Love and War

by Ann Onominos | Forum Feedback

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story continues from chapter seven

Chapter 8: Carly and Selena Play

Carly came in my house all out of breath.

“Selena and I went shopping for some new clothes. After the shopping, she invited me in for a drink. We got to talking about how much fun we had at the cast off party. We both admitted we liked it when you tied us up, all three girls tied up by you, you little devil you,” she snickered.

“We both thought you enjoyed that a little too much. Anyway, Selena said if we really enjoyed the bondage, we could tie each other up, just for fun. We decided we should tie each other up and try to escape. She brought an armload of ropes, a large handkerchief, and some silver duct tape. I think she is into bondage more than I thought. I tied her up in a hog tie and she got loose in five minutes. Then it was my turn. She tied me to the bed spread eagle. I told her to get a little rough with me if she wanted to. Selena had her way with me in ways I never even dreamed about. First, she sat on top of me. I was really helpless then. She slapped my face and my tits repeatedly. She started slowly but it got rough quickly. I screamed bloody murder until she gagged me. I think she used my own panties to gag me. Then she wrapped tape over my mouth and around my head until I couldn’t utter a word.”

“She heated up a large pot of water and brought it into the bedroom. She put three large dildos into the water and let them get quite warm. Then she worked one into my pussy. After a few minutes of working the dildo in and out and twisting it around some, she replaced it with a warm one. This went on for a long time. She laughed at my predicament and taunted my endlessly. She also had a finger in my butt. She sucked on my tits until they were raw. I must have cum ten times. ”

”I hated what she did to me at first, but by the time she was finished with me, I wanted more. I don’t think I’ll ever be the same. After at least fours hours she untied me and asked me what I thought of her attack on me. I told her the truth. I hated it at first but after a while it was wonderful. Then she totally surprised me and asked me to do the same thing to her. I didn’t want to at first but, after I got started, I really got into it. We spent the night in bed together and most of the next day. I always thought Selena was super hot, but now I think I’m in love with her. I never thought I was gay. I still don’t know. I do know I had the best sex in my life with her. ”

“So now that I’ve shared this information with you, am I a cheater? Do you still want me as your girl friend?”

“Wow!” I said. “Yes, I still want you as my girlfriend. Carly, I love you. As far as cheating, no, I don’t think of what you two did as cheating. Maybe exploring your sexuality is a good thing. You think about it for a few days. What I think doesn’t really matter; it’s what you think that’s important.”

“I’m very happy doing what we do now but I am curious. I’m happy being your slave girl most of the time, maybe you can be my slave sometimes.”

Two days later Carly stopped by.

“I have some more questions for you.” Carly stated as soon as she entered my door.


I’ve been watching more BDSM vids and I see a lot of self bondage stuff. Is that what I think it is? People tying themselves up?”

“Yep, that’s about it. Some people are really into it. I tried it, but it didn’t do anything for me. Have you tried it? Just be careful if you do. It can be dangerous.”

“I tried it but it is hard to tie your own hands for real.”

“Yes it is. The most important thing is safety. You must have a reliable method to loosen from your bondage. Most people have a safety person to release them as a backup in case their release mechanism fails. I think a key frozen in ice is the most reliable release idea. ”

“I urge you not to try it. Anytime you want to be tied up, I’m a phone call away. You can always come to my place. I have several toys that can be used. I would be willing to demonstrate any or all of them on you,” I said with a chuckle.

“I might just take you up on that.”

“How about Chinese bondage? Can you do that?” she asked.

“I can show you a video or I can demonstrate on you. How about right now?” I asked.

I tied her using my best version of Chinese bondage. I left her tied that way for an hour.

While she was tied up, she continued with the questions, “What is breath play?” she asked.

“Oh no, you don’t want to play with that. Oxygen deprivation is the scientific term, very dangerous. People have died doing that. Please don’t mess around with that. The theory is that you can get a thrill or a better orgasm with oxygen deprivation, but it’s not worth the risk.”

“Okay, one more. Mummification, is that where a person turns into a mummy?”

“Not quite. It is basically where a sub gets wrapped completely, from head to foot with tape or plastic wrap or something else. It can get very warm being wrapped up so completely. I can do that to you if you want. You must have you seen pictures of that. I would suggest wearing stockings or some other thin type of clothing if you are going to get wrapped with duct tape. Tape would hurt coming off I would think, sticky too. ”

Carly wants it rough

“Can we talk for a few minutes?”

“Sure, what’s on you’re mind?”

“Okay, now that we have role played a few times with me as your slave, I want to expand things. Are you busy this weekend?”

“No, I’m open to anything”.

“Okay, I hope you’re ready for this. I would like to be your slave for real, for a whole day or maybe even a weekend. I mean be a real slave, a sex slave. I want you to treat me like you would a real slave. If you owned a real slave, like back in the 1800’s, I think you would take advantage of a pretty slave girl in more ways than picking cotton. That’s what I want, to be a total slave to you. If that means being punished, fine. If you feel like forcing me to suck you, fine, if you want to chain me to a post or put me in a cage, fine. Are you open to being a real Master for a willing slave girl”?

“Carly, you are making my dream come true. I promise I won’t be too hard on you”.

“I want you to be hard on me, just not too hard.” Carly explained.

“When do you want to start?”

“Next time I come here, I want to be your naughty slave that needs punishment.”

Carly came to visit the next week on Friday and announced,

“Your sex slave is here Master. Now don’t forget, I want it rough. I want to be your sex toy. I want you to use me for your pleasure, do anything you want to me. I don’t want to tell you what to do. Actually, I want to be bound tighter than I ever have been, blindfolded, and gagged, totally helpless. When you’re finished with me I want my bottom beet red”.

“Wow! Are you sure that’s what you want?”

“Yes, but I know I can’t just ask anybody to do this. I need to have someone who cares for me and won’t hurt me too much. Will you do this for me? Please?”

“I can, if that’s really what you want. I need to know your limits though.”

“I don’t have any limits. Do whatever you want to me”

“Better think about it. Can I tattoo you, shave your head?

“No” Carly laughed. “Okay, let’s see. No blood, no needles, no visible bruises, and nobody else involved”.

“You better think about it some more. Hang you upside down by your feet? Break any bones? Of course I won’t do those things, but think more about your limits. Once you’re bound and gagged you won’t be able to object to anything.”

“You’re right. I’ll think about it, but I trust you to be reasonable with me.”

“I really am not that much of a sadist, but if anybody is going use you like a piece of meat, I will do it, only because I don’t want anybody else to do it.”

“Okay, I think I get what you’re saying. I want you to be reasonable, but I want to feel pain. Does sound weird? Am I a sicko?”

“Not at all, a good spanking can be fun but this is much more than a spanking.

Before we begin I said,

“You are to tie your hair with a single pony tail. I want it tied 5 or 6 places. You may use rubber bands or whatever you want. I will inspect it to make sure it is what I want. After that, you are to strip to your birthday suit.”

The first thing I did as tie her arms together behind her back. I started at the wrists, winding a rope around them about a dozen times before cinching them. Next I tied her elbows together. After pulling them together until they touched, I wrapped rope just above them several times and cinched them. Now one more application of rope half way between the wrists and the elbows, making sure they are very close together and the knots were tight and not accessible to slaves wandering fingers.

“Now I’m going to put my version of a sensory deprivation hood on you.” I first took a pair of foam ear plug and rolled them tight, making them as small as possible. I inserted one in each ear. I took a glob of plumber’s putty, about the size of a gum ball and rolled it around in my hands making into a soft ball. I forced this into one of her ears. I repeated the process for the other ear.

“Can you hear me? I asked, making sure she saw my lips move as I spoke.

Carly shook her head to indicate she didn’t hear me. Now I blindfolded her with a leather blindfold. That took care of sight and sound, for now. I put a pump-up style gag in her mouth and pumped it up until she couldn’t utter a word. Next I wound an Ace bandage around her head, several times, covering her entire head except for her nose and her pony tail. To finish off her helmet, I wrapped duct tape around her head, covering the Ace bandage, leaving her nose uncovered so she could breathe.

I led Carly to a designated punishment area. There is a hook in the ceiling suitable for suspending a slave. I tied a rope around Carlys ponytail about five inches from the end. I folded the ponytail up on itself and tied some around the doubled up hair, making sure my hanging rope wouldn’t slip off. I had Carly stand on a thick book under the ceiling hook and tied off the rope as tight as I could, forcing her onto her toes. Finally, I removed the book she was standing on. She was now suspended.

I gathered up my tools of torture, a riding crop, a thin cane, a flogger, a small whip and a large bowl of ice cube. I started by rubbing ice on her nipples until they were erect and hard. I put clover style nipple clamps on each nipple and hung a weight on each. I started the whipping process easy. The flogger was first. After her tush was a nice shade of pink, I grabbed the riding crop for a few swats. I varied the intensity from easy to very hard. After that I used the cane on her tush until a welt appeared. It hurt me to see Carly endure such torment but I kept reminding myself this is what she asked for.

So for the next 2 hours, I alternated between the crop and the cane, whipping on her tush. I stopped to give her a five minute break several times. I used the tiny whip on her tits several times also until they were both dark pink. When I couldn’t stand to see Carly suffer anymore, I stopped the whipping but I left her hanging there for another half hour before I let her down and untied her.

“I hope you got what you wanted dear. I will draw you a warm bath if you like, or maybe you just go to sleep, whatever you want.”

“That was much harder to endure than I thought it would be. Thank you for doing that for me, it’s what I asked for but I won’t ask again.”

story continued in chapter nine

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