Love Bondage

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2021 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; lingerie; sex; caught; blindfold; cons; X

Madelyn is a tall beautiful 35 year old woman who is single and has a great loving relationship with her boyfriend Roger. They live in a luxury apartment with a spacious living room with a large front window with a decent view. They have a great view of the city from their living room but there are a few homes that block their view.

Tonight is a special night, it's their five year anniversary since they first met and fell in love. So tonight she wants to give her boyfriend something special…herself. She is going to blindfold herself, tie herself up and give herself to Roger as a gift. They both have enjoyed a kinky lifestyle, she has been tied up many times by her boyfriend. The bondage sex is something that really turns her on especially the blindfold.

She was never into bondage and when Roger brought up the subject she was reluctant but she tried it since she trusted him. She found out being blindfolded and tied up while getting fucked gave her the most intense orgasms. Since she was blindfolded her other senses were heightened and when he suddenly licked her pussy that gave her a jolt of pleasure. She never knew what Roger would do to her…kiss her neck, pinch her nipple, do a sudden 69 position? All these things made her so wet that now she often asks her boyfriend to tie her up and blindfold her during sex.

Tonight she is going to wear an outfit that Roger loves seeing her in, a red silk bow blouse, a black skirt and red five inch ankle strap heels. She decided not to wear a bra, but only red satin lace panties, red garter belt and black silk stockings. She knows Roger's cock will instantly get hard seeing her in this sexy outfit and tied up.

She has secured a rope to a ceiling beam in the living room, the rope loops are already prepped. All she has to do is lift her arms and hands above her head, place her hands together inside the rope loop…pull hard and she will be tied. She grabs a red silk scarf and blindfolds herself with it. She knows it's 6 pm and her boyfriend should arrive home around 7 pm. She knows she is taking a risk, since she has no escape plan to get out of this bondage situation. She reaches blindly for the rope loops, finds it and pulls hard on the rope loops…she is now bound and blindfolded in her own living room.

The radio automatically turns on like she planned, she selected a romantic station to play love songs. Not only did the radio turn on, her home computer turned on and so did her computer camera. She had scheduled a zoom meeting with her co-workers and totally forgot about it.

Madelyn's feet are killing her from wearing those sexy 5 inch heels. She looks up at the rope securing her to the beam and tests it…she tries to get herself untied but can't. Her fantasies take over as she imagines being a damsel in distress and only her Roger can save her. Her pussy has become so wet and can't wait for Roger to find her and fuck her.

Right now some of Madelyn's coworkers are watching her tied and blindfolded, they realize it's self bondage. Of course Madelyn has no idea they are watching her and that her blinds to her front window are open.

Then she thinks she hears a door open, she thinks oh please be Roger and not a burglar. Her heart is racing "Roger is that you? I hope you like your special gift! I love you Roger!"

Suddenly she can sense someone behind her, she can feel Roger's bulge as he pushes up against her backside. She turns her head slightly to kiss her man while his cock gets larger. He squeezes her breasts thru her silk blouse as he continues to kiss her.

"Mmmmm…I love my special gift. You got my cock rock hard."

With the romantic music playing and with Roger touching her sexually, making her so wet. As Roger continues to kiss her passionately he grabs the front of her silk blouse and rips it open. Her blouse buttons go flying in different directions as she gasps from this sudden move. Her nipples are so erect and Roger can't resist sucking on her nipples.

Her skirt is then pulled down leaving her in her satin panties, garter belt, stockings and heels. His hands are feeling her body, her legs, her stomach, her silky dark brown hair and her cute ass. She loves being treated like a sex object…Roger's sex object.

"Oh Roger please fuck me! I have been thinking about your hard cock all day."

She can hear him undo his belt, kick off his shoes and remove his slacks. She knows his hard cock must be close and ready to fuck her.

Again he stands behind her and she can feel his huge 8 inch cock rubbing against her panties and pussy. She looks down but can't see anything with the blindfold on.

A while ago some of her female coworkers were trying to communicate with Madelyn to let her know people are watching, but seeing Roger's cock made them shut up and just enjoy the bondage sex show.

Madelyn's sexy panties are yanked down and Roger moves her into a bent position from behind. She knows his huge cock is finally going to enter her wet pussy.

"Fuck me hard! Fuck me good! I belong to you Roger! I'm your sex toy!"

The tip of Roger’s cock touches her pussy and she goes into overdrive. He slowly inserts his whole cock into her, her pussy is squeezing his cock. He goes in and out of her pussy slowly as he waits to…fuck her hard and fast. He grabs her hips and thrusts faster into her pussy…he pounds her for about 5 minutes as she endures orgasm after orgasm.

"Oh my! You are fucking me into lala land! Mmmmmm…I can't think…mmmmm!"

Roger cums into her tight pussy, he's still squeezing her bare breasts.

He pulls out of her and takes a small break and heads to the kitchen to get some water. He returns back to the living room and notices her computer.

"Hey babe, did you know your computer is on."

"What? Shit! My zoom meeting with my coworkers! Turn it off! Untie me before they see me like this!"

"Ah babe, I think it's too late…they are chatting about you. At least they could only view your backside and they could not see your face."

"You are right. I love you Roger and that amazing hard cock of yours! I love how you fuck me!"

Of course Madelyn and Roger did not notice that their neighbors across from them had a great view of Madelyn and her huge breasts!


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