The Long Game

by T S Fesslen

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© Copyright 2006 - T S Fesslen - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; toys; cons; X

"Are you going to have the TV ready before the game, Mike?" Dawn asked as she set a bowl of chips and salsa on the coffee table.

Mike was making the final 'adjustments' to their wide screen TV. Since they had bought it two month's ago, Mike and Dawn's home was now the favorite gathering spot for the guys to watch the game. Dawn didn't mind it except it was starting to slip into their 'playtime' together. Dawn had discussed it with him the night before and he agreed to do something about it.

Mike crawled out from in back of the television and gave his wife a big, sharky grin, "All done. Now, to do something about what we talked about last night. . ."

"Oh, really," his wife said, in deep, come hither voice, "And what do you plan to do, my Master, an hour before the boys are supposed to show?"

"Well, my love," Mike stepped over to his wife and gave her a kiss, "why don't you go upstairs and get ready while I finish up here."

Dawn kissed her husband back and almost skipped across the living room to the stairs leading up to their bedroom. Mike enjoyed watching her move. It was what attracted him to her 5 years ago when she was shimmying her 5 foot 5 frame to the beat of some Paula Abdul song. Dawn was all shapely curves that seemed to invite everyone to stare: large breasts, narrow waist, flaring thighs and legs that would make any playboy bunny proud. She had long, dark blonde hair tied up in a bow and blue eyes that seemed to smile ALL the time (even when she was mad). She was one hot girl and Mike still found it remarkable that she had picked him to share the rest of their life together.

Upstairs in their bedroom, Dawn began to slip into something a little more appropriate for an x-rated film than watching a baseball game. After quickly undressing from her frumpy t-shirt and shorts, she selected from her lingerie drawer a dark green and black lace merrywidow and a pair of black silk stockings to match. The merrywidow emphasized her large breasts, holding them out as if to say 'play with me all you want'. Dawn's dusky pink nipples were already stiff from the lustful thoughts of leather and ropes and what surprises Mike might have in store for her.

The black lace, elbow length gloves were an after thought after Dawn survey herself in the mirror. She decided against the panties. They were just another thing to get in the way of what she wanted. She kept herself well shaved and her husband really liked the looks of her naked puss. Besides, she didn't have to worry about bikini lines.

"Are you ready, my Slave?"

She grinned at herself in the mirror, "Yes, my Master."

Dawn pranced down the stairs, acting like a teenager just being asked out to the prom for the first time. Her husband stood in the living, drinking in her scantily clad good looks. Mike was a large, handsome man with an easy smile and dark eyes that would have melted any woman's heart. He kept his dark hair closely cropped and his mustache neatly trimmed. Despite his size, Mike moved with the grace of a stag. You could feel the nobility he exuded.

"Are you pleased, my Masssterrrr?" Dawn purred.


He collected her in his arms and they eagerly found each other's lips, their tongues flicking around each other's like licks of flame. He crushed Dawn to himself and she adored it. She enjoyed that kind of physicalness in a man. Dawn could feel his erection against her stomach through his shorts. He was as eager as she was.

With one swoop, Mike gathered her up and carried his bride slave into the kitchen and through to the basement door. Mike had already opened it up so it was just a matter of carefully carrying his captive-to-be down the stairs to their playroom.

The basement, for the most part was unfurnished. They kept their exercise machine and bench press down there along with the washer and dryer and many shelves stacked with Christmas ornaments and Better Homes and Gardens magazines. However, behind a row of shelves Mike had built their playroom; a fully furnished dungeon complete with bondage table, racks, iron sconces and gray stonework. Mike had pushed the table to one side and had the padded horse out with its glistening black vibrator mounted upon it.

"Do I get to ride the pony, Masssterrrr?" Dawn asked in her best little girl voice.

"Of course you do, my sweet slave," Mike swatted her on her butt firmly, "Hop on up and I will get you prepared."

Dawn straddled the horse and began to ease the phallus inside of her. Mike had already lubricated it so taking it was not as much of a problem as she first thought, but the thing filled her completely and she felt almost overstuffed.

As his wife had slid down upon the vibrator, Mike collected up two pairs of black leather cuffs and a few chrome padlocks. That was all he was going to need, for now.

"Slave likes her pony, Master, but she likes Master even better," Dawn said, getting her body as comfortable as could get.

"Well slave will get Master soon enough," Mike smiled as he eased his wife's arms around in back of her and encircled her wrist with the cuffs. Then, with a single snap, he locked them together.

"Slave REALLY wants Master, she really does," Dawn said as she slowly began to hump the dildo mounted to the horse.

"Mmmmmmm, I can see that," Mike said, enjoying the show his wife was giving him.

"So what is Master going to do about it?"

"Nothing, for now," her husband answered.

Mike knelt down and fastened a leather cuff first around one ankle, then the other before locking them together beneath the bench. He then lifted both feet off of the floor and locked them to a u-bolt beneath the horse's seat.

"Comfy, slave?" Mike asked, standing back to admire his work.

"I've been better, my Master," Dawn replied, adjusting to her bindings.

Mike stood and enjoyed his wife's struggles for a bit. At first, Dawn struggled just to get comfortable in her bindings. She could tell that Mike intended her to be like this throughout the game. It was sort of a rush knowing that she was going to be bound like this while a bunch of guys fueled on beer and baseball were whooping it up upstairs. Then she began to get a rhythm in her hips, trying to get the feel of the sweet friction. Mike obliged her a bit and turned on the vibrator and its hum soared through her releasing a whole wave of pleasure.

"Oooohhhh," Dawn moaned, "Yessssss."

"Do you want me to turn it off, Slave?" Mike asked.

"Ohhhh no, Master, slave likes the pony ride."

"Good," Mike said, "then you won't mind these."

'These' were a pair of adjustable nipple clamps. Just the thought of them clipped upon her sent another little breeze of pleasure to rush through her.

"Whatever Master wants, slave wants," she smiled.

Mike leaned over and licked first at one of Dawn's nipple, then the other. He played with them with his tongue and teeth and hands, releasing from Dawn more than just a few moans. The vibrator was working it's magic as well and she could feel a whirlwind of bliss filling her up quickly. She thrust herself down more violently upon the black phallus as her orgasm drew closer and closer.

Mike's tongue left her and the cold steel of the clamps replaced it. When the jaws closed, there was a near pain, but it was an erotic near pain that she lusted for.

"Eeeewwwwwwww," she moaned as the other clamp was closed.

The whirlwind had become a storm of pure pleasure inside her and Dawn began to thrash violently on the horse, pushing herself closure to that lustful brink.

Then she felt the slap of the flogger on her breasts, catching the clamps with a short bite of pain. God, she thought she would explode if she didn't cum right then and there.

"Cum, Slave, I Command You," Mike growled as the flogger bit her again across the chest.

Dawn's world became a tornado of pure bliss, engulfing her in a pleasure that no words could possible describe. She was an untamed thing riding the horse and retrained by leather and steel. She screamed at the top of her lungs as Mike's flogger continued its work, driving her more and more. Finally, the orgasm ebbed away and Dawn collapsed as mush as her bindings would allow.

Dawn opened her eyes and she saw her husband standing beside their video camera. She had been so enthralled with her feelings that she hadn't noticed him setting the camera up.

"Oh, porn films, slave likes to act in porn films for Master," Dawn said as she tried to catch her breath.

"Not quite, my slave, here, open your mouth," Mike said, hold out what looked like a small dark marble attached to a string.

The taste of grape filled her mouth. It was a grape sucker whose handle had been replaced with a long string that led up overhead and over behind her husband.

"Hold it tightly in your mouth, slave," Mike instructed and she did so, clamping her teeth shut.

"Glllappppee," Dawn said.

"Yes, I now, your favorite."

Dawn felt a tug upon the sting and the lollipop that was attached to it. It wasn't a strong tug, but it was enough to make it an effort to keep the sucker in her mouth.

"There, my sweet slave," Mike smiled and kissed her on her forehead, "I want you to keep a hold of that string because you don't want to let it go for any reason."

Dawn gave her husband a questioning look and he continued, "You see, slave, that string is attached to a weight which is attached to a toggle switch I rigged up in the wee hours this morning. What that switch will do, if turned on, will turn on the video camera here and in turn, it will display you in all your glory on the television upstairs for all to watch. In fact, I programmed to TV to interrupt the game with your lovely image as soon as the camera turns on."

"Nnnnnnnnuhhhhh," Dawn said, shaking her head a bit.

"I am afraid so, my slave, so you better keep a good hold of the lollipop. Well, I better get things ready upstairs. The guys should be here soon."

With that, Mike left, despite Dawn's protests and struggles. After she heard the upstairs door close, Dawn she felt another stirring of pleasure as the vibrator continued it's hum.

It was going to be a long game.


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