Locked down the Allotment

by DMW

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© Copyright 2010 - DMW - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; clamps; shed; mast; tease; cons; X

Jack swept the last of the straw off the shed floor and stepped back to admire his handywork, smiling at his wife Claire as he did so. Their allotment shed was completely empty. It was a nice day and a cold winter usually meant leaving in a hurry and just throwing things in the shed left it in a mess so they'd decided to use the warmer weather to spend the day down the allotment and get it sorted. At least, Claire had decided to do that, Jack wanted to dig some beds over ready for planting in the new growing season.

After getting changed into their work wear (jeans and a t-shirt for him, jogging bottoms and a t-shirt for her), they first stopped at a local hardware store to pick up some wood and brackets for shelving. While there, Jack had also picked up some metal u-shaped pipe fixings and when Claire asked why, he simply replied that screwed to the shed wall, they'd make a great garden cane store.

Behind him was everything he and his wife had taken out of the shed for sorting but Jack wasn't really interested in that. Walking past Claire, he picked up the picnic blanket for when they stopped for a drink and laid it out on the shed floor.

"What's that for?" Claire asked.

"You'll see," Jack replied, taking hold of her hand, leading her into the shed and laying her down on the blanket. Jack kissed Claire passionately and waited until he heard her moan before getting up off the floor and leaving the shed.

"Where are you going?" She asked.

"You'll see," was his only reply returning shortly with the u-shaped pipe fixings, some screws and a screwdriver. The metal fixings had holes in them already so they could be screwed into a surface and any number of items could just be held firm.

Jack moved Claire's arm above her head and towards one corner of the shed. Placing a u-shape over her wrist he lined up a screw and placed the screwdriver in the head.

"What are you doing?" Claire asked, but she did not attempt to move her arm.

"Just making you a bit more comfortable," he replied and began screwing into the floor. Once the first screw was all the way in, he moved the metal so it touched Claire's wrist but wasn't too tight. He then put in a screw on the other side, locking Claire's arm to the shed floor. She pulled but could not get her hand out. She smiled.

"More?" Jack asked.

"No," Claire replied in a sing-song voice while her other hand moved to the other corner of the shed. Jack took another u-shape and quickly fastened Claire's other arm down.

"Now what?" Claire asked.

"Your legs of course," Jack answered and after taking her muddy shoes off, he took each foot into a corner of the shed and repeated the procedure, leaving Claire spread-eagled on the shed floor. Once again, he stepped out of the shed to admire his handywork. "Very nice."

Getting down on the floor next to her, Jack began again kissing Claire and this time, didn't stop when she started moaning. Instead, he put his hand under her t-shirt, went up her stomach, reached for her bra...

And stopped. He squeezed the cups and felt a thick, padded material, causing him to sit up and lift her Claire's t-shirt. There he saw it. Claire's comfy bra. Pink and white and covered in multi-coloured hearts. He hated it. Always had. Thought it made Claire look about 16, and not in a good way! It was also too big and kept her too contained. He knew why she wore it, especially down the allotment; because it was comfortable and allowed her to work and not get sore. He reached round her and tried to undo it to take it off but her fixing to the floor was too good, he couldn't get it off.

With a smile, he stood up and left the shed, leaving the door open and Claire looking perplexed. Looking through the pile of items they'd taken out of the shed, he found the pair of scissors they kept down at the allotment and went back in the shed.

Claire's expression hardly changed and she didn't have time to ask him what he was doing as he moved her t-shirt out of the way and began cutting through the bra, quickly pulling the various parts and throwing them out of the door.

"Now, where were we?" he asked as he resumed his postion on the floor next to her and put his hand under her t-shirt to play with her breasts though it wasn't long before his hand started wandering down, into her jogging bottoms and to her knickers. He rubbed her through the material, wondering if the heat coming from them was as much as was coming from his own groin. He spotted the scissors and smiled.

"Oh darn," he said as if bored. "I can't get into these either. Whatever will I do?"

Pulling on her jogging bottoms, jack exposed the top of Claire's knickers, white cotton and also worn for comfort but didn't last long against the scissors and Jack's hand was soon back in her jogging bottoms and a finger was gently stroking her slit back and forth. Claire moaned softly, enjoying his touch and the risque situation that bought it about.

Jack managed to get a finger inside Claire but in trying to get a second, found resistance from the slightly tight jogging bottoms. The scissors were used again to cut the clothes which were pulled out from under her before being thrown out of the shed. With no restrictions, his fingers were soon working inside her and a couple of flicks of his tongue on her clit had her panting though they both knew he wouldn't let it end so quickly.

As if to emphasise that to both of them, he got up and sat up astride Claire's stomach. With the scissors, he cut a nick into the top of her t-shirt, grabbed hold of the top and pulled. The cut t-shirt offered no resistance and flew open, exposing Claire's breasts which Jack took full advantage of with his tongue and lips, moving only up to her neck so he could climb off and return a finger to her clit.

"You close?" He asked after a couple of minutes. She managed to murmur an affirmitive in between heavy breaths and panting.

"You know I'm going to stop don't you?" She knew he was but managed to squeak out a no in the hope that he wouldn't. Even with the expectation, when he did stop, it surprised her. She was even more surprised when he jumped up and left the shed, propping the door wide open with some wood.

Claire heard Jack struggling but only had a limited view which was soon filled with an old oil barrel they used for burning weeds and unwanted things they couldn't recylce. She watched Jack pick up her clothes and one by one, drop them into the barrel. Leaving the bra till last, he got some matches from the pile and lit it, dropping it into the barrel so the rest of Claire's clothes would catch fire too.

"Afternoon Jack!" Although the voice was familiar, the proximity of it to him made Jack turn and Claire's heart nearly explode from her chest. It was Derek, the man who had the allotment next to theirs. He was already more than halfway up the path that led to the shed when he called. Moving quickly, Jack closed the shed door and was sure Derek hadn't seen anything.

Claire had no way of knowing one way or the other. She hadn't seen Derek but then, she couldn't see much at that angle. He could have seen her foot or her uncovered leg and she'd have no way of knowing.

"Smoke in the shed," she heard Jack say from the other side of the wood.

"Right, right," Derek replied. "You here by yourself?"

"Yeah, Claire stayed at home." Jack didn't know what to make of the question. Had Derek seen her? Jack was sure he liked to see her so wasn't going to read too much into it.

"Good. Well, I must get on," said Derek and walked off to his own plot.

Jack realised he couldn't risk checking on Claire. He'd closed the door to stop the smoke getting in and couldn't open it again as soon as Derek had left. Instead, he kept himself busying, weeding, tidying, clearing, all the while thinking of Claire, naked, exposed, helpless.

Claire too was thinking of herself naked, exposed and helpless. She knew people were out there but she didn't care. Her nipples were so hard they were beginning to get sore and her pussy was throbbing; she was sure she'd had a tiny orgasm when she saw Derek's frame move past the shed window and was now dripping wet.

Eventually, Derek left with a wave but no words. Jack smiled and, as soon as he was out of sight, crept into the shed with a finger on his lips, shushing Claire before she could make any noise. He climbed down next to her and whispered to her.

"He's still out there but it's driving me nuts thinking of you in here like this. I can't help myself." He licked his fingers, gently parted her slit and found her clit. Jack didn't realise the thought of nearly being caught would have turned her on so much but given the size of her clit, it must have done. With care, he pressed against it with a forefinger, rubbing it in a clockwise motion.

"Jack! Don't!" Claire said in less of a whisper before Jack started moving his finger around more and more. A few years together meant he knew exactly how to push her button so to speak and she soon spoke again, even louder still "Oh! Yes! Do! I don't care. Let him watch! Let him in! Just let me cum!"

Jack smiled. He loved having Claire like this. Ready to explode but totally at his mercy if he chose to show any. He decided to push his luck a bit and slowed down, knowing it would be enough to keep her ticking over but not let her cum.

"Honey, we have a problem."

"Ooooooh? What?" He moved his fingers quicker.

"You don't have any clothes to get home in." Slow down.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! I don't care! I don't! I'll walk home naked. Just Pl-e-e-e-ase let me cum."

Jack decided that was enough and within a few seconds, felt Claire's body convulse underneath him. He was impressed that even with her body shaking and rocking, not one of the screws holding her in place came loose and he pondered the next time he'd have her locked down the allotment.

Claire laid still. She couldn't move even if she was able to. Jack moved around her, undoing the screws that held her down, gently kissing wherever his head happened to be as he did so. Once she was out, he helped her sit up and, after assuring him she was okay, he left the shed and began tidying up. She didn't have much strength to help and, he noticed, she didn't seem to mind sitting on the grass outside the shed completely naked. He smiled. Maybe this year the allotment would provide the best yield ever.