The Magazine Article

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2001 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; rack; cbt; glue; cons/nc; XXX

Jenny and Len had lived a very quirt life going to all the right places doing all the right things, but Jenny was reaching the age where she was getting a little bored and longed for a little excitement in her life. She had picked up a magazine at work when she opened it she was quite shocked at its content at first, it was all about bondage and punishment. She had never thought of punishment as a way of enjoying ones self,  the more she read the more she realised what the rest of the world had been getting up to. When she got home from work she showed the pictures to Len, he looked a little surprised but added he had always been interested in the subject of bondage and punishment but had never had the nerve to mention it.

That night the two planed a session after looking at the pictures in the magazine, Jenny wanted to try a stretching sort of machine featured in one of the stories, Len agreed he could make most of the bits with no problem. For the next week he was working away in the garage and by the end of the week Jenny ventured into the garage to see how Len was getting on, he had built a sort of vertical rack, Jenny was very impressed to say the least. Well you had better show me how it all works! 

Len smiled and said, “OK strip off and I will attach you to the machine for your first session.”

Jenny looked at him, "Here hold on a minute! I think that if you built the machine I think you should be the one to test it!”

Len had never thought of himself as the person to be put on the rack but what the hell, with that he started to strip off,  Jenny attached the leather cuffs around his wrists, his feet were attached to the two rings set in the floor. Jenny now cranked the handle till all the slack was taken up and Len was stretched quite taught. Jenny was delighted with his handy work, she turned the handle about half a turn more, Len groaned under the pressure. Jenny looked over his taught body it was a turn on just looking at him. While he had been working on the machine she had been to town to buy a few goodies that he did not know about, the first item she used was a ball gag, she pushed it into his mouth fastening the straps behind his head. Next a couple of metal nipple clamps with rather cruel teeth were applied, she allowed them to snap closed on his small nipples, there was a grunt from behind the ball gag but she carried on.

She stood back to admire her handy work, his body was glistening under the strain, she reached down and felt his testicles they were good and solid obviously primed and ready, the penis twitched as a erection started. Jenny now reached into her bag and retrieved a ball of thin nylon cord, she cut about one metre, then stretching the scrotum she pulled down on the right testicle and began binding a small piece of bandage around the bit of scrotum between the body and the testicle, then picking up the thin cord bound on top on the bandage pulling each turn that bit tighter than the turn before. Finally pulling the last turn as tight as it was possible to get it. 

Now she started to do the same to the left testicle tying it off as the one before, the idea of the bandage was to stop the thin cord cutting into the soft skin on the testicle yet allowing the cords the be pulled to maximum tightness. Both testicles now looked like they were on stalks trapped in the skin of the scrotum at the end of the stalk the skin was almost transparent. By now his erection was at maximum, the two testicles had taken on a sort of bluish colour due to being almost isolated from the body.

The bell end was magnificent it seemed almost twice its normal size, Jenny now squeezed the bell end till the blood was pushed out then watched as it regained its large size, again she looked up at Len telling him he must not cum till she gave him permission. Len groaned at the prospect of holding back. Jenny slipped her lips around the shaft savouring the moment the veins were almost standing apart from the shaft, it was so enlarged she squeezed the shaft again and a drop of pre cum appeared in the eye of the bell end, Jenny scooped it out with her tongue, the taste of pre cum was pleasant, a sort of sweet clear liquid much nicer than full sperm. She sucked several times on the shaft, Len was groaning and mumbling behind the gag as she allowed the shaft into her mouth, she held the two testicles, they seemed to have cooled off a bit, but she was sure she had not harmed them. 

More pre cum was appearing, Jenny stood back and striped off and stood straggling Len, she then gently fed his enlarged penis into her love tunnel, in her mind she knew it had never been this hard before, she allowed it to fully enter her. She just held it there getting used to the giant member then lowering herself till she was fully impaled on his shaft, she then raised and lowered her body a few times, just as she was forcing herself down on the enlarged penis till it was pressing against her uterus, she wanted to impale herself to hurt herself, then the penis ejaculated deep in her, Jenny pressed down trying to get every drop deep into her. Within a few seconds it was all over, that glorious stiff member was now shrinking, Len had failed her!

Jenny was quite annoyed that he had cum so soon, she had told him not to cum till she gave her permission, he had disobeyed her just to shoot his load. Jenny was quite annoyed and was determined that next time he would not ejaculate till she was completely ready for him! She was also annoyed that the sperm had been allowed to get though even through she had tried to isolate each of the testicles it was obvious she had not tied them tight enough!

Jenny now undid the binding from Lens testicles then after a short rest started to rebind the scrotum again only this time twice as tight in a effort to stop the sperm escaping and thinking to herself if the sperm is not allowed to escape from the penis he should be able to remain hard all night. She really struggled to get the cord really tight, now the penis was again in a super erection, the veins again standing almost clear of the shaft. She told Len this time she was going to make sure he did not ejaculate till she was ready, the truth was she did not want him to ejaculate at all, she now wanted a rock hard shaft to ride and Len was there to provide the shaft and if he could not control himself then she would do it for him.

She caressed the shaft again it was fantastic it seemed even larger than before, she again slipped her lips over the shaft and sucked and savoured the enlarged beast, she looked down and gently squeezed the shaft then again pre cum appeared, Jenny was disappointed after all the tightening the sperm was still leaking out she would have to think up something new.

The first thing she did was to get a length of super strong nylon cord about eighteen inches long, she tied a wood pull handle on each end then placing it over the already tightly bound area knotted it and then using the wooden handles to give extra leverage, tightened down on the bound section of the scrotum with all her strength. Len groaned out loud even through he had a ball gag fitted as the cord bit in isolating the testicle from the body, she now unscrewed a tube of super glue pressing the pointed end into the eye at the bell end, she then pressed a small wooden plug into the penis pressing it in with a pencil, it seemed to slide in well for about six inches then became solid as the glue set around it now no sperm will escape at all, he was now a fucking machine with no problems of premature ejaculation.

Jenny now pulled again on the cords tightening the knots just that bit more, the cord creaked as it bit in she was determined not to let the sperm escape again and the penis would remain hard forever. Len's penis was now taking on giant proportions the shaft seemed to have grown even bigger, just trying to get the bell end into her mouth was about the limit her mouth was capable of. She now straggled him again, the huge shaft slowly being allowed to enter her, at times she caught her breath as it inched is way in, as it seemed to reach the uterus she was gasping it still seemed to be growing in width. Len mean-while was groaning all most in an unconscious state, this sexual state seemed to be beyond him. 

Jenny had lowered herself as deep on to the giant penis as she dared to go, it was like a rod of steel in her she could feel the the huge member twitch every now and then, she reached down and gripped the bound testicles, they felt quite cold as she felt around them the small connecting veins seemed to have lost the pulse that beat away there before. But Jenny didn't care about a missing pulse she was now beginning to lift and lower her body that was now locked in a orgasmic state, as she lifted and lowered herself first gently and then as she loosened up and her body began to accept the monster within her the speed of her thrusts increased. After about fifteen minutes of constant thrusting, she was almost at the point of collapse lifting herself off the huge member, sitting on the floor in front of Len she looked at the penis it was twitching as if trying to ejaculate but she had sealed it, she had won! She looked up at Len, his head hung down having long passed out due to the sheer strain of the event.

Jenny fingering herself as she prepared to ride the monster yet again smiling up at the limp upper body thinking to herself he just has no stamina, then standing up and dropping down and impaling herself on the still huge monster yet one more time on this feeble male.