Liz's New Slave

by Brandon H

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© Copyright 2014 - Brandon H - Used by permission

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Brandon was making a fedex delivery as he usually does for his 9-5. It was the end of the day and he was ringing the door bell of his last client. When the door opened a woman in her mid thirties, long red hair to her shoulders, fair legs, and gorgeous green eyes answered with a hello. "I... I have a package for you. Ms....?" He stuttered. "Liz, call me Liz" sign here please. Brandon felt stupid that he forgot her name was on the box. She took the pen and while signing looked up at him and immediately knew she had found her mark.

"Are you in a rush, it's pretty warm out, would you like to come in for a quick drink?". Sure why not, he though and followed her in. She came back moments later and he gulped down the cool refreshing beverage. They chatted for a bit about past experiences. Brandon was becoming tired and thought he should get going. As soon as he stood up he felt faint, the lights went out, and he hit the floor with a thud.

He woke up, not knowing how much time had passed and it was very dark. He tried standing up and whacked his head off what felt like a metal bar. "Knights of Columbus that hurt... Ah... Hello?" He called out into the darkness. Short while after he heard a door open and the lights turn on. It was only then that he saw what predicament he was in. He was locked in a steel cage, looked like it was made for a dog and resized for a human being. There were whips on the wall, a leather bench on the floor, and a bright red shinny bed in the corner. There was a dresser with the drawers open and an assortment of toys that made him feel uneasy.

A shiver went through his body and realized he was naked, a plastic... cage around his penis and balls with a tiny gold padlock holding it together. "You won't be going anywhere for a while" Liz said as she sauntered down the stairs. She was wearing a bright yellow sun dress and looked so good Brandon forgot about all his troubles, that is until he grew hard in his plastic cage causing him pain. She sat next to the cage and looked him straight in the eye. "My name really is Liz, and I'm keeping you down here because, I've always wanted a man slave, somebody who I can take care of, nurture, coddle, and one who will do what I want... When I want."

Brandon, scarred stuttering again says, "You... You can't keep me here, not like this". Liz smiles and informed him that nobody knows where he is. She wrote an email to his boss from his phone saying that he quit and where they can pick up the truck. While he was passed out she went through his phone and saw he had no family, no girlfriend, not even a dog. He was perfect. "Now, I'm going to let you out of the cage, if you behave you will be rewarded, if you misbehave... Well..." Liz pushed a button the remote in her hand and he felt 50,000 volts surge through him. She had fitted a shock collar to his neck.

She unlocked the cage and Brandon wearily crawled out. "Good," she said. "You may have noticed I've put a chastity cage on you, I need to maintain control and this is the easiest way to do it. If you're really good I may let you out". Though Brandon was absolutely terrified at the thought of being prisoner all of this turned him on. "Come over here" she sat down and tapped the bed with her hand. He walked over and sat next to her. She looked at him and kissed him on the neck, and started sucking at his check and he leaned back thinking 'maybe this won't be so bad', she pinned his hands above his head and before he knew it, *click*.

He was locked in satin hand cuffs chained to the bed. "What the hell" *click*. His feet were now secured to the sides of the bed. She smiled deviously at him and spun around straddling his chest and lifting up her dress to reveal the moist, warm, intoxicating smell of this sex crazed goddess as she lowered herself onto his face. Before he could take a breath his tongue entered her, tasting her, feeling her, his whole face buried between her soft thighs. Her juices leaked into his mouth and as soon as they did he felt an overwhelming sense of calmness and well being, it was like heroin.

She moaned as she rode his face gyrating faster and faster, "yes baby, yes!" She did this for 30 minutes after having her final release she lifted off and spun around to look at her handy work. Brandon was breathing heavily and exhausted. "I better take care of my baby" she said, "roll over." Liz yelled with a stern authoritative gaze. Confused he complies for fear of another electric shock. A blindfold was placed over his eyes first, blocking out all light. Then something hard and rubbery enter his mouth, 'a ball gag, of course' he thought to himself sarcastically.

He can hear the cap of a bottle open, and then the squirt of a liquid followed by the alien like feel of a cold, wet, lubricated hand massaging his anus. "What... The... Fuck?" he mumbled into his gag. Then a sharp pain in his rear, "Sshhhh just relax baby, relax and you will feel better, trust me." Liz whispered into his ear. He tried doing so despite the discomfort. And.. Wow, it did feel better, it felt a lot better, he even found himself accepting it as he bucked against her, what he could assume to be strapon. She went faster and faster, and he, constricted by the chastity device, was in more pleasurable pain then ever. Suddenly he felt like he had to pee, and then was washed over by the feeling of his climax as he came hard, with no erection at all. Like every muscle inside his body was convulsing. "You came! Good. There will be more if you service me correctly" and she gently removed the gag.

"That's it?" Brandon asked, pretty happy with the results of what just happened. "For now," Liz said, "but you've still got a lot of training to finish before I let you out of here. I'm having a dinner party tomorrow for some of my colleagues. It's going to be pretty boring but I plan on keeping you down here. I'm going to need to sneak down for some fun. But don't worry my little baby, I'm going to take very, very good care of you."

Before Brandon could talk Liz shoved her panties in his mouth to gag him, then led him over to what looked like a giant latex bag. "This is where you'll spend most of your nights, it should keep you restrained and compliant at night. Lay down." Liz instructed with a firm tone and he did as he was told. Once down Liz did the zipper up encasing Brandon in a latex cocoon, no sight, no sounds, just empty darkness and the feeling of his once again hard cock pushing against the plastic cage as he settled in for a much needed rest.

The next morning Brandon was awoken by the sound of the zipper being undone and a bight light coming from the ceiling flourescents. The bed he was in lifted him up, just like one of those hospital beds. He thought to himself, 'where the hell does she get all of this?' Still unable to move his arms, legs, or torso from the sleep bag he looked up at Liz. She was wearing nothing but a tiny pink satin robe, with her red hair in a pony tail. 'Wow, this woman is gorgeous, maybe I could do this. he thought to himself.

"Hey good morning sleepy head, you've got a long day ahead of you. I'm going to be nice and let you out of this basement but only to clean the house understand? If you try to run I'll zap you again!" he nodded enthusiastically to show his disdain for that infernal device, but once again... Was turned on by his captor. 'What is happening to me' he thought.

"It's feeding time" Liz said and she leaned in close and pulled her robe to one side revealing her breast. "Wha...what? You want me to drink your... Milk? I don't thi..." ZAP! Before Brandon could finish his sentence a strong wave of electrified pain came over him. "What did I tell you! If you resist then I'll shock you!

"I'm sorry Liz" ZAP! "Ouch! Brandon yelled.

"Don't call me Liz, you will call me ma'am".

"Well ma'am! I'm not used to drinking somebody's breast milk, what do you want to pretend I'm your child? That's sick!"

Following this outburst he anticipated another shock but there was nothing. "I don't think of you as a child, especially not mine. I see a man that does not know what he wants out of life, a man who is lost, needs direction, and needs authority. I have no want to pretend you're my child, but I do see you as a man who needs the same nurturing care as a child, ergo if I see it fit to treat you like one, I WILL! Understand?" Once again Brandon nods enthusiastically as he leans in to have his first "meal" of the day. 'Hmmm it's not so bad, kind of relaxing' he pondered as his doubts and worries washed away.

Once finished she unzipped the rest of him and left him with a set of instructions, "Vacuum, clean kitchen, clean bathroom, polish silverware, set table, prep food, change sheets on basement bed". This shouldn't be too hard "where are my pants " he asked.

"Burned them, you are mine, you will spend your days naked unless I say otherwise". She told him. "If you're good, I may have a French maid outfit you can wear haha" she laughed amusing herself at the idea.

While working away, Liz went upstairs to start getting ready for the party tonight. She slipped off her robe and started up the shower. Liz stepped into the glass shower and felt the hot steamy water caress her goddess like body, she let her soapy hands explore her own body as if for the first time. Feeling, touching... Grabbing.

Slowly she slides one finger in and out of her pussy, feeling the moist wetness inside her becoming greater and greater as her other hand grips her breast, pinching her nipple between her fingers. She works faster and faster as the hot water cascades down her body, moaning, rubbing, feeling every contraction, every nerve ending standing up, and then all at once the earth shattering orgasm that being her to her knees as she cries out in exctasy.

Composing herself she steps out of the shower and saunters over to her bedroom, towel wrapped around her head. She goes over to the walk in closet and pulls open a drawer. "Hmmm these ones" she pulls out a pair of pink satin crotchless boy shorts with a devilish smile she puts them on one leg at a time. Then a matching strapless bra. Since the dinner party was a formal occasion she bought a dress just for it. A black v-line dress with a slip so high it would make a porn star blush, but... She pulled it off. The next few hours were spent doing her hair, makeup, making sure everything was just right. At 4:30 she went downstirs to find Brandon just finishing up his list. She led him to the basement once again.

She instructed him to lay down on the bed in the starfish position "I think something more comfortable for a gag tonight would be best" she said.

"I promise I'll stay quiet, you don't need to gag me, I... I don't want to leave".

She smiles and places a hand on his cheek softly, "Baby, I know but the truth is, you won't be able to keep quiet, you'll need this, trust me" and she secured a gag with a rubber penis on the end of it.

It felt strange in his mouth, then she starts to pump it up with an inflator. It swelled in his mouth making even muffled sounds impossible to come through. She laid him down and secured his hands and feet to the bed. Once locked into position she lubed up a finger, "This is going to feel a little strange" as she lubricated his backside. A vibrating prostate massager was inserted.

"This should keep you fairly busy for most of the night, it's not enough to make you orgasm, but enough that you'll want to." Then she took the key from around her neck and unlocked his chastity device. He instantly sprung free. She walked up the stairs looking back at him, helpless on the table, looked scared and excited. She pushed the botton on the remote for the prostate massager, turned off the lights, and shut the door behind her to leave him in a pool of his own excitement.

He could hear the party going on upstairs, laughing, the talking, and the clatter of high heeled shoes on the floor above him. Two hours past and he heard the door open, Liz walked down the stairs and said, "I only have 2 minutes, told them I was grabbing a bottle of wine" without saying another word she straddled Brandon and put his still hard member inside her.

She rode him fast and hard until he exploded inside of her. All their juices mixing inside. "Good, I'll be back again in 2 hours to let you out. The prostate massager should keep you goin till then". Then she left turning the lights off behind her.

The next morning Brandon woke up to the blinding light as he was still strapped down to the table in the dungeon, naked and to his relief, the butt plug was off. Liz came down the stairs in her typical morning attire, a satin robe, a cup of coffee, her hair in a pony tail, and a smile on her face, "Rest well?" She asked.

"Uhh yea, oddly enough I did... Thank you". She walked over and unclipped him from the table. "What about my.... Chastity device?"

"Do you want that on you, I thought it would be a welcome relief?" Liz asked.

"No no I'm good, it just feels... Weird". Brandon said wearily.

"I think you are becoming a good slave, almost starting to enjoy it are we?" Brandon blushes. "Tell me my pet, hehe, what is one of your fantasies, better yet, I'll give you the morning to show me your deepest.... darkest.... Secret"

Brandon can only think of one thing, one of his deep dark thoughts that has always plagued him, "I've always wanted to do to a woman, what you have done to me, to force myself on them, gag them, tease them".

Liz was weary of this. Since her ex husband and the way he treated her... She was never sure if she could trust a man like that again. "Ok, we can try that" without a second to waste Brandon got up from the table, grabbed Liz, and tossed her into the dungeon bed. Before she could react he was on top of for, so agressive, at first kissing her neck, then sucking... Then "ouch" he was biting her, "Ok I think that we need to slow down a bit."

But he didn't want to slow down, he reached down between her legs and felt how wet she was, on some level she was enjoying this at least that's what he thought. Brandon, already hard, forced himself into her, as she cried out in delightful agony. She wanted him to stop but part of her was enjoying it. "Ya you like it don't you, you pretend to be all high and mighty but what you really want is man to use you".

That brought back a bad memory for Liz with her ex husband, the abusive bastard. She reached down into the pocket of her robe, and grabbed the remote. Brandon felt a shock. "I said that's enough!" Liz yelled.

Brandon still stunned and in pain felt himself picked up by his hair and led over to a bench, where he was strapped down on his hands and knees face down "when I say stop, I mean stop, you are not in control, and don't you forget it". Liz walked over to her wall of whips and grabbed the flogger, 1...2...3... Lashes accross his backside. "What do we say?" She yelled.

"I'm sorry!"

"What I didn't catch that!" 3 more lashes across his ass.

"I'm sorry Liz!" He screamed. 3 more lashes across his now red ass.

"WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?!" She yelled.

"Ma'am, I'm sorry ma'am" he screamed in pain.

"Brandon, there are parts of my past that are sensitive, I know you were having fun, but that is the sort of behavior I will not tolerate, do you understand?"

"Yes I do, I'm sorry".

"Good, but I will still have to punish you, I hope you understand". She whipped him 5 more times, his backside now on fire. She walked over to one of the dressers and grabbed a toy, a large toy... A very big... Butt plug. "This one will hurt!" she says.

Brandon could feel the lube and knew what was coming next as he felt an enormous pain in his rear. "I'll be right back, I'm going to change and then we can... begin your treatment... One of my fantasies".

He was left there, naked, tied down on the leather bench, with a giant plug in his rear... And oddly enough quite the erection. After a few minutes Liz came back down. In a latex nurses outfit, "Well that's new" Brandon said.

"QUIET! This is not for you to enjoy, this is a punishment". Liz walked over to the drawers and pulled out a gag, nipple clamps, and what looked liked a long thin metal rod. "Are you going to do what I say? Because you know what happens to bad boys".

Brandon nodded his head and Liz undid the restraints guiding him over to the bed where she restrained him once again. "Brandon, today, I am your nurse, and I'm going to do things that you've never imagined, you will like some, and others not so much, but you WILL lay there and not make a sound, and just to make sure you don't I have an old friend here with me". She revealed the same gag from the night before. The penis shaped inflatable one. She fastens it to his face and gave it the three pumps it needed.

Then ever so slowly she attached the nipple clamps... He did not like these... Nor did he see what was medically relevant about them. Liz reached down, "Already hard eh? Let me show you something, this is a sound, it's a medical device that's inserted into a mans penis to swab for samples. I won't be looking for samples but I promise you it will be a feeling like no other".

She grabbed the bottle of lube and began oiling up the metal rod, Brandon was legitimately terrified at this point, she, with her later gloves firmly grabbed his member and started to tease the tip. Spreading the lube accross his hole.... Then she slowly slid it in 'HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!' He thought to himself as it went deeper and deeper.

"See with this Brandon, I can stimulate your prostate gland, milking you, but there's nowhere for it to go so it just keeps building up".

She moved the rod up and down and her other hand stroking him slowly. Until he felt his climax, but instead of relief he experienced only a pressure and no relief from his tension, she kept going, it got more and more sensitive, one after another she smiled as his orgasms were ruined. "I'm going to let you cum so When I do punish you, you will get zero satisfaction from it".

She pulled the rod out the same time as his climax as all at once everything came out. Liz held out a small container and caught it all.... "This wouldn't be a punishment if I didn't punish you now would it". She held the container near his mouth. 'No fucking way' he thought as he shook his head in protest.

A heavy shock around his neck proceeded his protest. "Brandon there are two ways this can go down. You can either be a good little boy and drink your medicine or I can keep doing this until I fill the container and force feed it to you... Your call".

Reluctant he nodded in agreement. The gag was removed and he... swallowed every drop of his ... Medicine. "Good... Very good" Liz added. "Now, I'm still upset with you for what you did, ergo I'm going to reunite you with an old friend".

She reached for the chastity cage but before she fastened it she fed a long rubber tube with an inflatable ball at the end down his urethra. Then had the chastity device fastened within minutes followed by unbuckling the soft restraints from the bed she had him stand up and grabbed the sleep sack laying it out on the bed. "Things are going to be a little different tonight, get in". He complied instantly. She fitted him with a gag, except this one had a tube coming out of it, then the large butt plug was removed and replaced with a smaller more conservative plug.

"Tonight you are going to be vacuum sealed. It will be great at first, but you will be able to move even less than before, sounds and light will be a distant memory and I've fitted you with a catheter. You may be in here for a while, you will have to breathe from this tube. It's not very large so best you not panic".

She zipped up the bag sealing him in darkness, the the sound of a vacuum as the air was taken out of the sack. He could feel the rubber pulling into his skin, it actually felt good, but that's exactly what she said would happen. Liz, satisfied with her handy work headed upstairs, turning off the lights, but not before she held into a stare at the man, the Slave, she was starting to love.

About a week had past since Brandon's punishment. He was starting to get to the routine of being Liz's live-in slave. She would wake up and either open the cage, untie him from the bed, or let him out of his sleep sack then leave him to his duties. He had learned many things about her, she was a very expensive, very successful lawyer, she was married once to an abusive man, and has few friends. Though the ones she does have seem to lead similar lifestyles.

Brandon leaves his basement room/dungeon and starts his day. Naked, and with nothing other than a shock collar and a chastity cage he roams around the house making everything perfect. He puts fresh flowers on the kitchen table that he picked from the back garden. Prepares her breakfast and tea, freshly squeezes her juice and cleans up any messes they had made the night before. Liz came back down in her black pencil skirt and red blouse.

'Damn she looks good in the morning' Brandon thought to himself.

"Good morning my pet, how are we doing?"

"Good ma'am. Your breakfast is ready and the basement has been cleaned" he said.

"Good, I have a list of things I need you to do, we are going out tomorrow night and I need to know this house is clean for our return."

He looked over the list "clean kitchen, bathroom, and basement, sterilize all toys, pick up package from post office".

"Ma'am, this last one, I will need a car... And some clothes".

She smiled, "Oh thats right, well I need to take some clients out to lunch so I'll have a sedan... Why don't you take the convertible, oh and I left some clothes and underwear for you on my bed, but you are not to wear them a moment sooner than when you go out!"

"I understand" he said. 'This could be it, if I wanted to get away I could... But I don't want to... I don't want to leave, I think I'm falling for her. I want to be with Liz, I want to make her happy'.

"Ugh hello! Earth to Brandon!" He shook his head waking up from his day dream.

"Right yes sorry, will do. What of my shock collar?"

"I'll remove it for one day, my car has low-jack, so I'll be making sure you don't go off schedule or off route".

She finished her breakfast, packed up her things and in a very out of character gesture, kissed Brandon on the cheek as she left. He started his cleaning task, knowing that the faster he finishes the sooner he gets to go outside for the first time in 2 weeks. Unless you count the back garden. He went upstairs for his clothes, the whole time thinking, 'she'll probably have me wear a dress'. But no, there was a bright green golf shirt, dark blue jeans, sneakers, socks, and a belt. And underneath it all a pair of underwear... Her underwear.

"Geez, I was so close" he said out loud. He pulled up the pink lace panties. "Well I don't care for wedgie... But... Not bad" he said.

He drove directly to the post office as directed, signed his name and picked up the package and came straight home. An hour later Liz showed up, "I checked the gps on the car, you didn't deviate at all, you could have ran, I'm so proud of you, now for the final test, pull down your pants!"

He did as instructed and there she saw his bulge in the pink underwear. "Wow you actually did it! Congrats my pet, you have passed my test, I have a special reward for you tomorrow night but for now let's have some dinner, and lock you up early, you will need your rest".

The next day Liz handed him his clothes from the day before "Get dressed, and put these on too" she threw a pair of yellow panties at him. She removed his collar yet again and told him to get into the car. They drove to the nearest mall. "What are we doing here?" Brandon asked.

"I'm buying a space shuttle...... It's a mall were going shopping, geez". Liz had never told him a joke before, he was left speechless.

They walked into the Hugo boss store, "My boss is having a dinner party tonight and was insistent that I bring a date, I need you looking great and to do that we need to get you a suit". She had him measured, fitted, and picked out a black dress shirt to go with the charcoal grey suit. "That will do" and she handed over her credit card. "One more stop" They went a few stores over where Liz tried on various dresses, she picked out a red satin backless dress, that really made her curves look great.

Getting back to the house Brandon said, "Thank you, you didn't have to do that, I'll have to pass more of your tests".

Liz smiled, "Actually I DID have to do that, you don't have any clothes, and thats not your surprise, that comes after".

They got dressed and headed out. The dinner was pretty boring, a bunch of legal talk Brandon didn't understand but he kept his mouth shut and hoped nobody asked him any questions. There was something off though, a woman, who sat across from him... she kept eyeing him, giving him odd looks. On the way out of the house Liz stopped and waited. That same woman from dinner yelled "LIZ!" When she approached them Liz said, "this is Alex, she's a coworker of mine and a close friend, a very close friend, and she'll be coming home with us".

Brandon's eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas, then a sudden realization, "Does she know about... Us?" he asked quietly.

"Of course! She taught me everything I know, it's not like there's a college course on what we do".

They went back to Liz's house where Brandon had his collar put back on, and his clothes removed. He got them both a bottle of wine, one bottle.. Then two.... Then a third. Returning from the kitchen to fetch a fourth bottle he found them kissing on the couch. They looked very into it. "Maybe we should take this downstairs" Alex said and the both led him into the basement. "I have a fun idea, did you know that Liz used to be my slave?"

"No I didn't" Brandon replied.

"Well she was, and now you're hers, do you know what that means?.... I own you both!" She snapped her fingers and Liz immediately removed her dress went down to her hands and knees on the bed. Alex fastened her arms to the cuffs. "Come here" she said to Brandon and pointed behind Liz. She cuffed his hands to her ankles, then his ankles to the bottom of the bed. "I want you to taste her... All of her".

He leaned forward and began his work. Liz moaning, loving every minute. She loved to be in control but it had been a while since was under Alex's control. Alex strutted over to the chair in the corner of the room, removed her panties, sat down, and began touching herself. Liz's and Alex's moans were almost in sync, as he licked faster and faster, tasting her, smelling her, feeling her contract around his tongue that went deep inside her.

"I want you to cum!" Alex ordered. Within seconds liz came so hard that she squirted on his face. That was something Brandon had never seen her do, and at that moment Alex let out an earth shatter moan of pure ecstasy. "Hmmmm I really needed that, oh look, he's dripping too!" Alex said noticing Brandon's obvious arousal. "Liz, did you order what I asked?"

"Yes ma'am" she replied. She was unbuckled and ran upstairs to grab the package as Alex strapped Brandon down.

"I hear you like panties?" She asked as she picked up her satin blue undies off the floor and put them in his mouth. Liz returned with the box. "We have this idea for a role play, I think you'll like it, and even if you don't it's not like you had a choice. Liz and I knew each other in high-school and we always wanted to have a threesome. Unfortunately, none of the boys liked to be tied down. So we thought we could use you".

They opened the box to find... Pyjamas. But not the kind an adult would wear. They wore pink booty shorts, and tiny t-shirts with popular cartoon characters on them. "We are going to role play that very scenario." Liz and Alex began kissing while straddling Brandon. They felt each other, and explored each other's mouths with their tongues. Slowly lowering themselves closer, and closer to Brandon. Together they started blowing him, their lips coming together from either side of his shaft. Moving up and down, getting him harder and harder. Liz shuffled back, "I'll let you do the honours" she said.

Alex pulled out a knife, Brandon tensed, and the Liz opened her legs, she made a cut in her shorts about 2 Inches long. Alex handed Liz the knife and she did the same. They giggled together and Alex, slowly lowered herself onto his hard cock. While Liz lowered her wet sex onto his face putting him to work. Brandon using his tongue on his mistress, Liz moving up and down on his face while kissing Alex's neck, and Alex riding up and down moaning in pleasure on his member. Alex went faster and faster, Brandon could tell they were getting wetter and wetter.

Between the times Liz would lift up so he could breathe he would catch a glimpse of Alex and see her riding in pure, unleashed pleasure. They came together.. All of them, Brandon inside Alex, Liz on Brandon, and Alex also on Brandon. Brandon thought it was over, but then... They switched positions, Liz was now riding his still overly sensitive member, causing him agony as she lowered herself onto him. But that wasn't as bad as what was next. "You need to clean this mess!" Alex said as she assumed Liz's previous position and lowered her still creamed sex onto his face. He did as he was told and cleaned while in absolute sensory overload as Liz rode his cock. They all came together one more time. Luckily Liz did not make him clean his mess. That was the first night Liz spent the night in the same bed as Brandon after Alex went home.

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