Liona's Ski Holiday

by Maxtoby Bluette

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© Copyright 2001 - Maxtoby Bluette - Used by permission

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Well here it is my first erotic story. I don’t care what happens to it so long as no-one makes money or personal gain from it. It is of course fiction.   Feedback would be welcome – to

I want to tell you what happened a few years ago when Steve (my husband) and I went skiing in Europe.   We had been married five years  (I was 22 and he was 30) and until our holiday he was the only man I had ever been with.   Not because of any lack of offers.   I was voted “sexiest girl of the year” at  in rag week at college and I often get guys looking me up and down. No, I guess my shyness and innocence - naivety or stupidity some might say - come from my strict, sheltered upbringing.   My parent wouldn’t let me out after nine unless it was a church meeting and maybe that’s why I wanted to get married so soon after I was 18.

I had known Steve a few years – his parent were quite rich but went to the same church as mine which was where we met.  I assumed he was as innocent as me although this proved not to be the case. He only went to church in sufferance.
When I married I was an innocent 18 year old tee-total virgin and was looking forward to my role of being a “good” wife for Steve and keeping him happy. Although I didn’t know quite what this was going to mean.

I loved Steve when we married and I love him now,  but boy has he opened my eyes. At first sex was difficult as Steve expected me to do things like wear sexy negligees, get stoned with him and suck his cock. But when I saw how much all this turned him on I slowly changed my mind and anyway I knew what my duty was. I still remember the first time he forced his cock up my rear.

Anyway back to my story.

We stayed in a ski lodge which had a private sauna up in the woods at the back. It was seldom used apparently, except by a few staff,  but it was available to residents at 7 o’clock - after the staff  had used it. Now I’d never had a sauna but Steve said they were great and persuaded me to give it a try. I was rather anxious when he said we had to go naked because since puberty no one had ever seen me naked except him. But he said nudity was normal in saunas and anyway we would be alone.
So in the end I agreed.

The next evening, having spent a day on the ski slopes,  we walked up the path into the wood until we found the cabin  beside a  mountain river which fed the plunge pool.    It was dark and chilly by this time but inside it was really warm  and cosy. We undressed in the anti-chamber besides the plunge pool. Suddenly I wanted to keep my bra and knickers on but Steve wouldn’t let me. My firm breasts bounced free and after I had removed my knickers I stood there feeling a little strange. Nudity is not something I have done much of.

Then we went into the sauna proper and I was met by a wave of heat. The cabin was lined with wood and had benches all around the walls with one which stuck out into the middle of the small room.   The light was gloomy and I sat down in the heat while Steve adjusted the controls. We had been there maybe ten minutes and I was starting to relax when suddenly the door opened and this guy walked in. I sat up shocked and was about to cover my nakedness when I realised both the futility of  this which would only draw attention to my embarrassment but also that he,  the guy,  was also totally naked.   Bold as brass he just sat down opposite me and said “Hi”. I was shocked and felt myself go red, but he was so casual I just sat their trying to suppress my embarrassment and the urge to run for my clothes. Then Steve said something and they started chatting.
I just sat there.   Looking at the guy.

He was around thirty I guess, ruggedly handsome with a muscular torso but I found my eyes torn to his cock. I couldn’t take my eyes off it.  It looked  massive lying across his thigh - maybe 5 or 6 inches long as it lay there.   This was at least twice the size of Steve. I was holding my breath just looking at it and had to force myself to breath.  Then I realised that Steve had just introduced me to him – his name was John -  and he was extending his hand to me. I shock it and felt a tingle run down
my body.   His limp cock was foot or so away and I could not look him in the eye.
I tried to join the conversation and after a few minutes I relaxed a bit, but my eyes kept on being drawn to look at his cock and had to force myself to look away.    I just couldn’t believe we were all have a normal conversation about the skiing.

Then the door opened again and a second guy came in. He too was completely naked.  He paused to say “Hi” to the other guy and his cock hung right before my eyes. My heart pounded - I had just seen two new cocks in 10 minutes.
The new guy was introduced – his name was Andy - and we chatted for some time before Steve said we had to go as it was my first time in a sauna.

That evening Steve was really turned on and when I asked why he said it was the thought of me going into the sauna naked with those two guys looking at me. He asked if I had compared him to John and Andy and I lied and said I hadn’t. Until that day it had never occurred to me to compare Steve to another man. We made love three or four times that night and at one point Steve asked, “You want a big prick, don’t you?”
At first I ignored the question but then he asked again, and again as he pumped himself inside me and eventually I couldn’t help it and  shouted out, “Oh yes, give me a great big cock.”
And at this Steve came almost at once,  pumping more cum into me.

The next evening Steve wanted to go for another sauna and eventually - after he had given me a stiff whisky - I relented because it was so clearly what he wanted.   I felt a bit strange as I undressed.    Being exposed to John and Andy the previous night had been unforeseen but this night it seemed as if Steve was willing it to happen again. He said it wouldn’t but I was nervous, excited and worried in equal measure. They didn’t turn up and so after a while Steve started gently massaging me.

Maybe it was the whisky or the heat and dim light,  but in the hot cosy space I found it all so erotic and got really turned on.    Steve  seemed to go so slowly and sensuously that when he started caressing my breasts they where already firm and heavy - my nipples hard and taut. I was breathing hard as Steve lowered his hands to my thighs and parted my legs. He spread them wide and a few oments later he had two fingers inside me and I was moaning and gripping the bench with my hands.
He was just lowering his head to kiss me there when we heard a noise from the anti room and I had only just sat up when Andy and John walked in, completely naked as the previous evening.

We struggled to appear relaxed and normal but they didn’t appear to notice anything amiss and just sat down.   Steve was lying face down to hide his erection but  soon they where chatting away again leaving me to douse  my arousal as best I could.
John was telling us about saunas and how some people use birch twigs and scented oils.  There was a selection on a high shelf,  but all the time I was still turned on like crazy and my eyes kept on being drawn to their cocks.
Steve was right. He was small compared to them.  As I have said John’s was well over twice the size of Steve’s  - but Andy’s was even bigger.   I could still feel where Steve’s fingers and been inside me and it all made my head swirl.

Back in our room we had wild sex and again Steve was really turned on. Again he made me tell him that I wanted a big prick.   He kept asking me which of the two guys I most fancied and eventually I said Andy and then he made me call out,  “I want your cock Andy” as he fucked me. I felt a bit bad doing this because in truth the idea did turn me on and I felt guilty - I mean I wanted to be faithful to Steve. But when my orgasm came I cried out “I want your big cock, Andy”,  and I was thinking of Andy’s cock,  hard and erect,  being held tightly in my small hands.

It was over a week later, on the last day of our holiday, that we went for our next sauna.   It was much later in the evening as we had spent some time in the bar at the bottom of the ski lift. Steve had plied me with drinks because it was our last evening  and I was decidedly tipsy. I didn’t even know we were going for a sauna until we arrived at the cabin in the pitch dark. To start with I just wanted to go back to our room but Steve insisted and as soon as we were inside he started undressing me. I was giggling as he removed my snow boots but when he started on my ski suit the energy changed.    I wasn’t wearing much under my ski suit and as he pulled it off my shoulders he started getting all amorous. I was standing there with in bra and knickers with the suit around my ankles and Steve running his hands over me and pulling me against him.

When I’m drunk Steve can get me turned on real easy and I guessed he wanted to get all sexy like last time before we were interrupted.    I didn’t really think about it as I was too drunk. I just went along and anyway he made me feel so good.
As I said,  Steve knows how to turn me on and it wasn’t long before  we were at it. I was naked, my thighs apart and stroking his prick – wanting him inside me when suddenly the buzzer on the heater went off to say the money had run out and Steve insisted on going back to the hotel to get some change. I was too drunk to be as annoyed  as I would have been usually and it felt strange at first, lying there naked, aroused and alone.  But after awhile I relaxed.  It was hot and cosy and I kept playing with myself to keep me aroused for when Steve came back.

It was delicious lying there in the heat playing with myself but then I heard a noise and suddenly John and Andy walked in. Luckily I had stopped masturbating  but it was still a shock as I forced myself to behave normally and chat with them. I was cursing Steve for getting me in the situation  especially when they said they passed him on the path. Apparently Steve said he would be some time but I should wait for him in the sauna. It felt really strange sitting and talking with them both while I was all aroused and dizzy from the drink. I could feel the heat between my legs and the memory of Steve’s fingers being inside me.
I just kept on telling myself that saunas and nudity was a normal part of the culture.
Normal. Nothing to worry about.

I was sitting opposite Andy and John but I couldn’t look them in the eye and struggled not to stare at their cocks. John’s was big - maybe twice the size of Steve. But Andy was massive - twice the size of John as I compared them side by side.
John suggested they showed me how the oils and birch twigs were used and I jumped at a chance of a distraction for my arousal – a chance to think about something else. John went out and returned seconds later with a box and  a joint.
He lit the joint, passed it to me then started getting things out of the box:  a bowl into which he poured some oil from a bottle and some smaller bottles of scent. I remember asking myself if I should smoke the joint but it would have been rude to decline so I took a few drags and it was only later that I  realised how strong it was. John asked Andy to hold the bowl over the brazier to warm and when I passed back the joint they both declined saying they would later. So I had a few more drags and before I knew it I was really stoned and feeling ever so spaced out.

But I was still feeling randy and I must have been staring at Andy’s cock because he interrupted my thoughts by asking,
“I notice you keep looking at my prick. Do you like it. I’m bigger than your husband, aren’t I?”
My heart leapt at this.“No, no, I’m sorry,” I mumbled slowly - all confused, “It’s just that I haven’t seen another man before.”
As soon as I said it I wondered if it was a stupid thing to say. Andy  slowly stood up so his fat cock was hanging right in front of me. “That’s OK” he said,  “you can take a closer look if you like.”  and he moved forward so his cock was only inches away from my face.

I gaped at his heavy cock hanging massively fat in front of me. I was entranced by it.  I could see the veins which appeared to throb.  Andy moved closer and I instinctively moved back but Andy rested a hand on my head stopping my retreat.
Gently he pulled my head forward. It felt just like what Steve does when he wants me to suck his cock and I was so aroused and stoned I nearly did. I tilted my head and opened my mouth to accept his swelling meat,  and it was only when I reached out to hold  his cock steady that I realised what I was doing. As I touched it, it seemed to pulse and twitch in my grasp and I gasped at the energy it seemed to have.One hand was too small to hold him so I used both and  I could feel him start to
swell and harden.

Then I came to my senses. “No,” I mumbled, more to myself than him and pushed his  cock away realising with horror what I had been about to do. I felt suddenly over-awed by its size and strength. John was saying something but I was hardly listening.    He was ready to show me how they used the oils in a sauna and wanted me to lie down.  I had already agreed I suppose. Anyway,  John  gently pushed me back until I was lying on the bench. Even then I was so delirious and stoned that I didn’t think they might rape me or anything. I had it in my head that this was a normal behaviour which I was not used to - and I just had to ignore my arousal and behave as if everything was normal.

Andy started massaging oil into my calf muscles. John was sitting at my head – his feet either side of the bench and started gently massaging my forehead. I had my legs tightly closed and my hands over my breasts to protect my modesty as I lay there  but even my own hands on my hard nipples sent delicious sensations through me.
Andy’s hands slid over my waist and up to my stomach.  I felt the oil trickle into my belly button and was moaning softly to myself as his strong hands spread the oil around my waist.  His hands felt so commanding and sure. John lifted a hand off my breast.  It was as if he did it in slow motion and I wondered why I did not stop him.  But somehow I couldn’t. And  as he started massaging my palm all I could think of was my firm aching breast, large and round exposed  to them both  and hoped they wouldn’t notice how hard the nipple was.

Andy’s large hands were virtually encircling my waist and a couple of times his hands slid under my buttocks and I was bodily lifted off the bench as if I was a feather. His hands went down my thighs and he gently tried to part my legs but I held them firmly together. John had finished massaging my hand and  stretched it above my head. He sat on it pinning my arm to the bench with the weight of his thighs. Then he reached for my other hand and lifted it  away from my other breasts which were now both naked to their gaze. He started massaging my palm. I didn’t know what to do.

Andy stood astride the bench and as he moved up my body his prick came into view over my breasts. I gasped aloud. My breathing was all ragged now. His cock was now hard and erect, waving before him. And if it was large when soft it was massive now hard.    It must have been the size of a cucumber waving in front of him. Then his hands where on my breasts - squeezing and pushing them at his whim.   I couldn’t help moaning as my body responded to his touch and arched upwards towards him.    I tried to cover myself but John held my hands firmly above my head.

Andy’s large hands found my nipples and he was pulling and squeezing and caressing my breasts and I was crying,  “No,  Please leave me”,  between gasped breaths but they ignored me. He pressed his prick between my breasts and he felt so hard and hot. Stepping back he ran his cock over my body until it nestled  in the valley of my thighs. Then he was pushing it between my legs and although I held my thighs tightly closed I could feel his bulbous tip closing in on my clitoris. I knew that once he found my clit I would not be able to stop him but I had no strength to stop him.

Then suddenly I managed to free my hands and I tried to get up. John, at my head stopped me but I twisted myself so I was lying on my front. John and Andy where more insistent now, their hands holding me down on the bench.  I looked up and saw that John, straddling the bench also had a stiff cock poking towards me. Andy was doing something behind me but I couldn’t work out what.  Then he pulled my knees apart and I realised he had somehow tied the other one to the bench.
I felt my thighs slowly opening. There was nothing I could do. Wider and wider he forced my thighs.   So wide that I had to raise my buttocks to ease the pain on my muscles. Having opened my thighs he tied my  leg to the bench with some strip of cloth around my knee.

I could feel his gaze on my wet, hot snatch and is hands roamed my thighs and buttocks. He was fingering my clit and I was moaning uncontrollably. I had given up pleading for them to stop. I felt the tip of his cock press against my labia and I remembered how big his cock was. I remembered the power it seemed to have when I touched it and I remembered crying out Andy’s name when Steve was fucking me. I felt suddenly awed and powerless as if this cock was commanding and controlling me. I felt him push and the massive bulbous head slid inside me.
“Oh, Oh, Oh my god,” I moaned as he opened me up.   I didn’t know I could ever feel so full. Then he pushed again and more of his length pushed up inside me.

When he started fucking me, with deep strokes I came with a massive orgasm that rocked me. It seemed to go on for ages and Andy carried on fucking me. He pulled my buttock up so I was kneeing on the bench. John, still holding my shoulders down let me raise myself and then slide in closer and pressed my mouth down on to his cock. I don’t know what happened to me but all of a sudden I was pushing my arse up so Andy could slam his fucking dick into me and I was sucking and slobbering on John cock, letting him thrust it into my stretched mouth so I could feel it tickling my throat and nearly making me gag.

I forget most of the rest. They untied my legs and carried on fucking me. I wanted it. Or at least a bit of me did. I wanted the sensation of being completely filled and dominated by a massive erection. When finally they left,   I said a reluctant farewell to there cocks. I stayed in the sauna some time before showering and returning to the hotel. I found Steve in our room drunk and snoring like a pig. In the morning we left for home and I have never spoken to Steve about that evening.     I sometimes wonder if he set me up, but I decided it was better that I don’t know.    I often thought  about being fucked by a big cock again but I knew I would never do anything about it.
You see,  I still love Steve.

But then, just recently something  happened and I now realise that I have a thing about big pricks but I’ll tell you about that another time.