Like Mother, Like Daughter

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2011 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; gag; tease; denial; sex; climax; bagged; M/ff; oral; incest; cons; X

“Abby?  I’m Jack, a friend of your mom.  She said you were needing help with something?”

“Oh, hello Jack.  Please come in.”

Stepping inside, Jack glanced around the small room.  The apartment as a whole was small, somehow seeming suitable for a young woman fresh out of college.  Finishing his brief examination, he turned back toward his hostess.

“Thanks for coming over,” she was saying.  “Did mom tell you what it was I needed help with?”

Jack shook his head.  “All she said was you needed help, that she couldn’t trust just anyone, and she knew I could handle it.”

Abby smiled, then shrugged her shoulders, letting her robe slip to the floor.  Jack’s eyes widened as he took in her gymnast’s body, now completely exposed to him.

“What exactly is it you need help with?” he asked, taking in the trim thighs, slim waist, and smallish breasts so suddenly presented to him.

“Well,” Abby replied, stepping slowly toward him, “there’s something I want to do, but I can’t really do it by myself.  Actually,” she corrected herself, reaching down to stroke the bulge now visible in Jack’s pants, “I guess I could, but it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.  And mom said you specialize in what I want.  She said you would understand.”

Jack covered his surprise at her words with a smile.  “I think I have a good idea what you mean.”

“Good.  Shall we get started?”

“How’s that?”

“Interesting.”  Curled in a ball on her bed, Abby explored her new situation.  Her arms, bound forearm to forearm, were pressed against her back.  Her knees were bent, with each ankle bound to its corresponding thigh.  She lay bent at the waist, with soft rope binding each knee to the corresponding upper arm.  For a moment, she rolled helplessly on the bed, then struggled onto her back.

“Very interesting, she said, then smiled.  “But I do believe there is a bit more.”  Still smiling, she pulled her ankles as far apart as her bonds would allow, opening herself to him.

“I believe you’re right,” Jack replied, holding up the next item.  The penis gag slipped easily between Abby’s eagerly parted lips, the strap holding it firmly in place.  Abby grunted into the gag, wiggling her feet as if to call attention to what lay between them.

“Not quite yet,” Jack said, drawing a disappointed moan from the helpless girl.  Jack quickly removed his own clothing, then slipped onto the bed.  His hands went between her knees, cupping and kneading her breasts.  The nipples quickly hardened, and Jack willingly obliged by concentrating on the hardened buds for several moments, before letting one hand drift down between her thighs.

Abby’s eyes drifted closed, as soft moans began leaking from behind the gag.  Soon, her hips began rocking, her moans interspersed with soft grunts.  Jack knew exactly what she was asking for, but he held back, letting his hands slowly stoke the fire he knew was raging inside her helpless body.

When he finally leaned back from his work, Abby’s entire body was quivering.  Her eyes, now open wide, pleaded with him, even as desperate, mewing moans came from her gagged mouth.  Smiling, Jack rolled her face down, then maneuvered her until her ass hung just over the edge of the bed.  He quickly rolled a rubber over his throbbing erection, then, with a slow, gentle thrust, pushed inside her.  He could feel her body fighting its bonds, struggling to push her hips back to meet his thrusts.  Suddenly, her body tensed as a massive orgasm ripped through it.  Jack continued thrusting, loving the feel of her muscles clenching around him as a second, and then a third orgasm rocked her.  Finally, feeling her grasp him for the fourth time,  he thrust deep within her, filling the rubber with his seed as she trembled beneath him.

For a moment, he sagged over her, then, slowly, he stepped back, feeling himself slip from within her.  Ignoring her questioning grunts, he stepped into the bathroom, disposed of the rubber, and cleaned himself.  When he stepped back into the bedroom, he saw her fingers wiggling, and knew she was ready to be released.

Instead, he rolled her onto her back, positioning her near the center of the bed.  For a moment, he watched as she tugged against her bonds, then, with a cheerful, “Be right back,” he turned and left the room.

Alone, Abby fought against her bonds, but soon slumped in defeat.  The tightness of the ropes, along with her body’s own weakness after the shattering orgasms she’d just experienced, meant she was going nowhere until someone let her out.  Relaxing as much as she could, she set herself to wait for Jack to return.

When Jack did finally enter the room, he was carrying a large, army-style duffel bag, with a rather large something weighing it down.  Grunting softly, Jack swung the bag onto the bed, then undid the top, grabbed the bottom, and dumped out the bag’s contents.  Abby’s eyes widened to the sight of Jane, her mom, naked, bound identically to herself.  Jane raised her eyes to those of her daughter, and Abby could almost see the smile hidden by the leather panel.

Carefully, Jack maneuvered Jane until she lay face down, her head between her daughter’s thighs.  Reaching down, he removed the gag, then stepped back.

“Your daughter made a mess,” he said sternly.  “Clean it up.”

“Yes, Master,” came the meek reply.  Looking up into Abby’s startled eyes, Jane smiled, said, “Hello, dear,” then dipped her head between her daughter’s helpless thighs.  At the feel of a tongue gently cleaning her most sensitive areas, Abby felt her arousal begin once more to climb.  It felt strange, considering who’s tongue it was, but it also felt wonderful.  Abby closed her eyes, soft moans marking her surrender to the feelings once more coursing through her.

Stepping back, Jack watched with a smile.  He would, he knew, have to find a suitable way to punish Jane for springing her surprise on him the way she had.  At the same time, he would have to find a way to reward her for what she had given him.

As he watched Abby’s body begin to writhe, Jack had to seriously ask himself if he thought he could handle two slaves with such obviously large appetites for bondage and sex.  It would, he decided with a grin, be very interesting to find out.