Linda & Kristi

by Dan Dofogh

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© Copyright 2001 - Dan Dofogh - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; caught; MF/ff; bond; kidnap; carboot; oral; toys; cons/nc; X

Chapter One

The damned connection kept timing out. Why hadn't she chosen a shorter password?

Linda pressed the ENTER key, sending her username and password off into cyber-land and establishing her connection to the Internet. After a few minutes and some very patient typing, the familiar login prompt to the mail server sprang into view. She breathed a sigh of relief.

This had to be the hardest email Linda had ever had to write. Who would have thought typing a two-paragraph e-mail would be so hard? Probably people who had never had to write e-mails using a pen stuck into the front of a ballgag, tightly pulled into their mouths. People who weren't battling a collar and leash that j-u-s-t let them reach the keyboard. And people that probably weren't wearing a locked-on crotch belt holding the fullness of a dildo inside their pussies.

But I digress...

* * * *

The electronic lock on the door beeped as the pass was held to it. The girl entered, crossing the entry and passing through the Accounts section on the way to the Network Support room. Her pass was a 24hr one, as an Operator it was required in case the mainframe shat itself at 4 in the morning. And it had. Only two people had access at that level, the system was very delicate with maximum uptime defined by the business owners.

Kristi zapped her pass at the entrance to the computer room and went to the main console. She wiggled the mouse to de-activate the screensaver and get the login prompt. Connect to the Admin server, through to the gateway and then a short jump to the server holding the log files.

She read the email logs. Kristi blinked. This had to be a joke. Crossing to the window, she looked down. Then crossed back to the console and started typing, typing quickly.

* * * *

Linda's breath caught in her throat. It was done. Any minute now the system would page Kristi, letting her know the system disk was full. It was a call she knew Kristi could not and would not ignore, she was way too professional for that. As soon as the logs showed the automatic warning page had been sent Linda erased the huge temporary file she had created, freeing the system and restoring system usage. No damage done.

Lindas hands went to her throat. Whether she signalled the system or not, there was no way she would be able to resolve the situation herself anyway. Her fingers traced the outline of the ring on the front of the collar around her neck. If she wiggled her finger underneath the steel, she could follow the perimeter around to the back where the ends were padlocked together. The key was one of a number of keys in an envelope outside this room, in the drawer of her desk.

There was a thin chain extending from the ring on the front of her collar across to the other side of the room where it was attached to the airconditioning pipes. With the chain extended, Linda pulled up just short of the terminal on the other side of the room. Other than the collar, she was wearing a t-shirt and long soft dress, with thong panties underneath and bra. Though she had brought heels with her this night her feet were currently bare.

Her estimate was she would have about 30 minutes before Kristi would arrive. That was plenty of time. The first fifteen minutes of wearing a ballgag were fine then she would have another few minutes of sweet tension after that. Her past lovers had all liked the look on her face as the ball started to wear down her jaw muscles. She was counting on that look to woo Kristi too.

But time was running out, there would be plenty of time for reflection later. From the bag at her feet she withdrew six cuffs and a roll of duct tape. They went on top of the cabinet beside her, then she reached in again and pulled out some leather straps, some locks and a ballgag.

It was easier to do this without the folds of the skirt hampering her. She slipped out of the skirt, leaving it bunched at her feet. The thong panties came next but these were placed back into the bag. As she looked at her dildo, the moistness began to creep into her opening. Her hands sought her nipples, cupping and caressing them. The nipples were already becoming swollen, the left one always more sensitive where the nipple ring intersected her flesh.

The intruder entered her smoothly and easily, a feline moan being elicited from her. Through a ring on its base went one of the straps, reaching up to circle the one around her waist and down, under and to the back where it fed through its keeper. Once the straps were loosely positioned, Linda pulled the waist strap tight, slipping a small padlock through the eye hole in the strap and ensuring it could not be removed without a knife or key. The crotch strap was pulled considerably tighter, pushing the intruder deep within her and bisecting the cleft of her ass.

She busied herself organising the cuffs and tape. Two went on her ankles, two on her wrists and two on her elbows, just above the joint. Next she picked up the ballgag. It was a yellow ball on a thick strap. Linda had always liked yellow or white ballgags, as the color showed the traces of lipstick long after wear. It was like a badge of honor, to show that the gag had been worn and worn well. There were also numerous indentations from her teeth. Those in itself were like notches in a belt, telling stories from her life. There were marks were from when she had been bound in the childrens playground and hung from the jungle gym for an hour, marks from when she had come so hard she had fainted and marks from her nipple piercing, when she had bitten the ball so fiercely she thought she would bite the ball in two.

* * * *

An aside, eight months earlier: As Linda opened the door to invite her blind date for the evening inside, she'd noticed a strange look on his face. As soon as she arrived at the restaurant she excused herself to go to the ladies room. There were no marks on her wrists, she had used the lined cuffs in her self-bondage session that afternoon and worn her thickest leather gloves.

One look at her face in the mirror mortified her though. At the corners of her mouth were marks from the thick strap on her favourite ballgag. Not very noticeable, but they were very definitely there. The soft lighting of her bathroom had hidden what the harsh glare of her apartment foyer couldn't. Linda quickly opened her makeup bag and tried to cover the traces. She'd never answered his calls after that initial date, she was too embarrassed.

* * * *

Once the ball had settled snugly behind her teeth she leaned her head forward, pulling the straps behind her neck and fastening the buckle. As she brought her head up again, the ball settled deep in her mouth, her teeth showing white against the front. A small lock went through the straphole, this too was not coming off until required.

Once the gag was secured, she reached to the back of her head and removed the clip holding her hair up. Her brunette hair fell to her shoulders and she ran her fingers through it, making sure none was trapped under the strap. That done, she tested the crotch strap and pulled it a notch tighter now it had some time to settle. Another lock went through that straphole. She was now tightly gagged, leashed and filled under the tight crotchstrap.

Her legs were next: the tape wound around her legs just above and below the knees, not too tight to cut off circulation but enough to make her think twice about bending her legs. A short chain was locked onto her ankle cuffs shortening her stride to about six inches. Once her legs were secure, she sat down and slid the dress on again and pulled it up to her waist. The soft material caressed her legs and hid the secrets below.

* * * *

Kristi finished typing the e-mail and clicked "Send". She ambled over to the window again and looked down, tapping on the glass. The girl on the other side of the glass looked up at the noise, then over to the terminal Kristi had pointed at. The girl awkwardly moved her torso around to get her legs underneath her, then haltingly managed to get to her feet so she could shuffle in tiny steps over to the screen where Kristi's e-mail had just appeared for her. By the time she had read the few paragraphs and turned to look questioningly back, Kristi had gone.

* * * *

Linda only had a few steps left to complete her self-bondage. She had planned to package herself for Kristi but was scared her voice would crack and embarass her, or she would chicken out and never approach Kristi. So Linda planned to compose an explanatory e-mail and leave it for Kristi to read as she came in to investigate the system error.

That said, Linda took a pen and pressed it into the ball in her mouth through the small hole she had made earlier. The pen now stuck straight out in front of her face, like a mini radio antenna. "Houston, we seem to be picking up signals from Planet Bondage". She smiled to herself, the edges of her lips curling up around the ball. She pressed the pen on the tips of her fingers to verify she would be able to type with it, then reached for a short, springy strap.

This strap was different to the others. It was springy, with a ring on one end and a hook on the other. Linda had practised with this strap. The strap could be connected to the collar in back and the dangling end to a shelf or something conveniently low. By careful maneuvering of her cuffed elbow, the hook could be stretched to reach down and through the hook on an elbow cuff. Once one elbow was snared, it was a simple matter of twisting her back and pushing her other elbow in enough for the hook to also grab the second elbow. That done, her elbows were brought within a few inches of each other, and the strap exerted a small but constant tension keeping the cuffs high on her arms.

* * * *

After Kristi had read the e-mail Linda had sent her and seen her in the other room, she quickly typed a reply. She sent it knowing it would appear on the terminal Linda was near. She tapped on the glass, and pointed to the screen. She watched Linda just long enough to see her begin to read the message, then ran down to her car. There was some things there she would be needing.

* * * *

For all intents and purposes Linda was now completely helpless. She was collared and leashed, barefoot and wearing t-shirt, dress and crotchstrap. Her legs were hobbled, the hobbled walk  helping push the dildo further inside her and she was deeply gagged with her favourite ballgag. Already she could feel drool building up, threatening to creep around the base of the ball. And the hook and strap holding her elbows together negated the use of her arms. Though she was helplessly bound, the picture was not yet complete. Awkwardly leaning down to the bag, she reached in to pull out a final padlock. This she slipped through the rings on her wrist cuffs, closing it tight with a definitive Click.

The bag was now no longer necessary. She straightened her legs, bringing herself to her full height. Flicking her foot out as much as possible within the hobbles and under the long skirt, she sent the bag skittering across the smooth floor, out of her leashed reach.

It had now been around ten minutes. Kristi should be about twenty more. Linda began hobbling over to the terminal screen. Time to write Kristi that e-mail. The screen was on, she just needed to log on and call up the e-mail system. The screen was on the other side of the room from where her leash was attached, she had calculated there would be just enough chain for her ballgagged pen-finger to touch the keyboard.

Her calculations were correct. The pen reached the keys, but just barely. Using the pen protruding from the front of her gag, Linda began typing in her usercode and password. Typing was extremely hard, the broad movements of her head not fine enough for accurate typing and she kept miskeying. And if she went slowly and more precisely, the login kept timing out, requiring her to restart everything. She moaned partly in frustration and partly from the feeling of the dildo inside her moving as she strained to reach the keys. A string of drool dripped from her chin to join her to the spacebar.

* * * *

Kristi quickly moved towards her car. She had to grab her camera: this was too good an opportunity to pass up. Linda! She had been keeping an eye on Linda for weeks. Linda's firm legs and long hair, and here it was all packaged up for her! And she'd even e-mailed her tonight with a confession of how she wanted Kristi to tie and gag her!

Her keys rattled in the lock of the trunk as she pushed it up. Kristi's slim arms reached for the bag in the trunk as a hand snaked around her waist and a dark hood was thrown over her eyes.

* * * *

A red light. The area around her was filled with a red light. There was two points where it filtered onto her, from each taillight into the trunk. Her neck was tied to her knees, a rope led from her tied thumbs down to her tied big toes, pulling her into a compact ball. She had been roughly grabbed by what felt like two sets of hands and quickly, cruelly, efficiently bound. Her thumbs were on fire, what felt like hot wire was in fact a plastic zip-tie, the same as was holding her toes captive. This was short-term bondage, immobilising bondage and not designed for long-term wear. That was also why the gag was so umcomfortable. There would be plenty of time for tidier bondage later. For now a rag had been folded and cruelly thrust under the hood and into her mouth, held there by a longer zip-tie before the leather hood had been replaced and buckled in back. If she relaxed and breathed slowly, air could filter in around her neck and through to her starving lungs. Any struggling quickly used what little oxygen there was. It was better to stay still and breath deeply to help fight the burning in her thumbs and toes.

* * * *

Kristi's captors moved quickly through the building. They had been waiting for the night staff to come so they could sneak into the building, and Kristi had walked straight out with the keys to everything. So far the captured girls pass had given virtually carte banche acccess to every security door they had come across.

The last hurdle lay before the couple: the Network Support room. With a quick look around them, the taller of the two swiped the card across the reader. The door opened and the duo moved into the  room. Crossing over to the main console, the taller quickly scanned the screen. After a quick double-take, they motioned the other over.

* * * *

Linda read and re-read the e-mail Kristi had sent her. In it Kristi acknowledged Linda's bondage confession and warned her to stay still, Kristi would be right back with a camera and a few "surprises". She was hoping for a good response, but this was suprisingly positive. A camera and some "surprises"? She sat back, her weight resting on her bound arms. The ball in her mouth was beginning to become intrusive and a small ridge formed between her eyebrows as she pushed the ball with her tongue, trying to seat it more comfortably.

After a few minutes, she heard a noise in the room behind her. She shifted in the seat, trying to look over her shoulder. With a start Linda saw there were two figures instead of the Kristi she imagined. They were looking through the glass at her as if she was an exhibit in the zoo. They opened the door and entered. The taller of the two was a stocky male, clad in dark clothes with a hooded jacket hiding his features, the shorter of feminine build. Within the edges of the jacket's low hood she could see wisps of black hair.

"Ohmigod", the girl said. "We come in looking for computer secrets, we find "Bondage Barbie" devoting her love to her friend. I assume your friend Kristi is the girl that was here a minute ago?"

Linda was in shock. Where was Kristi? The girl stepped over to her and grabbing her hair, pulled Lindas head back. "Kristi. Your friend? Didn't your Momma tell you to answer when someone asks you a question?"

The pain from her scalp brought Linda back to reality. She nodded.

The man stepped forward. "So, we can take a little more home tonight than we'd hoped for". He turned to his companion."I can look after her, do you want to hack the codes so we can get out of here quickly?"

"Sure", said the female. "Make sure she keeps that cute gag in, it gives her such a sweet expression". She turned and went back into the main room.

The man reached down and cupped Lindas chin in his hand, running his finger across the front of the ball and feeling the indentations there.

"I think we're going to have fun with you and your friend..."

Chapter Two

The scene: A dark night outside a building, in a semi-deserted carpark. Two figures, one male, one female cross from left to right. The man appears to be carrying a large bundle over his shoulder. They reach their car, place the bundle in the back seat then the male enters and drives off. The female figure pulls some keys from her pocket then opens a car closeby. The engine starts, the second car goes bumpity-bump over the speed humps as its taillights retreat into the shadows.

* * * *

Ben opened his toolbox and withdrew the cable snips. He reached down and then behind Kristi to snap the cable ties holding her toes and thumbs close. "Snip". The blood rushed back into her digits, causing her to make a muffled noise. Her hands rubbed together as the blood entered her thumbs again. She would have also reached down to rub her toes had not there been a recently-added belt holding her elbows close.

As Brian added coarse rope around her wrists she tried to turn to look at him, but a sharp pull on her hair brought her back to task.

"What are you doing?" her new Mistress cried. "Just keep focussed on your job".

Pam leaned back as Kristi continued to tongue her slit. Kristi had been told to use her tongue carefully and slowly. Pam was very explicit about the way Kristi should please her, and very explicit about what would happen if she didn't follow instructions. She was to run her tongue the length of Pam's vagina. From the bottom up, again and again, lingering as she ran her tongue along the underside of Pam's clitoris. There was a rhythm: Pam would put strain on Kristi's hair on the way up, then release when it was time to repeat the pattern. Kristi's tongue was becoming quite tired, but Pam had not even begun. As they say, "Two orgasms down, plenty more where that came from".

Brian turned from Kristi to look at Linda on the floor. Nice figure, nice hair. He'd once known a professional kidnapper, maybe he could give her a ring. I mean, an opportunity like this was too good to resist.

Linda lay on the floor. She had SEEN Kristi looking in at her then disappearing, with these two arriving a few minutes later. They had done something to the computer system, then using the keys she had left for Kristi to use, freed her neck from the opposite wall and thrown her into a car downstairs. It was not until arriving at this house, at least half an hour from her office that she had even seen Kristi again. If you could count seeing the back of Kristi's head as she worshipped at the groin of a lady Linda did not know.

Brian had entered the house with Linda over his shoulder. His wife Pam had beaten him home and had quickly put their newfound slave to good use. As he opened the door he saw her in a chair with her legs over the armrests, Kristi's head between her legs. She smiled up at him and told him to look after his one while she looked after hers.

Lindas arms and elbows were fastened behind her from the self-bondage. Brian quickly looked her over.

"Good job". He twanged the sprung strap between her elbow bonds and her collar. "This one's a beauty, it sure ain't coming off easily". He grasped her hands in his and felt them. They were still warm, a sign her circulation was still good.

Linda was laid down, and with some of the other ropes and straps from her bag which he had also retrieved, began to arrange her limbs. She was laid down on her side, a rope stretched from her hands up past her back and neck to a plant support near the front door while another went from her hobble to the heavy lounge. He pulled the wrist rope, bringing her arms up behind her in a kind of laying strappado. Sounds of discomfort came from behind the ball still strapped in her mouth. She had been gagged for over an hour now and didn't know which was worse: The discomfort in her jaw from the ball which she had only been expecting to wear for half an hour, or her elbow bonds. She rolled her shoulders the little the bonds allowed and could feel the blood pulsing down her forearms. Thank God for little mercies. The drool coating her chin however she could do little about. If she rubbed her face on the carpet she could remove a little but seemed more to just spread it around.

Now Linda was secure, he decided to have a little peek. Pushing her dress the length of her thigh, to bunch at her waist he sighed.

"Lordy, have a look at this!".

Pam turned her head with the little attention she had, to see Brian trying to push his fingers under the crotch strap bisecting Lindas slit.

"I do believe we have a friend in here. Where's the key for this belt? All that time you were squirming around on the seat I thought you simply wanted to go to the toilet."

"Well, that's actually true too", Linda thought, but considering the circumstances there were more pressing issues to be resolved. Like if this strappado was actually going to pop her shoulder sockets. A low moan came from Kristi as Pam pulled her head down to begin another long trawl up her vaginal lips.

The scene closes as Brian picks up a digital camera from a nearby table and takes shots of the strap holding Lindas pussy tightly. Closeups, longshots and then moves up to her ballgagged face where he lingers, turning her face this way and that as the flash triggers over and over again. The lights dim to the sound of Lindas gagged requests - "Nmmm Nmmm". Pam writhes a third time and grasps the back of Kristis head tightly.

Chapter Three

The mobile phone rang. The girl driving answered, pulling over to the side of the road. Driving whilst on the phone was an offence, and in her line of business the less flirting with the road rules, the less chance of a policeman becoming interested in the contents of her car.

"Angela speaking", she said into the phone.

"Hi Angela, my name is Brian.", the voice on the line replied. "We met about a year ago at the theatre and you were on your way to a job? I was with a blonde girl named Pam".

The name triggered a memory for Angela.

"Oh sure. You still doing umm... 'computer work'?". She stressed the "computer" word.

He laughed. "Sure am. And if you're still in", stressing the next few words in counterpoint, "sales and marketing, I may have a job for you. Two jobs, in fact."

Angela held the phone in front of her face, studying it for a second as though she could see straight through the keypad, to Brians face on the other end. She held it back to her ear.

"Maybe", she answered. "Can we meet at the coffeeshop on George St, opposite the movie theatres? If you can bring a portfolio with some pictures of your stock, maybe we can work something out".

"OK, is ten o'clock good for you?"

"Yep, see you then"

"OK, thanks Angela"

As Angela flipped the phone shut then drove out into the flow of traffic again, Brian looked down to the keyring held in his hand, at the small cartoon on the keyfob. A small puppy danced on a light blue background, and underneath was written "Today has been a good day".

Chapter Four

Kristi's ears cocked to follow the sound. She had been awake since four am that morning when the pager had roused her from a sound sleep. She was still shocked by the turn of the events for the day. After seeing Linda in complete, inescapable bondage on the computer room floor and reading her invitation purposefully e-mailed direct to her, she had run down to get some other toys from the car. She had been grabbed, obviously by the couple that now held them both captive and been forced to eat the girls pussy and tongue her breasts until she thought her tongue was going to fall off, and then this.

Kristi and Linda were tied in the classic "69" position, Lindas weight on top of Kristi and her vagina directly over Kristi's nose and mouth, Linda's face also looking at Kristi's pussy. Kristi actually looked directly at the strap still cutting Lindas vagina in half. A rope collar had been tied around Kristi's throat, joined by a short chain to Linda's crotchstrap. An hour ago Brian had tied them in this position, promising that if they behaved they would be allowed a toilet break when he returned. Pam meanwhile was asleep in the bed beside them, her regular breathing defining the depths of her slumber.

Over the past half an hour Linda had become more and more desperate to pee. The tightness of the strap and the dildo within her were pushing on her bowels and she'd begun to honestly fear peeing onto the face of her friend underneath her. She shifted regularly, clenching her muscles again and again to relieve the stress. Underneath her Kristi was starting to understand Lindas urgency, as her own needs built.

From above them the sound of Pam's breath quickened, then they could hear her shifting within the bedclothes. Her head appeared over the edge of the bed to look down at the two girls.

"Good morning ladies. Do you need to go to the bathroom?"

The two girls nodded frantically. Pam slowly got to her feet, then slowly walked to the dresser where the keys to the locks holding the girls in position were, then slowly walked back to survey them. Her eyes followed the chains holding Kristi's hands behind Linda's back, and the chain holding her ankles together and lining them to her hands.

"Bear with me a second, while I work out a way to singlehandedly take care of you. Don't want to risk my own tender skin now, do I?"

Linda was nearing the end of her bodily power. She was clenching as tightly as she could, but a few small drops of urine snaked itself out past the dildo, along her nether lips and down onto the leather strap between her legs. A single drop fell onto the chin below her. Kristi's eyes closed, hoping Linda could hold on for just a few minutes more...


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