Maiden Voyage

by Piper

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© Copyright 2006 - Piper - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; toys; cons; X

"What in the hell is that thing?"  Mischa stood in awe staring at my latest creation sitting prominently in my workshop in the back corner of the loft.

"It's tonight's entertainment."

"If you think I'm getting on another one of your contraptions you're fucked in the head."  I watched as she moved closer to get a better look.  The machine had a solid  looking base nearly a foot high, about four feet wide by two deep, and topped with a heavy metal plate covered with an inch thick rubber anti fatigue mat to help combat both slipping and prolonged periods of standing.  The main attraction was a hefty pneumatic cylinder that jutted up from the center of the base topped with a devious looking, Sybian-like saddle attachment, complete with a hefty phallus fixed dead center.  Several air hoses lay coiled nearby, along with a small compressor.  Finishing it off was a laptop on a rolling stand connected to the main unit by a cable sticking out of the serial port.

"What does it do?"  I could see the curiosity in her eyes.

"It's sort of a game."

"A game, huh?  How does it work?"

"There's only one way to find out," I said, patting the saddle.

"I don't know," she said, looking unsure.

"We both know full well that sooner or later the wondering is going to get the best of you and you're going to give in.  Why not just skip the mulling it over and just give it a go?"

"Fuck it," she said, setting her glass of wine down on a nearby table.  "What do I do?"

I grinned at her.  "Lose everything but boots," I said, pointing at her knee-high black leather footwear.  She slid off her skirt and top and tossed them in a pile on the floor, followed quickly by her underwear. 

"Now what?"  She looked fantastic, and knew it, standing with the confidence of someone who felt equally comfortable stark naked as fully dressed. 

"This way," I said, motioning to a workbench off to the side.  I handed her a pair of latex panties and a small bottle of lube.  She saw the plug protruding from rear of the panties and the open crotch.  She rolled her eyes but did as directed.  I turned my back to give her a little privacy and busied myself with pulling a leather harness off the counter and adjusting the straps.

"Good to go," she said, returning to my side.  It took a few minutes to get the body harness on and snugged to my satisfaction.  Next I held up a leather armbinder.  She stuck her arms out straight behind her with her hands clasped and I worked the leather up and over her arms and looped the straps over her chest.  As I tightened the laces I enjoyed the view of her breasts jutting tautly off her chest. 

Her arms secured in their snug leather cocoon, I wrapped my arms around her chest from behind, pulling her tightly to me.  My hands slid up her sides and I took her nipples in my fingertips, pinching them softly.  She moaned and pressed her ass back against me.

"Why don't you just take me back into the living room, bend me over the arm of the couch and fuck me?"

"That wouldn't be much fun," I said, letting go of her nipples and grabbing a gag harness off the counter.  "Then we wouldn't get to see how good you are at playing the game."  I slid the harness over her head and she opened her mouth to accept the rubber plug at the front.  In a moment I had everything cinched tightly.  Lastly I added a pair of heavy leather cuffs to her ankles.

"All righty," I said, taking her arm and steering her over to the device.  "Center yourself over the saddle and scoot your feet out toward the eyebolts.  She stepped gingerly over the tip of the cock protruding from the saddle, but didn't need to worry as she cleared it by at least a foot.  I used a couple snaplinks to connect the cuffs to the eyebolts in the base and a short length of rope to secure the D-ring in the armbinder to a third eyebolt directly behind her.  I retrieved an slightly modified IV pole from where it was leaning in the corner of the room and slid it into a hole in the rear corner of the base.  It was a little higher than normal and the hook for the bag on top had been lengthened to stick out further, the end almost directly overtop of the center of the device.

I picked up an umbilical consisting of a power cable and slim air hoses cable tied together and ran it up the pole and out on the arm, the ends dangling over Mischa's bound form.  I busied myself with screwing one air hose to the front of her gag and the second to the a connecter sticking out from outside of the plug in her panties.  The power cable went to a second jack in the base of the plug.  I used some short velcro strips to attach the lower cables to the leather straps of the harness, keeping them from dangling where they might get caught on something. 

Next I set up a stepladder close to the device so I could reach some attachment points in the beam overhead.  I connected two heavy nylon straps to D-rings on the harness over her shoulders and connected them to eyebolts in the beam.  A second pair of eyebolts a few inches closer in than the first were used to secure two thin wire cables which I left to dangle.  I climbed down and moved the ladder back near the wall and then retrieved some more gear from one of the tables.  Upon returning I put a pair of butterfly clamps on Mischa's luscious nipples, eliciting a muffled gasp from behind the plug in her mouth.   Each clamp had a six inch spring attached, and it was through the ends of the springs that I ran the cables dangling from above, securing them with a tensioning clip that would allow them to be easily tightened.  I adjusted each one so there was just a bit of slack left in the cable, the clamps pointing upwards from her nipples but not quite vertical.  Mischa was starting to fidget.

"Don't worry," I said, patting her on the ass.  "Just a few more things to do and we'll be ready to get started."  I retrieved the bottle of lube from the counter where she'd left it and brought it back, squirting a generous amount onto my hand which I used to coat the shaft below her.  She shuddered as I switched my hand to her pussy and slid a slippery finger between her nether lips.

"Sorry it's cold," I said.  "Maybe if you're good I'll warm it up next time."

I grabbed a paper towel from a dispenser to wipe off my hand and then turned my attention to the laptop.  I tapped a couple commands and the big piston beneath Mischa hissed quietly, the entire saddle raising slowly.  I tapped another key and halted its progress just as the tip of the cock pushed against her skin. 

"You know what's coming next," I said.  "Get yourself centered."  She moved her position slightly and lowered herself an inch or two, the cock sliding into her.  She grunted and my finger hit the keyboard.  The saddle continued its travel upwards, and I watched with fascination as her body swallowed the intruder.  I stopped it just as the base met her crotch.  She squirmed a bit, getting used to the new feelings.  I reached down and unclipped her ankles from the eyebolts.

"Now I need to you put all your weight on that saddle and lift your legs off the ground."  She looked at me like I was nuts, then shook her head in a definite 'No'.

"It's only for a few seconds, and if you won't do it, I'll just strap your ankles to your thighs.  Your choice." 

She sighed, defeated, and lifted her calves a few inches off the base of the device.  I typed a command into the PC and then told her to drop her legs, resecuring her ankle cuffs to the eyebolts.

"You weight 127 pounds," I said, looking at a figure on the screen.  "There's a scale built into the base that registers the weight on the saddle, something which will soon be of much importance to you."  She looked worried, ideas of just what that meant running through her mind..  I had her stand up straight and then lowered the saddle until the tip of the cock was just a hair away from the lips of her pussy.  I double checked the nipple clamps and all of the other connections.

"Ok, looks like we're good to go."  I started typing commands into the device's interface.  "Here's how the game is played.  Basically what you're going to be doing is tripping a switch every time the computer tells you to.  Each time you do so is one repetition, and a number of those will make up one set; just like weightlifting.  When you've completed the number of sets we've programmed in, you're done.  Easy, right?"  She glared at me.

"So obviously it's a little more involved than that.  First off, let's discuss your motivation.  When the computer prompts you, the switch will need to be tripped in a certain time period.  If you don't make it, the program gives you incentive not to miss next time.  Just so you know what'll happen, let me give you a preview."  I saw her tense and I poked a key on the keyboard, sending a fair-sized shock into the plug in her ass.  She jerked against the bonds holding her feet and squealed through the gag, quickly switching over to angry muffled speech which sounded a lot like swearing. 

"Now you know not to miss any of the prompts.  So just how do you trip that switch, I bet you're wondering?  Easy.  All you need to do is put a certain amount of weight onto that saddle, and when it registers on the scale, presto!  You're good to go.  I bet you want to try that out too."  I type a short burst of commands into the keyboard and the computer began beeping once a second.

"So you've got twenty seconds to put 85% of your weight onto the saddle before you get shocked in the ass again."  Immediately she lowered herself down onto the phallus.  Her crotch had almost hit the base when she realized that dropping the rest of the way would take all the slack out of the cables and yank on her nipples.  She paused for a second and then dropped the rest of the way.  The computer stopped beeping, and for a moment the max weight registered, 104%, displayed in a portion of the window.  As quickly as she'd dropped she stood back up, stopping the pull on her tits.

"Good job," I said, congratulating her.  "That's all there is to it.  So just to make things interesting, it's going to get a little harder as we go along.  First let's decide just how much we're going to make you go through.  Since you've never done this before, and you're the first person stupid enough to get on this thing, we won't push you too much.  How about six sets of five reps each?"  I typed the necessary commands into the laptop.

"Here's how things are going to work.  The computer will prompt you to trip the weight switch at random intervals, from about fifteen to forty-five seconds.  The first set you'll have eight seconds to trip the switch or you get a jolt.  When you trip the switch both your gag and the plug in your ass are going to inflate a little bit.  By the end of each set they're both going to be quite full.  But have no fear, for once you complete each set, they'll both deflate back to their original sizes."  Mischa was starting to look like she was regretting her curiosity. 

"And because we don't want things to get stale, we're going to change things up after each set.  We're going to start off with 90% of your weight tripping the scale.  Each set, the computer will up that number.  Once you're halfway through, just lowering yourself onto the saddle isn't going to work.  You're going to need to jolt it just a bit.  By the last set you'll probably need to be slamming yourself down onto it about as hard as you can if you want to spare your ass a shock.  And just to make things fun, the saddle is going to be lowering a little bit each set, as well as the punishment shock going up in severity.  I know this means worsening pull on the tits, but what are you gonna do?  But even if it hurts, trust me when I say it will pale in comparison to the shocks from the last set.  I'd do my best not to fuck up.  Last but not least, that eight seconds you had at the start is also dropping a second each time.  The last set you'll only have three seconds.  Those straps connecting you to the ceiling are long enough so they won't stop you from dropping down as far as you need to, but in case you decide to lose your balance they'll keep you upright."

"And just to show you I'm not completely heartless, I've built in a little reward system.  If you don't miss any reps in a set you'll get a special surprise.  I don't want to spoil it, but trust me, you'll like it." 

"So that's it," I said, typing the last commands into the computer and spinning the screen around to face her.  "Have fun!  I'm gonna go grab a drink."  I'd almost made it to the kitchen when I heard the faint sound of the computer beeping from the other room.  I heard the thump of the saddle bottoming out and I smiled to myself as I poured myself a tumbler of scotch.

I stopped for a bathroom break and then made a detour through my bedroom to retrieve a book I was reading before returning to the workshop to check on Mischa.  I glanced at the screen, noticing that she was already beginning to sweat.

"You're doing good," I said, smiling up at her.  "One more to go and you finish the set and get a reward."  No sooner than the words were out of my mouth and the computer began beeping.  Quick on the draw Mischa dropped onto the saddle.  Her breasts made a lovely sight as they momentarily rose skywards from the pressure of the clamps, but as soon as the countdown stopped she stood again, releasing the strain. 

This tripping of the switch prompted a change in the computer display as the air leaked out of the two inflatables.  A large countdown timer appeared, working backwards from three minutes.  The saddle's piston hissed and it slid upwards.  Mischa felt the cock edging upwards beneath her and she shifted to allow it to enter.  The device stopped as it met her crotch and I could hear as the motors inside started up.  Mischa groaned as the invader inside her began to deliver her reward.  There was a vibrator pressed against her clit, and a second in the dildo itself, which both rotated as well as moved up and down about an inch.  It didn't take long before Mischa shut her eyes and started to grind down onto the saddle.  That in turn led to her thrusting herself up and down, fucking herself as best she could.  Any discomfort she'd felt in her legs was out the window as she struggled madly to make it to a climax before her time ran out.  I could tell by her moaning that she was most of the way there when the timer hit 0:00 and the saddle retreated downwards.  To her credit, she didn't give up even as it halted at its new slightly lower position than when she started.  She continued to fuck herself even though her tits were pulled taut, but she didn't seem to care, lost in her pre-orgasmic haze. 

The computer had only gotten out a single beep of the first rep of the new set before her fucking motion tripped the switch.  I glanced at the weight register and saw that her thrusts were hitting 125%, so I knew she wouldn't have much of a problem when it came to the end of her sets.  Might hurt the tits just a mite more, though.

She moaned loudly through the gag as she climaxed, her body firmly pressed against the saddle with her legs squeezing it tightly.  She shuddered slightly for a moment or two and then slowly stood up, sliding off the cock.  A few seconds later the computer begain beeping again, prompting a whine from behind the gag.

"Well you shouldn't have gone and fucked yourself silly so soon," I chided, settling into a recliner in the corner of the room with my book.  "Keep up the good work.  I'm rooting for you!"

For obvious reasons I had some difficulty concentrating on the book.  I'd read for five or ten minutes, and then Mischa would finish up a set and go nuts fucking herself on the machine, trying to get in an orgasm before it stopped vibrating and lowered out of reach.  She completed the second set without a miss and duplicated her earlier performance, bringing herself to climax on the lowered saddle while her tits were stretched out tightly towards the ceiling.  She didn't fare so well the third time as the saddle dropped to its new height following the latest pleasure session.  She dropped down a couple times and I could hear her yelping behind the gag.  The springs were separating quite a bit as they tugged on her nipples, and apparently she decided the viscious tit yanking wasn't worth the orgasm. 

And thus the cycles continued.  I could tell by the end of the fourth set she was really starting to feel it.  A sheen of sweat covered her body and I could see her legs quiver now and then.  I worried that maybe I was pushing her a little too hard, but she had her safeword and I was ready to pull her off as soon as she used it.  So far, though, nothing.

She enjoyed her pleasure session after the fourth set but made no effort to follow the saddle down, knowing that the pressure on her tits just wasn't worth it.  She was dropping onto the device about as forcefully as she had been during her fucking sessions earlier to get the switch to trip.  As she bottomed out the springs were stretching her beautiful tits to impressive heights and eliciting squeals from behind her gag.  I knew the next set would be pushing her close to her limits, but I was pretty sure she could make it. 

She grunted loudly in triumph as she finished her fifth set.  She lowered herself to meet the rising saddle, moreso I think to take some of the strain off her legs than for the pleasures of the vibrations.  I knew standing with one's legs spread starts to make the thighs ache after a while.  She squirmed a little as she rested there, but seemed to be saving her strength for the last set.  Soon the timer ran down and she straightened up as the saddle slid down to its lowest position of the night.

The beeping began and she dropped onto the saddle, but didn't hit hard enough to register.  She only had three seconds though, and before she realized that she hadn't made it, the time ran out and the computer doled out its punishment. 

She screamed loudly from behind the gag as the electricity pulsed through her ass, and I could see tears forming at the corners of her eyes as she stood shaking.  I'd already risen out of my chair, and was waiting for her to start humming "Twinkle, twinkle" but it never came.  She stood, resolutely, and I realized that whatever the cost, she wasn't going to give up this close to the end.  She'd composed herself and moved into position, and when the next alert popped up on the screen she slammed herself down onto that cock with a vengeance.  A glance at the screen showed that she'd registered with room to spare.  As quickly as she'd gone down she popped back up to spare herself the agony of the relentless pull on her nipples.

She was amazing.  I knew that if I'd been subjected to anything near this, I would have given up long ago.  Hell, I can dish it out, but I can't take it.  I'm a wuss when it comes to pain.

She rounded out her last three reps with gusto, each time grunting in victory as she dropped forcefully and rammed the dildo into her waiting pussy.  Tripping the final switch prompted the controller program to reset, and the air leaked from her gag and plug as the saddle dropped down between her legs.  She was breathing heavily from exertion, but I could tell she was smiling broadly behind the gag.

"Congratulations," I said, tapping some commands into the computer.  "The maiden voyage was a success!  You had one little slip up near the end, but nobody's perfect.  And I think you deserve something for all your hard work."  She stared at me as the saddle beneath her hissed to life and began it's travel upwards.

"No more shocking," I said.  "I promise."  The dildo slid home once again.  I loosened the tension on the nipple clamps and let them droop before I retrieved a couple items from the bench nearby.

"Remember what I threatened you with earlier when you didn't want to lift your legs off the ground?" I asked, releasing the snap on her right leg and bending it up at the calf.  She started to protest through the gag as I held her foot in place with my knees while I looped a thick leather strap around her ankle and knee.  She groaned as I pulled it tight, sandwiching her calf and thigh tightly together.  She'd shifted her weight to her left side but I moved there next, uncliping that ankle and repeating my actions.  She looked at me with pleading eyes as I moved around to the front of her.

"Trust me," I said, typing at the keyboard.  "Uncomfortable is only going to last another minute or so.  Then you won't care."  I lowered the saddle until the straps securing her to the ceiling pulled taught, just as she'd begun to sway towards one side.  I moved behind her and tightened up the rope on the armbinder.  To top things off I grabbed a black spandex hood from the table and stepped up onto the platform with her, pulling it over her head.

"No peeking," I said, moving to the front and tensioning the nipple wires.  Just enough for a gentle tug, without stretching the springs at all.  I knew her nipples were hurting as my actions brought forth a new stream of muffled groans from behind the hood. 

"No talking either," I said, tapping the keys to inflate her gag to its max.  "Wasn't there something else around that could be inflated," I wondered aloud.  "Oh, yes," I said with glee, tapping the keys again and sending a rush of air off to the plug in her ass.  Another groan.

"I forgot to mention that your little anal friend vibrates, too."  With that I keyed the PC and it roared to life.  Mischa squeaked behind her gag.

"And let's not forget this guy," I said, bringing the saddle dildo up to full power.  In no time Mischa was moaning loudly. 

"I think ten minutes should probably do the trick I said," settling into the recliner to enjoy the show.  "Wait until you see what I've got for you next week!"


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