Mr Magic Fingers

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2002 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; firsttime; oral; cons; X

I am sure when we look back into our past there are little skeleton's lurking out there that at the time we wish we had not gotten involved in, but as we all know it is part of growing up, the story below is quite true and one of my very earliest sexual experiences, I am sure that others reading Gromet's magnificent site have similar stories to tell.

When I was still at school I had this boyfriend I believe I was his first girl friend, when I visited his house we used to go up to his room to play records, looking back he had very trusting parents indeed. We used to have the usual kiss and cuddle and this in time progressed to a quick feel of my mini boobs and stripping off, I was the sort of girl who thought she was fire proof and knew it all and believed I was in total control at all times as we all do plus being the dominant one.

We both agreed no intercourse, one I did not want to get pregnant, and two we were too embarrassed to go into a shop and ask for condoms, I also think he was too frightened himself to go too far and was quite happy to have a girl he could play with and feel now and then and possibly boast about. After a few weeks of passionate embraces he produced a porno magazine, half way through the magazine there was a article on bondage, on one of the pages was a picture of a women tied spread-eagled on a billiard table in the nude and I always remember she was fitted with a bright red ball gag and was blindfolded, there were several clothes pegs attached to her boobs and other various parts of her body, this was something totally new and very daring to both of us.

We agreed the next time we had the house to ourselves we would take turns at tying each other up, the day arrived his parents were away for the day. We had made a ball gag up out of a red plastic ball with a piece of cord through the middle it was my turn first to tie him up, I soon had him spread-eagled and gagged. Next I fitted the blindfold and proceeded to apply clothes pegs to all parts of his body, then I started applying them around his testicles and as soon as I tried to put one on his mini penis, the regulation premature ejaculation took place. Looking back this lad had no control what so ever, It was then my turn and I was subjected to pretty much the same sort of thing, there was no foreplay with him and I think looking back he had never discovered the clitoris, still to both of us it was quite exciting and a very grown up thing and very daring to say the least.

A few weeks had passed I received a phone call he told me his parents would be away for the whole of Saturday and would I like a bondage session? I agreed to turn up at his house about ten on Saturday morning. He had all the ropes and bits ready when I arrived he informed me he had locked all the doors so we would not be interrupted, usually it was me who had to remind him of everything.

For a change he wanted to tie me up first, as usual he promised no intercourse but told me he was going to give me a new treat, he had me striped off in no time at all. I sat on the bed and fitted the ball gag, as I lay back he started to secure me to the four corners of the bed and I must admit he had certainly improved his tying technique since the last time, in no time at all I was stretched out as taught as a drum, looking back I was very trusting. Then he surprised me he produced and pressed a piece of duct tape across my mouth sealing in the ball gag, it went from ear to ear and this came as a bit of a shock as it was the first time I had been introduced to tape and now to far too late to protest!

He now produced two earplugs pressing one into each ear this also had never been done to me in our sessions before. To myself I thought he has been reading another of his sexy porno magazines and learnt a few new tricks. Next the blindfold, instead of the usual piece of white cloth we usually used he now produced a sort of black rubber type cloth, about five inch wide in a roll that was about six foot long, he raised my head and I was bound completely around the head several times covering eyes and ears and forehead and mouth, leaving only my nose free to breath through. The rubber cloth seemed to mould to the shape of the head, sound was almost completely blotted out and it completely eliminated all sight to the extreme it was as if my head had been placed in a mould.

I am sure at this point a little alarm bell was beginning to ring somewhere in the back of my mind, the isolation due to the darkness of the new blindfold was incredible it was as if I was encased in a second skin or had been placed in a tomb, and I really was stretched tight. I now became aware that the ropes to my ankles were being retightened one at a time even more, it was like being on a rack, all sorts of thoughts were going through my mind mainly that he was going to rape me. The ropes were hurting my wrists but there was nothing I could do, I could not utter a sound, I tried to call out but very little of the sound penetrated the head mask and gag. I was stretched so taught I was sure you could have played a tune on me, I could feel my tummy stretching tight and my shoulder joints were almost at the point of dislocation.

Everything seemed to stop for a minute or so; it went so quiet it was almost unbearable as I lay there wondering what was going to happen next. The stillness was broken when my breasts were suddenly subjected to a very gentle massage which seemed to relax me, the massaging was very sensual, the masseur now moved his hands and stroked the inner sides of my stretched out arms as gentle kisses were applied to each breast in turn and gently sucking each nipple causing me to become aroused in no time at all and the nipples I am sure were by now standing to attention. Now the massaging hands moved around the breast feeling the chest and tummy examining every inch of me plus being interrupted with kisses to all parts of my body, my whole body was now being subjected to a new experience I was being turned on by this gentle treatment in a way I had never experienced before. The hands worked their way down the body and onto my legs, then as my legs were being massaged my pussy was being very gently kissed, this really was a great new turn on! Now the hands slid up my legs and started to stroke around the pussy while a pair of very moist lips planted kiss after kiss on my now moist labia that guarded the entrance to my love tunnel.

I had been worked up without knowing it, now fingers entered me I was quite moist by this time and the kisses were still being planted around my pussy, to me this was something entirely new this was ecstasy to say the least, the fingers turned labia over and exposed the love button and the lips started to kiss my clit. I really was turned on by now, yet deep down I must admit a little alarmed, yet he could have done anything to me at this stage. My clitoris was being massaged and kissed and sucked as never before I could feel his tongue searching the clit and gently sucking it out of its little home and into a higher state of arousal than I had ever reached before, I was gasping for more air.

The fingers now delved into my body slowly stretching my young love tunnel and penetrating deep into me, for the first time in my life some one was penetrating the inner sanctum, my whole body was contorting, the ripples of pleasure running through my body was beyond belief and almost unbearable, in fact it was all beginning to frighten me, the sheer amount of pleasure my whole body was in rapture. I stretched against my bonds to no avail, I was breathing very heavily, my breasts were being kissed and fondled then it slowly dawned on me, I know I am a little slow and perhaps not the brightest person in the world and was a little preoccupied at this time to say the least, but if my breasts were being massaged and kissed, how was it that my pussy was also being kissed and massaged and a very gentle hand was now sliding deep inside me exploring "where no man had been before" to quote Captain Kirk.

After what seemed a lifetime of ecstasy it all stopped as quick as it started, I lay there gasping my whole body desperate for a rest, I could feel the ties were now being released, the blindfold was taken off and the tape and ball gag removed from my mouth. I lay there for a minute trying to get my breath back and recover, my whole body was soaked in sweat and glistening. I looked up and around the room there was only Rob and myself, "Well how was it?" he said smiling. I swung my legs off the bed started to pull on my clothes on, trying to think what has happened to me as my body was still tingling.

"OK tell me," I yelled at him "who was the bastard in here with you?"

Rob looked all surprised and denied anyone was there but him, but I knew the fingers that played with my body did not belong to him, I never did find out who the fingers belonged to and I often wonder if I ever will, whoever it was he was a very experienced person with the female form and I used to dream of meeting him and letting him lift me onto that cloud of ecstasy yet again and take me to the height's of passion yet once more.

I never did go out with Rob again or find out who else was in the room that day with the magic fingers, but I am sure that out there reading this short story will be other persons who have had a similar experience and a great story to tell, surely I am not alone or the only one to have been visited by Mr Magic Fingers.