Lottie & Dottie

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2011 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f+; F+/f; drug; capture; bond; susp; cuffs; cupboard; toys; sex; reluct/nc; X

“Go right in, Miss Miles. Miss Mills isn’t in yet, but she should be here soon.”

Loretta Miles smiled at the pretty receptionist. “Thanks. And be sure not to tell her I’m here. It’s a surprise.”

Stepping into the office, Loretta softly closed the door and slipped her huge purse from her shoulder. For a moment, she simply gazed around her at the expensive taste of the office.

“I must admit, sister,” she murmured, “you have done well. Now it’s my turn.” Cheerfully, she lowered herself into the chair behind the desk, enjoying the view, her mind filled with memories of the road that had brought her here.

Loretta and Dorothy, Lottie and Dottie. Identical in every way, except their disposition. Dottie had been the serious one, turning her considerable intelligence toward college, then work, finally becoming Dorothy Mills, CEO of a large high-tech business.

Lottie, on the other hand, had been the wild one, leaving home early to pursue a career in acting. She’d changed her name to Loretta Miles when she broke into soft porn, then change it again when she entered the bondage scene. Loretta Mills became Lotta Miles, queen of the capture film.

Last year, she’d put in one of her rare appearances at the annual family reunion. There’d been Dottie, impeccable in her fashionable business attire, every hair, every detail, in perfect place. She had looked every bit the successful business woman.

By contrast, Lottie had presented quite a different appearance. Though her clothes were every bit as expensive, the supple black leather that hugged every generous curve presented a totally sensual, somewhat savage aspect. The only thing they seemed to have in common was their faces, still so nearly identical that their own family swore they wouldn’t be able to tell the two apart, except for their clothes. And with that, the idea was born.

To set things in place, Lottie had begun visiting Dottie at work, often spending entire days in her sister’s office. Dottie had eagerly accepted her explanation that she wanted then to be as close as they had been growing up. Now, with the daily routine well memorized, it was time to act.

Shaking away the memories, Lottie opened her large purse, extracting the initial items she needed. Then, smoothing the scarf over her head, she settled in to wait for the fun to begin.

“Miss Mills?”

Dottie looked up from the papers spread over the desk. “Yes, Hannah?” she asked sweetly.

“Miss Thorn is here to discuss those schematics with you,” Hannah replied, slightly puzzled by her boss’ unusually affectionate tone. While friendly enough, Miss Mills usually treated her staff with somewhat more reserve. Hannah shrugged, putting it down to her renewed closeness with her sister.

“Send her in.” As the door opened, Dottie smiled appreciatively. Becky Thorn, head of design, was a very attractive brunette, and Dottie couldn‘t help but speculate as to what lay beneath that proper business attire. As Becky settled into the chair across the desk, Dottie shook her head, setting her mind back on business.

“Here are the designs we’ve been working on,” Becky said, laying a sheaf of papers onto the desk. For a moment, Dottie simply gazed at them, then she rose and moved around the desk. Standing beside Becky, she pointed at one section of the design.

“Do you see something wrong there?” she asked.

Becky leaned forward, peering intently. “Wrong?” she asked. “I don’t see anything, no, but perhaps if you tell me what I’mmmmmmmffffff!” Becky struggled briefly, then settled down nicely as the chloroform soaked rag over her mouth did it’s work. As she slumped into the chair, Dottie lost no time, and soon the attractive design specialist lay naked on the floor.

“This could be interesting,” she murmured, pulling items from a desk drawer. Drawing up the unconscious woman’s left leg, she lay her left forearm against the lower leg, wrapping it securely in place with black bondage tape. The right arm was soon similarly wrapped to the right leg, and now her knees were held pressed against her chest. Dottie then applied a head harness, buckling the gag deep within the woman’s mouth. A rope came next. Doubled, the loop passed through a ring attached to the harness at the forehead, then the ends drawn through the loop. The ends were parted, one being passed between arm and knee on each side, then both wrapped beneath the knees, passed back on the other side, then up to the feed through the ring, where they were drawn tight and tied off, pulling Becky’s face down against her knees. The now thoroughly helpless woman was now shoved into the foot well of the desk, out of sight of anyone not seated in the executive chair. Becky’s clothes were stashed in a file cabinet, then Dottie settled herself back into her chair. As she moved the designs to one side, she slipped off her shoe, letting her toes rub along the bound woman’s mound.

“Yes,” she said softly, “this could be very interesting.

“Miss Mills?” Hannah entered the office in response to a summons by her boss. As she moved toward the desk, she glanced around the office. “Where’s Miss Thorn?”

“Becky? Oh, she left a short time ago. Perhaps you were away from your desk and didn’t see her leave.”

Hannah, frowned slightly. First Miss Miles, then Miss Thorn. How could she have missed both of them leaving? Puzzled, she settled into the chair indicated.

“Have some coffee with me?” Dottie asked, placing a cup in front of her surprised receptionist. In all her time here, she had never once been invited to share coffee with the boss. Smiling nervously, she sipped the hot drink.

“Was there something you needed?” she asked.

“Actually, there is, but not till you finish your coffee.” At this, Hannah quickly drained her cup. Smiling, Dottie nodded.

“You see,” she said, “I know how conscientious you are about your job. You almost never leave your desk, so there’s no way anyone could leave this office without you knowing about it, right?” Hannah nodded, wondering why her eyes were suddenly having a hard time focusing.. Dottie’s smile widened as she watched.

“Actually,” she continued, “you’re absolutely right. Nobody has left this office all day. Not Becky, not my sister, and not you.” Hannah’s eyes widened even as her head drooped. She tried to rise, but her body no longer obeyed her, slumping limply in the chair as Dottie rose and rounded the desk.

“This is the most fun I’ve had in a long time,” she said, stripping off Hannah’s clothing. Lifting the limp form, she moved to a set of doors on one wall. Behind the doors, slightly recessed, was a large dry erase board, useful for presentations. At this point, though, Dottie was more interested in the space between the board and the concealing doors. That, and the mounting brackets.

Opening the doors, she placed Hannah against the board, wedging one knee between the limp girl’s thighs to hold her up. Working quickly, she wrapped a leather cuff around Hannah’s left wrist. A rope was soon tied to a ring on the cuff, which Dottie then fed up and over the board’s mount on that side, drawing the rope tight until Hannah hung slightly suspended by that arm. Her right wrist was soon cuffed as well, a rope leading up to the mount on that corner of the board. Cuffs on each ankle, with ropes leading to the bottom mounts, soon had Hannah suspended spread eagle against the board. Duct tape soon covered her mouth. Smiling, Dottie closed the doors and turned away, only to freeze. Arial, Hannah’s young assistant, stood in the office door, one hand pressed against her mouth.

“What are you doing to Hannah?” she asked. Dottie moved toward the door, and Arial bolted, running from the receptionists office, screaming for help. Security arrived quickly, and began trying to sort things out.

Dottie, it turned out, was actually Lottie. The scarf she’d worn on her arrival had concealed the fact that her hair was now styled identical to Dottie’s. Dressed in Dottie’s clothes, it had been impossible to tell that she wasn’t actually Dottie. Even the slight differences in her behavior had been overlooked.

Now, standing with her hands cuffed behind her, Lottie watched as Becky Thorn’s nude, bound body was drawn from beneath the desk. “You and your designs,” she spat. “I had everything going just fine, but there was no way I could fake knowing what those things meant. So you had to go.”

Lottie turned to watch as Hannah, her body just beginning to recover from the drugged coffee, was gently lowered to the floor. “And you. So efficient, so observant. Without you, I could have snuck the others out after hours, and nobody would have been the wiser. My lovely sister would have been my slave, and I would have had it all.”

Dottie was discovered at the back of the office closet. Naked, she stood with her back to a support pole. A leather strap harness bound her arms securely to her sides and fused her legs together. Another harness wrapped her head, holding a gag deep in her mouth. Straps at her ankles, knees, waist, elbows and shoulders held her firmly against the pole, while a final strap crossed her forehead, holding her head against the pole as well. It took over five minutes to release her, after which she surprised everyone by sending security away, without her sister in custody.

“Hannah, are you playing again?”

“Sorry, but I couldn’t resist.”

“It’s ok, dear, I understand. It is tempting. But get your drink and have a seat.”

It had been nearly three months since Lottie’s attempted takeover. In that time, her three victims had grown much closer, thanks to their shared ordeal. Becky and Hannah now lived with Dottie in her spacious mansion. During their late night talks, cuddled together in Dottie’s huge bed, the three women agreed that Lottie was the best thing that had ever happened to them.

As for Lottie, life hadn’t turned out quite as well.

Hannah turned away from the column in the center of the room. There stood Lottie, wearing the same harness she’d used on her sister three months previously. With straps holding her in place against the column, she could only watch helplessly as the her three erstwhile victims. Mumbling into her gag, Lottie decided that prison would have been a better punishment than this. Glancing down, she could just see the tip of the strapon at her waist, glistening slightly from Hannah’s brief ride.

Lottie sighed, knowing what was in store for her. Later, after they finished their drinks, the three would take her to the bedroom. There, with a dildo jutting from her gagged mouth, as well as the strapon at her waist, she would once again play living sex toy to three insatiable women. Yes, she thought, prison might have been better. At least there, she might have been allowed to cum.