Like Mother, Like Daughter

by Steff

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© Copyright 2013 - Steff - Used by permission

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My name is Casie and this is the story about how I… well you are just going to have to read it to find out.

When I was 15 my parents died in a car accident. I was left in my parent’s large 15 bedroom mansion that was a few miles outside a small town surrounded by thick wood and a couple streams. Brian, a longtime friend of my father (knew each other since they were like 3) became my guardian. I didn’t mind because he and I were like brother and sister. The help also remained around. The butler, “Pappy” is what I called since I could talk, was in charge of the cleaning and maintenance of the house and grounds. He also had a sense of humor that made me laugh even on the day my parents were buried. Adam was one of the gardeners. I like him a lot because he would always let me help him work. Even before I figured out what I was doing and I was hurting more than I was helping. Lastly was Nancy. She was the cook and let me tell you she could cook. Everything she cooked tasted great. She also took time out of her schedule to teach me how to cook.

Despite growing up with rich parents I didn’t let that turn me into a spoiled brat. If anything I drove Pappy nuts because I normally didn’t behave “lady-like” enough for him. We had made a compromise and I learned all the “lady” things I needed to and went to a few formal functions a year. In school I made straight “A’s” and just as I turned 18 I graduated early. I had a body friend that lived in town but he only occasionally came over. He like me but was kinda scared of Pappy and Brian.

After my parents died Brian moved in and told me that once I graduated high school that I could move into the master bedroom but until then it would remain empty. So after I graduated in early December I was given the key to my new bedroom suite. I knew the staff kept the room clean and ready to be used so I walked in with confidence.

I had forgotten how big this place truly was. There was a sitting room that had 2 sofas, a reclined and 3 other padded straight back chairs. In the middle of the room was an opened gas log fire place. I went into the actual bedroom portion of the suite and looked at the massive bed. It was a four posted bed that was larger than a king sized one. I laid out on it and in the middle I could not reach any edge of it and the mattress was the perfect firmness. I then went into the bathroom and again I was floored. There were 2 sinks with plenty of cabinet surface, a stand up shower and a massive bath tub. The tub was about 3 feet deep, had water jets, and rails all around.

At the end of the bathroom was the door to the closet. Like everything else in the master suite the closet was big. There were shelves that went almost all the way around and were almost totally filled with clothes. I spend about 30 minutes checking my mother clothes because I knew I was her size, in fact everyone tells me I look just like her. I was just about ready to leave when I noticed a door that was mostly hidden by the door leading into the closet. The door was locked but since I had the keys I opened it. As I did a strong leather and latex smell filled my nose. I turned on the light and saw another closet larger than the one I just left but filled with leather and latex stuff.

There was a small section that contained things for my father, a large part for my mother’s things and a couple of dressers. There also was a section that had items I didn’t recognize and some I did. I figured that they were all used for bondage play. When I opened the dressers one of them contained small items of clothing like bras, panties and things like that. The other one contained sex toys of all varieties’ like dildos, plug and clips. I spent about an hour looking around at all the stuff before I left the closets and went to sleep.

The next 2 days I spent moving my stuff into the master suite and didn’t think much about what I had seen. I was reading a magazine article when the power went out so I decide to play with mom’s laptop. Once it booted up I was not able to find any games but I did find a folder that was password protected. On a hunch I put in my name as the password. It worked but I found a single movie and another locked folder. Being “Miss Curious” as people call me I played the movie.

The movie was Mom sitting in front of the computer wearing a transparent latex leotard. She told me that her and Dad played bondage games together and that they both enjoyed them. She asked that I not judge them or think of them as freaks. She told me that whenever Dad was away of business that she would either tie herself up or just put on the gold rope chain she was wearing and wait in the living room. She told me where it was in her private safe and what the combination was. I was warned that if I wore it I was opening a door that could not be closed. She told me that everything was sterilized and ready if I wanted to use them. Finally the video gave me the password for the other folder on the computer. When I looked through the other folder I found lots of pictures, videos and stories of women in bondage. There was a whole section of Mom and Dad’s adventures. When the power came on I opened Mom’s safe and the only thing in it was a nicely decorated box that contained the gold rope necklace Mom talked about in the video.

The next day was Saturday and I had a date with Oz, my boyfriend. I decided to really throw him for a loop and I put on one of the red latex mini-dresses I found. I also wore knee high boots that matched the dress. Under the dress I decide to wear a pair of latex panties with a dildo in them. When I got up and started walking after I had put the panties on I felt something inside the dildo moving. It felt like there were weighted balls inside. The movement was distracting in a pleasant and sexual kind of way.

Oz was surprised when he saw me walk out of the house. I am not sure if it was the whole outfit or the amount I was blushing because Brian had been giving me a hard time about how I looked and the last comment he made had me blushing so much I was not sure which was brighter, my face or the red dress I was wearing. Oz told me I look great several times that night. Dancing after the movie was exciting because the activity in my pussy from the dildo got me really horny and worked up. I really want to cum but I could not with that dildo and the restroom was too crowded.

When we go to my place Oz was the perfect gentleman that he always was, he walked me to the door, kissed me and left totally ignoring my offer to come inside. I went inside up to my room and played with myself without even removing my clothes. The orgasm was quick and intense to the point that I woke up the following morning still dressed. The dildo inside me had me horny when I woke so I played with myself through a nice long orgasm. After thinking how nice it was to wake up that way I got out of bed and after cleaning myself and the clothes I wore then I went to breakfast.

Since there was a major blizzard moving into the area and Oz had to work I decided to see what my mother was talking about with putting on the necklace. I put it on and went downstairs and waiting on the sofa.

After about 20 minutes of reading Nancy sat next to me and said, “Nelson told me you were here and wanted to find out about your mother’s ‘other’ life.”


She laughed and said, “Pappy.”

“Pappy has a real name?” I said with my best fake shocked look.

After she laughed “Yes I am,” I replied.

“If you watched the videos on your mother’s computer then you know your parents had an interesting sex life. Have you tried any of the stuff yet?” She asked.

“Last night I wore a pair of latex panties with a dildo that had something inside that moved when I did. It made me really horny so when I got home I relieved my desire.”

“What you don’t know is how your mother relieved her sexual urges when your father was away for work. If you want to know I will show you however you will have to go through a whole demonstration,” Nancy said with a twinkle in her eye I had not seen before.

“Sure, but how long will the demonstration take?” I asked.

“That will depend on you,” she replied as she stood up and offered me her hand. I took her hand, followed her into the master suite and into the sex closet. “Please sit on the stool,” she said and when I did she continued. “Two of us in the staff would help your mother as her Master and Mistress. Your father knew about it of course. I was her Mistress. Whenever she was in the mood she would put on the necklace you are wearing now and wait in the room like you did. I would tell her when I want her ready. Normally it was right where you are now except she was to be naked. This is your last chance to back out tonight. Just tell me now and I will not bring it up again.”

I thought about it for a minute the said, “Watching the videos and looking at the pictures made me really horny and it looks fun. If you don’t mind I would like to try it.”

She laughed and said, “You are just like your mother. Always thinking of the other person. That is why I loved her and you. Sweetie I will enjoy it at least as much as you.” She grabbed my face, looked me in the eyes saying “are you sure this is what you want.” I nodded and then she said, “GOOD. Now remove all your clothes and put this on.”

I caught what she tossed me, set it on the stool and the removed my clothes. I was nervous stripping in front of Nancy but I managed to do it. I picked up the object and looked at it. It was a leather collar about an inch and a half wide that had 3 “D” rings on it. I wrapped it around my neck and then Nancy handed me a small padlock. I knew what she wanted so I locked the buckle of the collar so I could not remove it without the key.

Nancy circled me a couple of times and when I tried to cover myself she said, “We cannot have that now can we?” She walked behind me, grabbed my arms and pulled them behind my back. Leather cuffs were attached to my wrists and then they were locked together. Additional cuffs were placed on my arms just above my elbow and then they were slowly pushed together. Fortunately I am flexible enough that when Nancy locked the cuff together and my elbows were less the two inches apart it didn’t hurt. “It looks like you are even more flexible then you mother was.”

She walked around in front of me, grabbed my breasts and said, “I love the way your breasts are sticking out begging to be played with.” I looked do and realized she was right. With my elbow locked together like that my breasts were sticking out. She messaged my breasts and played with my nipples for several minutes. Nancy knew what she was doing because I had never felt arousal like that from having my breasts played with. She pushed me against a wall and then began to sick on my nipples. After a few minutes I had my first bondage orgasm.

I moaned really loudly as the waves of pleasure rolled over me. I tried to grab her but the cuffs stopped me and that added to the orgasm. Finally when the orgasm stopped I realized that I actually cam from just breast play.

As I just leaned against the wall trying to catch my breath Nancy grabbed a few things, grabbed my collar and pulled me out into the main bedroom. She stopped at the foot of the bed and attached cuffs to my ankles. Cables were pulled out of the corner posts and attached to my ankles. She then tapped the inside of my legs so I spread them. As I spread then the slack in the cables was reeled in. I continued until my feet were spread over a yard apart. “You can stop. Those cables will not let you close your legs until I activate the release.”

She pushed me face down making me bend at the waist. I then felt her lock something to my wrist cuff. When I looked back I saw there was now a cable attached to then pulling them up and toward the head of the bed. That made sure I could not stand up straight. So I was now tied naked with my hand behind my back and my elbows almost touching. My legs were spread out locked to the bed posts. My arms were raised behind me forcing me to stay bent over and totally helpless.

A minute later Nancy climbed on the bed, moved in front of me, spread her legs and shoved her now naked pussy into my face. At first I was shocked that NANCY was doing this but I remembered several videos of things like this so I just went with it and started to lick her snatch. I licked and sucked for a few minutes then she started to give me advice and then she finally cam. She moaned and her pussy got really wet. I was surprised that I actually kinda liked the taste of her.

“We are going to have to work on your pussy sucking skills,” she said once she caught her breath. She got off the bed, blindfolded me and said, “Since you have been such a good girl it is time for your reward.”

The next thing that happened was a cock shaped vibrator was shoved into my pussy. I yelped in surprise and tried to pull away. Because of the bondage I was in I could not move much at all. The vibrator was turned on and started to move. Nancy got into a slow rhythm of fucking my pussy getting my really worked up. She gradually turned up the power and the speed in which she was fucking me. She eventually got me right to the brink however she just kept me there. After what seemed like forever I started to beg her to let me cum. Nancy just stopped, pulled the vibrator out, slid her finger nails gentle down the inside of my left leg. I screamed and wiggled trying for all I was worth to get away.

“You struggle so well and you are so cute when you do,” She said. “I knew you were ticklish but I didn’t know you were that ticklish.”

She then shoved the vibrator back into my wet pussy. She turned it to a high setting and really fucked me with it. After just a few pumps my world went white from the pure ecstasy I felt from the orgasm that slammed into me. This time I screamed because the pleasure was so intense. Nancy continued to fuck me through a second orgasm with me struggling the whole time before she stopped, released the tension on the cables and lowered my still twitching body onto the bed.

Once my arms were unlocked and my ankles were unhooked from the cables Nancy kissed me on the forehead and left me on the bed. I woke up a few hours later. I removed the cuffs and collar once I found the keys and then I showered. After the shower I went to the kitchen and found Nancy working on dinner.

“That was incredible,” I said.

“I am glad you liked it. There is a lot more to experience than the small sample I gave you,” Nancy replied.

“You mentioned that there was someone else that Mom messed around with?” I asked.

“Yes there was but let’s talk about your future. Are you thinking of exploring more, if so with who; myself, Oz or trying it yourself?”

“How could I do it to myself?”

“If you are to be careful and pay attention to the advice I give I can show you that as well,” she replied.

After thinking for a few minutes I said, “I would love to continue with you, maybe OZ and learn to do it to myself.”

“Good then tomorrow I will explain some rules and you can start your life of bondage.”


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