Love - Romantic and Lustful

by Author X

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Storycodes: F/f; bond; cuffs; blindfold; toys; tease; leather; rom; cons; X

Part 1: The Intro

The finely furnished office was quiet, except for the rustle of paper as the person behind the desk searched through a drawer looking for something, while the two girls opposite were looking back and forth between each other and him.

Finally finding what he was looking for, he turned to them, and looked them over. On his left was Veronica, though average height, was the taller of the two, brown hair cut short and pulled back, then sitting next to her was her girlfriend Mena.

“Alright you two, I’m sure you know what’s up, but as a part of the job formality I kinda gotta tell you anyways, so... I, Herald, having recently taking over my family’s furnishing business of Furniture, designer clothing, and all the kinky stuff imaginable, occasionally hold a essay lottery, where lucky couples send in a essay of seven desires, scenarios and such, for me to pick and make possible, as close as possible. People have sent in lots of crazy things before, but you guys are the first to have asked for me to pick, or at least in this way.”

Picking up the papers in front of him, he read from their cover letter, “We’re two ladies that have been together since early high school, and have since gotten to know each other very well, but we wish to find something new in our lives to share together, so if you could, we wish to experience some new but nothing to serious, in the the world of the kinky, we each wrote out an essay with the basic requirements, and a agreed check box of some things we are okay with trying.” Lowering the papers, he looked at them, “from there it’s basically self explanatory, so, since you intrigued me, I’m gonna let you spend the next week with me. I know it’s been a month, but I now have everything prepared for you two. It’s nothing serious, but if you’re nervous, you can take a rain check, and I can find someone else from the runner ups.”

A moment of silence passed, then Mena spoke up, “Yes, we wish to do this, and even if we decided not to, we actually had a friend drive us and it’s a little late to call and ask for them to turn around and return.”

“I see, and Veronica?”

“Yes, I agree with Mena.”

“About doing it, or your friend?”


“Well then, if you’ll follow me, your accommodations are right this way.”

A walk, elevator ride up, and another walk later, Herald opened up a door, to a very open living area, like from a penthouse apartment in the movies.

“This here is the quest suite, made for regular living, but can be easily modified to accommodate more interesting activities, if wanted. Though you’ll find some regular stuff to play within one of the walk-in closets of the bedroom. Just let me know and I can have something whipped up if you wish.”

After assuring him that they were fine as is, he left, and if they needed anything they could call the top floor to his living quarters. The night went with them exploring the place, then after dinner and a movie, Mena went to take shower, Veronica said that she was going to bed, so she didn’t have to worry about saving her any hot water.

Getting out, she made her way to the bed room, opening the door, expecting to find Veronica’s sleeping form, gently snoring those cute little snores, only the room was quiet, a little too quiet.

Suddenly the room was filled with light, the doors of one of the walk-ins having been flung open. Eyes adjusting to the light, Mena saw a familiar, yet different sight. Veronica was standing there, intent on something, while also dressed in actual Dom clothing. Her arms were covered with the leather of the black elbow length gloves, and the boots fit her legs like a second skin, with a corset that added oomph to her breasts. All the red leather was accompanied by a red leather hood, with eyes peering into the room, dead set on her.

Amazed by this beauty, Mena watched entranced as the dom approached, but when she reached her, she leaned down till they were level, leaning in till their lips came together. She kissed Mena, gently at first, but then started playing teasingly with her tongue, poking at Mena’s with only little taps. After a minute, she pulled away, leaving Mena a little light-headed; Mena barely noticed the removal of the bathrobe, till she found her hands joined together in padded cuffs. Before she could say a thing, Mena was nudged backwards. Veronica watched as Mena fell back onto the bed, but quickly moved as she settled, taking the cuffs already fastened to the foot of the bed and locking them around Mena’s ankles. Crawling up on the bed, she grabbed the cuffs around Mena’s wrists, and raised them to the head of the bed, fastening them in place.

It was a familiar dance they both knew, Mena falling silent as she was played with, Veronica running the tips of her fingers up and down her so gently, like a feather to the skin, Mena couldn’t help but squirm.

As they danced, Mena was feeling entranced by the leather covered finger as it moved along her skin; though she noticed that it was starting to slow, she didn’t dare speak, knowing it would break the rhythm they had going. After a few minutes, the dance had slowed to a stop, and Veronica, standing up, looked down at her girl, winking as she walked over to the bedside table she had moved away in case she had fallen off the bed by accident.

Opening the drawer, she pulled out a few things. Mena strained her eyes to see, though her angle and dim lighting didn’t help, and Veronica quickly moved the things behind her back.

Walking over, she crouched down beside the bed, then placing the things on the floor, reached up and started caressing Mena. “I have a surprise for you, Mena, but I wish to do it properly, so would you be kind enough to close your eyes dear?”

Mena knew that she was up to something, but she wasn’t in any position to argue, and also curious; relaxing, she closed her eyes. She waited for a moment, wondering when she would be allowed to open them again. Meanwhile, Veronica, using the gentle touch she had, lifted from the floor a blindfold, slowly moved it around Mena’s head, and worked the clasp without her noticing.

Smiling down at her handy work, Veronica grabbed from the floor the vibrator. Turning it onto a low setting, the hum filled the silence in the room. Hearing the hum, Mena tried to see what was happening, only to find her vision blocked by the blindfold.

Taking the vibrator, Veronica lowered it onto the tip of Mena’s nipple, letting it slowly come into contact, letting the humming toy teasingly brush against Mena as she squirmed.

After a minute, she slowly lowered the vibrator down her body and she leaned forward, once again pulling Mena into a kiss, slowly increasing the passion, teasing her magic button with the vibrator.

Mena was on edge, the lack of vision had heightened her sense of touch, and the vibrator was something new, but yet like usual, Veronica was managing to keep her on edge till she was ready to push her over.

Barely breathing, Mena was playing along with the kiss, letting her excitement follow along in Veronica’s passion. Veronica meanwhile, was about ready to wrap up. Making sure she didn’t alter the pace of her teasing, her thumb found the power dial on the vibrator, then after a minute of rubbing it lightly against Mena’s button, she moved it right over top and pushed up the power. Mena, taken by surprise, climaxed then and there. The tingle of the vibrator made her back arch, she lifted herself off the bed by her restrained hands and feet, before slumping back down, feeling exhausted as she settled.

Breathing heavily, Mena lay still, as Veronica took off the blindfold and then removed the cuffs. Both laying down, Veronica pulled Mena into her as she was taking heavy breaths.

“Wasn’t that nice, for a change?”

“It was definitely interesting. Why don’t we take a quick shower? I think we’re going to need it!”

“Yeah, but a quick one, we have tomorrow to prepare for.”

“Alright, but no more surprises tonight.”

“You have my word.”


Coming soon, Part 2: Roleplaying Kitten

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