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Louise didn’t take to kindly to the handcuffs I handed her. She turned them in her hands and looked at me.

"What the hell am I supposed to do with these?"

I smiled at her with my best trust me I am your lover smile. "Put them on for me and see how they feel."

I was really only playing with her I didn’t quite expect her to do so. I hadn’t ever plucked up the courage to ask anyone to be tied up for the benefit of my dirty mind yet. But Lou seemed to be the most open and kindest and also understanding of my latest girlfriends, so if I could ask anyone to do so it would be her. You see I have written about bondage using my imagination, books and the web for sources of reference. But I have longed for someone to try my ideas out on and now seemed like a good time to ask.

We were sitting on a hilltop looking over the plain of York. The sun had just gone down and we’d discussed love, sex and war. It had been a lovely day out. Walking the dogs and watching her on her horse had made me feel a little in love and so I’d decided to see if she was the one for me for I now felt the need to try out the things I liked to write about.

But how the hell do you ask people especially a manager of a large ICU that what you’d most like to do is tie her to the bed and make her come for England? I mean she is strongly independent and bloody minded at the best of times. My big problem is that I like these kinds of women and these don't normally do submissive. Indolent, apathetic women do nothing for me. So there’s the rub.

What could I do? I wondered as she played with the shiny cuffs and whizzing them through the ratchet.

She glanced at me with a look I couldn’t read. "How would I wear them? And would you make it sexy? I don’t see the point of wearing them if I am not going to get some sort of thrill out of them."

I thought hard and smiled. "Okay I can do that but you'll have to trust me."

Driving down into Pocklington I asked her not to put them on yet. She was looking a little flustered as we parked outside the Chinese restaurant. Louise kept glancing at me throughout the meal as if waiting for me to say or do something. I kept smiling at her and hoped that she was thinking about the rest of the night to come.

There was a tension between us and I hoped she wasn’t about to say,  "Fuck this we are finished you pervert!"

Lou looked across at me and smiled as we drank the clear tea they served at the end of the meal. I smiled at her and said, "Okay, when we leave go to the toilet and take off your knickers and bra."

She didn’t say anything just blushed and went off as asked. I had to lean against the counter as I paid my bill due to my hard-on trying to claw its way out of my zip. She came out of the toilets with a sly smile and hooked her arm through mine. I felt her unfettered breast bouncing on my arm as we walked up the slight hill to the car. She was wearing a knee length tight skirt which showed me that she’d removed her panties. Or perhaps it was a thong. I’d parked the car well back from the road. And her side was against the wall so she was totally hidden from view.

"Lou, are you ready to play a little?" She nodded and I walked around to open her door. "Okay here’s the game. You are under my spell and will do whatever I ask." I paused and looked at her. "Up for it?"

Looking at me hard she smiled and nodded. "But this better be sexy."

"Turn around and place your hands behind you."

She did as asked and I clicked the handcuffs snugly round each wrist, I then bent down and rolled her skirt up at the back. She’d done as asked and was sans pants. Her white bottom was soft to my touch. Leaving the skirt over the front of her legs I helped her sit down on the seat, her bare buttocks making her giggle, "God that’s cold!"

I then adjusted the lumbar support to accommodate her arms behind her back. Fastening her seat belt between her breasts I leaned across and kissed her hard. Using my tongue I fucked her mouth. I knew from experience that this always turns her on big style and I found her breathing starting to quicken and her pupils to dilate. Shutting her door, I jogged around to my side and opened the door and jumped in.

"Comfortable?" I asked.

"No, but I enjoyed the kiss!"

I leaned across and kissed her again and dropped my hand to her thigh and stroked my way up to the V at the top. She sighed and opened her knees to give me better access. Lou was slick with wetness and I rubbed my finger up and down her lips and dug a knuckle against her engorged clit and felt her jump.

"Oh god," she groaned into my mouth.

I continued to play. My spare hand unbuttoned her blouse and I eased it to the sides of her hanging orbs. Mashing her right breast against her ribs I squeezed her nipple in time with my rubbing on her clit.

"Oh you bastard," she moaned as her breath came in pants as she climaxed against my finger.

I continued to rub and waited until she was about to arrive again and I stopped rubbing and buttoned her blouse up from the bottom until her breasts were on display: balled up and proud! Louise’s eyes snapped open and she looked at me as I started up the engine on the four by four and backed out of the parking place. My hand dropped back between her thighs and she began to moan and sigh her little soft whimpers of pent-up pleasure.

Using the back way out of town I managed not to get us arrested and I have to say I don’t think Lou realised that we had gotten as far back home as Water Village. The leather she was sitting on was soaked and slick with wetness. Lou seemed totally out of it as I pulled in alongside the wood and backed down the track out of sight.

Turning the lights off I pushed the button on her seat and let it recline all the way back. She blew air at me so I could find her mouth and I homed in for a kiss. My hand reclined my seat as my tongue searched for any leftover sweet and sour pork left in her teeth. Using my fingers to lift and roll her skirt I kissed her and nibbled my way down to her hardened nipples.

"Oh god, Paul, just fuck me," she groaned as I unfastened my belt and eased my chinos down and off my legs.

It was steaming up I noticed as a car’s headlights flashed past on the road. Lou spread her legs and placed her feet on the dashboard either side of me as I climbed over and between them. I kissed her and tried not to crush her arms as I placed my weight on my arms and rubbed my penis up and down her lips trying for entry without assistance. Not an easy thing...

She tilted and with that feeling of pure hedonistic bliss I felt myself slide into that hot wet place we all long for. She blew again and I kissed her hard and long; and began to slide myself in and out of her. My senses seemed to become more acute and I swear I could feel the matted softness of her pubic hair as she rather rolled her pelvis so she could become tighter.

Long gasps were coming from her mouth as I gently squeezed her breasts against her ribs by pressing my chest against hers. The roughness of my pullover rubbed at her now tender nipples. Feelings of love, tenderness and power were all adding to my feelings as she lifted her body to increase the friction on her breasts. Her groans and sighs filled my ears and the scent of her juices filled the car.

Both her ankles wrapped around my waist as she used her legs to lift and pull herself into different positions. Bending I took a nipple in my mouth and using suction and pulled, lifting her breast until it was taut. I bit down on the swollen bud making her gasp out loud. Pulling it up to her mouth I pressed her nipple against her lips and eyes wide she accepted it and took the strain.

We both were panting and thrusting at each other and I pulled and twisted her other nipple and just as she was about to come I pulled out and placed my dick against her anus. Her eyes went wide and as my thumb rubbed her clit she nodded and I started to ease my way past her ring and as I did Louise relaxed her sphincter and I slipped inside. I felt myself about to come and rubbed really hard on her clit and inserted three fingers. I was frigging her at the same time I thrust deep and hard.

Louise screamed and dropped her breast as she pulled me tightly to her trapping my hand between us. Louise kissed me hard and thrust and pulled at me. As we calmed down I realised that my weight was crushing her onto the handcuffs. Lifting myself up I kept kissing her.

"Oh you bastard, that was superb!"

I rolled off her and pressed the wind-up button and up she came. I was pulling my trousers up and starting the engine to warm up the car.

Lou looked at me and said, "Darling you wouldn’t leave me like this would you?"

"No of course I wouldn’t."

I reached across to unfasten her seatbelt which I only just remember I hadn’t done until now.

She looked at me and smiled. "Oh that’s a shame! I quite fancy going home like this. And could you get some black handcuffs so they don’t shine when we go out next time we do this?  I mean to say I’d hate to be seen in a pair. It just wouldn’t do!"

I smiled and kissed her. "I love you!"

She hid a smile and looked out of the window as I turned onto the road. And I thought I just heard her say, "I bet you do!"

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