Living Our Fantasies

by subphil3

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© Copyright 2006 - subphil3 - Used by permission

Storycodes: FMMM/m; bond; chastity; cuckold; D/s; cons; X

We had been together a long time. After 15 years the zest had kind of gone out of our love life. We still loved each other and all, we didn't want to split up or anything. Still talked about spending the rest of our lives together. But it was just getting dull in the sack. Probably had something to do with both of us being caught up in our careers, working long hours, coming home exhausted and keyed up. When we did both make it home before midnight.

We talked about it. Tried to schedule time together for a date. Even went shopping together for some sexy outfits and toys. And it's not like we didn't have fun those few times when we did manage to connect. But most of the time it just wasn't there.

We tried acting out some of our fantasies. Of course mine always centered around being tied up and abused, but Alison just didn't get into it, even when she was in the middle of bending me over her knee. Her recurring fantasy was having several young guys, so excited they could hardly keep from cumming just watching the first one pop his cherry with her. On those fantasy nights she would close her eyes while I described the boys touching her as I stroked her and then touching themselves as they had their first experience with a real woman. My role was to teach them, to tell them how to please a woman. And of course they were always like Chicago voters - cum early and cum often.

Then we mixed our fantasies. I was tied to a chair and forced to watch her with her group of boys, instructing them on what to do and how to do it to make Alison hot. She put the clover-leaf nipple clamps on me to keep me hard and made me lick her dildo telling me it was one of the boys' cocks that I needed to get wet for her. I really got hot and horny but it just didn't quite make it for Alison. She got hot but couldn't cum even with our fantasy.

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when Alison told me she felt unfulfilled and suggested we make our fantasy a reality. Neither of us had ever cheated or seriously considered having another partner for sex so I was stunned. After I got over my shock I realized it might be the only way to get our sex life back to the level it was for years so I agreed.

We decided to "shop" for the boys at a local bar, the Balcony Club. It was one of the only places we knew of that seemed wide open - mostly gays but with lots of straights, transvestites, fetish- types. Needless to say it was mostly younger folks that went there. We talked a lot about whether we should go together or let Alison do the "shopping" but in the end we went together. We were both so nervous that we almost chickened out.

Alison wore a sexy leather top that laced up the front and a tight, short leather skirt. Her ass always gets me excited. From the moment we walked in heads turned to look at her. We ordered a drink and watched the crowd wondering how we would get started. I mean do you just walk up to a table of guys and ask them if they want to fuck your wife? Should you buy them a drink first? Or make some small talk?

It turned out we really didn't have to worry about it. I guess we weren't the first ones to go "shopping" at the Balcony and I guess it was pretty obvious what we were there for. Soon enough a good looking young stud wandered over, said "Hi" and asked us if we were looking for a threesome. I was tongue-tied but Alison just looked at him and said, "Actually we are looking for a little something more - do you have any friends?"

He grinned and said, "You bet. You want boys or girls?"

Alison grinned and replied, "Boys, young ones. Preferably good looking like you."

He laughed and walked back into the crowd. In just a minute he came back with two more young studs. They all looked like they worked out and obviously liked showing off their bodies in tight t-shirts. And only a few tattoos and body piercings. Each.

So before we could even finish our first drink we were back out of the club and headed home. I drove our Cherokee while Alison sat in the back with two of the boys, getting to know them. Or rather kissing them and rubbing their cocks and getting them hot. The boy that sat up front with me reached over, stroked my thigh and asked, "What about you?"

Alison came up for air long enough to tell him, "No, he doesn't get to play. I make him watch all of you. Maybe if he is lucky he can get sloppy fourths." They laughed and went back to their play. But the boy in the front didn't take his hand off my leg. He moved it up to my crotch and smiled. These kids were ready. And randy.

Fortunately we lived close and were soon in the garage and piled out of the car. A trail of clothing was left going inside and up to the bedroom. By the top of the stairs the boys were naked and Alison had only her top on. She stopped them and told them they had to get me ready. Three young studs with raging hardons ripped my pants and shorts off while Alison put my "viewing" chair at the foot of the bed.

The chair is a high-backed rattan chair with the cane cut out and the legs cut off short. My arms were pulled around the back and strapped in, then my legs were spread and pulled back to fasten to the back legs of the chair. Alison snapped the nipple clamps on me and I was helpless as she pulled the boys onto our bed.

These boys were young but they definitely didn't need any instructions from me. Two of them sucked her tits while the other one worked his way down her belly to dive between her thighs. She moaned in pleasure just as his tongue touched her clit. It was probably the first time she had cum in months and she hadn't even started fucking. He didn't waste much time and plunged his big dick into her cunt. She screamed in ecstasy again as he began moving his cock. She had these boys nearly as hot as she was and he quickly came in her with a loud moan. He was quickly replaced by one of the tit-boys and Alison came right away again. The smell of sex was almost overpowering.

I was harder than I could ever remember and pre-cum was flowing out of my cock as I watched the boys fuck Alison. The first boy walked up to me, grabbed my head and told me to clean off his cock. My mouth was right at cock-level so I had no choice as he pushed his cock into my mouth. I licked and sucked both his and Alison's juices off his cock. He quickly started getting hard again in my mouth. There is nothing like youth for recovery time. On the bed Alison and boy number two were both moaning and screaming and boy number one started ramming his cock in my throat in earnest. I had licked Alison's dildo before but had never had a cock in my mouth before. I tried not to gag and I tried not to bite his growing dick.

He pulled out to go suck on Alison's tits as boy three took his turn putting his dick in her cunt. She groaned and grabbed One's cock to keep him on her tits. I was in heaven watching but my view was blocked by boy two who slid his cock into my mouth. He was slimier than boy one but he got hard again almost immediately. I think he was a little smaller than boy one or else I was getting better at sucking cock.

Alison and boy three came in just a minute and two popped out of my mouth. One and two sucked on her tits as three came over for his cleanup. Alison watched me lick his cock and make him hard again. She pushed the boys away and came over to me. She wrapped her leg around my neck and shoved my face into her cunt. "Lick me clean. Suck up all the cum from these real studs."

I couldn't see and could barely get in a breath as I licked her cunt. She must have reached down for the chain on my clamps as I suddenly felt a sharp tug and pain in my tits. "Harder you bastard," she said as she rode my face. I licked her clit and plunged my tongue into her as hard and deep as I could. I nearly passed out for lack of oxygen as she ground her cunt into my face and screamed as she came again.

Alison collapsed back on the bed but there were still three hard cocks looking for attention. Four if you count mine. Boy one eased on top of Alison and slowly eased his cock into her cunt. He went slowly this time, gradually building up her energy again till they were bucking and fucking all over the bed. Two and Three were watching and stroking each other getting hotter and hotter. Almost at a signal they came over to my chair. Two learned his lesson from Alison and wrapped his leg around my neck as he pushed his dick into my mouth. And he grabbed my nipple chain to accentuate his strokes deep into my throat.

Three must have been bored watching One and Two and I felt a hand grab my cock. It wasn't what you might call gentle. He pulled and twisted my shaft and I would have yelled in pain if I didn't have another cock down my throat. Soon he switched to my balls and squeezed and pulled them till I thought they would burst. Two quickened his pumping in my mouth and a gush of jism flowed into my throat. I had never even tasted my own cum before and now I was drinking the cum from this young stud.

One and Alison had both cum again and were watching the action on me. Three dropped my balls and went onto the bed to kiss Alison's body. He was ready for his next orgasm. She rolled three over and mounted his rigid cock. If you couldn't tell, Alison likes to be in control so she set a slow and easy pace. Try as he might three couldn't get pumping faster until she was good and ready for it.

One sat on the floor next to me watching the pair on the bed and idly began stroking my cock. I was going nuts with desire and moaned as One brought me to the verge of cumming. "Oh no you don't old man, this is your night for watching not for getting any," One said and bent my hard dick in two. It felt like he broke it. He looked around and picked up a sneaker, pulling the lace out of it. He wrapped the lace around the base of my cock and tied it tight, then bent my cock in two again to tie the head of it to the base. Now my hard on just made my dick ache. Then he pulled my tit chain down and tied it with the loose ends of the lace keeping my tits stretched and me bent forward.

While One was busy tying my cock and tits, Alison had Three bucking all over the bed. She rode him like a bronco pulling and squeezing his tits for her reins. They both came again in a loud chorus of screams. Alison is a screamer when she cums and she was breaking all noise records that night. Finally they all lay on the bed exhausted, lightly stroking each other while they rested.

"You boys are mighty good, just what I needed," Alison said lying there with a cock in each hand. "Yeah," said One "but you still didn't get what you wanted. You were looking for young weren't you. Maybe even a virgin, some young dick that could get hard ten times in a night."

"Oh yes, that would really turn me on," she said, her eyes getting glassy and getting a little more serious with their cocks just thinking about it. "I'll tell you what," One said, "I'll see if I can't help you out. I'll find a boy or two to take care of you if I can bring some toys over to play with your old man there while you're playing with the boys. If you couldn't tell, we like it both ways and I'd like to see if I couldn't make him scream every time you scream."

"Is it too late to find them tonight?" Alison asked dreamily as her fondling got even more serious and got both Two and Three squirming. One laughed as he got up from the bed and walked toward me. "Maybe tomorrow," he said and lifted my chin to look into my eyes. I winced as my tits were stretched even further. "Oh yeah, we're going to have some real fun with you tomorrow," One said as he slid his cock into my mouth yet again.

The boys and Alison slept in a heap on our king size bed while I was left strapped to my chair. I know I dozed off several times to awaken when I tried to unbend in my sleep. At some point one of the boys went to the bathroom and yanked my head - and tits - up to lick off the dribble on his dick. He started getting hard again and fucking my mouth but decided he was too tired and pulled out to get back to bed. He must have taken pity on my poor blue dick since he untied it and took off my clamps. I thanked him for his mercy and he grunted as he climbed over another boy to snuggle with Alison. I know I fell asleep then dreaming of sliding my cock into my wife.

Sometime around dawn I woke to see one of the boys humping my wife. Alison is not a morning person but she likes an early morning fuck. She gets into that half awake, half asleep state that can let reality float as you get closer and closer to cumming. Each of the other boys eased into the same state and eased into Alison when there was an opening. They all drifted back into a satisfied sleep that lasted till noon.

I awoke to Alison kissing me and loosening my straps. "That was wonderful Honey, I can't believe I came so many times and that's just the start of my fantasy! I can't wait to get the real virgins." I groaned as my stiff limbs unfolded and started to complain a little about not getting to cum myself. Alison stood up and looked harshly at me. "Cut it out! You got exactly what you wanted and I'm going to get exactly what I want. Now get your ass downstairs and make some breakfast for this whole crew. I'll bet they're hungry after all that work last night and I need them to get out and do their shopping for my little cherry boys."

I ached as I limped into the kitchen to make what seemed like breakfast for forty. The boys ate all right. And relived their adventure and planned what they might do for the encore. I slipped into shorts and drove them back to the Balcony parking lot to recover their cars. There were quite a few cars in the lot so I guess there must have been lots of other action that night. One reached over and grabbed my crotch before he got out of the car. "You're going to be all mine tonight and I'll bet I teach you things even an old fart like you never dreamed of." They laughed as they headed for their cars.



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