A Long Day

by Mark B

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© Copyright 2017 - Mark B - Used by permission

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A long day..

It was mid spring a beautiful day and I had arranged with a girl I met online to have a little bondage fun. I had only met her once before as I was invited to her house for coffee and to talk about what I would like her to do to me.

The next time I saw her, one week later, I took a big risk on trusting her and the scenario was for her to take me anywhere of her choosing and chain me up naked and tease me and whip me etc. I had told her about the time I was abandonened and that I had enjoyed it and suggested I wouldn't mind if she left me for as short time.

That day I went to her place, it was in Smithfield. I arrived at her place at midday and we didn't waste any time. We loaded her car with chains, shackles, locks, a ball gag and whips.

We got in her car and she drove to a reserve that was near the Elizabeth shopping center, Olive Grove Reserve. It was a rather small area filled with trees and a walking trail. She drove us into the reserve and stopped in the middle area. She made me do all the work of setting up the chains, securing them to a couple of trees right next to the walking path. The trees were about 5 feet apart and very thick trunks.

I wrapped a chain around the base of each tree at the bottom and left a long length in the center from each side and padlocked the chains into place around the tree bases. Using a small step ladder she brought with us, I climbed up and placed a chain on each tree from branches above, making sure there was plenty of chain hanging down and padlocked them into place.

She watched and instructed me precisely until she was satisfied the chains were well placed and completely secure.

My stomach filled with butterflies of nervousness as she instructed me to remove all my clothes, shoes, underwear, everything was removed and thrown down to the ground.

I stood there in front of her, naked, as she placed the shackles onto my wrists and my ankles and used padlocks to lock them onto me. Then, she took my arm and guided me back between the trees and told me to spread my legs about a meter apart. Reaching down she took the chain from each side of the tree bases and using a padlock, attached them to my ankle restraints and locked them on. She then elevated my arms wide and above my head and attached the dangling chains to my wrist restraints, padlocking them in place. The butterflies and terror of hearing those last locks click shut is intense.

She made sure my arms were wide enough and high enough that I couldnt even come close to reaching one hand to the other and my body was taut with no room to move. Only the slightest bit of slack was to prevent poor circulation. She then placed a ballgag into my mouth, it was huge, filled my mouth and forcing wide open to accomadate the ball and she strapped it around my head. It was a trainer gag so it was strapped over top of my head, around from front to back at the sides and a strap under my chin forcing my mouth closed over the ball. A couple of clicks from the sound of padlocks echoed in my ears as she locked the ballgag on me.

By now I was affraid and helpless, in the middle of the afternoon in public and only a couple of block away from a major shopping complex. The devious smile she gave me as she took out a cat nine tail whip and stroked my body softly, walking around me.

She procceeded to whip me, hard, it hurt like a bitch, the sting of each lash on my naked ass cheeks, my thighs and backs of my legs made me scream into the gag she lashed me at least 50 times before she tickled my balls and told me she's got something for me. I had no idea what was to come as she went to the car and grabbed a small piece of rope and another object.

I couldn't see the object she was hiding in her hand but soon knew what it was as I felt her lube my asshole and slowly push it in, it hurt like hell but once in the pain stopped and was just now uncomfortable. It was a medium to large size butt plug. She pushed it all the way in my ass and secured it into me by tying a crotch rope around my hips, passing through my legs and up my ass crack keeping my cock and balls exposed and tying the rope *on tight, so tight it was forcing the butt plug deep in my ass.

I wiggled and shook my head I didn't want that thing in me but I had no choice but to just hang there and bare it. Any resistance or attempts to escape my situation were completely futile.

She whipped my ass cheeks some more before picking up all my clothes and keys and tossed them all into her car boot. She looked back at me and smiled and without saying a word, jumped in her car and drove off. I wasn't ready for this, especially with a butt plug in me and being in a very very risky public area but what could I do, but scream and violently try to break free as I watched her car dissappear and the sound of it driving further away on the road till she was completely gone.

Knowing in my head I told her how I enjoyed being abandoned for a short while once, I figured she was just taking advantage of that knowledge and will come back soon.

Time went by so slowly, I had no percetion of time but felt like forever that I was chained there with norhing I could do about it. A while passed and the inevitable happened and a guy was jogging, straight past me as I caught a glimpse of the runner over my shoulder as he jogged passed behind me on the trail. I think he tried to avoid looking and just quickly made his way past thank god. My heart was racing.

It seemed like hours and I could swear there was something wrong, I'd been there so long, it felt, that I was truely worried and super scared now, that she isn't coming back to unlock me. Even though I knew it was absolutely pointless and impossible, I tried desperately to try and work my way out of the chains, squirming and moaning, desperate attempts were useless, the shackles were on good and firm and the chains pulled my body taut to a point I had no leverage of any kind to help my efforts.

Still struggling and not ready to give up trying to escape I hear voices. Omg I freaked out, I literally froze, my heart was going a mile a minute and adrenaline kicked in and my awareness peaked as I heard voices getting closer, female voices approached and my mind went insane, thinking if I stay as still as possible, they won't notice me, but that was just plain stupid. The girls were certain to see me no matter what, the walk trail was only a few feet behind me and there was no way they wouldn't see.

Sure enough, they got a few feet from me and stopped dead in their tracks, the silent pause was in a way deafening and felt like time had stopped. All of a sudden they burst out laughing and whispering and my efforts to try and escape returned as I struggled uselessly to get out but it was no hope.

The girls seemed hesitant but came up and asked me what I did to be in the predicament but all they got for a reply was moans through the gag as I tried to somehow plead for them to help me get out but nothing they could do would help with out keys or bolt cutters anyway.

They just giggled and inspected the locks and told me I was in a real bind and laughed as they were amused at their little joke and one of them tried to work out why there was rope around my crotch and up my ass crack. The other said she thinks something is up there and they worked it out that I had a butt plug intruding my ass and they laughed so hard and gave my cock a flick *it kinda stung but turned me on. I so wanted them to suck it but they didn't do anything but giggle and whisper to each other before taking out one of the phones and snapping a pic and walked off, wishing me luck. I was terrified but excited, mixed emotions engolfed me. As I saw them disappear into the distance.

Lucky for me I was not there much longer when a car pulled in, it was her, she came back. Before letting me go though, she whipped my ass, teased my cock and gave me a handjob till I came, and believe me I came hard, it was the most intense orgasm I have ever had *she eventually unlocked me and gave me my clothes and we packed everything up and went back to her place where we had a coffee and discussed it and I went home.

It was one long but amazing day, thankfully nothing bad happened but one thing always stayed in my head, did those girls do anything with that photo. I'd kinda love to know but that remains a mystery.


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