by Emma Bond

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© Copyright 2015 - Emma Bond - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; catsuit; latex; leather; boots; bond; rope; crotchrope; hogtie; spank; tickle; torment; gag; bfold; sen-dep; vibe; tease; climax; cons; X

Penny had taken the afternoon of work to meet with the rep. She was sitting in her living room on a chair facing the sofa where the rep sat sipping on a coffee. The rep put the coffee on a coaster on the coffee table opposite the sofa. Then she sat back crossing her long legs and reread her notes.

"So let me get this right Miss Lawrence.” She glanced down at her notes again just to be sure. “You want to tie you up and gag you and then leave you to struggle for a couple of hours while you try to wriggle free? Then we come back in a couple of hours and release you should you not manage to get yourself loose? That's it? It seems a very simple request."

"That's correct. Please call me Penny."

"Well it is, shall I say, one of our more unusual requests Miss Law... Penny. I have to say, most of our clients request corporate events. I arrange to take a team of people or staff out for say a balloon trip. Followed by dinner at a castle. Team building. That sort of thing. Of course we do cater for individuals. Normally they want to race cars with Nigel Mansell or revamp their wedding day or romantic weekends. We specialise in doing the non-mundane."

Penny was sitting opposite the tall leggy blonde rep from The rep was wearing a beautifully fitting dark business skirt suit with a redsilk blouse. The skirt was mid-thigh over black seamed stockings. Well Penny surmised they were stockings, as hardly anyone she knew wore seamed pantyhose. The rep was dangling one of her four inch stiletto courtshoes from her toes, as she read through the request one more time.

"May I ask how you heard about us?"

"Ahem. Well . . . this is somewhat embarrassing, but I was watching a naughty short film on the web, when your ad popped up as part of the advertising. Then after a while mulling it over I called, Miss Jones."

"Call me Sarah, Penny. Ah. We have been having a little problem with our server. Some of our adverts are being shown in what our Executives deem to be unsuitable places. For our events, we try to follow the laws of the land. Your request is not illegal Penny." Sarah uncrossed and then crossed her legs again. Her other foot was now dangling a shoe.

"May I ask why you have made this request Penny? You have the vote. You earn as much as any man in this day and age. It is just such an unusual request to give up ones freedom. Even if it is just for a few hours."

Penny could feel the heat in her cheeks from embarrassment.

"Well, I guess it started as a child. We used to act out Charlie's Angels the television programme with my sister and some girls across the street. In one of the episodes, one of the Angels got tied up. Well my sister and the girls tied me up with jump ropes. It was the cleave gag they forced into my mouth that surprised me. It was one of my mother’s scarves. I felt so hopeless but . . . and I know this sounds funny. I enjoyed being in the rope. I lost all thoughts of time and worries of homework and school tests. You know. Mundane things, that seems to clutter one’s life. My mind just concentrates on trying to escape and get free. It is ridiculous, but to me it is liberating."

"Well children are impressionable at an early age. I can understand that." Sarah leaned back on the sofa and started to play with her hair, twisting it around her finger. "So you said you saw our advert whilst watching a naughty clip. Was that a bondage video too?"

Penny nodded.

"Would you like to tell me about it? Don't be ashamed or embarrassed. I am assessing your state of mind so that we can provide you the best experience we can create for you."

"Well I was watching a clip about a cat burglar. She gets found by the woman of the house. They wrestle and the cat burglar got overcome. The woman proceeded to tie the burglar up. She added more and more rope until the burglar could hardly move. Then she was gagged. The woman then went off to call the cops while the burglar struggled to get free. It was pretty hot. I saw your companies advert. Then I mulled it over for a few weeks and then curiosity got the better of me. That’s when I made the call, and here you are!"

"So you like to be tied up. You like to be subdued in the ropes. Do you tie yourself up or is this an un-acted upon fantasy? Oh. I can see by the blushes you HAVE tied yourself up. Regularly too I bet. Penny please, don't be embarrassed. May I see your bondage equipment?"

Penny walked out of the lounge and up the stairs to her bedroom. She fumbled under the bed and took out a large suitcase and dragged it back down to the lounge. She placed it in the middle of the floor and sat by it and opened the case.

It was Sarah's turn to gasp at the sheer number of items in the case.

While Penny sat by the case looking at the contents, Sarah kicked off both her shoes and knelt down beside the case next to Penny. She picked up a white wand about a foot long. It had a bulbous head on the end of it.

"What the heck is this? Do you use this to beat the guys off?" Sarah laughed.

"It is a Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator. Here is the programmable plug to go with it. I sometimes tie it on to myself with a crotch rope."

Penny picked out some of the not so obvious items and explained what they were. Panel Gag; Head Harness Ballgag; Several Ball Gags of differing sizes, up to a two inch diameter. There was a bin bag of various lengths of rope and some safety shears. Several luggage straps; Leather belts. A couple of semi used roles of duct tape. Three rolls of Vet Wrap. There were a couple of homemade wooden spreader bars painted black with eyescrew ends to attach padlocks. Penny demonstrated putting one of a set of leather wrist and ankle cuffs on and simulating clicking a padlock. In the corner of the suitcase were several sets of handcuffs and a set of ankle cuffs alongside various lengths of chain. Padlocks; a key chain with the various padlock and handcuff keys.

Sarah was toying with the contents. "So you really do tie yourself up. How do you go about that? I guess the handcuffs make it easier?"

Penny explained several routines, also explaining her release methods with keys frozen in ice-cubes and about rope slipknots and coils of rope just snug enough to put the wrists in that the slipknot cinched tight.

Sarah was very impressed. "So tell me how you attire yourself?"

Penny was becoming more comfortable in Sarah’s company. She explained that mostly she was tied up naked. If she felt sexy, she wore lingerie. On the odd occasion she would wear a black catsuit and leather opera gloves and calf boots and imagine she was a spy captured and held for interrogation.

"Look Penny, I came here to review your request and to make sure that you . . . how do I say it without causing offense? Well I needed to make sure you weren't crazy. I have to say that based on our chat. I am recommending we take you on as a client. Your request isn't overly complicated. It won’t cost you big bucks either as you have everything that we need right here." She waved at the suitcase in front of her. "All we need to work out is when it is suitable for you to carry out your request."

"Thank you. Thank you so much for accepting me.” Penny’s face cracked with a big smile. “Well, I am free Friday evening to Sunday night this weekend. It can be any time then I guess."

"Oh." murmured from Sarah's lips.

"Is there something wrong Sarah?" Penny asked. “You make that sound like this weekend is a problem.”

"No Penny. Sorry I was voicing a disappointment that my shift is over Friday and I won’t be available for the time you requested. That isn't a problem. I can arrange for a handsome guy to come by or my colleague Jane is available. It is just this was something different to the norm and I was going to offer my services to you."

It was Penny's turn to say "Oh! Look, after our chat I sort of feel okay with you. I am not doing anything right now. Would you be free to fix me up now?"

"That's fantastic. Now is good.” A big grin broke across Sarah's face. “I would like you to take a couple of gulps of water. Not too much, because I am going to keep you bound and gagged all afternoon. Would you go and use the bathroom and change into that catsuit number you discussed? I have to admit. In my research for this request I have watched a hell of a lot of bondage clips to see what it was all about."

It was twenty minutes before Penny returned down the stairs.

Sarah's jaw dropped. Penny was standing in a very tight latex catsuit. Patent leather calf boots with six inch stiletto heels encased her legs. Around her waist she wore a tight fitting under bust corset waspie. She stood with legs spread and her leather gloved hands on her hips. The zip on the front of her catsuit was semi undone, partly revealing Penny's C cup breasts straining against the latex.

"You like?" She asked shyly.

"I love it Penny. Come here and give me a twirl. Jeez you look awesome dressed like that. Oh, look at that waspie. I think we can get it a little tighter don't you? Turn around and breathe in. Here hold the banisters and I'll tighten itup."

Penny lent on the banister of the stairs and took a breath while Sarah started unlacing the back of the black latex waspie. She took a hold and gave the laces an almighty tug. Then she held the ends of the laces tight while and pulled at the laces between the eyelets of the corset. She repeated the process again and must have pulled Penny's waist in another two inches before she finally tied the laces in a big bow. She finished off by tucking laces between the corset and the latex catsuit, hiding the laces from view.

"I'll loosen it if you need me too? My god, your waist looks so tiny. Does it feel okay?"

Penny looked in the mirror above the fire place and gasped. Her waist really did look tiny. The tightness of the latex waspie waist cincher had the effect of making her boobs stick out more and her bottom now looked tight and more prominent.

"No, it’s okay. It's tight but bearable. I am still breathing, right?" she giggled.

"Well you are taking my breath away Penny. Are you ready for me to tie you up?"

Penny nodded. "How do you want me?"

"I want you to know I haven't done this before, but I know what I want to achieve. By the end, you will be tied up so much you won’t be able to do anything. Please stand there and put your hands behind your back while I get the ropes."

Penny placed her hands palm to palm behind her back clasping her fingers together, while watching Sarah sort the white rope lengths on the floor into increasing sizes. She took a small length and then folded it in half and looped it around Penny's wrists. With reverse tension she wound the rope around Penny's wrists before cinching them snug.

"I almost heard you purr with delight. Does that feel okay?"

Penny nodded, and Sarah started wrapping rope around Penny's ankles pulling her booted legs together and cinching the rope tight after first passing the rope under the heels. More rope was wound around Penny's calves below her knees and cinched, and then more rope wound above her knees. That too was cinched.

"Please bend your knees and see if it hurts. I know there are tendons at the back of the knee that shouldn't be roped over."

"It's perfect." Penny replied. Squatting deeply before standing up straight again. She wriggled her legs together noticing there wasn't a lot room to move.

"Right let’s see about tying your torso."

Sarah wound rope around Penny's waist and arms several times pulling her arms into the small of her back before Sarah cinched the rope between her arms and he back. Penny was beginning to realise that this tie was going to be really tough to get free from. She gave all her bonds another wriggle which only seemed to confirm her first thought.

"Are you sure you haven't done this before Sarah. It feels like I am pretty much stuck already. I can see by that wicked gleam in your eye, you are nowhere near finished with me. Are you?"

"What was that Carpenter song? We have only just begun." She looked up and smiled at Penny.

Sarah took another piece of rope and folded it in half. About six inches after the bite she tied a knot. Then she picked up the Magic Wand. At the knot she tied and knotted the wand into the rope. She squashed the Wand between Penny's upper thighs pressing the bulb of the wand into Penny's crotch making her gasp.

The rope and the pressing of the vibrator onto Penny’s increasingly moistening crotch were having that effect on her. She so wanted this. It was her treat. Inescapable bondage. Wanting to be at the mercy of another person. She closed her eyes and shuddered in anticipation of what was to come.

Sarah caught this out of the corner of her eye. She could see that Penny was really getting into this. “Look you didn’t mention anything about this, but from that little reaction I assume you are happy me using this?” She looked up at Penny.

Penny again nodded her consent.

“I can also see that you are naked under this catsuit. No VPL Visible pantie line.” The latex skin was strong but also quite thin. Sarah could see the outline of Penny’s pussy underneath the latex.

She passed the rope between Penny's thighs making sure she lightly brushed her hand over Penny’s pussy as she did. That brought a little gasp from Penny’s lips. Sarah pulled the rope up through Penny’s ass into the small of her back where she split the rope passing it through the loop at the vibrator and then back with reverse tension to hold the rope tightly above her hips. Now there would be no way to wriggle out of the crotch rope. Just to make sure, she pulled all the ropes again until she was satisfied the bulb of the wand was pressing tightly on Penny's pussy and clit and the rope was tight between Penny’s butt cheeks.

“If I were to plug this in and turn it on, you would come instantly. Wouldn’t you, you little harlot.” Sarah raised her palm and bought it down on to Penny’s butt cheeks a couple of times, making her gasp. Sarah pulled on the crotch rope making Penny squeal. “It’s not going to come off is it?” She laughed.

Penny blushed looking down at Sarah. “I probably would, Yes. No it sure doesn’t look like it will be coming off. Although I think I will be getting off.” Sarah smiled and winked, nodding her head.

Sarah looked back at the bonds at Penny’s knees and tutted. She started to un-cinch the rope above her knees before she tucked the end of the Wand handle onto the above the knee rope. Then Sarah started to re-cinch, tightened the wand into the knee rope. Finished she pulled on the wand happy to find there was hardly any give. She couldn’t pull the vibrator away from Penny’s pussy and she could not shift it from the knee tie. Perfect she thought.

“What else can I do to you?”

Penny looked down at her. “Well you seem to be doing fine so far. I can tell I am pretty much stuck. It’s not like I can stop you adding more rope to me.” Penny smiled hoping Sarah would take the hint to continue. Penny realise that she had never been tied as well as she was now, and that this was also the strictest too. Sarah didn’t look like she was anywhere near finished roping her up.

In the past she had asked her ex-boyfriends to tie her up. They were either arses, who tied her and fucked her for their pleasure, or were the other side of the coin and were too nice and tied her up but were worried she was being hurt. The over protective nature was cloying and had spoiled her nights. Penny just couldn’t find a guy who was kind and caring but when they played bondage games would just act like a Dom for her.

“Well I would stop if you asked. But as you haven’t, let me see what we can do with this big one.” She picked up the longest rope Penny owned.

Sarah folded the rope in half and looped it around the chest above Penny’s breasts. Passing the free end through the loop created the bite, Sarah pulled this tight. Reversing the rope she wound the rope neatly above Penny’s breasts a couple of loops. The effect on the rope was to press down on Penny’s boobs. When Sarah roped under her breasts a couple of loops, she felt her breasts jut out further due to the pressure on the rope. When Penny caught sight of herself in the mirror above the fire place her breasts looked massive, with the effect of the rope and the partly open zip of her catsuit, the Latex was struggling to hold her bulging breasts inside the latex suit.

Sarah passed the free rope under lower rope of the chest harness cinching Penny’s arms to her side, Then Sarah passed the free ends of the rope under the upper rope cinching that too. Penny tested the rope with another wriggle. Try as she might, her upper arms seemed to be welded to her sides.

Sarah then passed the rope under the lower breast rope under Penny’s arm and around the back of Penny’s neck and down through her other arm where she tied the rope off tightly in the centre of Penny’s back. Then she passed the free ends over one of Penny’s shoulders, down to the centre of the rope below Penny’s breasts. Sarah twisted the rope passing it up and under the upper breast rope between Penny’s breasts. She took the rope back down to the lower rope passing the free end under it, and pulling the rope tight. The effect was to squeeze the two ropes above and below together in the centre of Penny’s boobs. She gasped from the tightness of the rope, as Sarah passed the rope back over the opposite shoulder where she yanked the rope once again and tied the free ends to the centre back chest rope.

“How does that feel Penny? Too tight?”

“Yes. Yes it is tight Sarah. But in a good way. You know? I have been longing to be tied as tightly as this for ages.”

“I still have some free rope dangling, down. Ah. I know what I can do.” Sarah took up the last couple of feet of rope. She passed the free ends of rope under the back of the neck rope, taking the excess back down to the centre point at the back. She pulled this tight too. Then she started to bind the rope up wrapping it around towards the neck until there were just a few inches left over. She yanked the rope taut and tied a square knot. Then she tied another over the first.

“Let me have a look at my handiwork.”

Sarah stood up and looked over Penny’s shoulder into the mirror, placing a hand on Penny’s shoulder.

“Oh my god!” She exclaimed. “That looks so awesome. It looks like you are wearing a white rope bra. Jeez look at your boobs. That latex is straining to hold them in.”

Her hand dropped down the front of Penny’s catsuit and started to rub gently across the shiny material. She found Penny’s nipples. It wasn’t hard as her nipples were sticking out like hard little bullets. As Sarah gave them a little tweak, Penny raised her head back nuzzling into Sarah’s shoulder as she closed her eyes and her lips parted letting out a little moan of pleasure.

Sarah, looking into the mirror was stunned at Penny’s reaction. The woman was tightly tied up. She was also wearing a tight fitting black latex catsuit that didn’t leave much to the imagination. With a waspie cincher that was laced so tight, Penny’s waist looked to be about twenty inches in diameter. With the stiletto heeled boots she was now a couple of inches taller than Sarah.

Curly brown hair fell about Penny’s face. Her hazel eyes were closed enjoying Sarah’s touch. Sarah couldn’t resist brushing her hair out of the way and kissing Penny on the nape of her neck. Penny’s eyes opened suddenly at the kiss.

“Wow. You have taken my breath away. I wasn’t sure what I thought of your request at first. It was strange to me. You are so into this. You look so damn hot too. The contrast of white on black is simply stunning.” Sarah gawped. “I didn’t get it at first. You want this. You are the one in rope and yet you have the power to say yes or no. Although you are trussed up like a chicken, it’s really you that has the power over me.”

Penny just nodded with a smile. “That seems like a fair analogy. Please don’t take this the wrong way but, I want this. Don’t mistake how powerless I actually am tied up like this. The ropes will become uncomfortable in time. This is way more than I was expecting too.”

“I may have been a little more elaborate than what I first thought of with the rope here.” She squeezed her finger under the breast rope and gave it a tug. It was when I saw the amount of restraints you have. I just thought you would be able to handle it.”

“Look Penny. I do have one question for you. If you like being tied up so much, then why the hell don’t you just become a bondage model and put your own stuff on the web? You can be your own boss. Your questionnaire says you like travel. You can go all over the world and do this with the right work permits.”

“I couldn’t do that.” Penny blushed.

“You are so shy and modest. I want to take some pictures of you. I want you to have a keepsake.” Sarah rushed off to get her mobile phone and started walking around Penny snapping away while Penny protested. She pushed Penny back onto the sofa and snapped more with Penny sitting. “Gently struggle for me. These pictures are so cool.” Embarrassed, Penny shuffled and tried her best to move to show different poses, but it was difficult tied as she was.

“Look. When I come back we can down load the pictures onto your pc. I will let you delete the pictures on my phone. The phone can stay here when I depart. Okay?”

Penny nodded stunned. It wasn’t like she had much of a choice. She wriggled around on her heels and looked back into the mirror at herself.

“Are you ready for me to finish the tie?”

Penny turned and gasped. “You are joking right? What else is there to tie?” She giggled.

“Come let me help you lay on the rug. It won’t be easy with that thing strapped between your legs. Let me take the weight. I will lower you to the floor, just keep your legs straight and that wand thing won’t dig into you too much.”

Penny leant back as Sarah’s arms enveloped her under her chest. As Sarah moved backward the wand started digging into Penny’s fanny. It made her grunt and she gritted her teeth.

Penny sat upright on the floor. She could feel the rug under her with her leather gloved hands but her wrists were tightly tied into the small of her back. She sat trying to think of a way to free herself when she looked up at Sarah.

Sarah had been rummaging in the suitcase and shuffled over on her knees spinning a roll of duct tape on her forefinger.

“Look what I have found. Can you guess what it’s for?”

“Are you going to gag me with it?”

A mock look of horror came over Sarah’s face. “Gag you with this when there are plenty of other fun things in the case. Oh no. This is to make sure that you can’t turn that wand off when you start to struggle.” She ripped a strip off the roll.

On High/On Low/Centre off.

She clicked the wand to Low and plastered the tape over the on/off button to keep the wand permanently on.

“Here let me help you to lie on your stomach.” Penny grunted as she lay on her side. Her legs were immobile tied together and she couldn’t support herself with her arms pinned to her sides and the small of her back. Sarah guided her letting her slump first onto her upper arm then guided her onto her stomach.

“Wow that doesn’t look very comfortable. Your tits look like big pillows.”

“Well you come down here and swap and see how it feels.” Penny grunted back.

“You know. I may just take you up on that some time. Tonight I aim to fulfil your wishes. Bring your legs up. That’s it.”

Sarah took a length of rope and doubled it. She passed the bite under Penny’s tied ankle rope and passed the free end through it pulling out the slack. She shuffled around and positioned her crotch over Penny’s knees slowly edged up her legs sitting on them and squashing her thighs to the backs of her calves.

Penny grunted but did not protest at the weight pressing down on her legs. She could feel the rope pass under the rope at the back of her neck as the slack was taken out. She could feel Sarah pass the rope under her chest rope and then tug it tight and tie it off.

“Well that was a novel way to tie me into a hogtie.” Penny remarked. If the rope was tied back at her ankles she may have been able to reach the knot with her prying fingers but with the rope tied off on the chest rope this was now impossible.

“I thought you would like that.” Sarah grinned at Penny who was trying to look over her shoulder to see what she was doing “Would you mind if I added another length of rope? Of course you wouldn’t mind.”

She smacked Penny on her butt and shuffled over to pick up another length of rope.

“Knock yourself out. It isn’t like I can resist you evil charms.” Penny grinned. This was more than she could ever have wished for. She also sensed that Sarah was beginning to enjoy her role as a dominant too.

Sarah folded the rope in half and created a loop and slipped this under Penny’s thighs. She pulled the rope tight and passing her hand under Penny’s thighs created another layer of bindings. She sat back on Penny’s calves pressing down with her weight. She used her other hand to pull any slack out of the rope while pulling taut on the free end. When she was happy there was no slack she cinched the rope and tied it off. With the excess, she passed the rope under Penny’s thighs once again. Sarah then passed the rope over the heels of Penny’s calf boots. The effect was to weld Penny’s heels to the backs of her thighs making her legs totally immobile. A few more passes and Sarah cinched between the heels and Penny’s butt.

“You know. I am actually enjoying my job today. This is so different to what we normally get up to. Can you struggle for me?”

“You know? I am not sure that I can.” Penny started to thrash about. Her body was encompassed in tight rope. There was hardly any give in them. She thrashed her shoulders, then her wrists trying to pull her hands from the rope coiling about them. Try as she might she could all but wriggle her toes in her boots.

It took all her effort to dig her shoulder into the floor while trying to rock from side to side. It took ages but she managed to roll onto her side.

“Oh my god. I can hardly move at all. I have never been tied up quite like this.” She grunted.

“Fantastic. That’s just perfect. Now let me get the phone camera.”

Sarah moved around Penny’s body snapping pictures here and there. The camera flashed and she tried to smile. This was tough. She was still trying to figure a way to get free.

“Okay Penny. This has been such fun for me. Thank you. I really do hope you are enjoying this as much as me. Now this is your last time to tell me to release you.”

Penny shook her head. “It’s my pleasure. I am so glad you are having such a good time.” She said in mock sarcasm.

“Oh. You are so sassy when you are tied up.” She mocked Penny back. “You know sassy girls sometimes get spanked.” She raised both hands and brought them down on each butt cheek. She rattled off another half a dozen in rapid successions as Penny squealed again and again under the blows.

“Now let me see how ticklish you are through all that latex.” Her fingers dug into Penny’s ribs and poked under her arm pits, raising heaps of giggles from the bound girl. She tickled her way down to Penny’s lower stomach, before she rolled Penny on her side to tickle her upper thighs.

“Please. No more. Mercy. No.” Penny gasped between the giggles. She tried to thrash out of the way but the feel of the rope around her shoulder started to dig into her as she did. It hindered her movement and had to succumb to the tickling fingers. After a bit, Sarah stopped tickling her and rolled her back onto her stomach.

“Now as you haven’t really answered my question I will assume that you are okay for me to gag you now and then leave you for a time.”

Sarah went to the case and picked out a gag. She returned and sat in front of Penny. She held it up between her thumb and forefinger. Dangling down in front of Penny’s face was a red Silicone ballgag, about two inches in diameter.

“This is the one I like. Oh dear. There is a frown on your face. I don’t think that you like this one much.”

“I don’t. It’s huge and makes me drool.”

“Oh dear. That’s such a shame. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your catsuit and the rope. Here. Let me put your hair into a ponytail so it’s out of the way of the gag. You can borrow my Scrunchie for now.”

Penny felt Sarah soft hands on her face as she gathered up the strands of loose hair before gently pulling Penny’s hair into a bunch on the crown at the back of her head. Sarah slid her black Scrunchie over the ponytail and doubled it over pulling the hair through again.

“Time to open wide. Penny”

Sarah took the straps and using her thumbs put the ball over Penny’s teeth wiggling the gag until it grated and popped behind her teeth. Then she strapped it tight.

“Well Miss Lawrence. That nearly concludes the roping and gagging routine. I can still release you if you wish. Just nod your head if that is what you want me to do. Are you sure that this is what you wanted for your dream fantasy?”

Penny shook her head from side to side.

“Es id is. Ank oo.” Penny managed to mutter over the ball in her mouth. The silicone ball had a little give, but not much. The ball filled almost all of Penny’s mouth, pressing down on her tongue. She could already feel the drool starting to form behind the big gag.

Sarah moved over to the suitcase and took out the programmable plug. It was a similar style to the one she used at home to plug in a light when she went on her holidays. You could programme by weekdays and have up to twenty different on/off times to randomise things over the days selected.

Sarah sat on the sofa looking at the plug, and then back to the immobile Penny on the floor. Penny looked up at her to see what she was doing.

Now if she were tied up like Penny, how would she like to be vibrated? Then it came to her, and Sarah pressed the buttons. She bent and plugged the timer into the wall socket. Next she took the flex of the Magic Wand and plugged that into the timer before sliding the activation button on the side of the timer.

Everything was now set.

She stood and went to the kitchen where she remembered Penny had left her handbag while making her the coffee earlier. Rummaging, she found Penny’s set of keys. She walked to the front door and opened it. Looking out she could tell it was late afternoon and the sun was still shining. She tried several keys until she found the one that opened the latch of the front door. She closed the door and removed the key, added it to her car key chain.

She moved back to Penny and knelt in front of her.

“I have taken your front door key to let myself in later. I have also programmed the wand timer. In about ten or fifteen minutes it will start.”

Looking over the bound girl, she made one final check tugging on a rope here and making sure a knot was tight there. She also noticed a little pool of drool sliding down Penny’s chin.

“This will be my third and final time of asking. Do you wish for me to untie you?”

Penny shook her head.

“It seems you still have a little wriggle room to manoeuvre. Let me deal with that first.”

Going over to the suitcase she took out a piece of cord about two foot long. Then she noticed something else in the bottom of the suitcase. It would make a perfect final addition.

She knelt behind Penny. She managed to slip an end of the cord under the tight gag strap.

“Ots ah-an- in.” Penny gargled over her gag and the drool now flowed over her chin to fall onto the carpet in front of her face.

“What’s happening? I am just making you a little more secure than you were two minutes ago.” Sarah tugged on the cord. “That’s right. I am pulling your head back. That way your face won’t fall into all the drool you are making and drown yourself.” She laughed and yanked the cord back harder and as she tied the cord off at the centre of the rope breast harness.

Penny squealed in discomfort. The ropes about her body were tight. She wasn’t sure she could endure anything else Sarah had in mind. The gag she was wearing was tight before. Now the cord holding her head back was pulling the straps holding the ball deep in her mouth. The result was to stretch the corners of her mouth tight and pull her lips taut over the ball exposing her teeth.

“I am really impressed that you want to do this. Now because you have done this before, I thought you may enjoy being blindfolded too.”

Penny couldn’t nod or shake her head anymore. With her head pulled back as it was stretching her throat, she found it extremely difficult to say anything anymore.

Sarah moved up a little and placed the padded leather blindfold over Penny’s eyes. She could feel the quality of the blindfold. There was a nose hole which she guessed would make the task of rubbing the mask against anything harder to wiggle out off. She inserted the strap into the buckle and tightened the thing around Penny’s face blotting out the light. For added effect she pulled it up another hole before finally buckling it on. Penny’s cheeks were already bulging from the gag. The blindfold straps now digging into her head were just plain uncomfortable.

There was a muffled protest from Penny but then she went quiet.

“Righty-ho. That’s me all done and dusted.” She stood up and drew the curtains over a little just in case anyone decided to look in the window.

Looking down at her notes she saw Penny had requested to be untied at 8pm on the same date of being tied. She looked at her wristwatch. That would be in about three hours. A thought flashed into her brain. What harm would it be to play a little mind game?

“Now let me double check my notes. It says here that you wish to be left until 8pm of the next day after being tied. I guess I will see you tomorrow then.”

Penny heard the time and panicked. With her head tied back as it was and hardly being able to talk with the massive ball in her mouth, she tried a guttural throat scream. Tied as she was, she tried desperately hard to thrash about to get attract Sarah’s attention, even though the tight ropes were digging into her and she moved.

“You really are acting out your fantasy. Have fun.” Sarah slipped on her heels and stepped over to the door. Penny could hear the heels clicking further away from her. She tried to mmmph a protest to come back and that Sarah had made a mistake; that the time was wrong.

It was then the Magic Wand came alive. The wand was tied so snugly into her pussy she squealed another protest to turn the wand off. With the weight of her helpless body pressing down on the Wand, the vibrations were relentless.

A muffled scream came from her gagged mouth as an orgasm ripped through her tied body. The feeling of utter helplessness flashed through her brain. She tried desperately to pull her wrists free but they were cinched to well. Wriggling her legs added more pressure on her clit as the vibrator assaulted her over and over.

Sarah turned on her heel to watch Penny as she panted and protested in vain as another orgasm washed over her body. I have got to buy one of those vibrators she smiled in thought. Turning back to the door she opened it and left with an exaggerated closing slam of the door.

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