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by Zephyr

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Storycodes: FM+/f; bond; cuffs; oral; sex; lesbian; breast; clamps; rope; bedtie; basement; cuckold; revenge; strapon; strip; video; livestream; college; cons; XX

Jeri smiled as she looked into the camera with all the glamor power her twenty-two years could give her. Behind her in the room, visible in the camera, was one other woman and eight men, all other college students of similar age. And a large bed with ropes coming from all four corners.

“Hi honey!” Jeri tried to sound sincere. It was hard. “I’ve been monitoring your j-echo account, and since it seemed to be in the theme of what you and Charlotte were doing back home, I decided to spend our first weekend apart doing this live stream for you. Oh yes, baby, I’ve known about your j-echo account for about six months now, pretty much as soon as you opened it. For an IT major, I think we all here“ (With that there was a general chorus of assent from the background) “agree you suck at info security.” Jeri smiled sweetly, which probably wouldn’t diminish at all the pain of that slap. At least she hoped not.

She was wearing a tight tube top but she was close enough to the camera and it was pulled down dangerously low enough that it couldn’t be seen on the stream. She was far enough away for the camera to get much of her bare upper chest. She hoped the bastard was watching and freaking out thinking she was naked, or at least topless, in a room with all those guys he just saw and heard. No, not yet.

“But anyways, don’t worry, you’re the only one who can see this. We’re at one of the guys’ place, who generously donated his party basement for my weekend. We did pull the bed out of your basement, but I promise we’ll have it back before you get back in three weeks. Oh the memories of the times you tied me to that bed and filmed it as you fucked me over for hours. But I decided to use it one more time now that I’ve discovered you can fuck me over from two thousand miles away too.”

She wondered if that would be lost on him, last week it would have been ‘our basement’. “We also borrowed the video gear you had down there. We’re using all three cameras, two to show the bed from different angles, and the one that shows the head and chest of whoever happens to be tied to the bed to get the best pictures as someone’s cock gets jammed down her throat. Um, tonight my throat and a lot of different cock. Up until now it’s just been you and me. Not this final time, and not yours ever again.

“Anyway, I’m here using all that nice video equipment you used to make videos of us having sex. I see you and Charlotte have enough equipment of your own out there in California so it shouldn’t be a problem. I hope you’re enjoying your trip home and your vacation and especially this weekend. I sure plan on enjoying mine.”

She paused for a second to take a breath then continued. “I’m sure you can see the eight guys behind me on the other cameras. I’m not sure if you know them all, but I do. These are some of the guys that had wanted to do things with me, some of them even offered to give me orgasms so hard that I would scream and pass out. I had thought it might be a wonderful change from the last eight months of my life but I had always told them no. I was with you and that was that. Phil over here,” she indicated one of the guys, “was really hunky and wore tight pants, if you know what I mean, but I couldn’t cheat on you. You’d never cheat on me, so I couldn’t do that to you. Then I started checking your j-echo and found out how wrong I was. And now all of these guys” she gestured at the room “are going to help me to come to grips with my new reality.

“You see, we’ve all been drinking and watching all the videos you’ve recorded. Everyone here thinks you are an absolute asshole for cheating on me,” (more agreement from the crowd), “and are happy to help me. I’m going to let them tie me naked to that bed over there,” (she gestured at the bed with the waiting ropes that would surely keep her spread-eagled and helpless on it), “and to be here each guy has made me two promises. First, that they will fuck me and do anything else they want to me as much as they want. Until they’re finished. Over and over, maybe. Maybe all weekend. Of course, if I’m tied to the bed there’s nothing I can do but get fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked. I know you’d like to see that baby, you said so often enough, so we’ll keep the live stream going the whole time.” She gave a little hot moan. “There are eight of them, they’ve got huge cocks, and we’ve been revving them up for the last few hours and boy are they ready to go! And all eight of them, none are leaving, or letting me loose, until they all are absolutely done with me. Satisfied. Maybe nine if you count Kathy.”

The guys mostly looked a little drunk and all very eager. “The second promise is that they’ll do anything and everything they want to. Absolutely no red lines, no limits. Condoms are completely optional and at least half of them have no plans to use any so,” she looked over her shoulder at the guys, “fill ‘er up, boys.” She visibly shivered. “I’ll be tied to the bed anyway so I couldn’t stop them, and Kathy has promised not to either. So they’re going to fuck and fuck and make me suck them off and do anything else me until they’re done. Or five AM Monday morning, whichever comes first. It’s ten-fifteen Friday night here on campus so I may be busy for a while. Please understand if I don’t answer any of your phone calls this weekend.” Another sweet smile for the camera. “I know how much you’ve wanted to be part of something like this, you’ve asked me over and over and up until now I wouldn’t share myself with anyone other than you while I was with you. Well, as of the first video you took Tuesday night with Charlotte I’m no longer with you, so that’s over too.”

She drew back so the camera could see her whole body. Jeri was wearing a black spandex tube top. It was narrow and hugged and compressed her breasts. Her nipples could easily be seen poking through it. It was such a shame her former boyfriend was such an idiot, Jeri thought, he used to have full run over a pretty marvelous body. Jeri was five-eight, tall, long and thin, a little wide around the hips but none of it was fat.

Except for her breasts. They were huge on her frame. They were actually only medium sized, but her thinness made them appear bigger. She knew she was devastating in tight clothes, especially a tight sweater. Which was much more than she was wearing now. Her breasts were large enough and the top was small enough that the bottom of the tube top barely covered her breasts. It left a lot of midriff showing, from about the last inch of the underside of her breasts all the way down to where the top of her pubic hair would have shown if she had any. She wore high heels, they’d probably not make it on the camera, but she backed up to show the extremely short flouncy skirt she had been wearing. It barely came below her crotch. “This is all I’ve been wearing the whole time, for the last few hours, in front of all these guys. Serving them drinks, getting nice and close to them.” She smiled, spun around and bent over at the waist. Her pussy was on full display, nothing underneath the microscopically short skirt. “The guys were ok at first, but they kept getting touchy. I just can’t get them to stop. I know how you love to touch me when I’m half-dressed and a bit drunk and out in public.” Jeri shrugged. “I can see it’s not just you.”

She moved over to show the other woman in the room. “I know, baby, you know Kathy, but maybe Charlotte doesn’t. Charlotte, this is Kathy, the woman the man beside you was fucking before he was fucking me. Oh, I know the two of you have known each other since high school. I sure hope he hasn’t been telling you that while he was here he was faithful to you. If so, he was screwing other girls and lying to you just like he was lying to Kathy and me.

“Kathy, here, is my safety person. I’m going to be tied up and helpless. I’ve told all these guys they can do anything they want to me that doesn’t permanently mark me up or kill me. Anything. Just like you wanted to do, baby. I won’t be able to stop them, but Kathy can. But she’s not going to, so” Jeri shivered “I expect the next few hours of my life will be one hell of a time.”

“Hi sweetie!” Kathy interjected with a wave and the same sort of false enthusiasm Jeri was trying to project. “Bet you never thought you’d hear from me again. And hello, Charlotte. Good to finally meet you.” Kathy was dressed normally in a tank top and a pair of shorts. She had nice legs, the same thin body type that Jeri and Charlotte had. Her breasts were smaller than Jeri’s, but her long blonde hair and almost-dazzling smile made up for it. “Hey, you never moved that strap-on you used to wear with me. I found it, and if the guys give me a chance I’m going to try it on Jeri for a change instead of you using it on me.” She smiled over at the other woman. “I just haven’t decided which of her holes I’m going to put it in. We’ll see.” She backed out of camera range.

Jeri repositioned far enough away for her large chest in the tube top, especially her nipples, to be visible. Love you, baby, she thought with an inward smile. You can see them, but you’re never getting near them again, you motherfucker. The top was spandex and so tight and thin it hid nothing and might as well have not been there, which was sort of the point for the eight guys in the room and the one who hopefully was watching helplessly from two thousand miles away.

Jeri smiled again back into the camera. “Just so you know, Kathy and I have been doing our best to stoke a fire in these eight guys. We’ve been doing a binge-watching party on all those videos of you and Charlotte you added earlier this week. Do you two realize we’ve been here for more than four hours? And in only five days. My, you two have been busy!

“I’ve been keeping a beer in everyone’s hand while all these guys have been watching your videos and yes, watching Charlotte naked. Then ten of us had a conversation and we have some feedback for you two.

“First off, Charlotte, your tits are too small. I wonder if he’s ever told you that? Between you and Kathy and me, you’re the smallest, probably hardly a C-cup. I can tell you” Jeri brushed her nipples through the spandex “from personal experience he’s a tit man, and baby, you don’t have enough. If you’re going to keep doing this, and expect to keep him, you’d better plan on getting some extra added.”

“Also, did you know Charlotte that you have the cutest little grunt every time he pushes into you? Almost a squeak. You might want to work on biting your tongue. Or failing that, ask him if you can use one of his ball gags. I’m pretty sure he has one in his suitcase since one is missing from home. Well, his home now.”

She smiled. “And Charlotte, I’m looking around here and let me tell you, he’s not that big. He’s barely even average. Just keep watching and in someone else’s sex tape you can see what real cocks look like. Hopefully you’ve seen more than just his. It’s a new world out there, and most of it is bigger than the one you’ve been experiencing recently.” Jeri looked around and sniffed derisively. “At least that looks to be true in this room right now. We’ll both know for certain soon.”

She smiled into the camera. “But all we’ve been doing is talking, and this is supposed to be a sex video, isn’t it? Ok, scene one.”

She reached up past the camera and came back with a pair of handcuffs. She twirled it around one finger. “First we have one of your favorite pairs of handcuffs that are about to be put on me. And oh no, these aren’t the cheap kind with the little tab so you can escape easily. Once they are on you, the only thing that gets you out of them is a key. We saw from your videos you know all about those too, Charlotte.” She smiled sweetly. The camera panned over to Kathy, who had a handcuff key dangling from a fingernail. “Oh dear, my safety girl is the only one who has a key. And she’s promised me there is nothing I can do to get her to use it early.” Jeri gave a throaty moan.

“But before I get tied to the bed I am going to get better acquainted with each of these guys. Or more, they are going to finally have a chance to get better acquainted with me. Each of them will get a turn with me. They can’t stick their cocks anywhere in me, but anything else, and everything else, goes. Now up until now, I’ve been able to bat them away and shoo them off.” She spun around and in view of the camera locked her wrists behind her into the handcuffs. “Kathy, come over here and make sure I can’t slip out of them.”

Kathy came over and inspected them. She clicked both sides down a click or two further before declaring herself satisfied. The camera zoomed in to show the handcuffs tightly around Jeri’s wrists and the double-locks set. “OK, who’s first?” The guys shuffled for a moment and one, tall blonde with lots of chest hair, stood forward.

Steven, Jeri thought, from her chemistry class. Tall, and now that she’d gotten him in here and he had taken his shirt off, with a chest of hair she could get lost in, and with a genuine six-pack underneath it. He was on the rowing team. It showed. She marched up to him, a lamb to the slaughter. A willing lamb.

As she stopped the first thing he did was reach up and jerk her tube top down to her waist. There was a general sound of approval from the crowd as her breasts finally came into view. Oh, that was so unexpected, Jeri thought, checking to make sure the camera was catching it all well for the prick on the other side of the country. Steven was a little clumsy, a side-effect of him being a little drunk, but Jeri couldn’t stop him with her hands cuffed behind her and cared even less.

He reached out and grabbed each breast in a hand. He squeezed tight as he pulled her in for a kiss, too tight for Jeri and she cringed and breathed in sharply, but Steven wasn’t caring. She was brought in close and he jammed his tongue down her throat to more cheers from the crowd and spent his five minutes crushing her breasts painfully with his hands while holding her close enough for the wet sloppy kisses he wanted. After a few seconds she got over the pain and figured she better kiss back, it might distract him from trying to rip her breasts off her chest. It worked, his grip relaxed a bit as she returned his kisses, and that was all he wanted until Kathy called out that his time was up.

Number two did the same but was merciful to her breasts. His name was Joey, she knew him from History class, and while he kept a firm grip on her breasts it wasn’t hard or painful and probably wasn’t going to leave marks like the bruises that she could see were already forming from the death grip she had suffered with Steven. He wanted to deep soul kiss too, and after Steven being treated gently made Jeri want to return his kisses with the same (drunk) passion he was exhibiting. It was a fun five minutes, there were a few catcalls from the crowd that Jeri ignored and this experience was a good one.

Charlie was number three. He was muscular and seemed rough, but he had asked a couple of times about her so he was included on her list. She moved over to him and two others stood at either side of her. Jeri was a little confused, with her hands cuffed behind her she was no threat, but whatever. She faced him.

Instead of kissing her he reached into his pocket and removed… clover clamps. Jeri tried to jerk away and found why the other two were flanking her. Both clamps were on a two-foot chain with a tiny fastening clip on the far end. Both of the flankers grabbed her nearest breast with their free hand and held it up while Charlie fastened the clips on her erect nipples facing upward and then clipped the chains together around her neck with their fasteners. As the other two let her breasts sag down, they only did so about an inch, leaving her breasts held up to where they would have been in a bra and her nipples bent straight up in the clips. Charlie looked at her, unhappy but unable to alter it. “I think I will pass on the kissing but I will definitely enjoy you once you are helpless on the bed.”

Gene was next. He kissed her and his hands went under the front of her miniskirt. Even with a mouth full of his tongue she managed to gasp as his fingers found their target. He kept rubbing while he continued to deeply kiss her and helpless, she continued to give out small gasps as he did. Finally she faintly heard Kathy calling out time and once Gene stopped she came back to and only then realized her skirt had been unzipped and was now on the ground around her feet. She stepped out of it, shaky after the assault and moved to the next person in line.

Number five was Randy, her study partner from Econ class last semester. She had worn plenty of short skirts and tight tops in classes so he, like any other male with good taste, had liked what he was seeing and had inquired but of course she, foolishly as it turned out, had said no. He wasn’t especially buff or muscular, but he was a good person to be around, and from some comments she believed him to have an extremely dirty mind. They did a lot of risqué teasing of each other when they were working together. Well, she’d find out for sure now…

“I’m so sorry I made you wait.” She whispered to him as she stopped in front of him. “You, I am looking forward to.”

He fixed her with a predator gaze. “Good. Me too. I’d still like to talk to you after all this is over.” He smiled, a bit wolfishly. “But now I get to keep a promise and do something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while.” He leaned in to kiss her, and as he did, two of his fingers slipped into her pussy. She gave a yelp as she felt herself jerked upward on to her tiptoes by her pussy to meet his kiss. She struggled a bit, helpless and in a little pain from how he was holding her up, but his kisses were so smooth like they were honey. Damn, if he had even kissed her once like this she’d have dumped the asshole then and there! If she had only known! Seven months wasted.

Six, seven and eight apparently liked what they saw Randy doing and more or less did the same to her. She got used to being on her toes and hoisted up. None of the last three were anywhere near as good a kisser as Randy, but Scott, number seven, from Social Studies, wasn’t bad.

When she got done with the last guy Kathy was waiting. They eyed each other. Kathy had a big smile and the black strap-on sticking prominently straight out from her shorts.

“Now that you’re helpless Jeri, and I’m the only one who can save you, I think you want to keep me very, very happy, now don’t you?” She looked like she was enjoying the hell out of this from the way her nipples were tenting the front of her t-shirt.

“Well, yes.” Jeri began. “Or is it ‘Yes, Mistress’?”

Kathy smiled. “It’s good we understand each other. Now come over here. I’m not bi, but I want these guys absolutely on fire when they dive into you.” No other choice, Jeri padded over and stood in front of Kathy.

Kathy pulled the front of her top over her head, exposing her bare chest and yes, huge and quite hard nipples. Devilish smile on her face and her eyes locked into Jeri’s but perfectly aware of the silence that had fallen in the room, Kathy took Jeri’s hair on either side of her head in each hand and pulled her in for a long, definitely wet soul kiss. After about thirty seconds of that Jeri’s head was forced down to those hard nipples and she began to suck on them.. It wasn’t hard to do; Jeri wasn’t bi either but knew what felt good to herself. It seemed to be working, Kathy started moaning, a bit theatrically if you asked Jeri but nobody was. Kathy did seem to be getting a bit off on the power trip aspect of it. But not so much it scared Jeri. It might have been Kathy playing it up for the camera too, there was no way for Jeri to be sure.

Kathy finally pulled Jeri away from her nipples and forced her down, Jeri slightly fighting, until she was on her knees. The black strap-on was right there in her face. “Suck on it. It’s not a cock, it’s not breaking the rules.” And she pulled her onto the plastic, almost causing Jeri to choke in the process. “Now you show the boys what they can get!”

Not happy at the thought but unwilling to piss off her safety girl, Jeri began giving a loving blow job to the plastic dong. Kathy let her work for about three minutes then held her head tightly still by her hair, firm but not painful, and spent the next few minutes fucking her mouth. Kathy was merciless and drove deep into Jeri’s mouth, making her struggle to breathe, leak drool a bit, and choke on occasion. That got a little reaction from the eight who had otherwise been watching the show silently up until now. But after a minute Kathy saw a couple of the guys start reaching for themselves so she stopped. Oh no, all of that is for Jeri.

Jeri was led to the bed by all nine of them. Kathy took off the handcuffs and Jeri was quickly secured to the bed, all four limbs stretched out to the corners. Kathy took the ropes around her ankles and looped them around her feet just below her toes and then ran the rope between her big and second toe, so when the rope was tightened her feet were pulled down like she was wearing high heels.

And now it really begins, Jeri thought as she looked around the room at the eight guys and the cameras all around all focused on her naked helpless body. She suddenly wasn’t sure about all this, but it was too late now, wasn’t it? She could scream and rant and beg all she wanted. She had made everyone in the room promise to ignore her if she did that. The only person who wasn’t actively involved in having sex with her until they were satisfied was two thousand miles away and had no idea exactly where she was even if he were near and inclined to help her.

No, she had made her bed well and now was stuck in it for the duration. If she had to pee, all they would do is hold a cup down there and press on her bladder. If she had to go #2 they’d let her go, but the bathroom was in the corner of the room and they’d already said they weren’t going to let her close the door. She wondered if by then she’d be so full of spunk that she’d have to pinch her lips closed to keep from blowing gobs of cum out as she walked. Even if she did manage to make a break for it up the stairs, what was she to do, run down the street stark naked? It wasn’t like the nine of them would give her time upstairs to find clothes and get dressed before they caught her and drug her right back down to the bed and tied her securely there again, not finished with her body by any stretch. She pulled against the ropes, gave up. No, not going anywhere. Let the games begin. Kathy had already put a healthy glop of lube down there and rubbed some of it in just in case. Kathy had promised to check periodically and not let her get dry.

Steven was first. He was naked now as he climbed on top of her. Marvelous body, long, very hard cock. She smelled the alcohol from his breath, felt him fumble a little, looking for the right spot between her legs with the head of his member. There was plenty of lube down there thanks to Kathy, that wasn’t going to be a problem. Jeri held her breath and closed her eyes, nothing else she could do. She couldn’t help the explosive gasp, jumping hard against the ropes that held her, and opening her eyes in surprise when he found his target and began pounding her hard.


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