Lorries Ordeal

by Gagged20

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© Copyright 2005 - Gagged20 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; chastity; cons; X

Lorries Ordeal by Gagged20

I could feel the arousal both between myself, as well as Joe.  It was proud that he chose to take me back with him, even though I was extremely inexperienced.  He led me on my leash into the room, and proceeded to close and lock the door behind him.  He removed my gag, and told me to sit down on the bed.

 “Yes Sir” was my reply.

 “You can call me Joe. I want this to be a fun experience for you.  Try to relax a little, and enjoy yourself.” Do you want something to drink? Some wine, pop, or water? 

 “A glass of wine would be good please” I replied. I was still in my dress, hands and elbows firmly tied behind me.  I wished I could get the chastity belt off, because I was extremely aroused, and was starting to wish for more than just giving my guy some head. However my parents had the key, and I knew it would not be coming off until I was in Jen’s position. 

 “Let me help you drink it” said Joe.  He held the glass to my lips to let me drink still bound.  When I had finished it, he set the glass down, and laid me back on the bed.  He rolled me over on my stomach, and proceeded to tie my ankles together. I was rather confused at this point, as I thought he’d be stripping my clothes off, and using me to his pleasure.  He pulled my ankles to my wrists, keeping me in a strict hogtie on the bed.  He added a tight leather blindfold, blocking out all light.

 “I’m gonna go take a shower and freshen up.  Try not to stray too far while I’m gone” he joked.  He walked outta the room, and I started to struggle in my bonds.  I realized the helplessness of my situation.  Here I was in a room, with a man I didn’t even know, bound hand and foot, blindfolded and helpless on a hotel room bed. I was horny as hell, and that damn chastity belt did nothing to help it.  After about a half hour, he came back over to me, and removed my blindfold.  He stood before me, naked, at full attention.

 “Lets get you better positioned” he told me. With that, he untied me fully. “Stand and strip, slowly” was his next command.  With that I stood up, and slowly removed my dress. I bent over at the waist to take it off, giving him a good look at my ass.  Unfortunately, my particular chastity belt had a plate there also, with only a small hole to provide for bodily functions.  That hole was kept virgin too.  I stood up, and removed my strapless bra, and let it fall to the floor for him. 

All I had left on my was my chastity belt.  He sat on the bed and told me to approach him.  I walked up to him, and sat next to him.  He pulled my hands behind me and placed them snug in a pair of handcuffs.  He kissed me, as I kissed back he fondled my breasts, nipples now hard.  His hand made its way south, and started to try to stroke my swollen clit through the chastity belt.  It was on so snug, such a custom fit, that he didn’t get very far. 

 “I wish I could pleasure you back, but unfortunately due to that belt, I don’t think there’s much I can do.” He told me.

 “That’s ok, that’s not your job. I’m here to serve you. Please use me in any way you feel.” I said back. I couldn’t believe the words coming out of my mouth.  Totally unlike me, but yet I was so engrossed in the moment, they came naturally.  Also, I remembered what my cousin said, and I wanted to make her proud.  He removed the handcuffs, and set me on my back on the bed.  He pulled each of my limbs snug to its respective corner, putting me in a tight spread eagle.  He propped my head up, and produced his now hard cock to my lips. I opened, and took him in.

 “Relax your jaw and your breathing, learn to take it all the way in” he told me.  I did the best I could, and managed to take his entire length without gagging at all.  He pumped in and out for quite some time, before he shot his warm juice in my mouth.  “Swallow it all like a good girl.” He commanded. I did as I was told, and cleaned him up as I had did in the limo. 

 “You did well for your first time.” He told me. 

 “Thank you Sir.” I replied.

 “I told you to call me Joe, and now you will see what punishment is like. After that, if you’re a good girl, we’ll see what I can do to alleviate some of the stress in your groin.”

 “Punishment Joe? What do you mean?” 

 “Girls that don’t listen to commands must be reprimanded.  I’m going to put you in a strappado, put nipple clamps on your nips, and then you’ll receive 18 strokes of the crop, one for each of your years.  With that, he untied me from the bed.  He tied my wrists behind me, and tied my ankles together.  He picked me up and carried me over to the closet.  “We’ll use the closet bar to secure you”. 

 “Whats a strappado?” I asked.

 “You’ll see in a minute, first to get that mouth of yours quiet.  With that he produced a leather hood, and pulled it over my face.  I was a bit nervous, having never worn one before.  It had a built in ball gag, which combined with the hood held me silent.  He tied a rope to my wrists, and I felt them being pulled up behind my back. It kept going until I was bent at a 90 degree angle with the floor, my arms pulled up behind me.  I was struggling against it and moaning into my gag, but Joe didn’t really seem to care.  I felt him beginning to massage my breasts, causing my nipples to become nice and firm.  I started purring louder in the gag.  Just when I was starting to relax and enjoy my predicament, there was an excruciating pain in first my left, then right nipple.  Then a consistent tugging. 

Joe told me through the hood that these were the nipple clamps he spoke of, and that they were connected to a chain, which was tied to my ankles.  Any time I tried to stand up, my nipples would be pulled.  After a what seemed like a few minutes, the first blow landed to my ass cheek.  I jumped in surprise, which was rather uncomfortable in both my nipples and arms. I had to remember not to do that again. The next 9 blows came and went, and I was wondering if I could handle the last eight.  He untied my ankles, and I thought he may free me early.  Instead he tied them tight spread to the corners of the closet somehow, now exposing my inner theigh.  Those were the subject of his attention for the last 8, my pussy also getting hit through the belt. I could feel it, and hit hurt quite a bit.  Luckily only two blows were placed there.  When he was done, he let me down, and untied my legs and arms.  He removed the hood, and nipple clamps, but left on my collar. 

 “That is what punishment is like.  Some like it, others do not. When you serve someone, it’s not your choice as to whether or not it happens.  You did well though.” He gave me a kiss on the forehead.  Lets get you in some light bondage, and hop in the shower.” 

 “That sounds good Joe. I didn’t really enjoy the punishment, but it wasn’t too unbearable.” I replied

 “Enough talking out of you.  You have to learn not to speak unless spoken too. The best way to remind you of that is with a gag.” 

With that, he tied my hands together in front of me , strapping them to my waist.  Then he strapped in what he told me was a bit gag, and led me into the shower.  We both got in, and he seemed to enjoy tending to my ass and breasts.  He kissed my neck, head, and breasts repeatedly.  He tenderly took my nipples into his mouth, playing with them with his tongue. He went over them, around them, and flicked them, pushing me closer and closer to the edge.  I had never had an orgasm before, mainly because I didn’t think it was possible with the chastity belt.  Joe was showing me different.  He kept up his kissing and licking, and pulled out a vibrator from the ledge next to the shower.

 “Mmmph?” I asked, being hard to speak through the gag.

 “You’ll feel the vibrations through the crotch plate.  With any luck you’ll get off on it.  He turned the vibe on high, and placed it against my crotch.

 MMMPPPH I shouted into the gag, buckling at the knees.  The sensations were great. I could only imagine what it would feel like in me.  With him sucking my nipples, and the vibrations in my crotch, I came for the first time ever.  It felt soo good. Waves of pleasure washed over me, with me screaming into the gag.  I shook there for a few minutes, I cant remember how long. When it was over, he removed my gag.

 “Thank you Joe, that was better than anything I could ever imagine.  I wish I could get this damn belt off and let you take me properly. It just isn’t fair.”

 “I’d like to, but if I took you here and now, it wouldn’t be fair for your future husband.  That’s why parents lock those on girls.  As much as I’d like to disagree with it, I know my future wife will be pure, and because of that I can tolerate it.  However, all that pleasuring you, made me excited.  Let me get those ropes off of you, and then you can return the favor.” 

 With that, he united my wrists, and I got to my knees. This was the first time I’d be doing this free of any restraint, with the exception of my collar of course.  I got down in the shower stall, and stroked his cock to full hardness.  I have to admit, as nervous as I was when I started doing this whole thing, it felt good to serve a man, and to do it well.  I slowly started to suck on him, taking the whole thing again.  After a little while, he was shooting his load once again down my throat.  I took it all in, cleaning him after he was done.  We finished our shower, taking turns washing each other off.  We got out, toweled off, and found ourselves smooching in each others warm embrace.  We found our way to the bed, and Joe asked if I minded sleeping bound for the night.

 “You look so cute helpless, I’d love to wake to the sight of you all tied up.”

 “It’s not up to me is it Joe?” I asked. “If that’s how you want me to sleep, then do your worst” I challenged.

 “I wont make it too uncomfortable, so you can sleep easily.”  With that, he pulled my hands together in front of me, and tied them together.  Next, he tied my ankles together, and then pulled a blindfold snuggly over my eyes. 

 “Goodnight cutie. Maybe we’ll have time for a little more fun before checkout.” With that he gave me a kiss goodnight.