The Long Weekend

by Rupes

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Storycodes: F/m; bond; leather; straitjacket; legbinder; hood; chains; harness; locks; casket; buried; stuck; cuffs; denim; boots; femdom; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

Claire, a new girl I was dating was amazing, she was exactly the sort of girl I had been looking for, for years. Not stunning, but not ugly, not thin, but a good body, bumps in the right places and nice hips. Much more importantly, she was fun. We had met on a chat site about six months before. As this was the sort of anything goes chat sites we already knew a lot of personal details about each other.

My love of bondage, for the first time was out in the open at the very start of the relationship. Things progressed and we started dating. She was a naturally polite and very pleasant girl to be around, but she also had a bitchy side to her, which mainly came out in the bedroom. She too was into bondage, but not being tied up, she wanted and craved control. She got more turned on by knowing that I was completely helpless and she could do anything she wanted.

Months before meeting her I wrote a story posted on the site about a hapless young guy who meets a girl who is a psychopath, who subsequently does all sorts of things to him, ultimately leaving him in a very bad predicament. Well this is what unfolded:

We did not see each other every night of the week but maybe three out of four nights, this week I had not heard much from her, the odd text, but due to my work and her schedule we had not seen each other since the previous weekend. Thursday I got a text from her. “I have taken this Friday and Monday off, can you blow off work and stay for the weekend?”

I work for myself so this is not a big issue, I rescheduled the couple of call’s I had in the diary and then replied “Sure, whatchawanno do?”

“Nothing special, I thought we could stay in ;-)”, I had known her long enough to know that this was her way of saying she needed a bondage toy, well hell I was up for that! Claire told me to be at her house at 9am Friday morning.

I arrived promptly wondering what on earth this would involve, her craving for total control had been slowly increasing, but I have hardly any limits so that was just fine with me. Little did I know just how intense this was going to be.

I noticed she was having some work done in the garden there was a small digger just peeking up over the high fence. She opened the door looking quite sexy but in an understated way. Denim dress, made from quite thick and heavy denim, tight and short, is there any other kind? The buttons were straining around her ample tits as she moved. She had on her spike healed patent knee boots which had a wide leather strap at the top which fastened over the zip by a small but ornate padlock. Around the waist of the dress she had a solid metal belt, polished gold in colour that also was fastened in the front with a small but ornate padlock. Good start I thought.

We kissed as we always do when we have been apart and I felt her gorgeous bum encased in that tight denim. I felt so lucky to have her. This was short lived, drink this she handed me a small glass of water that should be enough for what I have planned. I was half expecting the room to go fuzzy and to wake up sometime later, but there was no funny taste and I felt fine.

We made small talk, I asked her was she having some landscaping done and she said that she was having a pond put in as she found that water features and running water made her relaxed. Looking out the window I could see there was indeed a pond shaped hole appeared in the middle of the patio.

We walked in to the sitting room and laid out on the sofa was my leather straitjacket that she had bought me. She had, had it made for me, leather lined and locking buckles everywhere, even without the padlocks this thing was a leather prison, with the padlocks there was absolutely nothing you could do to get out. Strip she commanded. From the tone in her voice I knew she meant business so in no time flat I was stood in front of her naked.

She picked up the heavy white leather straitjacket and a small bunch of keys off the table, she threw the keys into the sleeve of the jacket and then proceeded to walk towards me. I did not question her and simply held my arms up so that the leather could slowly encase them. She span me around and set about the myriad of buckles. Working her way up and down each time making this thing just a bit tighter, once she was done she started slipping padlocks in.

Once she had padlocked the 7 straps at the back she slowly crossed my arms in front of me and slid them through all of the loops around the jacket finally yanking the buckle up at the back, my fate was sealed. There was another click and I knew she had locked the padlock. Now she did the crotch straps pulling them as tight as she could and locking them off.

Next up was something new, a white leather hood, this had just a very small hole at the mouth, nothing else, she tugged firstly at a zip, pulling the leather tight, then I felt some lacing, then buckles then very faint clicks, five in total so I assumed this had the same locking as the jacket.

I felt her grab the collar ring of the jacket and I was pulled roughly around the room, clumsily following her, we must have gone round for what seemed like ages and when she stopped I had no idea where in the room I was, she then took me somewhere else. The house has wooden floors throughout so this was no help to enable me to get my bearings. She then spent some time lining me up with something. I was stood there silently when without warning I felt a very heavy shove against my shoulders sending me flying backwards. I landed heavily on a sturdy surface something like a kitchen counter top but a bit lower.

I felt leather at the back of my legs, then my feet being put into something, then a zip. My legs were now enclosed in leather, more straps and more clicks, up and down my legs and then at the front of the jacket, a leg binder, this was new. Then she rolled me onto my stomach and more buckles and clicks. I was sealed from head to toe in leather. This was getting good.

I heard chains being laid out. They sounded heavy and lots of them. I was then rolled back onto my back and I could feel the chains digging into me all the way from top to bottom. There was more chain rattling sounds and much louder clicks as she worked from my neck down. It sounded and felt like she was applying a chain harness of some sort with chains from my neck down about every three inches.

After what must have been twenty loud clicks everything went silent. I tested my situation. I could barely move anything. After a few minutes I felt myself rolled onto my front but the other way. This was very uncomfortable I could feel what must have been large padlocks digging into me. Thankfully this was not for long as again I was rolled firstly onto my side, and then with one movement off the edge and dropped about 12 inches onto my back, something quite soft this time.

More clicks this time lots and lots. Each time I felt some tension then click. This went on for ages both sides, from top to bottom, then some at the bottom then three at the top.

Everything went silent again. I would estimate that about 10 minutes went by. I could not sit up, I could not bend my legs, I could not even move side to side. I was absolutely stuck, and this made me horny as hell. A fact that Claire well knew. I gave up and laid there awaiting as I knew it would not be long until Claire did something else. I felt her straddle me, and heard clearly her vibrator going. After only a couple of minutes she was coming very hard, grinding herself into me. She calmed down and eased herself up. Now I heard some more metal clanking and another three large clicks, but this time felt nothing. She cleared her throat.

“Now my dear, I have decided to go all out this weekend. I wanted to get you safely locked up before you had a chance to back out. You are now locked in your straitjacket, leg binder, and hood, these additional bits I had made by the same people who made your jacket, to the same specification. Each strap is locked with a padlock. You are also in a custom made stainless steel chain cage, this is locked by twenty two high security padlocks. It is also locked by forty seven, yes forty seven high security padlocks to the welded steel coffin you are currently laying in, this has been lined with padding and quilted leather just like the personal padded cell in your storey.”

“Now, the keys that I threw into the sleeve of your jacket and I am sure you can feel them in there, are the keys to my belt, boots and chastity belt which is now securely locked on. So I can’t do anything until you are out. In a few moments I am going to seal the top of the coffin using the welded hasps and more high security padlocks. You will remain here until 6pm when it starts to get dark, at which point you will be taken outside and I will use the digger to lower you into the hole in the garden. At the bottom of this there is a concrete base with chains embedded into it which the coffin will be locked down to.”

“I will then backfill the hole. Now I know what you’re thinking, I could dig you up at any point, well that would be true so what I have already done is placed the keys for the coffin and the padlocks that will attach it to the chains in the concrete in two jiffy bags, and they are currently in the postage system, going via different couriers of course. So you will be stuck until, if you’re lucky tomorrow when the first courier comes on Monday when the second courier comes.”

“It is too late to back out, you’re already stuck as I have no keys for the coffin already.” If anything bad happens to you during the weekend, I will simply dig out the hole as I have a concrete delivery Tuesday so I will just seal you in forever.”

Everything went silent. After panicking and thinking this girl was nuts, I relaxed and to a point accepted my fate. The first courier was only about 20 hours away, I had done bondage that long before, no problem. I felt like I was on the move but was not sure until I finally heard the diesel engine of the digger and then the bang of metal against concrete, I knew this was it. I heard what I assumed were the chains being locked to the coffin then loud thuds as rocks and earth hit the top of it.

This is when I suddenly panicked as I realized I would probably asphyxiate in there. I bucked and pulled and squirmed but all I head was the creaking of leather and rattling of chains. Nothing gave an inch. I kept struggling with all my might but nothing, I just got hotter and hotter, inside the leather prison was now wet with sweat and I was hot bothered and exhausted.

I drifted in and out of some sort of sleep state. I had no idea how long I had been there. Inside my prison was now cold and damp. I struggled again for a good fifteen minutes but nothing not even an inch of movement. But I had warmed up again. I was woken up by a very, very loud thud and scraping noise, my whole world reverberated and shook. After hours of nothing this came as quite a surprise at first I thought it must be an earthquake, and then realised it must be the digger.

After much more banging and scraping the engine finally cut off, and I heard the sounds of chains being unlocked. Nothing, then the diesel engine again. I was so relieved to hear it after all this time. I felt motion, and then a final loud bang.

“You’re out of the hole and I have the keys via the first courier. But I have over 60 keys here and they are all jumbled up and look the same so I will be a while”.

After what seems like an eternity I felt a rush of cold air through the mouth of the hood. Noises were much clearer now, Claire was there I could smell her perfume faintly against the overwhelming backdrop of the leather scent. She was working on the many padlocks.

Several hours later the chains were off, as was the leg binder. “You will have to stand up now for the rest” so with some help I bent my legs and Claire helped me over the edge of the box onto my feet. She worked for another 20 or so minutes undoing the jacket. My arms ached and I was so cold and damp from all that time in there. She made no effort to remove the hood. I heard a loud bang as something metallic hit the floor.

Next thing I am being pulled very forcefully up the stairs. I am shoved onto the bed and my hands and feet are soon in awaiting handcuffs and leg irons spread eagle style. These are locked very tightly. Clare is on me. I can feel the denim of her dress and the leather of her boots. She rides me hard until I come very, very hard, she slaps me, “Did I say you could cum?”

She carries on riding hard. I come again, then a few minutes later again. She does not stop. I can hear her having orgasm after orgasm. Until finally she collapses in a sweaty heap next to me. She rolls over still dressed and throws her arm over my chest and her leg over mine. We must have slept because I woke up several hours later, Claire still asleep on my chest, still with her dress on, and still with her booted leg across mine. I was of course still securely chained to the bed. I lay there not wanting this moment to end, thinking, what an earth she could do to top this. Whatever it was I knew I would be happy.

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