Maid Service Requested

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2008 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; rope; gag; bfold; costume; toys; caught; maid; cupboard; sbf; mast; climax; cons; X

Jennifer was so horny and she couldn't do anything about it. Alex had asked Jennifer to dress up in her tight little French Maid's costume. Not that Jennifer minded. She loved pleasing her lover to the extent that she would do anything asked of her. She had slowly dressed herself in the hotel room while Alex busied in the bathroom for the corporate meeting that would take most of the morning.

Looking at herself in the mirror over the dresser, she admired the way the little black and white outfit stretched over all her curves like a leather glove, leaving very little to the imagination. Black net stocking sheathed her slender legs as she gracefully twirled around in her six-inch heels. Her long ash blonde hair spilled over her bare shoulders and was crowned by a little maid's tiara. She noticed a gleam of lust in green eyes as she eyed herself. She hoped Alex would cancel the meeting and spend the rest of the morning with her.

However, that was not to happen. Alex and her had sent their toys out earlier; over-nighted in a package to the hotel. Alex had selected a good variety of bondage to use on her and Jennifer knew that she would be the subject of their tight embrace.

And that is what she was experiencing right now. Alex had bound her very thoroughly. Black-leather cuffs held her wrists behind her back, drawn up almost between her shoulders by a rope harness tied tightly around her shoulders. Both her ankles and knees were bound together by leather straps, which matched the black leather collar encircling her throat. A bright red ball gag and a leather blindfold completed her bondage; almost. . .

Before binding her legs together, Alex gently inserted a small egg vibrator into Jennifer, setting it on low, then pulled her black lace panties up and giving her a loving swat on her ass. That vibrator was now her personal tormentor.

Truth of the matter, Jennifer really needed rough sex to get off and the little buzzing of the egg did nothing but make her hornier. As much as she ground her hips and struggled in her bindings, she would only be on the edge of an orgasm until Alex came back.

Jennifer was still writhing on the bed when she heard a knock on the hotel room door.

"Maid service," the female voice came from the other side of the door.

Jennifer tried to yell out but the gagged muffled her screams as she thrashed, trying to get out of her bindings.

"Maid service," the voice called out again as the maid opened the door.

Katrina had seen many strange things while working at The Hyatt, but what she saw lying on the bed initially left her unable to do anything but stare. There, thrashing about was a beautiful blonde lady, dressed in a skimpy maid's outfit and helplessly bound.

"Excuse me," Katrina stammered, as she looked at the door tag hanging from the knob.

It said "Maid Service Requested."

"Was it a mistake?" Katrina whispered to herself, glancing at the bound woman, still struggling and moaning into her gag.

'Possibly,' she smiled to herself, 'but what a delightfully delicious way to end a very boring day. She would clean this room and perhaps have a bit of fun besides'.

Katrina pulled her cart in front of the door and just left the door open just wide enough as not to violate hotel housekeeping rules but making sure that the room was hidden from prying eyes. Then she made her way over to the bed.

"My, what a beautiful lady you are," Katrina said, her slight Russian accent surfacing, "but you must keep quiet since I must keep the door open for my safety."

Jennifer couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"Nnnnugh!" she screamed into her gag, shaking her head and still trying to wriggle out of her bonds.

"No, no, dear lady. Do not go on like that. Hush. . ."

Jennifer felt the maid's hand stroke her long hair gently.

"I will not cause you any harm. I just need to clean this room before my work shift is over."

Jennifer felt the woman sit on the bed next to her, still caressing her blonde hair.

As Katrina sat next to the woman, the perfume of her arousal lingered about her. The woman was tied for her pleasure. She had wanted to be this way and there was no way for the blonde woman to escape.

"You must really love your man to have him do this to you, no?"

Jennifer laughed a little to herself, then nodded. There was very little she could do but put up with the situation, as bizarre as it was. In fact, her libido seemed to have tweeked up a notch. Being 'discovered' by a stranger had always been a fantasy of hers and now, by chance or accident, she was now living it.

"It is good to have a solid man," Katrina said, "I wish I could be as lucky. You are blessed with this, no?"

The woman laying bound on her side next to her was truly beautiful, in the way that great works of art were. Her legs were long and slender and her hips flared nicely under the black skirt and apron. Her stomach was flat and the outfit could barely hold her ample breasts whose nipples now poking at their covering.

Katrina thought about what it would be like to be this woman and it filled her with lascivious warmth. A man could do what he pleased with her and she would be helpless. It would be the ultimate trust and surrender.

The woman was still moving but she was not struggling to get away. No, by the way she rocked her hips, there was another kind of escape the woman was craving.

"Do you want to orgasm?" Katrina asked.

Jennifer didn't even ponder the question. Her body answered it for her. She moaned into her gag and nodded her head.

Katrina smiled, "First, I must clean your room, and then we will see."

'God, she is as bad as Alex,' she thought. Now the embers within her had been fanned by fantasy and her need had flared. The buzzing between her legs did nothing to satiate that need. It only illuminated it.

Jennifer listened helplessly as the maid went about her chores. Wiping things, changing things, making sure that everything was as new and fresh as the day Alex and her had checked in. It seemed to her that the maid was purposefully slow in her work, but in reality, Katrina was working as fast as she could, glancing at the bound woman and fantasizing what it would be like with ropes around her.

"Now, dear lady," Katrina said, "I need to take care of this bed."

'She couldn't be serious,' Jennifer thought and shook her head no.

"I am afraid so, dear lady," the maid replied, "We now must get you out of bed."

Jennifer felt herself being moved. Being blindfolded, she really did not know where the edge of the bed was and trusted her tormentor to not shove her off the side. She then felt her legs being moved over the side before Katrina eased her into a sitting position.

"Dear lady, I am not strong enough to carry you so you are going to have to follow me, no?"

Again, Jennifer shook her head, but she knew she had little choice.

"Now, I thought I had seen a package. I think it may have something to help us. I should go look."

"Nnnughh!" the bound woman screamed into her gag. She did not want this woman finding out how deep her perversions went. However, her screams did nothing to the maid.

Inside the box was a plethora of adult toys of only a few she could guess at their use. She had seen a few mild bondage films, but nothing that would clue her in on what all those chrome and rubber and leather things could do. She did find a dog's leather lead in there as well as a pair of clamps chained together. She had a pretty good idea of where they were designed for.

"I was right, dear lady," Katrina smiled, "I did find something to help us get you put away so I can finish my cleaning."

Jennifer froze as she felt the maid's fingers start to caress her hardened nipple through the costume. The touch sent little white-hot jets of flame shooting through her, making her desire burn even hotter. She found herself moaning through the gag despite herself, wanting this strange woman to be more rough with her.

"You like?" Katrina whispered.

Jennifer moaned her consent.

She felt the cups of her costume being gently pulled down, exposing her large, pale nipples to the maid. Katrina pinched and pulled at them gently, bring them to full erectness before taking one of the chrome pinchers and clamping it tightly on one.

Half pain; half pleasure roared through Jennifer. It was the very thing she craved for. It was if a tiny orgasm flamed in her, but not enough to push her over the edge. She needed more. Even the second clamp did little to help quench her fire.

In her embrace of the pleasure coursing through her, she didn't realize that the maid had fastened a leash onto her collar until she felt a firm pull.

"Come. Dear lady, follow me."

With another gentle tug, Jennifer found herself hopping across the room beside the maid. With every hop, the clamps sent new little flames of pleasure shooting through her; Enough to tease but not enough to engulf her. Jennifer had to concentrate a bit on balance. Her shoes were not made for this. But eventually the maid stopped pulling and hung tied her leash around the closet bar.

"Now, dear lady, stay here and let me do my work."

To Jennifer, it took ages to change the sheets on the bed. She could almost come. She could feel the flames of it licking through her and touching her in places only Alex had touched.

"I am done now dear lady, " Katrina said, "but before I help you, I want to see your eyes."

And then Jennifer's darkness lifted. In spite of the frumpy house staff uniform, the woman standing in front of her was stunning. The maid was shorter than her, but built in a way you didn't notice it. She was slender with a slight flare of hips and swell in her chest not unlike herself. Her olive skin glowed a warmth that radiated through her smile and her gray hazel eyes. Her raven hair curled a frame around her narrow face. Jennifer could see a passion lurking beneath her name badge: KATRINA.

"Do you want to orgasm, dear lady?" Katrina asked.

Jennifer nodded. She didn't know if she could take much more.

"I will help you, dear lady, but I must ask you this question. Does this make you feel more. . . more a woman?"

Jennifer nodded again.

"Then it is settled. I will go now and return after my shift. I want to feel like you feel. You will stay here until I return, no? And then I will feel what your man can do."

With that, Katrina pulled down Jennifer's soaked panties before reaching over to her cart and getting something out of the ice bucket. She held a gleaming ice cube before Jennifer's eyes before thrusting it against her swollen clit before pulling her panties back up.

"I will see you, pretty lady, very soon. Before your man finds you."

With that, Katrina took the woman's key card and locked to door behind her.

Katrina really did not want to be that mean, but she wanted to be with the woman completely and she could not do that until after her shift. The ice would cool her desire down and Katrina would bring it up again.

Katrina had only two more rooms before she was finished. She hurried down to her locker and changed out of her uniform, glad to be back into her jeans and blouse. She held the woman's key in her pocket and knew if she were caught, she would lose her job or worse. But the fantasies kept swirling through her head and consumed her. All she could do is picture herself like that woman.

The maid made her way back to the room. Thankfully she did not run into any of her co-workers. She slipped the card into the slot and eased the door open.

"I see, dear lady, you are still here," Katrina smiled, "and now, we can complete your pleasure, no?"

Since the maid had left her, a mixture of lust and fury whorled through Jennifer. Her orgasm had ebbed away, but only just. After the cube had melted, her clit felt hotter than ever. But she was left teetering there not knowing when Katrina or her Alex would return and it scared her a bit. But the fear also wafted the desire. Despite being left, Jennifer yearned for Katrina to return. And she did.

Without much pause, Katrina quickly stripped out of her clothes, hanging them neatly beside her captive. She kept herself in good shape and Katrina knew she drew the eyes of men around her. Getting a man was not a problem for her. It was getting a man that would please her as much as they wanted to please themselves. She only wished had something sexy to wear like this lady did.

If Katrina was stunning in her uniform, she was absolutely awe-inspiring out of it. Her breasts were full and were crowned with small, dark nipples. Her stomach was as flat as a stone and her mons was adorned with a narrow strip of fur. She moved with the grace of a leopard.

Katrina's fingers slowly caressed Jennifer, touching her as lightly as a butterfly's wing. She traced over skin, fabric and leather. Each feathered touch causing more jets of desire flaring with her.

The brunette's fingers tugged at the chain between the clamps, sending sparks shooting through her. She tried to push herself closer to the maid, but she withdrew. Katrina untied the lead and pulled Jennifer forward toward the bed.

Jennifer was used to moving somewhat in her bindings since Alex tied her up frequently, so after reaching the bed, she scooted herself to the center, making room for Katrina to lay beside her.

The maid's fingers continued to work their magic, eventually working their way down between Jennifer's legs. The little egg was still buzzing but it was Katrina's fingers rubbing the blondes clit. Jennifer's moans began to grow louder and louder and she thrust herself into the maid's fingers. Suddenly, All the fires within her engulfed her in pure bliss as she rode Katrina's fingers until she exhausted herself.

"Do you mind if I share your man?" Katrina whispered as she lay next to the helpless blonde, "Is it not a man's great fantasy, to have two women at once, no?"

Jennifer laughed a little through her gag. No, she didn't think Alex would mind. Jennifer knew she wasn't the only lover in Alex's life, only the most 'visited'. They kept an open relationship, the fruits of which blossomed into even more creative love-making. Their relationship would weather this very well.

"Are you sure?" Katrina asked, "I do not want to take your man away; just share for a night to see if I too would like ropes."

Again, Jennifer nodded.

Katrina smiled and gave her captive a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Should I tie myself for him?" Katrina asked and the blonde nodded her approval.

The brunette skipped over to the box she had rummaged through before. She had seen a few things she could use on herself, including a pair of chrome and leather handcuffs, a gag in the shape of a penis, and several lengths of rope in which to tie her legs. She gathered these together and brought them over to the bed.

Katrina wanted to show to the lady's man that she would be available to him to do as he pleased with her. So she decided to lay on the bed beside Jennifer and with her legs wide open, tying each ankle to the foot of the bed. This proved to be a little more difficult than she had imagined, but she finally did it. She fastened the gag into her mouth next. She was surprised how much the dildo filled her mouth but it was not an unpleasant feeling. In fact, it stirred the warm coals that had been burning ever since she walked into this room and saw the bound lady.

Then, she took a deep breath and looked into the blonde's blue eyes and knew this is what she wanted. She put her arms behind her back and locked the cuffs. She was now as helpless as her blonde friend.

Jennifer smiled to herself again, thinking of what was going to await both of them when Alexandra came home from her meeting.

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