear yourself away from the show long enough to untie my elbows?”  Jenni asked.

“Oh yeah sure sorry,” James said hastily.  He had forgot that he was going to untie her elbows before the doorbell rang.  He quickly undid the knot holding the rope taunt and unwrapped the rope from Jenni’s elbows.  There was a sigh of relief as Jenni rolled her shoulders and moved her arms with the new freedom she had.  Granted her wrists were still tied but it made a big difference with the elbows free.

“MMMM Thank you,” Jenni said smiling at James.

“Your welcome,” James said in return.

Meanwhile, Sara was in the process of setting Sammy up the way she wanted her to be.  She had just untied the woman’s elbows and then removed the crotch rope.  Unwinding it from her body made Sammy gasp every time she pulled a section away from her, releasing her hands in the process letting her blouse and bra just fall to the floor.  Then Sara removed the wet panties and tossed them aside.  Then Sara took a couple pieces of rope off the floor and tied one to each of the ankle cuffs.  Then she positioned Sammy under the ceiling beam.  Then taking two more pieces of rope off the floor, she tied a rope each to the wrist cuffs.  Then she reached up, having to stretch a little; she fed the rope though two of the eye bolts in beam.  She pulled the rope raising Sammy’s arms up and just slightly out.  She pulled until Sammy’s arms were stretched as far as they could without pulling her on to her toes.  Sara tied the ropes off at the cuffs at her wrists.

“There think we can handle that my dear?”  Sara said leaning in close to Sammy one hand gently rubbing Sammy’s pussy.

“MMM…yes I am fine,” Sammy said.

“Yes love you are,” Sara said.  Then she took the rope to the left ankle and pulled it pulling her leg out a little; she tied it off to the bed.  Then the right ankle was pulled out as well attached to another bolt in the wall at floor level making Sammy stand in a spread eagle.  Then Sara walked over to the closet where the toys were.  She pulled out a ball gag and came back to Sammy.

“Now open wide,” Sara instructed.  Sammy opened her mouth to accept the gag wishing that Sara would hurry up.

Sara pulled the strap of the gag tight and buckled it down.  Then she looked at Sammy, deep into her eyes.

“What else can we do with you hmm?”  Sara said turning back toward the closet.  Sammy made a pleading sound into her gag as Sara turned to leave her again.  She had so much pent up energy it was becoming almost unbearable.  Jenni was grinning at Sammy the whole time.  Their eyes met and Sammy growled at her.  Jenni just laughed.  Sara then came back to her captive with a set of nipple clamps in her hands.  She didn’t waste any time with these.  She quickly clamped one to Sammy’s right nipple and then the left.  Sammy groaned out loud as the pressure and pain just added to her frustration.  She had worn these clamps before but Jenni was the one that usually wore them.  Sammy didn’t like them much, but in this case she didn’t have much of a choice.

“Now James would you bring Jenny over here please.  I have a use for her,” Sara said pointing to the spot where she wanted Jenni.  James chuckled and helped Jenni to stand and walked her over to stand in front of her friend.  Sara had walked over to the closet again and pulled out something else.  She came back and handed it to James.  It was a harness ring gag, the ring being fairly large in diameter.

“Here place this on her and then she can get to work,” Sara said with a smile.

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