Lightening can strike twice or more! 3

by D.L. Leeming

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© Copyright 2017 - D.L. Leeming - Used by permission

Storycodes: FMM/mff; therapy; capture; forced; bond; rope; gag; rompersuit; gag; hum; torment; insert; bananas; diapers; alcohol; cruel; fisting; anal; mast; sex; torture; D/S; femdom; blackmail; nc; caution; XXX

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Part 3 - Therapy

As the weeks wore on, it became clear however that their sex life had been affected again, and they agreed to book another session with their therapist. Ann Reilly worked from her home just outside Oxford on the other side of the city from their house. She agreed to a 2 hour session the following Saturday, curious to hear how they had got on with their “homework” over the last month or two.

She worked alone in her house and the established routine was that they sat in silence whilst she made tea, and then they all sat in easy chairs in the study with tea and biscuits, to make the discussion informal and less stressful. Jenny felt the need to explain she was wearing a wig because something had gone wrong at the hairdressers and Ann said nothing about Tony’s sudden decision to adopt a buzz cut.

She had just asked who wanted to start when the doorbell rang; she excused herself and went to answer it, wondering who would be calling on a Saturday. When she opened the door, she came face to face with three people, all wearing balaclavas and one pointing a gun at her; ‘keep quiet lady and move inside’, a woman’s voice hissed.

They pushed her back to her study; ‘don’t get up’, the woman said to Jenny and Tony, who looked dumbstruck as they recognised the three people from their two ordeals. ‘What do you want?’ said Ann. ‘All in good time lady shrink, first I want these two to take all their clothes off’, said the girl, waving the gun to back up her demand.

Jenny looked at Tony and he nodded so they both stripped and piled their clothes onto one of the chairs. The two men quickly tied their wrists behind their backs and made them both sit on the floor and the girl pulled Jenny’s wig off and indicated Ann should sit in one of the chairs facing them.

‘Let me see if I’ve got this right’, the girl said to Ann, ‘Jenny and Tony have been coming to you for your “expert help” in resolving Tony’s erectile function “issues”. From what we have seen you have been useless at helping them. Now we don’t have your qualifications, but we know the solution, and indeed we are the cause in the first place, so we thought we would join your session and put you straight. Tell me, when was the last time you had sex?’

Ann blushed at the sudden change of direction and the personal question and said; ‘I don’t think that’s any of your business.’ ‘Please Ann, tell her what she wants, you don’t know what these people are capable of’, said Jenny. ‘Wise advice’, said the girl, ‘you’re in the business of helping people resolve their issues, and yet you have no real world experience. Well today that will change, you will learn what it’s like to suffer, and then you might be better placed to help future clients’, the girl said, ‘and the good thing from your point of view is that we won’t charge you!’

Whilst the two men watched the three of them, the girl left and went to look round the house to confirm they were alone. ‘This first thing I have leant is that therapy needs a theme’, she said, when she returned; ‘with these two for instance it’s anything involving bondage, diapers and more recently uniforms.’

Ann looked across at Jenny, who blushed and nodded; ‘why didn’t you tell me that?’ she asked, but before Jenny could answer, the girl backhanded Ann across her face and said; ‘no-one asked you to speak. Now I wonder what turns you on? I’ll find out in due course, but before we go any further I want to take a photo of you all. These two know all about compromising photos but I bet they haven’t shared them with you.’

Jenny and Tony both looked away and Ann said; ‘you agreed to be honest with me, how could I help you if you hold things back?’ ‘I bet you harbour secrets as well’, the girl said, ‘now as you can see Tony has no erection at the moment, despite being loosely bound, but watch this for instant therapy.’

She removed a diaper from her bag and opening it up and brushed it against his limp cock and watched as it became erect. ‘Who needs your expensive words when this will do? But I won’t waste this on him just yet’, she laughed, putting the diaper down, and nodded to the men. They pulled Tony on top of Jenny and forced his now erect cock into her waiting vagina. They tied them both together, ensuring there was no slack in the ropes.

‘Erectile function issue is a thing of the past when tied like this. I bet you didn’t suggest this as their “homework” did you?’ the girl said. ‘Now for the photo they need to be gagged.’ She opened her bag; ‘I bought these on-line because I found that Tony’s own scout scarves turned both of them on last time’, she said pulling out a number of troop scarves.

One was crumpled up and pushed into each of their mouths and then she rolled up two and tied a knot in the middle of each and used them to hold the wadding in place. ‘A good gag ensures peace and quiet, not that we need worry too much as you haven’t got any neighbours. But they do contribute to the photo.’

She pulled out her phone and moved round to find the right angle for the photo which included Ann in the foreground. ‘That should make a nice addition to your website and might bring you some new clients with interesting problems.’ The photo showed Ann sitting in her chair with her “clients” naked, bound and gagged on the floor in front of her. ‘You wouldn’t do that’, Ann said bravely. ‘Oh I would, just ask them, when they can speak that is!’ the girl said laughing.

The girl studied Ann for the first time; she was in her late thirties, with mid-length blond hair, wearing a gold cashmere jumper, patterned mid-length skirt and flat shoes. She reached down and grabbed her blond hair, ignoring Ann’s shriek, picked up a knife, some rope and dragged Ann out of the room, down the hall to a large conservatory at the back of the house.

Two vertical oak posts in the centre of the space supported the glazed roof and large oak furniture lined the walls on two sides, with the garden side being completely glazed with bi-folding doors. The floor was part carpet and part oak planks. She pushed Ann against one of the posts and tied her wrists behind it and then moved a couple of the large chairs nearer to the post to allow her to tie each of Ann’s ankles to a chair leg in such a way that they were stretched wide apart.

‘Nice carpet’, she remarked and Ann responded; ‘yes it is.’ ‘Looks like its Persian’, said the girl knowledgably, and Ann nodded. ‘Hmm, expensive’, the girl said, and then looked straight into Ann’s eyes; ‘anyway, let’s have some fun.’

Using the knife she sliced through Ann’s expensive cashmere sweater and soon it was lying in tatters on the floor and Ann cried out; ‘do you realise how much that cost?’ ‘No, and frankly I don’t care’, said the girl. Three cuts later and her white bra fell to the floor and the girl cupped Ann’s pert breasts in her hands and played with her nipples, noting that they quickly became hard.

She collected some soft white rope and proceeded to secure Ann’s upper body to the post, criss-crossing the rope around her breasts so that they were outlined by a rope harness. By the time she had securely knotted the rope Ann was welded to the post from the waist up.

‘This gives me access to your nipples, but the rest of you is far too protected, so let me do something about that.’ Tied as she was, Ann could only watch with wide eyes as the girl sliced through her skirt, pulled it off and then swiftly dispatched her knickers to the pile of ruined clothes.

‘This is quite nice material’, she said, holding up the ruined skirt, ‘it will make a nice gag.’ As she tore it into strips Ann asked; ‘why are you doing this?’ ‘I have already told you, and it’s not up for debate’, the girl said forcing some of the dress material into Ann’s mouth and using a long strip, knotted in the middle, to hold it in place. The strip she had torn from the dress was long enough to tie the gag right round the pillar, ensuring Ann couldn’t move her head.

She stood in front of Ann’s naked body; her pert breasts framed by the white rope and her neatly trimmed bush of public hair exposed by her outstretched legs. She obviously exercised regularly because there was no excess fat on her body.

The girl drew her fingernail across Ann’s pubic hair, laughing as Ann tried unsuccessfully to twist out of the way, before starting to play with her genitals. Ann went bright red, but that was just the start, the girl began to work inside Ann’s pussy, sometimes thrusting in with two fingers and sometimes gently teasing the extremities. The conclusion was inevitable and eventually Ann climaxed, her scream muted by the gag.

‘I can see that was pleasurable for you’, said the girl, ramming her full hand into Ann’s wet pussy without warning, pleased with the resulting muffled shriek; ‘but now, as they say, for something completely different.’

She pushed a lubricated dildo into Ann’s arse and fucked her mercilessly with it, ramming her hand in and out of her vagina at the same time, until she brought Ann to a second, stronger climax. Ann’s body was dripping with sweat and she would have collapsed had it not been for the ropes.

‘I note from my internal examination that you are not a virgin, so I’ll ask you one more time; when was the last time you had sex?’ she said loosening the gag. It took a while for Ann to get her breath back, but finally she said; ‘it was last year.’ ‘Who was it with?’ the girl asked, and Ann hesitated and then replied; ‘his name was Dan and he was a patient of mine.’ ‘Well that’s an interesting fact that could get you struck off I would imagine, but don’t worry your secret is safe with me, for now’, she said darkly, replacing the gag.

She called to the men to bring Tony and Jenny in to the conservatory. Tony still sported an erection, but there was no sign he had been able to climax whilst tied so tightly to Jenny.

‘As I said at the start, therapy is based around understand themes that excite people and I haven’t yet found yours yet Ann, so whilst I look around your house for clues, my able assistants will relax you all.’ She left the two men to attend to their captives; both knew what to do.

One of them filled a large syringe with vodka and fitted a long tube to it. He greased the tube and fed it into Jenny’s arse, pushing it deep into her colon before forcing the alcohol out. His colleague then fitted a rubber butt plug, which he pumped up to seal the liquid in. They repeated the process with Tony and then tied each of their ankles together.

It proved more difficult with Ann as she was tied standing up, the syringe allowed him to pump the alcohol in but as soon as he withdrew it, the vodka poured out. It took a couple of attempts to ensure they got the plug in place quickly, by which time the girl had returned carrying a plastic bag.

‘I knew that in the deep dark recesses of your wardrobe I would find something to use against you. Why, for instance, would a straight laced therapist, with little experience in sex, have an adult sized baby romper suit?’ Ann coloured with embarrassment; firstly that she had kept the outfit she had bought last year for her best friend’s hen-do, and secondly that it should have been found. She hadn’t wanted to dress up for the event, but as everyone else had done so she had no choice. She had surprised herself later by washing the outfit and keeping it, rather than disposing of it, and had even worn it once in bed.

‘Before you tell me about it Ann, I hope you all nicely relaxed from your little drink and you are ready to entertain us.’

The girl dragged Tony off the floor, stood him next to Ann and removed his gag, but made no attempt to untie him. ‘Use that mouth to make her nipples nice and erect’, she said, pushing him forward to Ann’s exposed breasts. He looked up and caught her eye; ‘I’m sorry’, he said.

As he started to nibble and lick her breasts the girl grabbed his cock between his legs and pulled it none too gently almost causing him to bite Ann’s nipples. ‘Faster’, the girl said, ‘I want her hard.’ Soon Tony’s attention had turned her nipples a dark brown and they were both fully erect and hard.

‘Very good’, she said moving Tony out of the way and pushing an acupuncture needle through each nipple, ignoring the scream of pain from Ann. Tony was pulled back onto the floor next to Jenny. ‘As you can see from Tony and Jenny I don’t like hair and your bush offends me.’

She had brought a pack of disposable razors with her; ‘normally of course you would use shaving foam but I think you can just suffer.’ It took three razors before Ann was completely nude, but the lack of lubricant used, along with the girl’s cavalier attitude to shaving “against the grain”, showed because her entire pubic region was a livid red. She pulled the needles out and spots of blood appeared on Ann’s tender nipples.

The bonds securing Ann to the post were undone and her wrists were tied behind her back. She was pushed to the floor on her back, next to one of the large cabinets on the side wall and the girl pulled her legs up vertically and secured them to the cabinet, spread slightly apart. Ann’s body was now bent at right angles with her newly shaven privates fully exposed.

‘I’ve read about this on the ABDL sites Tony frequents, but I don’t think anyone will have done it this way before’, she said conversationally, producing six bananas and a bottle of colourless liquid. She removed the inflatable plug and squirted the liquid into Ann’s rectum and then forced a peeled banana in until it disappeared.

Ann protested loudly, but the gag was effective and the girl added more of the liquid, followed by a second banana and then a third. ‘It may surprise you to know you can fit at least four but probably more.’ The fourth and fifth followed with some difficulty and the sixth took a lot of forcing with her fingers but finally Ann’s arse was stuffed.

‘The glycerine lubricant will have devastating consequences soon and the interesting twist is that you will be forced into shitting the wrong way up, which should be interesting for those of us watching! It would be remiss of me to neglect your bladder before I make you wear a diaper, that way you get to experience exactly what your two clients did.’

She produced a catheter in its sterile package, lubricated the tube and inserted into Ann’s exposed urethra. Ann’s eyes widened and she screamed into gag as the tube penetrated her bladder. She watched, horrified, but powerless to prevent the girl syringing the contents of three large bottles of clear liquid into her bladder.

Her once taut stomach was now bloated which made her look pregnant. ‘If they weren’t gagged, Tony and Jenny would tell you that wasn’t pure water, it contained a diuretic and more than a dash of vodka’, she said pulling the tube out. ‘I think you should also feel what these two felt on our last meeting’, she said producing a sterile sound with a large end and a rough exterior.

Without the aid of lubrication she forced the probe into Ann’s urethra, laughing as Ann struggled under her and screamed into her gag. As she had done previously with Jenny and Tony, the girl pulled the probe out and rammed it home, tearing the tender lining of her urethra and forcing it through the bladder muscle widening and relaxing it. Eventually, she seemed satisfied she had done enough damage.

‘You will find that peeing will be painful and bladder control will be difficult for a few days, as I am sure these two will testify. You may need incontinence pads or even a diaper for a while. And talking of a diaper, it’s time for you to wear one.’ Ann did not notice her dropping a key in before sticking the tabs down to secure it. ‘We’ll leave nature to take its course, whilst I deal with these two’, she said.

They untied Tony and Jenny and then retied Jenny’s left wrist to Tony’s right and her left ankle to his right. They were then pulled apart as far as their outstretched limbs would allow and their free wrists and ankles were tied to the heavy furniture. The result was they lay naked on the carpet stretched out like starfish.

The girl used two more catheters and more bottles of liquid, and soon they too had bloated stomachs, and then she removed the butt plugs and pushed several suppositories deep into their arses.

As she finished there was a loud fart from Ann and she went bright red. The girl rested her hand on the diaper between Ann’s legs and felt the warmth and squidgyness of the banana she had just expelled. ‘Well that proves you can defecate upside down with the right provocation’, she said, laughing; ‘mind you, don’t imagine you’re empty, there will be more to come later I promise. But before then I think we can humiliate you further.’

She untied Ann and handed her the romper suit, but Ann shook her head defiantly. ‘Oh dear, that’s earned you a further punishment’, the girl said, backhanding Ann across the face. She would have fallen had one of the men grabbed her.

The girl pulled the suit up over Ann’s legs, over her diaper and then zipped it up to her neck, it had bootees attached, but the girl cut those off, leaving Ann’s bare feet poking out. She taped Ann’s fingers together with black electrical tape and then pulled on the mittens that were attached to the suit with cord and taped them to the arms of the suit with duct tape.

In the bag with the romper suit was a large dummy and a bonnet. The girl removed Ann’s gag; ‘a baby girl should have their hair in pigtails.’ She gathered Ann’s hair into two bunches and used elastic bands to hold them tightly and then picked up a pair of scissors and, before Ann could react, she cut the ends of the bunches short and ran the scissors up the back of her head, removing all the loose hair.

Now she just had the short pigtails, one on either side of her head. Ann cried as her beloved hair was ruined, but the girl cut two slits in the bonnet, pulled it over her head, pulled the pigtails through them and secured the bonnet tightly under her chin with several tight knots. Ann’s mouth was then packed with some of the torn dress and the large dummy forced in on top. She tied the cord that was attached to it around Ann’s neck and tightened it, pulling the dummy deeper into Ann’s mouth before knotting several times very tightly.

Several photos were taken of Ann before the girl said; ‘now it’s forfeit time and it’s your own fault for not following my orders immediately. Tony and Jenny, as you can see, are unable to get free, you’ll have to trust me when I say we do know how to tie people up! Both of them however will lose control of their bladders and bowels at some point, and that will ruin this expensive Persian carpet of yours. We’re going to take you some distance from the house before we let you go. Your mission is to get back inside and free them before that happens.’

‘There are, of course a few problems that you will have to overcome first; getting home might prove an issue because we won’t be making it easy for you to walk, your own bladder and bowels may cause problems along the way and of course when you get home you’ll find the door locked. The key is in your diaper, but with your fingers taped up, getting to it may be difficult. Never mind I’m sure you’ll be up for the challenge, particularly because, if you fail your beloved carpet will be ruined!’

Ann looked horrified but the two men picked her up and carried her out to their car. The girl leant over Tony and applied a vibrator to his cock, keeping the pressure on until with a muted scream he ejaculated strongly, his semen showering his body and the carpet. She repeated the torment on Jenny, holding the vibrator on her vagina until she too climaxed and cum dribbled out between her outstretched legs on to the carpet.

‘I may see you again sometime, in the meantime lie back and hope that Ann makes it back in time before the inevitable happens.’ She closed the door, locked the front door with Ann’s spare key, which she posted through the letter box, and joined the others in the car. The alcohol had kicked in and both felt light-headed and unable to concentrate on freeing themselves, even though that would prove impossible.

Ann was wedged in the back between the two men. As the girl looked in Ann screwed her face up and screamed into the dummy gag as a wave of cramp hit her. She laughed, got in and drove down the lane until she reached the bottom by the river.

She pulled into the gateway to the field and switched off the engine. The three of them got out; pulled on wellington boots and then the men hauled Ann out of the car. They opened the gate and dragged her into the field and down to the river.

It had been quite wet in the previous few weeks and the area had flooded recently, so it was quite muddy. The girl produced some rope and proceeded to hobble Ann’s ankles leaving about 30cm of play in the rope, which would allow Ann to walk, but with difficulty.

‘You only have to walk up the field, through the gate and up the lane to get home’, she said to Ann, ‘of course walking won’t be easily hobbled like a horse, and opening the gate with your hands in the mittens may be tricky but it shouldn’t take too long. I hope you don’t meet anyone, it might be difficult to explain why you are dressed like that!’

With that she turned to leave, but almost as an afterthought, she turned and pushed Ann in the chest and she fell backwards into the thick glutinous mud. The three of them laughed and left her floundering as they walked back to the car and drove away.

By the time Ann had pulled herself out of the mud, her romper suit was caked in the stuff and she was exhausted, but she was determined to get home. Her brain was only functioning slowly because of the alcohol and walking with the rope hobble was difficult, but she made it to the gate and as she got there she doubled up in pain as the cramps suddenly got worse.

She went bright red as, for the first time since she was a baby, she emptied her bladder into the diaper, screaming into the gag as the urine stung her newly shaved pubic area and her torn urethra.

Things got worse as her bowels pushed more of the banana out into the diaper, which now weighed heavily between her legs as she tried to move forward. She managed to open the gate and stagger into the lane, hoping that the few residents, who lived further along from her house, wouldn’t be passing before she made it to the security of her property. The surface of the road cut the soles of her unprotected feet as she staggered along.

First Jenny, and then Tony, lost control of their bladders long before Ann even started walking up the lane. A stain spread out between Jenny’s legs on the precious carpet, but the result was more spectacular with Tony; a fountain of urine sprayed from his cock all over him, the carpet and some of the furniture.

Sometime later they heard the key turning in the lock, but it was already too late, as their bowels had already emptied onto the carpet and there was nothing either of them could do to prevent it. Both of them ended up lying in their own mess.

Ann managed to get into her garden without being seen, for which she was grateful, and now somehow she had to open the front door. With the huge mess between her legs she didn’t want to sit down, so she tried to pull the mittens off using a sharp section of the garden gate and finally the tape gave way and she freed her hands.

Now all she had to do was remove the electrical tape from her fingers. Fortunately the girl had not smoothed it down properly, so Ann was able to catch the sticky edge on the gate and gradually unroll it from her fingers. Finally she got both hands free, pulled the dummy out of her mouth and unzipped the romper suit.

She pushed one hand under the waistband of the diaper down into the sticky mess between her legs and felt around for the key. Once she fished it out, she wiped it and her hand on the muddy romper suit, opened the door and waddled down the hall to the conservatory, where she saw she was too late to save the carpet, and she broke down in tears. She didn’t notice that she left bloody footprints in the hall and on the carpet.

Recognising that Jenny and Tony were lying in their filth, she pulled herself together, untied the ropes and went to get some towels for them to clean themselves with, before she stripped the romper suit off, removed the diaper and cleaned the mess off her body.

She started crying as the enormity of what had happened hit her, and Tony came over and hugged her. She clung to him, sobbing, and Tony’s cock responded to their naked embrace. ‘I’m never going to live this down, my career is over’, she wailed. Tony kissed her; ‘you’ll get over it’, he said, gently removing the bonnet and freeing her pigtails.

‘Take me please’, Ann said suddenly, and Tony looked to Jenny for help, and she nodded slowly; ‘trust us Ann, we’ll look after you, we have shared this ordeal and it will make us all stronger.’

Tony held Ann and pulled her down to a clean part of the carpet and gently entered her with his erect cock, but she rolled him onto his back and sat astride with her knees either side of his body, ‘I prefer this way’, she said, moving her body up and down his cock, gathering pace, until he climaxed with a scream. As he did so, another piece of banana slipped out of her relaxed arse onto the carpet.

‘Thank you’, she said, kissing him, ‘I’m sorry I asked, but I needed that.’ ‘You’re not finished yet’, said Jenny, pushing her down on her back, straddling her face and leaning her mouth down to Ann’s pussy in a classic 69 position. She started to bring Ann to a climax and Ann responded with her tongue and soon both of them climaxed.

They all showered, got dressed and then, after Jenny and Tony had helped clean up as best they could, they said it was time to leave. ‘Perhaps we can just stay as friends’, she said, kissing Ann. ‘We have a shared ordeal and no-one else to share it with’, Tony said and Ann agreed.

A couple of days later after Ann had been to the hairdressers and had her hacked hair trimmed as best the salon could do - they did ask why her hair was like that and Ann made some excuse about paint and glue in her hair - she checked her website and was relieved to find no reviews or embarrassing photos had been added by the girl.

She was about to close the browser down when she noticed an entry a couple of places below her official site which looked almost identical and had a very similar web address. When she clicked on it there was the photo of her and the naked, bound and gagged Jenny and Tony, with a suggestion that she was in a position to help couples who needed counselling over such “interests” and that sex was an option. Ann emailed Google to try and have the site removed. Ann stayed friends with Jenny and Tony, and they started to meet regularly, but as friends, not as therapist and clients, as it was clear Ann could not help them, nor could she help herself, but at least together they could discuss things, and that led to them occasionally trying out new ideas.

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