Lured to the Pleasure Planet

by Sean Malone

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© Copyright 2009 - Sean Malone - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f+; scifi; bond; cuffs; bdsm; display; machine; piercing; susp; toys; cons/nc; X

© Sean Malone, May 1992. All rights reserved. Published in 'Pleasure Bound' magazine by permission from the author.


Karen strapped herself into the seat of the landing capsule, and prepared for touchdown. Her auburn hair lay over her shoulders, and she felt comfortable in her short white tunic, with only the briefest underwear beneath. She was highly excited at the prospect of a sexual adventure, on the most infamous and reputedly dangerous pleasure planet in the galaxy. The agency had promised her the experience of a lifetime, and hinted that the more attractive women applicants were given a high priority for the places. She had even been offered a free hypershuttle passage! She accepted with alacrity, but she was not fooled. She wondered what she would have to do to make it worth their while. Exotic images coursed through her mind.

The Guardians in the Space Service had warned that women visitors often disappeared on Jolan II, and that there were dangerous criminals on the planet, protected from the interference of the Space Service by the Tyrant himself. She knew better! There were all kinds of stories and even scandals, but not even a hint of proof had ever emerged, and she was sure that they were stories concocted by rivals. The criminals would be merely the hosts of secret pleasure centres which catered for every taste, and she was sure, many tastes she had not even imagined. Jolan II had the reputation of the pleasure centre of the galaxy. She could not see why she would be in any danger. After all, she would be on an organised tour, and she would receive special treatment, and protection. There would be nothing to worry about!

She had no idea what kind of protection was really in store for her, or how special would be her treatment. She knew nothing of the sexual mores of her hosts, nor how they treated their own women. Women visitors returning to their own planets were reluctant to reveal their more exotic experiences, and especially how they had responded to them. Agencies received a special commission for all the attractive women they lured to the planet for the first time with the special offers and free flights, and there were no complaints from the customers. It was surprising how many wanted to return, and some were allowed to do so, although they had to agree to live permanently there.

Karen had arrived at the spaceport from the hypershuttle, highly excited. It was her first interstellar trip! Wearing a dark blue cloak over her neat clothing, she rode the moving strip down into the terminal with the other passengers, and they gathered by a series of gates, labelled: 'Home' passengers, 'Business' visitors and 'Pleasure' trippers.

Male and female trippers were clearly segregated. The gates were each like a large airlock, opening to admit one passenger at a time. Finally her turn came, and she entered the gate. The doors behind her hissed shut, and those ahead opened. She stepped forward. A striking, black-haired woman greeted her. She wore a leather collar around her neck with markings of rank, from which the folds of a long, white gown fell to her feet. Smooth leather cuffs alone adorned her bare arms.

"Karen?" she asked, reaching for her pass card.

"That's right," Karen answered, handing it over for examination.

"Welcome to Jolan II," she said admiringly. "I am sure you will be well occupied during your visit," she continued with a smile, meanwhile inserting the card into a slot. It emerged, and a green light flashed momentarily. "Just a routine check. You are clear to go planetside. Your escort, Tuman, will be here in a moment. Please pay careful attention to him at all times. He will be looking after you." As she spoke, a tall young man appeared, wearing a short leather tunic and black boots. He approached Karen and grasped her wrist.

"You should know that unescorted women may be claimed by any free male on our planet," Tuman said, fastening a leather cuff around her wrist. He clipped a thin leather strap to the cuff. "For your own protection, you must wear this cuff and I must lead you whenever you are in a public place. Do not try to go out alone; it could be very dangerous. We cannot protect you from one who has exercised his legal right to claim you. Now I will show you to your room. Your baggage will be sent directly from the spaceport."

Karen followed him out of the terminal, and on to a moving strip which carried them rapidly towards the city. Towers like needles ascended into the azure sky, growing taller as they approached. She noticed several other women, all with escorts, and some of them in bizarre costumes. Soon they arrived, and a lift took them up inside one of the towers. Tuman unfastened the lead as they entered a room. "Do not answer to anyone, or go out alone," he advised her. "I will pick you up after the sleep period." Karen assented.

But she was impatient, and curious. The fascination of being in a strange city was strong. She did not believe that a visitor like herself would be in any serious danger, just because she went out for a quick look around, and she wanted to start exploring straight away. She opened the door and peeped out, but there was no sign of life. Leaving her cloak in the room, she sneaked along to the bank of lifts where there was a small screen divided up into small squares. She touched the square which read 'Information'. The squares changed to show a different selection, and she chose 'Entertainment'. Finally she selected 'Stadium'. The lift arrived, she entered and it fell swiftly until after what seemed like an eternity, it arrived at the level selected.

Karen stepped out into a tunnel, where a pair of moving strips awaited. She boarded the outward strip, which carried her steadily down the rocky tube towards her unknown destination. After several minutes the strip ended at the entrance to a bright gallery, where a series of other strips converged. Fortunately, she thought, it was not a busy time of the day.

She stood in the gallery, trying to make sense of her surroundings. The gallery was long, and curved, and might form a full circle. There were no windows, but a series of entrances lined the inner wall of the gallery. She crept forward behind a couple towards one of the entrances, trying not to be noticed. The man led his woman forward by her leash. Karen peeped around the entrance to see him slip his pass card into a slot. The door slid aside, and the couple entered as she watched attentively.

Quickly she slipped into the entrance and inserted her own card in the slot. Nothing happened, and the card did not return. She wondered what was wrong. Perhaps this entrance was only for couples? A moment later she heard the noisy clatter of people approaching. Karen turned back towards the main corridor, peering round the corner to see who was coming.

She saw a group of guards running towards her, of awesome appearance, dressed in black leather and carrying spears. They were still some distance away, but there was not much time. She looked around. Close by there was a small red doorway, she thought an emergency exit. It was her only chance, and quickly she slipped out towards it. A cry came from the guards running up the gallery, when they sighted her. She pushed the door, and it opened. Inside there was a stairway leading down. She ran down the stairs as fast as she could, hearing the clatter of the soldiers following her close behind.

Karen found herself at the beginning of a rock tunnel, leading down, and fled down the twisting passage deep into the mountain, her long auburn hair streaming behind her. Light footed in her scant costume of tunic and loin cloth, she ran swiftly over the smooth rock, her heart pattering with fear.

'This was a hell of a beginning for a pleasure trip', she thought.

Light came from ahead, but there was no turning back. Her heart pounded in her chest as she burst out of the tunnel mouth into a huge underground cavern, the clatter of her leather-clad followers close behind.

She froze with horror. It was a stadium all right, and she was in the arena. All around there were faces peering into the arena from behind the viewing windows set into the circular wall. She could see no way out other than the way she had come, and her flesh tingled at the scene before her.

The sounds alone made her shrink back in fright. All around there were stages set up where naked girls were being tormented by the pitiless guards. She had never seen so much nudity in one place, and the screams and cries of the victims were mingled with the clatter of steel, the creaking of rope and the swish and snick of whip and cane. Protests and struggles brought even more punishment combined with erotic stimulation, until their screams of pain were combined with gasps and wriggles of pleasure, and their convulsions became a licentious display for the benefit of the excited spectators.

Lovely girls were bound, stretched on frames, penetrated by all kinds of shafts and phallic objects, teased and tormented by stimulation devices, hung in leather harnesses, mounted on thick posts, and attached to great engines whose purpose defied her imagination. Leather-clad, muscular men busily wielded a variety of instruments; here a bullwhip, there a branding iron; while others lifted a struggling, naked girl to mount her on an obscene phallic stand - two grabbed her ankles, spreading her legs easily, while others held her in position; practiced fingers parted her sex lips as she was lowered, slowly.

Karen saw the round tip of the glistening, slippery shaft gradually disappear into her, blue eyes widening above the black leather gag covering her mouth. Her wrists bound behind her, her legs scrabbled unsuccessfully for purchase on the smooth steel column when they released her weight.

The men did not immediately see Karen, their attentions concentrated on the fair-haired girl, whose vulva stretched incredibly as they lowered her onto the massive shaft. Her lips became almost translucent, barely concealing the darkness of the slippery metal. Her swelling clit was squeezed against the rising shaft, which rotated, penetrating steadily deeper as she wriggled, aided rather than hindered by her twisting struggles, until at last her toes could just reach the ground, her distended body squirming awkwardly on its perch.

The lash flicked out towards the soft, bare cheeks of the unsuspecting girl's bottom. The tip snapped, curling around her soft mounds, seeming to lift her rhythmically with each fierce stroke, then flicked expertly at each stiff reddened nipple before returning to her tender bottom. The friction against her stretched clit excited her visibly until she gasped and screamed with mixed pleasure and pain. Karen shrank back faced with such a shocking scene, feeling dangerously exposed in her short tunic and skimpy panties.

"Ouch!" she gasped, as the sharp tip of a spear from behind pricked her bottom. Instinctively her hands went back. Her heart beat fast. The men in front of her turned. She backed away as they came towards her. "Let me go!" she panted, as her wrists were taken by strong hands from behind. The men came closer. Cool hands slid beneath her clothing, testing her flesh. She wriggled. 'Damn,' she thought, as they discovered the stiffness of her aroused nipples. Fingers unfastened her tunic and slipped it off, releasing her magnificent firm breasts which bounced as she struggled, her pink teats protruding hard and inviting. A shiver ran through her as she felt the cool air of the cavern prickle her flesh, now covered only by her flimsy panties. More hands gripped her thighs, her ankles, and lifted her, parting her legs. More fingers, then a tightness, a rip, then panic when her curly nest was revealed. They stared with interested anticipation at the dark crevice between Karen's plump lips, temptingly veiled by her neat, auburn curls. She tingled inside.

Fingers groped between her thighs, crudely exploring her vulva, parting her lips to penetrate her sex, painfully fingering her clit. She opened her mouth to scream, but all she managed was "Mmmmhh!" as the gag was forced unceremoniously into her open mouth, tasting of old rubber, and her lips were pressed hard into it by the straps tightening behind her neck. She struggled to make a sound, but all she could manage was a muffled grunt. Her jaws felt uncomfortably stretched. She began to squirm with panic.

She fought desperately but the grip was like steel, slowly forcing her wrists together until they were held tightly crossed behind her back. The rope bound her wrists tightly until her palms opened in instinctive response. Next her elbows were pressed together and pinioned, the tightness lifting and thrusting her breasts, her hard, swollen nipples thrusting vulnerably forward.

They lowered her to her feet and fitted a collar around her neck with a leash dangling loose. A tug at her neck, a prod to her bottom and she was forced forward, passing the blonde who still wriggled on the glistening post. Unaccountably Karen felt a tingling wetness between her legs.

A brunette swung to and fro from the ceiling of the giant cavern, her naked body suspended by black leather bands, like a fly trapped in a spider's web. Her forearms and calves were encased in long, black leather sheaths, tightly fastened, while a black leather harness was strapped around her torso, crossing between her breasts. The harness was suspended by several black straps from various points on the walls and ceiling of the cavern, her arms stretched apart high above her head, her legs held taut and wide outstretched by tethering straps fastened to various points on the floor below.

The girl moved sinuously as the black snake of a whip curled around her body, snapping at her exposed skin. The pink of her moist lips peeped from the dark tuft between her thighs, swollen and tender with arousal and parted wide to reveal her defenseless cunt. Karen heard the swish of the whip, and the girl screamed as it flicked accurately upwards into the tender flesh of her sex. Her full breasts bounced as she wriggled under the lash.

Karen’s fascination grew as she noticed the rings which many girls wore through their nipples, labia or even through the clit, and were used to chain or tether them for punishment, or to attach a leash. A prick from a spear soon reminded Karen of her own vulnerability as she was prodded forward by her muscular guards. Soon they arrived at a large hole in the floor, a smooth steel chute descending into darkness beneath the great cavern.

"Sit here," a voice commanded. She sat awkwardly on the edge while practised hands unfastened her wrists, and then her gag. Before she could speak a foot gave her a strong shove from behind. She slipped into the tube and fell rapidly downwards on her back, screaming as she slithered faster and faster through the darkness. Gradually the tube curved upwards, and she shot out onto a smooth steel slab, landing on her bare bottom.

Guards converged, and before she had a chance to struggle strong hands gripped her arms and legs. She was lifted helplessly towards a large metal machine, which lay like an open shell waiting to engulf her soft body. From closer she saw all sorts of mechanisms and attachments inside. Suddenly afraid, she resisted with all her strength, but her struggles were useless. Effortlessly her legs were raised and parted wide to reveal the pink wetness of her sex, her engorged clit peeping from its sheath, betraying her excited response to the bizarre sights and sounds of the cavern above, her erotic anticipation irrationally stronger than her fear.

In a trice she was over the machine and they were lowering her carefully into the shell-like form. She wriggled and twisted, but firmly they positioned her limbs ready for their attachments. There was no possibility of escape.

Quickly broad straps were fastened over her neck and waist, and then she was a fixture. Her head rested on a firm pad at the end of the machine, and her arms were stretched to the side. Tight rubber bands were fitted over her ankles, then she felt the mechanism steadily stretch her legs out taut. They worked coolly and busily to complete her preparation, buckling each strap in turn until her naked body was tightly but carefully positioned in the centre of the machine, like a fly caught in a spider's web.

Oil was poured over her body, then spread by cool, expert hands with no concern for her modesty, pinching her nipples to keep them erect. Practised fingers parted her labia to find the sensitive nub of her clitoris and the tender entrance of her sex, slipping then dipping into her moist cunt. She squirmed ineffectually in her bonds, intense sensation spreading as the steadily insistent stimulation aroused her. She was hardly aware of the filmy, soft plastic layer settling over her body, clinging like a second skin. The fingers continued their work until the cover was lowered and clamped. A padded collar fitted closely around her neck, and she felt the upper mechanisms touch her lightly for a moment as they adjusted with whirring sounds to her form.

The gleaming cover rose like a dome over her body, hiding her nakedness and the mechanisms within from her sight. She could not see the brightly lit interior, or the cameras focused on her glistening vulva. The soft plastic sheath surrounding her body began to shiver gently. It was warm to her skin, fitting exactly around her breasts and belly and into her sides and armpits. She felt a touch at each nipple, then a mild rhythmic suction which became a tingling sensation. Soft plastic feelers, more sensitive than human fingers touched lightly between her thighs, then stroked and gently manipulated her labia and clitoris as though exploring. Then she noticed the music. As the feelers caressed her tingling torso, thighs and legs and gently stroked the soles of her feet, a gentle undulating sound rippled, gradually building in a series of crescendos. She turned her head to see the silver-suited form of the masked operator facing her, his fingers rippling over the controls at the console, and knew instinctively that he could control the hidden mechanisms which surrounded her body, as well as the music. His eyes gleamed behind the mask as he glanced for a moment at her tossing head, then returned his attention to the keyboard, and the crystal-sharp image on his video screen.

The music grew louder, and the sensations grew stronger. From barely perceptible beginnings she became aware of something soft and wet, slowly stroking her aroused clitoris, enclosing the tender flesh and gently sucking it from its sheath. The steady motion brought flashes of pure pleasure, but it rapidly became an unbearable torment ,and she cried at the raw sensation she was so helpless to evade. The music built up from one crescendo to another, stronger and then faster while the merciless stimulation continued. She felt her climax approaching, the intensity building until it flowered and then burst. She screamed, fighting her bonds with enormous but hopeless strength as the orgasm flowed over her in great surges, until at last she could gasp for breath, her muscles still contracting as her raw nerves responded to the gentle but still persistent stroking, and the quieter and falling cadences of the music. She was scarcely conscious of her position in the bowels of the fiendish machine.

The operator gloated as his fingers continued to play over the controls, while her sinuous, erotic movements responded in perfect harmony to every delicate change in the rhythm of the music. The viewers above applauded as the moist pink flesh of her vulva pulsed and throbbed in perfect unison with the rhythm of the crescendo, while creamy juice oozed from her cunt.

But Karen was unaware of the watchers; her movements were instinctive as the unrelenting stimulation continued, her moist lips flowering and parting, the muscles of her vagina entrance opening its soft, pink cavity while she felt a growing and almost uncontrollable desire for penetration. She squirmed more and more violently as the beat quickened again. A mild tingling in her nipples grew stronger until it was almost a vibration, while she became gradually aware of a similar feeling in her clitoris. The viewers watched her rhythmic movements, the camera focusing on her vulva as the thick, rounded steel column slowly advanced towards the hot, moist soft core of her.

Karen barely felt the monstrous organ at first, so light a touch amongst the other mechanisms which played on her helpless body. A tightening, at her ankles to stretch her already parted thighs, just a gentle contact of its cold, glistening head against her perfectly positioned labia, then a growing pressure she was powerless to evade. A shiver of fear mingled with the pleasurable tingling of her body, at the thought of the fearsome devices she had seen elsewhere in the arena. She remembered the futile struggles of the blonde as her torturers mounted her on the giant impaling post, her thighs held obscenely parted as Karen's were now.

Resistance was hopeless, but she clenched her muscles hard against the intruder as its glistening head pressed harder against her moist opening. She could not help wriggling each time she felt the gentle, moist suction at her juicy bud, and the sensation from her tingling nipples sent tremors through her. Amongst all the other sensations she felt the pressure increasing against her lips, now slippery with her juices. Slowly she felt the head of the steel rod press harder, forcing her to abandon the unequal struggle.

"Aaaaah!" she gasped, forced to relax her muscles as its enormous head parted her lips and moved irresistably forwards into her vagina, slowly rotating to ease the passage of its monstrous thickness through her entrance. It stretched her soft, clinging walls, sliding up into her slippery, wriggling body until she felt distended, unable to do more than swivel her hips around the great shaft. Her twisting movement just rotated her body on its axis. The watchers saw her lips give with the pressure, part and then slowly engulf the bright steel, rounded head. It slid up and up until she could feel its pressure high in her belly, compressing her organs. She could barely breathe. Unremittingly the stimulation continued, and although she was totally unable to move, she could not control her responses.

Her nipples were swollen with the suction, and she wriggled her upper body in response to the tingling sensations. The smooth steel slid slowly more and more deeply into her, until she felt lifted by its pressure at the very heart of her. Then it began to stroke back and forth within her. She had never been fucked like this; without her ankle bonds it would have moved her whole body with it as it pushed in, then pulled out in long strokes. It took her breath away each time it filled her vagina, and she felt impaled up to her neck, while a growing feeling of emptiness followed its withdrawal.

The masked man at the controls played faster and faster, building up to a series of crescendos with the strokes of the monstrous organ. The stretching sensation as it stroked again and again into her was more than she could stand on top of the steady teasing and stretching of her engorged clit, and a massive orgasm shook her, while the stimulation continued mercilessly. Karen felt as though the whole of her body was a receptacle for the giant phallus, and her mind seemed open to every sensation created by the pleasure machine, seeming almost to float away from her body.

The inexorable buildup of feeling dominated every thought and movement and each new peak of sensation was like a violin bow playing on the nerves of her whole body, until again the moist suction at her tumescent, super sensitive clitoris was the final chord which set her nerves off in harmony. She screamed and struggled in a tumultuous orgasm, the massive organ stroking faster and faster, while sticky liquid spurted into her vagina and the watchers were entranced by the rhythmic contractions of her writhing body.

The tempo slowed, and tantalisingly the massive metal rod withdrew, slowly emerging from her like a snake as thick as a boa constrictor, until at last her lips were freed of its stretching, and the tension on her ankles relaxed. Still stretched by the monstrous shaft, her cunt gaped open, her lips parted to reveal her yawning cavity. Gradually she felt herself relax inside to her normal dimensions, but her legs were still tautly fastened by unyielding bonds under the giant dome. Then she felt an unexpected movement. Her ankles were lifted and her legs raised, her feet clamped tightly together. Suddenly she felt a tickling feeling in the soft flesh of her instep.

"Aaaaah!" she cried. A hot line of pain flashed across the sensitive flesh, her feet trying vainly to curl up in response to the pain, and she screamed. Again the delicate stroking, again the pain of the lash until she wept in helpless frustration. The torment continued for an eternity. The relief was bliss when her feet were released from the clamp, and at first she paid no attention as the mechanism parted her raised ankles, moving her legs higher and wider until her thighs were lifted, her sex stretched and exposed to the gaze of the fascinated spectators. A thin rod touched between her legs, lay coolly between her lips, and was gone. She wriggled helplessly, unaware of the salacious display she was creating on the screens above. Without warning a flash of pain, a line of fire burned between her stretched lips, then she felt a deeper, gnawing hurt. The music and the lash quickened their beat, the fire spreading between her thighs, no part of her sex escaping the attention of the lash. She screamed and tossed her head, helpless to evade the intimate pain of the lash.

For a moment she felt relief as her legs were lowered to their former position but then she gasped as the moist plastic feelers again parted and stroked her soft and slippery lips, searching for her inflamed clit, manipulating its soft sheath as it grew and hardened under the gaze of the operator, sending shooting messages of pain and pleasure through her.

The great steel organ pressed insistently against her slippery labia until they slowly parted in spite of her resistance, forcing her entrance to slide smoothly up into her. Karen squirmed helplessly as the metal shaft penetrated her body, until again she felt transfixed beyond the limit, its great head pressing high inside her belly. It began to stroke savagely back and forth, taking her breath away each time it filled her. Would she ever escape from the monstrous machine?

The music began to increase in strength and tempo, and she felt her control slipping as the giant organ continued its unrelenting motion. The moist, gentle suction and vibration resumed, and her whole body undulated as the operator syncronised the controls. Her bonds, together with the thick metal shaft which now impaled her body, allowed no movement, no rest and no escape from the persistent sexual stimulation and she felt another orgasm coming, steadily and inexorably. Surges of pleasure flowed through her, and she began to feel light-headed, as if floating in space. The strong stimulation seemed to create flashes of colour before her eyes.

Watchers gathered in the viewing chamber above to watch the final moments of her torment. Just as her sensations were at their peak, Karen felt a stronger suction at her nipples, the cold numbness of an anaesthetic spray, and then a tightness at the base of each nipple. She cried out at the distant pain as her nipples were pierced, and rings inserted, and then there was a strange feeling as her breasts were pulled and stretched by the rings.

In spite of the numbness and pain from her breasts, she felt waves of pleasure radiate through her body from the delicate manipulation of her clitoris, and the strokes of the steel shaft which began to come faster and faster as the music reached its final crescendo.

After the piercing of her nipples, she could guess what would happen next, but she was helplessly exposed in the bonds of the fiendish machine, unable even to control the pleasure which gripped her body, and grew until nothing could stop her orgasm. The massive steel shaft pressed high within her, stretching her entrance and rubbing her clit. She was terrified but helpless, twisting and fighting in the grip of the orgasm which carried her off like a flood, the anticipation deepening her response, her bare, aroused clit contracting, retreating but not escaping from the suction which now gripped, pulled and stretched the pink, swollen flesh. "Aaaaaah!" she yelled, jerking in helpless sensation and sensing the moment.

She knew when she felt the cold numbness of the spray. In spite of the deadening of sensation she felt the needle pierce the delicate organ, and the ring inserted. She screamed and screamed as her orgasm took control in spite of the dull pain from the rings permanently impaling her most sensitive parts, her struggles increasing the sensations, intense but finally subsiding, the tension released at the last strains of the finale.

Once the music stopped, the attendants returned to lift the dome covering her exhausted body, peel her plastic covering and unfasten her bonds. She was too weak to struggle as she was lifted out of the machine. Her limbs were again gripped by strong hands, and a light leash was clipped to the ring in her clit. Hands crossed and bound her wrists behind, and set her on her feet. The silver-clad operator lifted his mask and grinned at her. It was Tuman! He took the end of the leash. She trembled!