Lori 2

by Sigid

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© Copyright 2001 - Sigid - Used by permission

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Lori 2
Part Two

When I finally awoke the next morning, I found that I was alone on the bed, still chained down spread-eagled.  For several minutes, I thought about all that had happened last night;  I hadn't had such an intense evening in quite some time!  I was astounded at Karyn's sexual skill and virtuosity - being her slave was almost more than I could take.  And Lori had revealed a sensual side of herself that I had never seen before, but which I liked a great deal.

 I was just wondering whether our relationship (in which Lori was mainly a Submissive) was due for a change, and whether I enjoyed being a Submissive enough to propose such a change, when the bedroom door opened and Karyn came in, radiantly nude in the morning light.

 "Good morning, Mistress Karyn", I said, adopting my slave character right away.  Karyn climbed onto the bed and settled herself between my legs.  I had a momentary thought that I was about to have a really good time again, but then Karyn only looked at me sternly.  Then, with an easy motion born of long experience, she slid my cock lock back into place and secured it.

 Forgetting myself for a moment, I groaned at the return of that damned lock.  Karyn looked at me and frowned.  "You've got a bad attitude, slave.  You should have said `Thank You, Mistress' and instead you almost make me believe you don't appreciate having your cock and balls locked up."

 "Uh oh" I thought, realizing my error.  I put on my best hang dog look, and said softly "Thank you, Mistress Karyn!"

 "Too late!" she snapped.  "I can see your training is not complete.  You need some major attitude adjustment, slave!"  She attached the leash to my cock lock again, and fastened one end of the leash to a convenient eyebolt in the bed frame.  Karyn unlocked my left wrist and secured it to my waist belt, then did the same to my right wrist.  Grabbing a pair of stainless steel handcuffs from the night table, she snapped them into place, securing my wrists behind me.  She removed my bondage cuffs and waist belt.  Then she took a piece of rope and used it to tie my elbows behind me, drawing them back until they actually hurt.

 At this point, she got up and left the room, only to return a moment later carrying some of her clothes.  Returning to the bed, she grabbed my balls and squeezed none-too-gently, saying "Open your mouth!"  When I did, and she stuffed her white lace panties into my mouth and secured them in place with one of her stockings, a crude but effective gag.  She then unlocked my ankles from the bed.  Removing my leather ankle cuffs, she attached stainless steel handcuffs (with a 12 inch chain) to each of my ankles.  She picked up my cock leash, and snapped it sharply.  "Get up, slave!" she commanded, and I followed her out of the bedroom.

 Lori was in the kitchen and was dressed to thrill;  she was wearing a deep blue chemise with cream colored lace cups that concealed very little.  When she saw me, she grinned mischievously, sat back deeply in her chair, and swung her long legs onto the table, splaying her knees wide enough apart to give me a good view her matching panties.  Looking at her was enough to get my cock stirring - until Karyn snapped my leash again.

 "This slave needs to be cleaned" Karyn said "He smells bad"

 "Do you want help?" Lori asked, and once again, that mischievous smirking grin crossed her face.  "Uh oh" I thought again.  Last time she had that grin, I wound up wearing this damned cock lock.  I wondered what new deviltry she had in mind...

 "Thanks, but I can handle this one" Karyn said, and lead me to the bathroom.  Once inside, I realized I had to pee really badly, and I glanced at the toilet.  Karyn followed my glance, and grinned wickedly.  She walked me over to the bowl, and then held my penis saying "Go ahead, slave!".  I had never had company in the bathroom for this, and I'd never had "help" from a woman, either, so it took a little while to get going.  And I blushed more deeply than I can recall doing in recent years.

 Karyn attached my leash to the towel bar and got the shower going.  She pulled me roughly inside, and then cleaned me very thoroughly and intimately, paying particular attention to my cock, balls, and anus (which she soaped up repeatedly).  She never let go of my leash, either.  When I was cleaned, she attached my leash to the shower curtain rod, drawing up the slack in the leash chain so that I had to stand up straight and still.  She soaped herself thoroughly, ignoring me as though I wasn't there.  As I watched, I again admired her body, which was really excellent (and it looked great in soap, too!)  I would have loved to get my hands on her and explore her cunt, and her breasts, and stroke her beautiful ass,  and kiss those luscious lips, and...

 Karyn was looking at my cock, which had gotten hard just thinking about her.  Her smirking grin reappeared, as she asked, "Thinking naughty thoughts, slave?"  Grinning wickedly, she turned to face me, giving me a full view of her naked body.  She moved her hands up her rib cage to cup her soapy breasts and present them to me.  "See anything you like?" she purred, and then leaned forward to rub her breasts against me, enjoying my helpless groans.  She chuckled and finished cleaning herself, then dried us both off.  Picking up my leash, she led me into the living room, where Lori was reading a magazine.  Karyn removed the makeshift gag, and Lori handed her a leather one which had a large penile attachment on the inside of the mouthpiece.  To prevent any discussion of the matter, Lori then grabbed my balls and squeezed them just enough to remind me what the situation was;  I opened my mouth and Karyn shoved the gag in deeply, then fastened it tightly around the back of my head.

 Lori then helped Karyn re-attach the leather bondage cuffs to my wrists, elbows,  and ankles (apparently they had been removed only to prevent their getting wet in the shower).  When I saw that mischievous grin wide on Lori's face, my heart sank.  Lori looked at Karyn and pointed up.  I followed her finger and saw a large eyebolt in the ceiling (there had been a plant hanging from it last night, but no plant ever needed a bolt this heavy).  Lori then inserted a long piece of chain thru this eyebolt.  My wrist cuffs were locked securely in front of me, and attaching the chain to my cuffs, Lori drew my hands straight up over my head, securing them tightly.  Karyn attached a 3 foot long spreader bar to my ankle cuffs and locked it in place, which increased the pressure on my arms and shoulders while rendering me totally helpless.

 I got the feeling that I was in some really deep shit - this level of bondage was pretty intense.  Standing on the ottoman, Karyn looped my cock leash chain through the ceiling eyebolt, and then pulled it tightly, locking it in place.

 This was no fun at all!  The pressure on my captive balls and cock was strong, even painful!  And there was nothing I could do about it.  Karyn smiled at the expression which crossed my face.  "I think he finally realizes who's in charge here!" she said to Lori.  Then she turned to me.

 "Well, slave!  We have to go out for a little while - I need to buy some clothes since I didn't think I was going to be here overnight."  She pulled on her black satin slip from the previous evening, leaving her white lace panties on the floor.  Once again, she and Lori looked so good that my cock started getting hard despite its predicament.  Seeing this, Lori laughed, and started stroking my cock in a very teasing way.  I groaned, knowing I could not afford to get too much into this - one false step (literally) could be really painful!

 Hearing my groan, Karyn grinned and walked behind me.  Her fingers began to lightly stroke my ass.  I moaned as she parted my ass cheeks and began rubbing my anus.  Lori increased her efforts, and I started to get very short of breath.  I had to concentrate hard to avoid swaying, or losing my balance - or doing anything else which might move me even slightly!  And then, despite everything, I started violently - Karyn was now kneeling behind me, and was using her incredibly skilled tongue on my anus, licking and darting, probing me intimately and deeply.

 This was a new experience for me - I had never had a woman violate my ass, and there was an indefinable thrill in having it happen while I was helplessly chained!  I could not believe my reaction as I started pumping my hips to match her rhythm, careful to avoid moving too much.  I groaned more loadly into my gag;  I had a tremendous itching in my crotch which Karyn and Lori were doing their best to inflame even further.

 Lori looked into my eyes briefly and chuckled.  "Hey, Karyn!" she said, "This slave really likes having his ass violated - he's as hard as a rock!"  My face turned red and it was suddenly much too warm...

 Karyn stopped what she was doing and stood up.  "I'm not at all surprised.", she said, "It looks to me like he enjoys being dominated sexually, don't you think?" Lori nodded, and then went to the bedroom to finish getting dressed, while Karyn gathered up her skirt and blouse from the night before and put them on.

 I couldn't believe that they were actually going to leave me here in this miserable position!  My balls already hurt and I was afraid I was going to strain something vital! When Lori appeared (now fully dressed) in the bedroom doorway, I sent her a pleading glance and struggled as much as I dared.  She smiled at me and removed the leash chain from my cock lock.

 "You'll spoil him rotten," was Karyn's disapproving remark.

 "I just don't want his clumsiness to damage anything, uh, important." Lori responded.  She then stood directly in front of me.  "But I wouldn't want you to get too comfortable, slave!" she said sternly, and then she attached a nipple clip to each of my nipples!  My cock again swelled up, but neither Lori nor Karyn was inclined to give me any help.

 "Attagirl, Lori!" said Karyn, flicking the nipple clips with her fingers to watch my pained reaction.  Then Karyn reached down, gave my balls a friendly feel, and said "Have a good time!"  Then they both left to go shopping.

 All I could do was stand still and wait for them to return.  The chain on my wrists was so tight that it allowed me virtually no lateral movement - and the spreader bar attached to my ankles effectively immobilized me as well.  I tested the bonds, hoping against hope, but no such luck.  The nipple clips were driving me crazy;  in a sense, a nipple clip on a male is simply a painful and visible symbol of his slavery, something annoying which the slave would dearly love to remove, but cannot.

 And the weirdest part for me was the growing realization that Karyn had been right - I actually enjoyed my situation!  I liked being rendered completely helpless, dominated by a strong-willed woman.  I was aroused by being in heavy bondage, utterly dependent on my Mistress for any and all sexual pleasure.  Having been a Dominant for so long, I hadn't recognized that there was real pleasure in sexual surrender, a joy in the complete trust and unconditional sharing of one's most personal self with another.  That sex I had last night had been the very best and most totally fulfilling I'd had in a long time - and I was still horny (very horny!) this morning.  I wondered if maybe I was a "closet" Submissive.

 It was a little over an hour later that my two Mistresses returned.  They were clearly in a good mood as Lori closed the apartment door and put her packages on the floor.  Karyn was now wearing a short and slinky white nylon dress with a pair of red high heels.  The dress was thin enough that I could tell immediately she was wearing no bra.  Karyn walked right over to me and flicked my nipple clips again. 

 "Well, slave?"  she said sternly "Has this little lesson served to improve your attitude?"  I nodded vigorously.  Her nipples were semi-stiff, poking visibly at the thin dress.  "Do you like my new dress?" she asked.  I nodded again (I certainly did - it fit her slim body as though it was painted on!)  She smiled, noticing that my cock was getting stiff again.  She put her arms around me and began rubbing her hips lewdly against my erection.  I shivered, wishing that I could return the embrace, wishing that she was in my position so that I could rape her long, wide, deep, and repeatedly.  She kept me going for a few minutes, and then released me, saying "I'll show you what else I bought later - if you behave."

 Lori returned from the bathroom, turned on the stereo again, came over to me and smiled.  "Let me show you what I bought" she said, and looking me straight in the eyes, she began to strip.  I fully expected to see that eye-catching little blue chemise she was wearing earlier, but she had apparently been shopping for some new lingerie.  She removed her blouse to reveal a hot-pink satin and lace bra which enhanced and displayed her gorgeous breasts to perfection.  Her nipples, already stiffening (much like my captive cock) were clearly visible and I would have given anything just to get my hands on them!  Seeing my reaction, she grinned, unzipped her skirt and let it fall, revealing the short matching half slip.  I groaned with frustrated desire and when her hand closed around my erection, I thought I would pass out.  She teased me for a little while, then backed off.

 Karyn came over holding a joint from which she just taken a large hit, and passed it to Lori.  "Well, if you're going to show him everything..." she smiled, and unzipping her own dress, let it fall.  I groaned again - Karyn was wearing a pair of skimpy light blue panties which were entirely transparent except for some strategically placed lace designs.  Once again she rubbed her hips against my erection and let her fingers lightly stroke my ass.

 Lori reached behind my head and removed my gag.  I remembered to say "Thank you, Mistress Lori" but thanks to Karyn's efforts, it came out as a gasp.  When Lori held up the joint for me, Karyn took it instead.  She drew a deep toke, holding it for a count of ten, then she pressed her lips to mine and `shotgunned' me.  Lori did the same for her next toke and we continued until the joint was gone.

 Lori went into the bedroom and came out a moment later carrying a thick leather bondage harness.  This was no toy - it was a full-body harness, with several locking straps and "D" rings attached to it.

 Since I had no other choice, I stood quietly as she and Karyn began to fit the harness onto me.  The first thick leather strap went around my neck, and locked snugly in place.  From the large leather strap which now ran down my back, two other straps were criss-crossed tightly around my chest and fastened in the back.  A second thick strap was then wrapped around my waist and pulled snug.  From the back of the waist strap, two smaller straps were drawn up between my legs and fastened tightly to the front;  my cock lock was then clipped to these straps.

 Karyn was grinning very wickedly as they unlocked my wrists, and then attached each of my wrist cuffs to its opposing elbow cuff, locking my arms very tightly behind my back.  Removing the spreader bar, they locked my ankles with a 6 inch hobble, and then reattached the leash chain to my cock lock.

 "You know, Lori" Karyn said, "This grass is making me very horny."

 Lori's smirky grin reappeared.  She handed Karyn my leash.  "That's what he's for!" she chuckled.  Karyn lead me over to the couch.  "Kneel down, slave!" she said sharply, snapping my leash.  I quickly knelt down before her.  She stripped off her skimpy blue panties and sat down on the couch, tossing her legs over my shoulders.  "Eat me!" she commanded, pulling my head toward her crotch.

 Once again I found myself enjoying the taste and the deeply musky smell of her wonderful cunt as I went to work on her with lips, teeth and tongue.  She seemed to be trying to fight me at first, pushing my shoulders back and pulling her cunt ever-so-slightly out of reach.  In a few minutes her resistance melted as I licked hungrily at her cunt and lapped up her flowing juices greedily.  She began squirming and pulling my head forward as her heat grew;  I responded by sticking my tongue as deeply inside her as I could and sucking her clit.  As her clit grew, I worked on it with my lips and tongue, driving her frenzy ever higher.  She arched her back, pushing her hips onto my face, grinding her cunt into my mouth as I was finally able to capture her clit between my lips so that I could tongue-lash her.  As I did, I felt her whole body shudder and then she exploded in a frenzy of wild movement, bucking herself against me and moaning loudly.  I kept her orgasm going for at least 30 seconds;  I was prepared to keep going longer but she pulled her cunt back out of reach. 

 "Enough, slave" she was trying to sound forceful, but it came out as a gasp.  Her startling hazel eyes were somewhat glazed and seemed to be out of focus for a moment.  Her breasts were filmed with sweat and heaved beautifully as she tried to steady her labored breathing.

 Lori came over, having already stripped naked.  She took my leash from Karyn's hand and directed me over to herself.  She hooked her heals together behind my head and drew me forward.  I have always deeply loved Lori's cunt and it was a pleasure to be able to kiss it and smell it again.  She was already wet from having watched Karyn's turn, and I was easily able to part her labia with my lips so that my tongue could reach her clit.  She gasped and pressed herself against me.  I showed her no mercy, and went after her clit aggressively as she started to squirm on the couch.  When I could do it, I trapped her clit in my teeth and began tongue-lashing her as I has Karyn.  Lori started to thrash and moan loudly, all the while holding my head firmly against her crotch.  I knew Lori's rhythms as well as she knew mine, and I was able to bring her to the brink of orgasm several times, each time backing down just before she hit the edge.  Finally, she cried out in frustration and began bucking her hips against my face.  This time when I brought her to her peak, I held her there as long as I could before attacking her clit with my tongue, licking and sucking, following her writhing hips as though I was part of her.  Her orgasm washed over her like a powerful wave, carrying her along with it as it surged and pounded.  Still I continued to work on her as her breath grew ragged and her gasps grew louder.  Finally her body shivered intensely and she slumped down on the couch, pushing me away from her.

 I had a raging hardon, but there was nothing I could do about it.  Once again, the cock lock had magnified every sensation to the point where even a cool breeze blowing over my cock produced a sharply pleasurable response.  I remained kneeling, and let my breath start to return to normal.

 Karyn looked over at Lori and shook her hand.  "Jesus Christ, Lori" she said, "You'd better treat this slave right, or I'm gonna steal him away from you!"  Lori grinned back at her "Oh, no you don't!  I'll fight you to the death!"  They laughed briefly and then Lori stood up, a little uncertainly.  "I'm hungry - for food, I mean.  You in the mood for lunch?"  Karyn nodded, and Lori retrieved her new hot pink panties and went out to the kitchen.

 Karyn stretched out her foot and pushed me over onto my back on the floor.  She quickly came over and stretched herself out on top of me, pressing her marvelous breasts against my chest and pressing her thighs down on mine.  She hooked one hand behind my head and said "Maybe I'll just have a little snack, first!" and began kissing me passionately.  As before, she used her lips and tongue on my mouth very aggressively, and with truly awesome skill.  She roughly yanked off my nipple clips with her free hand, and then reached down and began stroking my captive cock deliberately and purposefully.  I gasped as her skillful hand brought me to full erection in less than 30 seconds, and back to a raging purple monster hardon in just about a minute.  Although she was an extraordinary cock teaser, she was definitely not just teasing me now.  And she knew exactly what she was doing and how to do it.

 She had me writhing and moaning so fast I was amazed.  The damned cock lock once again prevented me from getting off, but the sensations she was producing were nothing short of exquisite.  I began to struggle wildly against my bonds, rocking to and fro, moaning way down deep in my throat - but to no avail.  She had no mercy on me, and held on tightly to my cock so that I couldn't get away.  She just kept on driving me crazy and there was nothing at all I could do about it.  My entire conciousness was focussed on my cock and the maddening, burning, unsatisfied itch Karyn was inflicting on me.  I could think of nothing except getting fucked;  getting fucked was the only thing in the world, getting fucked was the best thing there was, getting fucked would solve every problem, God, if I could just get fucked...

 "Please, Mistress Karyn!"  I begged, my voice a hoarse and ragged whimper.

 She stopped kissing me and looked me in the eyes.  "Please, what?" she asked with a smirk.

 I could hardly think what to say.  "Please, Mistress Karyn - have mercy!" I cried.

 Instead, she deftly re-inserted my gag and pulled it tight.  She laughed, and then she swung her leg up over my chest so that she faced away from me, leaned down and took my cock deeply into her mouth.

 I thought I was going to die.  The sensations were much more intense than I could handle - her skills as a fellatrix were unrivaled.  In seconds I was bucking even more wildly, moaning loudly into my gag, begging raggedly for relief, trying to fuck her mouth harder than I ever tried to fuck anything before, even though I knew I couldn't come.  It the cock lock had not been there, I swear I could have blown her head off with the force of my orgasm;  as it was, I could only writhe and squirm helplessly in a sexual frenzy as she sucked and licked my cock without mercy.

 Lori had returned from the kitchen, and stood in the doorway watching the proceedings.  I think my agonized thrashing and labored breathing alarmed her.  She came over to Karyn and tapped her on the shoulder.  "If you're quite through torturing my slave..." she said archly, "Lunch is ready." 

 Karyn looked up as Lori left, and then turned around, drilling my eyes with her own and smiling hungrily.  "If you'd ever like to be a `guest' at my place, let me know!" she said in a low tone of voice, reaching behind my head and removing my gag.

 I shivered, having some idea what being her `guest' would involve.  The proposal was very appealing, and had a definitely dangerous feel to it.  However, I felt that it might be inappropriate for a slave to make such a decision, so I sidestepped her by responding "Thank you, Mistress Karyn, but I belong to Mistress Lori."  That was, apparently, the right thing to say.  Karyn's smile widened.  "Very good, slave!  You surprise me."

 Karyn got up, took up my leash, and lead me to the kitchen  As I sat down at the table, I realized I'd had nothing to eat since dinner last evening.  However, neither Lori nor Karyn made any move to release my bonds, so I just sat there, the ache in my cock gradually subsiding.  When she had finished, Lori began feeding me (it was humiliating to be treated like a child, but I was hungry and I had no choice anyway, so...)

 After lunch, Lori lead me back to the living room, where she once again locked me securely into the adjustable chair.  She again gagged me tightly, and then she and Karyn spent the next hour teasing my helpless caged cock.  They showed me no mercy;  in fact, they seemed to be having an unspoken contest as to which one could elicit the biggest response from me - usually by teasing me to the point where my cock felt like it was a 3 foot long bar of molten metal, and then stopping abruptly.  On several occasions, I screamed my frustration into my gag and pulled on bonds hard enough to shake the chair violently;  they usually just laughed. 

 Towards the end, I was so horny and so frustrated that I felt like crying.  Then they smoked some more of my grass and adjusted my chair so that they could force me to eat them.  Removing my gag, they ordered me to keep going until they ordered me to stop.  As I alternated between their delicious cunts, I again got the feeling that there was some sort of friendly competition in progress.

 I was amazed to find just how much I enjoyed this treatment!  I would never have thought that being a completely helpless, sexually tortured and frustrated slave could provide me with such raw, animal pleasure.  I felt inexplicably fulfilled in giving myself up to my two Mistresses, to do with as they saw fit.  Complete Submission had its rewards!

 When they finally finished with me, my face was covered with their mingled cunt juices, and I felt a deep-rooted joy and satisfaction that I could not explain.  Karyn glanced up from the couch, noticed the time, and jumped up.  "Oh shit!" she exclaimed, and began gathering up her clothes.  She slipped into those skimpy, transparent blue panties, then pulled the black satin slip over her head.

 "What's up?" Lori asked, not getting up from the couch.

 "I almost forgot!"  Karyn said, "My parents are coming over to my place tonight so we can go out to dinner!  I have to go home and get ready."  She grinned  "If I don't straighten up my apartment, and put away all my `toys', they're going to wonder what sort of lifestyle I lead!"  She grinned at me.  "I also need a long hot shower."  She pulled on her conservative dark wool suit.  "Lori?  Can I leave my new white dress and stuff here?"  Lori nodded.

 "And Lori?  Can I borrow your slave some time real soon for a weekend at my place?" 

 Lori chuckled, and said "I'm not sure I'm that generous - but we'll see."

 "I don't blame you - this one's something special." Karyn said.  "Well, I gotta run!  See you next time - don't get up, I know my way out."  On her way, Karyn came over to where I sat, still naked and helplessly bound to the chair.  She tickled my balls gently, and said "I hope to see you again - soon!"

 And I realized just how much I wanted to see her, too although I was somewhat scared at the prospect.  With a big smile, Karyn left the apartment.

 Lori came over, still beautifully nude, and sat on the chair next to me.  She removed my cock lock (God, what a GREAT feeling!!) and kissed my mouth passionately.

 "Thank you so much, Paul!" she said, "For not letting me down, and for doing such an incredibly good job as my slave.  I really appreciate all you've done for me - and I haven't forgotten that I `owe you', big time, for this!"

 I was still having trouble sorting out my feelings, but I said  "Thank you, Mistress!  I really enjoyed being your slave - and I'd very much enjoy doing this again some time..."  And I realized that I really meant it - I, who would never have considered being a Submissive prior to this weekend, had discovered a wholly-unexpected pleasure in this role - and I definitely wanted to do it again!

 Her eyes lit up with that deep-seated azure sparkle I had come to know and love so well.  "You have no idea how much I was hoping you'd feel this way!" she said, kissing me again. 

 "Now, be honest with me," I said at length, "How many other slaves have you and Karyn `initiated' like this?"  She tried to bluff her way around the question, but I interrupted her.

 "Come on, Lori" I chided, "You and Karyn work too well together, too much like a trained team, for this to have been the first time.  And this chair was just recently purchased from the looks of it, and I'm sure you didn't order it after you called me on two nights ago.  And your selection of bondage toys is remarkably complete..."

 Lori smiled.  "OK, you caught me.  You aren't the first - Karyn and I have played this before, sometimes here, sometimes at her place.  Up to now, the slaves have all been hers."  She kissed me again.  "And Karyn told me that she's never had a slave like you - she said you're the best, and that's high praise!  She does not impress easily."  Lori had rolled a joint as we spoke, and we began smoking it.

 "You know", Lori said "Karyn told me first thing this morning that you were enjoying yourself, but I really didn't know that - I was kind of worried that she was / we were being too hard on you, but she was confident that you could take it.  And that you would enjoy it." She smile down at me warmly, "Last weekend, you helped me discover the joys of total Submission, and I really wanted to return the favor.  Hope you can forgive the little charade I used to get you here!"

 "She was right!" I agreed enthusiastically "But she must be an expert on male slaves - she was...maybe `professional' is a good word.  Or at least exceptionally talented." I shivered at the recent memories of her skill.  "How long has she been a Dominatrix?"

 Lori hesitated.  "Well, I guess I maybe exaggerated that, too.  Karyn is not exclusively a Domme;  she just specializes in it.  She does enjoy being a Submissive on occasion - for the right man."  Lori grinned.  "Karyn loves men - she really does - and she enjoys sex more than anything else."

 I shivered again, remembering how incredibly skilled she was.  Then I grinned.  "In more ways than one, I'm a lucky man to know you."

 "Yes, you are!" she agreed, and we kissed again, her tongue playing with mine, back and forth.  She let her hands run over my chest, pinching my nipples as she did.  "Anyway, didn't I promise you a truly memorable time?"

 I certainly wouldn't be forgetting this weekend anytime soon!

 "What time is your plane?' she finally asked.  I tried to remember the Sunday schedule, and answered "Around 7:00 tonight."  Lori smiled, and with a quick movement of her hand, she deftly inserted the black leather gag once again into my mouth, fastening it firmly behind my head.

 "Good!" she said, smiling at my surprised expression, "That gives me plenty of time to enjoy you all by myself!"  Her hand on my chest worked its way lower.  "And to thank you again, more personally..."