Lori's Mesh Corset

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2017 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; solo-f; corsets; cuffs; collar; gag; leather; latex; catsuit; hobble; bond; steel mesh; clothing; boots; gloves; stuck; cons; X

Jim had always loved seeing Lori in corsets, he would even give up latex and leather if he had to choose for seeing his beautiful wife’s constantly heaving bosom from her compressed waist and chest in a tightly laced corset. Lori loved corsets also but could never get herself laced tight enough when Jim wasn’t available to lace her. She had struggled with different lacing techniques and machines but could never quite manage it as well as he did it. Jim worked as an engineer for a specialty metals company and had used many of their products for Lori’s restraints creating a matching cuff set that Lori wore regularly. The set included wrist, ankle and a wide collar, the locking mechanisms always hidden and needing a unique key. Jim had even made a few pieces of clothing out of the metals the company had formulated that was locked by the same special key system.

The solid steel alloy corset was a favorite of his leaving Lori with a perfectly smooth torso and a tiny waist. The steel corset was not a favorite of Lori because of the extremely small waist and the fact the folding “seams” that allowed it to be wrapped around her body pinched her while she wore it. His company’s latest project was a thin steel mesh that was incredibly strong but would allow air and water to pass through it, as Jim continued to work with the mesh he thought how good of a material it would be for clothing. Jim couldn’t help but think of Lori during any new projects and how he might be able to apply them to keeping her secure at home.

Currently before leaving for work if she wasn’t already wearing them he would lock on her cuffs and collar making sure they were secure. After lacing her into the corset of her choice for the next twenty four hours and assisting her in getting dressed. If he wanted her to wear a specific outfit he would choose a corset for her along with the clothing she would be forced to wear. Lori’s choices were many, the two had acquired a large collection of latex and leather clothes along with her massive collection of corsets and shoes. Lori gladly wore anything he asked her too and only when she had plans to go out did it limit their choices. Normally Lori wore a latex cat suit as a base loving the compressive feeling and how her sweat would move around inside it as the day wore on. Over the latex and at least the corset she could wear normal street clothes if she needed to go out. Normally she would wear more latex or leather over the suit before Jim locked her cuffs, collar and the steel waist belt on. These would essentially trap her in whatever she was wearing for the day and limited her from venturing outside their home further than the high fenced back yard.

During the projects research and development Jim often requested test pieces to be made. The irregular shapes and sizes were never questioned by the manufacturing department because they knew there were different tests being run on each new design but were usually not included in the actual tests. Jim had already constructed a new chastity belt for Lori out of the mesh and had locked her into it over a week ago and had been enjoying watching her frustration grow. Lori did not like chastity belts, she felt they limited her own fun too much and knew once Jim locked one on she would be denied satisfaction until Jim decided to release her. Even the custom belts they had made for her often chafed her in her most sensitive areas and made her beg for release. Once he had locked her into a new belt for over a month then went out of town for three weeks. Lori was in hell, she fought the belt constantly the corset it had been locked over had been made out of a heavy rubber his company was using as a industrial tank liner and held her firmly but it was the belt that she couldn’t get used to.

Jim had made her wear the belt to see if it was because of her not wearing them long enough to get used to them was why she fought him so much on wearing them for extended periods. Even though she had always worn them when he went out of town because he didn’t want her to play with herself while he was gone she would always argue and plead with him not to leave her pussy locked up. After returning home and finding her weeping from the pain from the belt rubbing her he never forced her to wear any belt again for an extended length of time. The mesh belt was different it followed her body perfectly and other than a small hole in the rear covered her perfectly. The closure was the only part he needed to work on but for now it was held closed by several small locks in the back. Lori wore it during the entire project, it frustrating her and making her beg for release but not damaging her body at all and after a few days Lori had come to realize how comfortable it was even though she still fought it daily.

The bra he had made matched the belt, pulling tightly around her chest having two small holes to allow access to her nipples. The latching mechanism had been improved and now could be closed with the ratcheting device he designed and hoped to use on the new corset as well. When the clasps in the back were pulled together the small special locks would close sealing it on her body. Once the padlocks were slipped through her pierced nipples she could not remove even if she had been able to unlatch it the permanence of it making her even more horny and desperate to cum. Lori could still wear street clothes over the belt and bra that had been locked over her latex and corset. The constant rubbing of her aroused nipples under whatever she would wear and the idea she could not satisfy herself made her stay at home more and more only going out when she was ordered to by Jim.

During the months Jim worked on his new project Lori’s sexual needs were ignored. This was what normally happened when he got into a new project but this time she was locked up and could not satisfy herself. The increasing frustration and her arousal of being so completely controlled were driving her mad. One evening Jim arrived home late and was greeted by Lori in his favorite dress, the long sleeved hobbled dress made from the rubber his company used. This dress fit her tighter than a second skin and forced her legs together from her ankles to her crotch forcing her to take tiny steps. Her narrow waist and long thin neck accentuated by the restricting rubber really made him horny.

Lori coated in rubber from head to toe took his hand and led him to the table where she had a nice dinner set out and quietly served him dinner as he watched her ass wiggle under the tight rubber each time she turned to get him something. The rubber hood had eye openings only and forced her to bite hard on the mouth piece that had a small breathing tube made into it. The hood and dress had been made from dipping a machined cast of her body into the liquid rubber. The cast’s dimensions had been digitally altered in the computer before the molding the process making the dress and hood incredibly tight. The dress and hood still had all of her face and body’s wonderful features showing clearly in the thick rubber. The small opening for her long hair was fitted to the top of the hood afterwards and made her red pony tail hang loosely past her shoulders while it was held tightly at its base.

The length of the skirt forced Lori to wear platform heels that made her stand almost on her toes. Lori loved high heels but these where almost too much for her as she tottered around with her limited stride knowing he loved to watch her ass and tits while they were covered in the tight rubber. Lori had several items that were made from the rubber each just as tight as the dress. Even though the dress was difficult to get into and the hood hurt her head after an hour or so from the extreme tension on it she knew this was his favorite and her best chance at teasing him into having sex with her.

After dinner Jim had to search for Lori, finding her bound in the guest room he stopped and studied her restraints. Lori had the idea of enticing Jim into making love to her and had restrained herself in his favorite outfit. Jim stroked the thick rubber getting a moan from her sealed mouth as he crossed her desperate pussy and could feel the mesh of the chastity belt under the rubber. Jim rubbed her body admiring the way she had not only chained her wrists to the ceiling but had locked her ankle cuffs to the floor making it impossible to move more than wriggling her body in the chains.

After stroking and teasing Lori for an hour he turned the lights out and left the room leaving a thoroughly aroused and helpless Lori trapped in the chains. Lori had spent the night struggling and sweating under the heavy rubber trying to figure out what she could do to get Jim to release her steel covered pussy and breasts. The locks could now be seen under the tight rubber and pinched and twisted her nipples with every twist and turn of her struggling body. Lori had finally stopped struggling and stood on her sore feet gasping through the small hole in her sealed mouth. Lori dreamed of Jim whipping her then pulling the tight rubber off her and making love to her sweat soaked body. Lori could feel her juices slowly oozing down her thighs as her arousal continued to torture her and she had no choice but to stand there with her hands held firmly over her head and her ankles chained to the floor and wait.

Jim lowered her wrists in the morning setting the keys to the chains on the nearby table and said “Nice try” and left for work leaving Lori to free herself after her numb hands woke up. After he had rubbed his beautiful wife for almost an hour Jim had left the room and gone to bed leaving her bound and alone. Lori had stood in her painful heels in complete blackness waiting for him to return, the tight blindfold keeping her from realizing he had left her alone tied for the night and her plan had not worked for several hours.

Lori had struggled and moaned most of the night as the pain from the hood and tall heels increased until she finally gave up and hung from her wrists wishing he would return and free her. Lori slowly sank to her knees as she flexed her hands and moaned from the relief of having her hands lowered and could now get off her feet. Wrestling with the blind fold Lori was glad to see the keys laying next to her and tried to unlock the cuffs only to find she could only release the chains from the cuffs. This meant that she would be forced to wear the dress and heels another day since the cuffs and collar were locked over the dress and her ankle cuffs were locked over the straps of the shoes forcing her to wear them as well. Lori spent the morning releasing what she could and made her way to the bedroom while she worked the thick hood out from under the collar. Lori fell asleep trapped in the rubber and painful shoes dreaming of him ravaging her when he arrived home.

After months of working on the steel mesh the company finally had it perfected, not only was it the combination of metals used that made it stronger than most solid steels but it was flexible and could actually be woven into long sheets. The mesh didn’t collapse like most when bent or twisted and if it was woven in a certain direction the flexibility would change from all directions to only one.

The company already had orders for thousands of yards and many more coming in as more and more uses for it was found. Jim could now concentrate on how he was going to use it. Jim had already taken small sections of it to his home shop and created a posture collar and gauntlets for Lori. The collar could be locked tightly around Lori’s neck and would hold her head rigidly but allowed her skin to breathe under it and it could be showered in. Lori loved it and wore it daily along with the gauntlets that would hold her wrists firmly.

What Jim needed was a way to have the material close without locks so the lines of the mesh would be clean but Lori could close it herself. His solution was to add several tightly grouped layers of the mesh and every three inches would have them knitted very close together making rigid stays. Then in the back have the ends knitted tightly together over steel bars that had catches every inch and could be released with a “key” that would move the latches upwards allowing the corset to be opened. Jim spent weeks perfecting the corset while Lori wore the prototypes everyday loving the way they pulled her in and held her so tight and the thought of them being made of steel and that she would technically locked into them permanently really turned her on.

Jim had made her several different styles of corsets, his favorite was the one that had straps over her shoulders. The perfectly shaped cups of the corset cradling her large breasts and squeezing her soft flesh into the mesh that held them. The triple layers crushing Lori’s waist incredibly small before the panties covered her moist pussy and shapely ass making her look like a heavy metal playboy bunny. This is the style Jim perfected first and once it was finished Lori could be “locked” into the corset for indefinite periods due to the breathability and the indestructibility of the fabric. She could use the bathroom, only having to perform enemas, shower and wear normal clothing over it if she wanted. Lori loved it and wore it twenty four seven only having it removed when Jim wanted more than a blowjob from her. To her joy Jim’s desire to have her was often and had driven her to quickly ask for a new corset that included a neck corset and small holes for her pert nipples to protrude from. Jim was more than happy to oblige her and after making some knee high boots to match he began working on the newest corset.

After spending three days in the thick rubber dress and extreme heels Lori now wore tall heels constantly. Even though she had waited another three weeks before Jim had released her pussy and tits from the mesh bra and panties she now craved for them to be locked up tight. The waiting for Jim to free her from them had made the orgasm’s she was now having so much more intense from the long wait. The not knowing when she would be allowed to have the next one driving her to make sure she her pussy and ass were locked up constantly. Now with the new corset he wanted to have sex with her almost daily so she had no problems with locking herself up for him and hoped the cycles would continue.

The ratcheting device Jim had made allowed Lori to close the mesh corset completely by herself so Lori would slip her body into one each morning before Jim left. Closing it while listening for the click of the latch before loosening the tool and she would be encased in the tight steel mesh until Jim unlatched it. Lori could remove the corset but getting the “Key” into the tiny hole while wearing it was very difficult so after the first time of trying she never attempted to release herself again. While Jim made more clothing out of the steel mesh Lori had mastered the mesh boots he had made and now was covered from neck to toes in the mesh even wearing it out of the house. Long sleeves covered most of the gauntlets, and she would leave the high posture collar showing as she went shopping. The steel of the boots soles clicking on the stores hard floors making Lori feel empowered as she strode through the aisles.

The next corset was almost ready Jim had worked long hours to perfect it and thought it was the best yet. The corset would cover Lori from the tall collar down to her full breasts leaving only small openings for her pert nipples and completely covering her body from neck to pussy in the steel. The triple layers now were used not only in the corset but also in covering her pussy and ass and the new knee high boots would hold her feet in an en-point position. The part he was the most proud of where the shoulder length gloves, Lori had said she wanted a pair several times but Jim had been having problems with making the fingers correct. The plant had made some mesh that was much finer and now Jim used it for the fingers weaving it into the larger mesh that went up her arms. All the pieces had been made with the same latching design but now had an actual key instead of just a pin to release them. Jim had the items on the cast of Lori’s body in his shop, he hadn’t told her that the corset would pull her in another two inches making her waist under the corset thirteen inches. He had also not told her about the steeper angle of the boots but she had indicated she had wanted each that way along with the collar that would force her head up and stretch her neck.

Jim was expecting to take a lengthy trip in a few days and would be gone for possibly a month or more and didn’t want to tease Lori with the new corset just to make her not wear it while he was gone so he left her locked up in her current mesh clothing. The two continued having great sex while Lori modeled her special clothes for him and stayed encased in the steel.

Jim did not know that Lori regularly looked in his shop, even though she had been told not to, and had seen the new corset with its attachable boots and permanently attached gloves and had been drooling over the chance to try it on. Jim had given Lori the “key” to her current outfit before leaving telling her to remove it at least once a week and kissed her good bye. Lori had dressed herself in her tallest shoes to match her current outfit and wiggled her ass for him while she helped him get ready to go. Lori wanted to leave him with a beautiful image that might hold him until he returned and keep him aroused for the duration.

Waiting for Jim to call saying he had arrived before completely undressing herself and running to the lab. Lori stripped the new corset and boots off her doppelganger and carried the heavy material into her bedroom where she had the ratchet closing device waiting. As she carried the outfit Lori noticed two things the first was how much heavier it was and blaming the new boots for that and that the corset was rigid only allowing itself to roll up length wise into a heavy solid tube. Reaching the bed room Lori stuffed her feet into the new boots finding when her feet reached the ankles they could not pass through them. Lori pulled and pulled but could not force her feet through the narrow openings. Getting tired Lori sat back on the bed releasing her grip on the upper part of the boot allowing it to sag down onto itself and suddenly her feet slid to the bottom. A stunned Lori grabbed the upper boot and pulled it up her leg feeling the mesh get tighter as she raised it and figured out when she gave the material some slack it had expanded enough to allow her foot to pass the narrow ankle. Lori slipped her other foot into the boot and pushed the material down and was able to seat her foot all the way to the bottom first try, squealing Lori quickly pulled the boots up, carefully working it upwards until the mesh was over her thighs and very close to her pussy.

Grabbing the ratchet device Lori started closing the tops of the boots, as she ratcheted the tops closed she could feel the boots tightening all over her leg. As the material grew closer to closing Lori was concerned that they might be too tight but continued until both were latched. After using the ratchet to close the upper thighs of the boots Lori noticed the small straps on each side and figured they were to be used as garters for the boots. Lori had been so fascinated she hadn’t noticed how steep an angle her feet were in. She sat on the bed and pushed her feet through the openings in the bottom of the corset before finally standing, she all most fell over as she realized she would be forced to stand on her toes while locked in the boots.

Smiling she continued to work the heavy steel mesh up her body, twisting and flexing to squeeze her body into the steel until she finally had it pulled up to her chest and sat back down to ease the pain already starting in her feet. Finding the attachment points for the boots Lori slid the straps under the corset letting the tiny hooks grab the steel mesh realizing they would be locked on under the corset as soon as she closed it. Lori did not know that the boots should have been attached while she was standing and that would play into her discomfort later. Pushing her hands into the attached gloves she found a similar problem at her wrists as she did her ankles and pushed the material down while twisting her hand until it popped past the wrist and into the glove, arranging her fingers she soon had the other glove on and raised her arms while she forced her body into the suit making it settle around her torso.

Lori was gasping from the effort as she sat on the bed, taking her steel covered fingers Lori pulled and twisted her nipples until her breasts were fully seated into the cups and her erect nipples were pushing out of the holes for them. While she was adjusting her nipples Lori noticed how the steel covering her fingers made them feel numb and if she squeezed to hard would pinch her nipples painfully. Now fully into the suit Lori hooked the ratchet on one side of the corset back and opened it until it reached the other side and let the tiny hooks grab the mesh and began closing the corset.

As Lori pumped the handle and the mesh tightened around her body Lori could feel the gloves tighten as they were pulled further up her shoulders. Lori pumped on the handle slowly feeling the corset grow tighter forcing her to sit straight up as the high collar tightened as well. After ten minutes Lori’s neck was being pinched as the collar forced her to stretch her neck and twist her head to let it continue to close. Lori was getting tired and nervous that he had made the collar to tight and it would choke her. Even as her arm was getting more difficult to bend back and pump the ratchet handle Lori’s curiosity made her continue to close the corset figuring she could release it if it was too tight.

Lori was gasping for air as the corset neared closing, her left arm was now compressed inside the glove and her waist was squeezed beyond anything she had worn before. Even the thick covering over her pussy was being pulled extremely tight over her swollen lips. After resting for a moment Lori forced her arm back again to the ratchet and continued to pump the handle until she heard the series of clicks and knew it was closed. Lori pumped the handle until it wouldn’t budge anymore then turned it and released the ratchet letting it drop to the bed. She gasped as she relaxed and ran her numb hands across her compressed stomach and thought “Well I won’t be wearing this long”.

The extreme pressure making her have to take shallow breaths and forcing her nipples out of their small openings even further. The tall collar making her feel like she was being strangled and forcing her to look slightly upwards also making her nervous. Lori stood up again and could feel the boots get tighter as the corset pulled them up slightly and also could feel the gloves tighten further smashing her arms inside the sleeves firm grip.

Lori shuffled to the large mirror and gasped loudly at how tiny her waist seemed taking her hands and grabbing her waist almost being able to touch her fingers around it. Lori couldn’t bend her neck or body at all, the steel mesh held her perfectly erect. She could feel her skin seeping into the tiny openings in the steel and it made her whole body tingle as she stood looking at her long thin legs wrapped tightly by the steel. Holding one hand up she could see the difference in the mesh enclosing her hands and fingers and as she moved and stretched she swore she could feel the sleeves and the gloves tighten. Lori was now completely sealed into the steel as she turned to see herself in the mirror noticing her pert nipples protruding through and thought they needed something. She carefully swayed her way to the dresser and pulled out two thick metal covers that not only would cover her nipples completely they would pinch them firmly as well.

Slipping the covers over each nipple she released the clamps and cringed as they bit down hard on her engorged nipples. Turning to look at herself Lori was very turned on and twisted the covers locking them in place. Now every time Lori took a breath her nipples reminded her that they were being pinched ruthlessly under the steel covers but she smiled as she thought now she looked perfect. Lori moved to the kitchen and drank some water before walking around the house enjoying the forced sway the corset and tall boots made her take. Lori had also noticed that the steel was no longer getting tighter around her arms but her legs seemed to be getting squeezed more with each step. The straps had been hooked to high in the corset and as the boots eased upwards the steel compressed her legs more soon making her feet go numb making walking even more difficult.

Lori paraded around the house for several hours even strapping a large gag into her mouth. Taking her most powerful vibrator and pressing it hard against her steel covered cunt only to have the vibrations dissipate to quickly through the multi layers covering her not doing anything but frustrating her more. After fighting with the vibrator Lori was ready to cum and stomped in the shop to find the “key”. Looking around she found nothing and thought, I can use the one from my other corset and sashayed back to her room only to find she couldn’t reach the hole to open the corset. Moving to the large mirror she used a hand mirror to look for the hole for the key and desperately tried to force the pin into the opening. The tight steel gloves made manipulating the key difficult and she could not force her arms back far enough to get it into the hole. Lori was very frightened, had she trapped herself into this steel corset! Jim would not be back for weeks and she didn’t think she could stand the extreme compression for that long.

Lori fought with the gloves and even tried to stick the pin into the wall and back up to it but nothing seemed to work. She sat down and wept around the large gag as she realized not only would she be unable to satisfy herself but Jim was going to be very upset she had gone into his shop and taken something from it. Lori removed the gag and unlocked the clamps and lay down to rest finding the collar felt much tighter when she lay on her back and that she couldn’t get her arm out from under her far enough to lay on her side. Wrestling with the corset on the bed Lori finally relaxed enough to drift off to sleep dreaming of being told there was no release for the corset and she was now sealed inside it forever. The dream making her wake with a start before she remembered it was a dream then feeling the tight corset and boots and cried herself to sleep again. Jim was waiting for the phone call about her being locked into the corset, he had watched from his lap top the video of her sneaking into his shop and trying it on. He had purposely left the key out of sight and since she was in no immediate danger would not tell her where it was. This way she might learn something and would go through the adjustment phase of wearing it while he was gone.

Jim also had made more nipple covers that fit the new corset and not only could the tension on the clamps be adjusted the covers themselves needed the same key to remove them once they had been turned slightly and the small latches had been engaged under the corset edges. For two days she told him nothing of the corset and when he asked why she was so out of breath she told him she had been cleaning. Lori didn’t know it but every day she essentially lied about wearing the corset she extended her time by one month that he would leave her trapped inside it. If she passed a week she would also be forced to wear the gag except when she was servicing him. Jim knew her well enough to have written all this down in an envelope leaving it on his work bench with her name written on it before he left. Lori struggled for the first few days with the extra tension and high collar but as her body adjusted she had also gotten used to the gloves and even the boots had stopped tightening. Her feet had stopped being numb and felt more comfortable wearing the corset and boots and as her anxiety calmed she decided to tell Jim about it.

When Jim called on the fifth day Lori listened to him tell her about his work and after a brief chat about her duties she blurted out she had found the new outfit and was wearing it for him. Lori had added the last part hoping to get some leniency and waited for him to respond. Jim smiled on his end and ask her if she had found the nipple covers that went with it? She said she hadn’t so he had her go into his shop and guided her to where they where and explained how to put them on. Lori looked at the much larger covers noticing the small hole and knew they locked on. As Jim watched on his lap top he ordered her to put them on and watched as she grasped the tabs on the top opening the clamps inside and slipped them over her erect nipples. Releasing the clamps hurt and Jim’s erection grew harder as he watched her face. As the pain faded he told her to push them until they touched the corset then turn them one quarter turn. Lori’s nipples had squeezed out of the small openings and she had to push them in quite a bit to get the covers to touch the corset cups. The twisting of them is where it became difficult but with some encouragement from Jim she was finally able to get them to touch and heard them click into place keeping her nipples not only pinched but twisted slightly under them.

Jim watched his lap top seeing her face when the covers locked on and watched her try to squeeze the clamps again and then try to untwist the covers but neither action made any difference. The latches once closed disconnected the tabs making it impossible to reopen the clamps until they were unlocked. Since he had no intension of telling her where the key was she was now stuck in the steel corset, boots and gloves with her nipples being pinched and twisted for up to the next five to six months. Jim told her he was proud of her and said he had to go and before hanging up he said I left you something on my work bench find it and we’ll talk tomorrow and hung up. Lori was now rubbing her steel covered breasts desperately trying to ease the pain her nipples were in and moved to the bench searching for the envelope. Lori ripped it open and read the note while Jim watched her face drop as she realized he was going to make her stay locked up for at least five months after he returns. Lori threw the paper turning she began thrashing at the corset pulling at the steel. Her fit lasted only a minute or so until she stood gasping for air and rubbing her nipples again and slowly walked back into the house knowing she was defeated and had no choice in how long she was forced to wear the corset and boots.

Two weeks later Jim arrived home, the house was spotless and Lori was waiting for him by the front door. She had her largest gag in her mouth and leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles. The small chains connecting them reducing her steps to a few inches as she took his coat and hung it up then led him to the table where she served him dinner. Lori stood by his side waiting for him to finish eating before escorting him into the living room. Lori cleaned the kitchen and carried his bags to his room and put everything away then rejoined him handing him the keys to her restraints and gag before locking her hands together behind her back and kneeling between his legs.

Jim smiled knowing she was trying to please him so he would release her early but had already committed himself to keeping her locked up for the rest of the year just to make a point. Now since she was being so good he would leave her hands and ankles chained together as well. Lori had spent the previous two weeks mastering her restraints and had accepted she would not be released for a long time and had decided to be the best servant she could be to prove to Jim she wanted to be his and only his. It had not been easy for her getting used to not being able to look down from the high stiff collar and the clamps were still pinching her nipples tightly. She had spent a lot of time crying from the pain as each breath reminded her of them being tightly clamped but like the uncomfortable boots she had endured the pain. Mainly for lack of any other options, and now could handle it and her metal skin perfectly and couldn’t wait to prove how good she could be to Jim.

The months went by slowly for Lori who now spent every day with her hands and feet chained together and a large gag strapped and locked to her head. The only time she was left without the gag and chains was on the days she was forced to go shopping. During these days she would wear long pants or skirts with a heavy blouse or coat and walked proudly around the store or mall. Her metal shoes clicking loudly only receiving strange looks from people who got close enough to see the high steel collar or her steel covered hands when it was too hot to wear other gloves over them. Jim was serviced regularly by Lori’s talented mouth before sealing it back up, and never once did Lori asked to be released or complain about the corset. She also had been forced to stay bound and gagged in the dungeon every night since the first time he tried to sleep next to her and didn’t like the rough steel rubbing on his body. Now she would go and restrain herself after he would dismiss her leaving the final lock for him and remain bound in whatever position he or she had picked for her for the night.

After seven months Jim wanted to remove the corset and located the key and had her join him in the shop. When he told her what he wanted she began sobbing and when he removed the gag she begged for him not to turn her out. Fearing he was going to make her leave and no matter how much he tried to convince her he wasn’t going to do that she kept crying until her gave her the key and said “When you’re comfortable then bring me the key and I’ll release you”. Lori smiled and took the key and for another six months the two continued being master and servant until finally Jim asked her to get the key and she just shook her gagged head no.

Jim got angry and ordered her to get the key and she shook her head no again and tried to show him but her hands were still bound behind her back so Jim removed the gag and asked “Why not?” Lori moved her eyes down and said “I threw it away” Jim gasped knowing it was the only one and even though he thought he could duplicate it he asked why? Lori sobbing said “To prove I love you” Jim sat back and smiled and let her service him with her mouth and watched as she got up and walked into her room.

Jim thought he had finally trained her and now had the perfect woman, obedient, caring. She will never gain any weight and always do as she thinks he would want her to do. After she left Jim began sketching a new hood to match her corset that would permanently hold her mouth open having a removable center gag but a large ring keeping her mouth open. The steel mesh would cover her eyes making her have to concentrate very hard on whatever she was trying to see and sealing her fate as his forever. Lori lay on her bed happy he still loved her and trying to figure out a way to ask for a matching hood and maybe a long skirt to cover her legs and force them closely together. Both feel asleep smiling and dreaming of more steel to cover her in.

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