Lisa's Painful Lesson!

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2003 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; kidnap; drug; bond; captive; gag; pvc; tape; wrap; latex; susp; toys; sex; nc; X


She was a very lovely blonde and had everything going for her.  She was in her early twenties with a full time job at the same company I worked for; and all the staff hated her! It was really very simple in that she was related to the owner and made sure everybody knew it.  She was supposed to be “learning the ropes” before being promoted to management.  But anytime there was a job to do that was in anyway difficult she dropped not so gentle hints that someone else should do it, and they usually did.  I refused one day and she nearly got me in serious trouble.

I don’t know about the rest of the staff but sometimes I dreamt of ways and means to bring her down a peg or two.  Then something strange happened. She went on vacation to England and on the first day she came back to the office it was raining.  As she came through the door I couldn’t help but stare.  She was wearing a full-length raincoat and it was gorgeous.  Being in the know I recognized a Sealwear product and envied her. 

Made from fairly heavy semi transparent PVC it was a very light orangey-red colour.  She had it completely fastened down the front and the belt pulled very tightly around her narrow waist.  The attached hood was up covering her hair and framing her face before being fastened with a drawstring and throat tab.

Watching her as she walked towards the staff room I picked up my empty coffee mug and followed closely behind.  I fiddled around with the coffee machine as I watched out of the corner of my eye while she took off the coat, selected a padded hanger and settled it on the rack.  I saw her hand as she turned away do what can only be described as caress the material as if reluctant to leave it. She told one of the girls it had been at the seaside resort of Bournemouth when the weather turned nasty and she needed to get a coat.  Friends had recommended the well known Sealwear company and that’s where she went.

Over the next few weeks if the forecast even threatened rain she wore the coat.  If it wasn’t yet raining she would arrive with it folded over her arm.  One day I tried something to check my thinking. I was one of the lucky ones whose desk was near a window and around mid-afternoon it started to sprinkle rain.  I made a point of going over to one of the girls near her and mentioned that it had started to rain.  I watched as she heard me and she started smiling to herself and looked towards the staff room.

I had her.  That coat was almost like an obsession with her; she had a vinyl fetish although I doubt she knew it.  But I know how to recognize a fetish; God knows I had enough of my own.  Mine though included latex, leather and bondage besides vinyl.  My dreams that night were around revenge and I started planning her comeuppance.

It was several weeks later that everything fell in place.  It was raining and she didn’t come in until lunchtime because she was working late and alone that evening.  She had to take her turn even though she had tried hard to get out of it.

She had just locked the office and was walking towards the bus stop when I pulled up beside her, called her by name and offered a ride.  I think she was enjoying the walk in the rain with the coat on but then decided my car would be better than the bus.  As she climbed in the coat rustled deliciously and I was sorry when she loosened the hood and folded it back before she did up the seatbelt. I told her I was in the area to drop off a package but since her home was in the same direction it was no trouble to give her a ride.  She looked down her nose at me as if to say I should be honoured with her accepting and then just stared out of the windshield.

I pulled in the parking area of a closed shopping mall and told her I’d only be a minute.  Getting out and going around I opened the back passenger door and reached for the sealed snap lock bag I had stashed on the seat.  Pulling it open I took out the mask. It had come from a hospital supply house and was usually used for giving oxygen or humid misting to patients.  On this one I had taped over the feed tube entrance and lined the inside with toweling that was then soaked with chloroform before sealing it in the bag.

I had all the advantages as I reached my left arm around and forced her head back against the rest while my right hand clamped the mask over her nose and mouth.  Hampered by the seat belt she put up a struggle but after about thirty seconds I lifted the mask away and, as she took in a huge breath, clamped it back down.

Within moments her body started to relax and then it went limp.  I kept the mask in place for another minute then slipped it back in the bag and moved to open the door beside her.  Releasing the seat belt I pushed her forwards and locked a pair of cuffs on her wrists behind her back.  A nice large ball gag needed a bit of force to get in her mouth and then straps locked at the back of her head. I didn’t expect her to wake up anytime soon so this was just insurance.  I pushed and pulled at her limp form until she slid off the seat and was bunched on the floor and hidden below the dashboard.

Fifteen minutes later I had pulled the car in to my garage and ten minutes after that, with the help of the wheeled steno chair from my home office, she was on the couch in the living room; still fast asleep.  Getting a good length of soft white cord I removed the handcuffs, crossed her wrists and bound them securely before pulling them partway up her back and using more of the cord around each arm above the elbow and knotting it off.

Another length of cord went around her ankles, under the instep of her high heeled pumps and back to the leg of the couch.  I taped over the ball gag until her face was covered from just under her nose to her chin.  I straightened the coat that was still neatly buttoned and belted and let her body lean over until she was resting with her head on the padded arm.  Then I went to change.

I selected a two-piece black latex body suit, picked up a pair of matching gloves, made myself a congratulatory drink and returned to my victim who was making signs of recovering her senses. First the eyes opened and gradually focused as they looked around the room.  Then, with a moan she struggled to sit up.  I moved over beside her and pulled her in a sitting position.  She gradually realized that not only were her arms not available to help they were completely useless, then she became aware of the gag packing her mouth and looked at me with as loud a moan as she could make.

She obviously recognized me and her eyes questioned what I had done to her.  Then she started to struggle against the ropes and try to scream at me around the gag; neither action did her any good and gradually she subsided and just stared at me.  I guess my outfit was a bit strange to an amateur.

"Now we have that out of the way Lisa", I said, "let me explain what’s going on.  First, I am in charge, you don’t have any say what so ever in what happens to you from now on.  Nobody knows you’re here, nobody saw you getting in my car and the security cameras on the outside of our building were pointing at the front door.  I know because I aimed them that way.  All they will show is you leaving, locking the door and then, nothing!"

"Now we are going to explore your little fetish.  I know what mine are", I said as I put my arm around her shoulders stroking the taunt PVC as I had wanted to do for weeks.  I had not yet put on my gloves.  Twisting her by the shoulders until she was facing me I reached behind her head and drew the hood up and, once it framed her face, pulled the drawstring tight.

With my left arm around her again I used that hand to cup her chin as I pulled her close to me and let my right hand rove at will.  She tried to pull away from my touch but had no leverage against my hold.  Her beautiful breasts were straining against the plastic and I kneaded each one in turn while she struggled uselessly.

I had dreamt of this for so long I took my time and cuddled her body to mine enjoying the scent of the fabric she wore.  After a few minutes, with my left hand still cupping her chin, I pulled her hooded head up, looked into her eyes and said, "Why don’t we see what’s under the coat you love so much!"

She started a new struggle that also failed and I used my free right hand to slowly pull at the knot of her belt until it fell away and then, one fastener at a time, undid the coat.  Underneath she was wearing an A-line knee length skirt with a bright red tailored blouse.  Holding her easily I started on the buttons of the blouse then reached around her back and pulled down the zipper of the skirt.

Folding the blouse to each side revealed her magnificent breasts cupped in an under wire bra.  I reached around her again and unclipped the hooks.  Pushing her away from me she watched as I took my time working the tight latex gloves on my hands and tucking them under the wristbands of my sleeves. That done I reached for her again and held her with my left arm as I used the right to again explore her, this time naked, breasts.  The feeling is hard to describe as my latex covered hand cupped, squeezed and caressed those lovely orbs.  I couldn’t resist and held her head up as mine went down to gently tongue a nipple.

And they reacted whether she wanted them to or not.  They stiffened and as I continued her moans became almost continuous.  Despite herself she was becoming aroused and when I judged the moment right I slid my hand down her stomach, under the waistbands of her skirt and panties and found her mound with my rubber covered fingers. She tried to clench her legs together but first one then two of my fingers, covered in the smooth latex, slid down and then without any foreplay I slid them inside!

Now that got a reaction!  She arched her body right up off the couch and I was able to ease her fall as she landed on her stomach on the floor with her ankles still tied to the couch leg.  Luckily I had left some slack and no damage was done.

I knelt across her, peeled back the hood of the coat and, grabbing a handful of hair, twisted her head around until she was looking up at me.  "Now you are down here", I told her, "we’ll move to the next step; enjoy!"

I rolled back the carpet in the middle of the room to reveal several threaded sockets embedded in the hardwood flooring.  I selected three of them and screwed in heavy ringbolts.  Grabbing the cord between her elbows I slid her across the floor and in position between the bolts.  It was a simple matter to untie the cords around her elbows and wrists then stick a knee on one arm while I tied first one then the other to the bolts well out from her sides.

I attached her ankles to the third ring.  Kneeling again across her back I released one arm at a time and stripped off the coat, blouse and bra. With her ankles still tied together I pulled the skirt off and her panties and hose down to below her knees.  Wrapping cord around her knees I then untied her ankles and got rid of the rest of her clothes before tying them back to the bolt.

Now I had Lisa naked and helpless so I knelt beside her and returned to exploring her body with my latex covered hands.  This time, since she was on her stomach, I slid my hand down between her ass cheeks and fingered her puckered rosebud.  She thrashed around as much as her bonds would allow and I put a cushion under her head to stop her from hurting herself. To groans and squeals from the bound girl I pushed first one then two fingers in her ass while the thumb worked itself into her cunt.  Reaching under her with my other hand I grabbed a handful of tit and squeezed both hands– hard.

It was fun but after a few more minutes I decided to move on with my next planned move.  Reversing the stripping process I soon had her dressed in a light, transparent, PVC two-piece rain suit.  The jacket would be a bit tight when I fastened the front, it had a hood and elastic wrist cuffs.  The pants were also elasticized at the ankle with a drawstring waist.   I installed another ring bolt and spread her legs a couple of feet apart then reached for the boards I had ready.  Each one was about two feet long and three inches wide.  At the end they had a one inch hole drilled through them. 

Releasing her left leg I slid a plastic bag over it, tucked it in the ankle band of the pants and then held one board underneath the foot so about six inches was sticking out past her toes holding it in place with a couple of turns of tape around her ankle.  Putting pressure on her heel I pressed down until the top of her foot was almost flat against the wood and wrapped more tape around it.  Repeating the process with her other foot I had her feet trapped against the boards in a ballet en point mode.

One at a time I bent her legs up at the knee and pushed down until the calves met her thighs slightly to the outside of the leg and used straps to hold them in place while I covered them in two or three layers of silvery duct tape.  I installed a spreader bar between her knees forcing them well apart and locking them there.

I told Lisa I was going to put some thin latex gloves on her hands and either she would co-operate or I would use the chloroform mask on her again.  As I released her right arm and fitted the glove there was no opposition, I tucked the glove under the wristband of the jacket.  Once it was in place I folded her thumb across her palm and taped the fingers in a point, and continued a tight covering of the tape up to her armpit, tied the wrist back down and did the other hand and arm.

It was an easy matter to flip her over and reattach her wrists to the floor bolts.  I retrieved some of the cord I had used earlier, put a slip knot in one end and settled it around the base of her right breast.  One quick yank tightened it and I then wrapped the cord around her other tit as I grabbed a handful of flesh and pulled up.  A few more turns and she had a very, very tight figure eight rope bra.

I closed the front of the jacket over her slowly darkening breasts, flipped her over again and bent one arm up behind her back then wound tape around it until it was locked in a vicious hammerlock.  The other arm followed suit and then I ran a strap around her elbows, pulled on it until they were touching and used another roll of duct tape to fashion an arm binder for them in the reverse prayer position.

Ignoring her groans I dragged her over to the archway between the living and dining room.  Using a step stool I first removed the hanging planter revealing a heavy hook that I had installed.

It could take a great deal of weight.  I hooked a pulley to it and fed a strong rope through the wheel and down to the spreader bar between her knees.  Using a cleat on the side of the arch I gradually lifted her until her head was level with my waist and tied off the rope.  Getting a few more rolls of tape I started to encase her upper torso from neck to stomach, except for those captured breasts straining against the plastic.  I was being kind to her by dressing her in the rain suit before wrapping her in tape but I doubt she was thanking me.

When I got to her waist I stopped and went for a pair of scissors to open the crotch of the PVC pants.  I wheeled a fairly small table under her.  It was only four feet long and two feet wide but I could raise it up or down and the surface tilted to what ever angle needed.  I lowered her partially taped form down until it rested on the table; the holes in the ends of the foot-boards slipped over pegs on either side of her waist and I rolled her back into the living room.

I needed a break; I stood beside her and stroked her hair out of her face.  "Before we go any further would you like a drink Lisa?" She nodded as I wiped the tears from her eyes and I peeled the tape from over the ball gag.  I expect she thought that the gag would come out but it had a plug through the middle that I unscrewed and fitted it with a funnel.

Lifting her head I slowly poured in the contents of a water bottle; waited until she swallowed it and then replaced the plug and let her head fall back on the table.  Her eyes were pleading with me but I was relentless in my task.

Her doubled over and spread legs raised her butt and made both her lower orifices readily available to me.  I lubed up a butt plug holding it in front of her face so she could see what she was about to experience.

I wish the girls at the office could see this Lisa, they would make a good cheering section but we will just have to keep it between us.  I scooped some more of the lubricant on my fingers and, parting the plastic I had cut over her crotch, I worked it inside her asshole. There was no way she could resist except to clench her muscles as I eased in the first inch or so of the plug. Twisting and pushing at the same time another inch disappeared.  Holding the plug with my right hand I pinched one of her nipples through the tight plastic with the fingers of my left hand, squeezed and then suddenly twisted it.  She moaned with pain and while I had her distracted I rammed the plug home until the base was tight against her skin and covered the now stretched opening.

With another roll of tape I started encasing her upper thighs and the rest of her stomach.  Winding the tape tightly between her legs I made sure the base of the plug was securely covered and that the tape just missed the lips of her vagina.  When I was finished her cunt lips were spread wide and, except for her breasts and head, she was covered in two or three layers of the silvery tape.

I took my time smoothing out any bubbles and creases before starting to work on her head.  "Now Lisa, you are absolutely helpless, almost completely covered in plastic and tape but we are not finished yet!" I said as I held up the clear plastic bag.

I think she guessed where it was going because her eyes, all ready filled with tears now showed fear or even terror.  I smiled down at her and told her she should have been nicer to her colleagues while I wiped away the drool bubbling around the ball gag and again sealed her mouth with several pieces of tape. The bag was a tight fit but I gradually worked it down over her head despite her futile attempts to shake me off.  As soon as I covered her nose I moved faster and used a ready piece of tape to seal the bottom of the bag around her neck. 

There was hardly enough air in the bag for one breath before it was sucked tight against her face.  Waiting just a few moments that must have felt like hours to Lisa, I used the points of the scissors to open a hole under each nostril. I had two hard rubber silver coloured tubes that I pushed in her nostrils.  They extended about two inches out of her nose and I went to work with the tape again. I used the first piece to frame her face so that the bag could not move and possibly displace the life giving tubes then started encasing the rest of her head leaving only her eyes staring at me through the clear plastic.

I removed the spreader bar and stood between her legs that were still held wide apart by the pegged footboards.  There was a wide strap attached to the table and I cinched it tightly across her waist and tilted the table to raise her head and lower her crotch until it was level with mine.

Moving closer I reached around her neck and pulled the tight hood of the rain suit up over her taped head, tightened the draw string so the plastic framed her face then covered it with yet another layer of tape.  Now only her eyes and cunt were free of tape. I peeled off another strip of the tape and stuck it ready to hand on the edge of the table.

"Now then Lisa, there is one last thing to complete our first night.  Tomorrow is Friday and I will go in the office at the usual time and be very surprised when you don’t appear.  I will know that you are right here very securely wrapped and waiting for our first weekend together but to every one else you will have dropped off the face of the earth.  You should never have bought that coat, should you? That said let’s complete our session shall we?"

I peeled down the pants of the latex body suit I was wearing releasing from its confinement my raging hard-on.  It had been very patient but now I positioned it at the entrance to her warm nest and rammed it home. Two or three pumps and, while it was buried to the hilt, I used the last piece of tape across her eyes to close the package.  Then, as the only man in our office, I proceeded to screw the hell out of my management trainee and new bondage pet!