The Long Road Home

by kitn

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© Copyright 2003 - kitn - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; bondage; kidnap; slave; nc; X

The Long Road Home 
by kitn
Yet another of Kats Creations
The Long Road Home 
She walked down the winding desert road her blue denim shorts hugging her tight, so short they could have passed as underwear. Her shirt if you could call it that consisted of a brief bikini top chosen for its white color, which set off her sun darkened skin to perfection.  The top itself barely consisting of enough fabric to cover her nipples let alone contain her pert ample breasts.  Her legs long and lean ended in a pair of canvas boat shoes and no socks.  She reaches up to impatiently brush at a long strand of auburn hair that has been blown into her grey eyes. 

Feeling frustrated by the turn of events leading her to this desolate stretch in the middle of this heat she kicks at the road.  Hearing the approach of a car she quickly sticks the thumb of her right hand up and pointed it in the direction that the vehicle was moving.  As it grew closer she realized it was a pickup truck and not a car, shrugging it off and putting a seductive smile on her face she approached.  "Hey Mister," she began with a friendly tone of voice, "where ya heading today ?"  She glanced nervously into the cab noting that no one else was inside she relaxed slightly.  "Wherever you're heading little lady", his laughing reply came startling her out of her examination of the truck.  "Need a lift ? Cmon hop in, my name is John, what is yours ?" his light banter continued as she seated herself and buckled the belt.  "you can call me Kat, all my friends do" she smiled over at her companion as the truck began to roll forward. 

Hearing a faint click she looked down to see her door was now locked then looked back up at the road distinctly uneasy.  "Kat you okay?" her would be captor asked softly.  "Yes" she relied just a bit unsteadily.  "I always lock my doors driving down these roads, you never know who you might run into", he laughed at his own joke making her more nervous.  Kat reached for the handle of the door looking for the lock release.  His laughter mocking her attempts as he says slowly and deliberately.  "You can not unlock the door from that side ... it has to be opened from the outside"  Kat reached for the window button pushing it frantically trying to lower the window enough to climb out but it wouldn't budge.  Her attempts growing almost frantic as her panic mounted he pulled over to the side of the road reaching out to her.  "Kat stop that NOW" he commanded as she kicked out at him feeling like a trapped animal.

Kat reached to release the seatbelt noting to her growing horror that it to had been rigged and she could not.  She began screaming into the silence of the desert heat for help that would not come.  John reached forward slapping her roughly stunning her into temporary silence.  "Listen to me Kat and listen good.  I'm not releasing you, look at the way you are dressed ... just asking for someone to come along and take what you have offered so blatantly", he reached over to the now cowering Kat and stroked her auburn hair.  "Just relax and maybe I’ll let you go when you give me what I want,” he began to speak more to distract her from what his hands were doing than out of any sincerity in his words.  His hands mean while had begun to plait her hair into two long braids.  "Such beautiful Hair Kat".  He reached down and secured the braids with rubber bands before picking up the sections he had not braided, one on each side of her mouth as she whimpered softly.  "Open your mouth now Kat", he waited a moment as she stared into his cold dark eyes.  Shaking her head no oblivious to him pulling hard on her hair as he grips both pieces in one hand and pinching her nose shut with the other.  He watched her face the emotions so plainly crossing her features as she tried to hold her breath.  Laughing as she finally gasped for the much needed air allowing him to feed her hair into her mouth securing it tight there with her braids wrapping them around her head at her mouth and tying them into tight knots behind her head. 

Grasping her hands as she raised them, holding them in one of his own much larger more powerful ones, reaches down and releases the seat belt while dragging her across the seat and out his door.  Dragging her kicking, gagged form to the back of his pickup truck he lets the tail gate fall with a loud bang as he spins her around and pulls her arms roughly up behind her back securing them with cuffs there.  He releases his grip knowing she would, and wanting her to run so he could chase her... he loved playing with his prey before breaking them.  She would prove no exception as she watched him turn from her she began to run a little awkwardly but at a dead run across the desert sand.  He watched her run the muscles in her legs carrying her away her chest heaving for air through her nose, he laughed knowing that bound as she was once she fell she would not be rising easily or quickly.  grabbing the posture collar, leash and ankle shackles he began trotting across the dune in pursuit.

When he topped the rise he laughed out loud when he saw she had slipped down the other side and was even now struggling to rise without the use of her hands.  He quickly caught up to her, looming over her fallen body.  Being sure to restrain her legs between his, he knelt over her body chest heaving grey eyes wild.  "You didn't really think you would get away did you Kat?" stroking her face gently while he spoke "Now you have a choice... possibly your last unless I decide to let you make any decisions in the future, the very distant future.  Kat pay attention are you listening to me?"  Looking down at her as she nodded her head slightly in the affirmative.  "Very wise Kat, now as I was saying ... your choice... you can rise and accompany me back to the truck without struggling ... I will bind you comfortably for the ride to your new home... Or you can make this difficult on yourself and be bound very stringently for the ride home... where you will surely be punished severely for the inconvenience."  Pausing for a breath he watched her eyes as she contemplated her choices, he could almost read her thoughts... if I go willingly and he does not tie me tight perhaps I can escape, her decision made she looks up to see he was smiling down at her already knowing before she did what her choice would be .. for what choice was it really?

"I assume, Kat, that you would rather come willingly now?" at her nod yes he stood above her pulling her to her feet roughly.  Pulling from his back pocket the collar she eyed it disdainfully.  "You may as well get used to it" he secured the tight leather posture collar about her slender throat locking it with an audible click her head held up unable to turn in either direction she waited as he knelt down and secured her ankles with the hobbled cuffs.  Rising to stand before her, he reached out and grasped her collar pulling her forward slightly to attach the leash.  Taking a few steps back he looked at her standing there bound, gagged with her hair and smiled, "You know Kat if I had a camera we could do some photos .. right now you are very aesthetically pleasing to me, Let's go now"  Tugging on the leash she stumbled trying to find the limits of her hobble .. to adjust her stride to match it.

Her tears rolled down her cheeks leaving them marked with the passage as she quickly learned and adjusted to the maximum length her steps could be but trying to hurry them to match his pace which thankfully was not overly fast as he was in no rush.  Seeing the truck come once more into view, she began to struggle slightly fear driving reason out of her head.  He stopped and watched briefly as she fought the cuffs and the collar, pulling on the leash.  He shook his head in mock sorrow.  "Kat it could have been so easy," talking even as he bent to remove the slack between her ankles and lift her bound form over one massive shoulder.  She screamed now into her gag hoping against hope that someone would hear her muffled cries.

Tossing her into the back of the pickup he levered his own body into the space before rolling her over and pulling her ankles to her wrists securing them together with the chain that had formed her hobble.  Aware that while there was no traffic now there could be at any time he pulled her to the most forward part of the bed and opened a tool trunk resting there.  "Kat I have had this box placed here just for my pretty passengers, you know the ones that prefer to ride bound hand and foot", he laughed at his joke as he lifted her and lowered her into the stifling space.  Taking a length of rope he secured her to the side of the box before reaching down and closing off her sight with a heavy leather blindfold before shutting the compartment and locking her into her silent dark prison. 

Returning to the drivers seat she can feel more than hear the truck start up and move off down the road.  The heat in the box was awful, she could feel the sweat running down into the valley between her breasts .. the wetness being absorbed by her clothes eventually soaking them, plastering them even more tightly to her skin.  After an undetermined length of time the truck finally stopped rousing her from her half conscious stupor.  Feeling the bed of the truck move she knew he was coming for her.  She sucked in the fresh air gratefully as the lid to the box was removed.  She determined that the sun must have set because the cool breeze chilled the warm sweat on her body as he lifted her out of her box. 

"Enjoy your ride my dear Kat? No answer for me? How rude", speaking to her while at the same time he placed her on the tail gate while he hopped over the side then lifting her up took her into what would become over a period of months her new home.  Laying her on her side in the middle of the spacious room, she could hear him moving about.  Jumping when at last he spoke,  "I wasn’t ready for you, but you just happened to be in such a convenient place for the taking... an offering to me no doubt." He laughed softly, menacingly. "I haven't decided whether I will keep you or not yet Kat ... what do you think? To be my pet for as long as you pleased me ... Or do I train you and sell you to someone else who collects human pets... hmmmmm?  Well it bears thinking through.  If you'll excuse me my dear I must go feed the other animals Oh Yeah", snapping his fingers "I forgot a buyer will be coming over later, perhaps he would enjoy helping to begin your training".  His footsteps fade as he moves deeper into the cabin away from her.

Blindfolded, gagged and hog tied she lay contemplating her error in judgment hitchhiking, though she remembered the reason she had been in the desert and her anger flared again sustaining her now.  Her most recent boyfriend had gotten mad when she would not get in the car when after their picnic he had consumed a large amount of beer and then wanted to drive home right away.  Sighing through her nose and wishing she had not told him where he could go, asking her to risk her life in that rattle trap car while her boyfriend was not quite sober. Remembering with a soft sob how he had peeled the car out and driven off only to return half hour later to her scathing tongue telling him to go home and leave her alone.  He did precisely that.  Her reverie cut off as she heard the return of his footsteps.  Her body rigid with the fear of what was to come she listened as he moved across the floor calling to someone.

"Here Sugar" he called, amidst a rattling of chains she could hear the scurrying of something to comply to his call.  "Good girl Sugar", now he was patting the head of the animal.  She struggled to listen trying to determine what kind of animals he kept here.  The sound she heard making her whimper in fear, human ... but not human? Her mind raced. 

Then as if noticing her for the first time he walks over and removes the blindfold letting her look upon 'Sugar'.   "This is one of my Pets almost ready to be sold", he reached over and stroked Sugars head as he looked down at Kat's bound form.  "You will be this well behaved soon enough my dear Kat."  He enjoyed seeing the fire in her eyes and decided there that this one would be his personal Pet Kat.  That decision made set Sugar about her housecleaning chores after her chains were released allowing her to rise from her crawling position on the floor. 

He sat in the chair near her head watching her watch Sugar work.  Sugar moved with fluid graceful motions as she worked her body almost appearing to be doing a dance instead of chores.  She noted the complete lack of body hair on Sugar including her head.  That thought making a single tear track down her face as he watched knowing what she was watching.  Otherwise Sugar appeared quite stunning with a large gemstone mounted in her belly button her nipples pierced and threaded with a gold chain, her labia pierced repeatedly then laced shut so she could not pleasure herself the laces secured with a small chrome padlock.  Her wrists bore leather cuffs, which had been attached to her nipple rings by lengths of chain, which ran through the rings and down to her labia securing them there so she would be unable to stand upright.  Her ankle cuffs secured to her labia in a similar manner making sure she'd stay on the floor.  These chains were in place constantly unless unlocked by her Master first.  This ensured she maintained her position on the floor as an animal.  To complete the look she was outfitted with a broad soft leather collar bearing a tag with her name and ID number.  Following her eyes upward she saw that Sugar was also gagged, the trainer head halter, flesh tone so as not to be so noticeable held a bright blue ball in her mouth.

He amused himself watching her expressions flit from anger to disbelief to horror at the state of the woman before her.  "Kat she also has a tail", he watched as her eyes widened when at a simple hand motion the woman called Sugar turned around and lowered herself to all fours once more.  She crawled towards her Master then stopping turned around to display her tail to Kat.  It was indeed a tail attached to a butt plug, which at closer look had some kind of crank in it which kept it in place until he let it out.  She moaned into her gag as she took note somewhere that Sugar was a pet Rabbit.

Securing Sugar in her chains once more he sends her back to her pen reminding her to lock the door behind her.  Sugar scampered off glad to have gotten off so lightly tonight.  "Kat ... should we make you into your namesake Hmmmmmm," he pondered staring hard at the bound woman.  "It would certainly be a shame to denude you of that wonderful auburn hair though" chatting as he would to a friend, his hand stroking over her body which tensed up at the touch.  "You must be getting uncomfortable by now my dear", he began by removing the hobble chain securing her hogtie and watched as her legs slid to the floor and she lay still and silent there.

"Soon enough Kat there will be someone here to help me decide your fate... all I know now is that Mine you are and mine you will remain."