The Long Weekend

by Wanda

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© Copyright 2005 - Wanda - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bdsm; bond; kidnap; cons; X

The Long Weekend by Wanda
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Chapter 1

I stepped out of the steaming bathroom wearing only a short bathrobe. It was late at night on a Thursday, we were in my dorm, and my roommate was on vacation. 

"Are you ready?" he asked as he examined my figure behind the shortness of the robe. 

I paused and looked at the bondage toys on display on my bed. 

"Are those for me?" I asked. In my 21 years I had never seen real bondage toys up close, and the though of those toys being used on me made my pussy tingle with anticipation. 

"Yeah, hon", he replied grabbing the handcuffs from the bed. "Are you ready for this?" he repeated. 

I simply nodded. My eyes were fixed on the toys on the bed. I became nervous as I realized, little by little, what I was getting myself into. 

Bob and I had been involved for a few months but no one knew about our relationship. Some of my college friends had met him but I had introduced him only as another friend. I had kept our relationship a secret not only because of our age difference (he was 29 and I was 21) but also because it was a relationship based on bondage, and that was a subject I didn't talk about with my regular friends. 

I met Bob in a bondage chat room and soon after we began exchanging emails discussing BDSM and dom/sub relationships. I showed great interest in the subject and I even confessed that I had a lot of fantasies about being kidnapped. 

We exchanged pictures, then phone numbers, and we talked on the phone until we eventually met. My curiosity about bondage was intense to say the least. I had done a lot of selfbondage but I found it to be too controlled and soon I came to the conclusion that selfbondage was nothing like the real thing. 

Bob and I dated in secret for a few months. I confided all my bondage fantasies in him because I didn't know who else to talk to about the subject. He was a good looking guy and I for some reason I felt safe around him. We took long walks on campus where he would visit me after his job and during weekends. 

He became my confidant and it didn't take very long before I began trusting him more and more. Soon we began playing around with ropes, cloth gags, and mild bondage. He didn't want to scare me away so he always respected my limits and made me enjoy our bondage sessions as much as I could. He was gentle and liked having sex while I was tied to my own bed. I wanted him to take me to his place but he always refused. 

He kept things a little "vanilla" for me though, and he refused to put me into heavy, hardcore bondage. He said he had a lot of bondage toys and equipment but they were meant for other girls. 

He seemed like a nice fellow but had a dark side. He told me how he would met girls at clubs, take them drunk to his dungeon, and then keep them a couple of days in bondage. He enjoyed it even more because those girls had been too drunk to remember him so they had no idea where they were being kept and who was their captor. 

He also told me how he kept them blindfolded, naked, handcuffed, and caged until he released them in different parts of the city at night. 

I, of course, thought that wasn't funny, but deep down I wanted somebody to do the same to me. I wanted to feel helpless and used. He showed me a few pictures he had taken of the girls and I turned me on even more. 

As the days passed and my bondage relationship with Bob grew, I realized that I needed to find out what it felt like to be kidnapped. I needed to know what it felt like to know that nobody knew where I was. 

So last week I told him that I wanted to be kidnapped for the long weekend and that I wanted him to make it as real as possible. I wanted him to make me another one of his girls. It was quite a jump for me, he said, but he was more than willing to help. 

Earlier today my roommate left on vacation. She was going to spend her long weekend at her parent's house. So I called my parents (who lived in another state) and told them that I was going to spend the long weekend at a girlfriend's house. 

The whole setup was perfect. I was finally going to experience my biggest fantasy. 

I was very nervous and had a thousand thought running through my mind, but I didn't care. I figured that once the handcuffs and the ballgag were in place I wouldn't have anything to worry about anymore. 

He sat on the bed as I stood nervously in front of him. 

"Take off your robe", he commanded. 

I untied the string holding the robe closed and slowly pulled it out. The robe slid down my skin and to the floor. 

He handed me the handcuffs and I hesitated a little before taking them. I knew what he wanted me to do. I weighted them with both hands, my eyes lost in the glittering metal. I put one cuff on my left wrist and clicked it all the way. I tested it to see if I could slip my thin wrist though the cuff but I couldn't. 

I turned my gaze towards him as if waiting to be told what to do. 

"Behind your back", he simply said. 

I softly bit my lower lip keeping my complains to myself. I fumbled with the other cuff as I moved my arms behind my back until I found the proper position for my hands. A few clicks confirmed that I had handcuffed myself and was now under his control. 

The hard-on under his pants was visible as he got up to examine my predicament. He walked behind me to check the handcuffs. 

He double locked the police-issue handcuffs, making sure that they were tight and also making sure that I wouldn't hurt myself. 

He stood in front of me and began massaging my breasts. My nipples were erect and hard. He pulled me close to him and I began rubbing myself against his leg. He put his hands on my shoulders and gently forced me on my knees. He unbuckled his belt and lowered his pants and then his boxers. 

I looked up to him as I saw his erect member in front of my lips. He put one hand behind my head and gently brought my lips closer to his shaft. I took him in and began moving in and out without much encouragement. I wasn't experienced but I knew what to do. 

He came in my mouth and ordered me to swallow it. I had never swallowed cum but I obeyed and licked his member clean as he ordered. 

"I'm gonna keep you on a cum diet this entire weekend", he warned me as he grabbed me by the arm and brought me to my feet. 

He grabbed a ballgag and showed it to me. "Open up", he commanded as he pressed the ballgag against my cum-covered lips. 

"Can I please have some water first?", I asked. 

He slapped my right breast making me jump and release a squeal. 

"Next time you contradict me it's gonna hurt more", he told me with a tone of authority he had never used before with me. 

I guess he wanted me to begin feeling like an abductee. 

"Now I don't want to repeat myself, bitch. Open up", he ordered visibly angry. 

His sudden change in demeanor brought fear and confusion to my face. I knew that if she accepted the ballgag I wouldn't be able to complain and I'd be under his complete control. 

I reluctantly opened my mouth to receive the rubber intruder. He pushed the gag into my mouth and then buckled it tightly behind my head. I had never been ballgagged before either. I tried to move my jaws and tried to bite down on the gag to get accustomed to the taste of rubber and the size of it. 

But of course Bob wasn't finished and he was taking his role seriously. He pulled a roll of wide duct tape from his bag. As soon as I saw it I freaked out and tried to complain. 

My attempts to complain earned me another breast slap. On the left breast this time. Again I jumped in pain and confusion. He ordered me to stand still and I had no choice but to obey. I began to cry as I heard the distinct peeling sound of duct tape. I knew what he was going to do with that. 

A couple of loops of duct tape around the gag and a few strips over it were more than enough to let me know that he meant business. I was his and he could do whatever he wanted with me. 

He grabbed the legirons from the bed and kneeled to put them on me. He told me my small feet would look lovely on 6-inch high heels, but he said he didn't need the clicking of the heels calling unwanted attention. 

He got up and grabbed a set of nipple clamps from the bed. The first clamp bit down on my erect nipple and I released a scream. The gag caught all of it so all that came out was a nasal moan. Then he bit the other nipple with the other end of the nipple clamps. 

Again I screamed in pain and begged him with my eyes to stop. He just looked at me and smiled. He then put on a collar on my neck and clipped a leash to the collar. 

He grabbed my cell phone, my handbag, and my keys, and then headed for the door pulling on my leash. 

"HMMMMMMFFFF! HMMMMMMMMMFFFFF", I began yelling behind the tape and the gag as I realized I was about to be taken naked to his car. 

He pulled me towards him and grabbed the ring of my collar. 

"Listen, bitch, you better cooperate or you will regret it", he warned me. My eyes were full of tears and confusion. 

"You know the way to the parking lot and I'm sure you wouldn't want to have to explain all this to the RA or the other students at the dorm, not to mention to the entire university, so I suggest we get there fast", he told me. 

It was a quarter past midnight. My journey into BDSM had just begun. 

The dorms were half empty since most students had already left for the long weekend. I lived on the second floor and I knew I'd have to go to the back stairs and get out the back door, then I'd have to run naked and bound to the guest parking spaces. 

He opened my dorm room's door and turned off the lights in my room. I stepped outside into the hall and began looking around as if trying to hide my nakedness. The halls were empty and well lit. He pulled out my keys from his pocket and locked the door. 

I was naked, bound and locked out of my own room. 

"Listen", he told me, "I have to check out with the receptionist downstairs, then I'm going to my car. If I don't see you there then I'll leave with your cell and your dorm keys. I'm parked at the guest spaces. It's a white van, the only white van on the lot". 

He let go of the leash and began walking towards the elevator. I went the other way and left towards the back stairs. The entrance to the stair was only a few doors away but the legirons prevented me from walking very fast. 

I managed to open the stair doors and luckily the slack on the chain of my legirons was enough to allow me to climb down the steps. I began to worry though about the noise the chains were making when hitting the metal steps of the stairs, but thankfully nobody came out to see where the noise was coming from. 

I finally reached the back door on the first floor and again managed to open the door with my handcuffed hands. It lead to the back of the building. I peeked through the door and saw Bob's van. It was plain white with heavily-tinted windows. It was parked some 50 yards from where I was and I could see Bob walking towards it. 

He opened the sliding door and got in the van. He looked at his watch and then looked for me in the distance. He saw me hiding near some bushes. I began speed-walking towards the van as fast as I could. My 32C's hurt as they bounced up and down with the nipple clamps biting down on my nipples as I tried to reach the van before he left. I kept looking around to make sure she wasn't being watched. 

It took me a minute, but I finally reached the van and crawled inside. My breathing was heavy and I looked angrily at Bob for making me do all this. The tape over the gag was restricting my breathing a lot and I wanted him to remove it. 

He simply closed the door and looked at me with a smile. 

Inside the van there was a small cage. He had strapped it to the floor of the van so it wouldn't move too much during the ride. I looked at it with panic and again I tried in vain to complain. 

"Now this is the last choice you're gonna make this weekend", he said as he removed my collar. "You can either get out of the van and I'll leave and you won't see me again, or you can get in the cage and become my slave", he said as he opened the cage door. 

I looked at the cage weighing my options. I knew that if I chose to leave he would drive away with the handcuff keys, my dorm keys, my cell phone, and my bag. I knew he would leave me tied and naked. I would have to ask for help and campus police would certainly be called. But if I stayed and got in the cage I'd have to endure a lot more torment at his hands. 

I began crying as I felt frustrated from not being able to speak. I mumbled a few words behind the gag but nothing coherent came out so I cried some more. 

"Just a warning", he whispered into her ear, "I will release you from your bondage only when I feel like it". 

My tears became sobs as I slowly and unsurely crawled into the cage. It was a difficult task to accomplish with my hands cuffed behind my back, but I managed to fit inside. The cage was small and square. I sat on my ass with my thighs to my chest. I had to lower my head to fit on the cage. I couldn't move much and was very uncomfortable. 

He closed the cage door and secured it with a heavy padlock. He put the key in his pocket and then covered the cage with a heavy blanket to confuse me a some more. 

I heard the engine turn and we drove away. I began to ponder what he had in store for me. 

He turned on the radio and drove as if I wasn't even there. Some minutes passed and then he stopped the van. I heard garage doors being opened and then he drove into the garage. I figured we had arrived at his place. 

He turned off the engine and the radio died along with it. Then he got out of the car slamming the driver's door behind him. I heard his footsteps fade away and a couple of door being opened and closed. 

I waited a few minutes hoping he would return. The blanket was making the air thick and I became impatient. I sat in my prison bound from head to toe. My nipples were sore from the clamps and my ass hurt from sitting on the cage. I grew anxious and began thrashing in my bonds. I needed to get out. The cage didn't move as it was tied down on the van's floor. There was no way I could remove the handcuffs, no way I could remove my gag or the nipple clamps and no way I could get out of this cage. 

I realized he wouldn't come so I began crying and sobbing. I wanted to get out. I wanted the gag removed. I began to realize how bad an idea this had been. 

I waited in the darkness of his garage, in my cage in his van. It was pitch black under the blanket and the tingling in my pussy got stronger and stronger, but I couldn't even reach to masturbate. I rubbed my legs together but it was no use. Tied, caged, naked, and horny, I curled up on the cage and tried to go to sleep. 

I had thought this was going to be a long weekend, but his remarks about prolonging my stay made me realize that maybe this was simply the beginning of a long ordeal. 

~*~ TO BE CONTINUED... ~*~

NOTE: Chapter 2 is a work in progress and I would like to make this an interactive story. If you have any suggestions about what you want to see in the second chapter send me an email and let me know. Also let me know where you read the story.