The Life-Changing Massage

by Erotic Binder

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© Copyright 2015 - Erotic Binder - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; massage; collar; force; bond; dogsuit; latex; glue; encased; fursuit; pet; enslave; cage; cons/nc; X

To set the scene, our main character is called Rob, he is about halfway through his last year of college, so to start earning a bit of money, however little before he can get a full time job, he has a Friday evening job cleaning for a local restaurant, Danielle, is a forty something woman who he works with.

“5 minutes late for work again I see” Danielle said jokingly

“Yep, I am sure that clock is fast, how’s your week been Danielle?”

“Not bad, quite relaxing actually, although I was going to top it off with a night out with my friends tonight, but they wanted to put it back to Saturday night, which I cannot do because tonight is the only night when my husband is away, so that I don't have to take him with me!”

“Well that sucks, maybe you could just chill out and have a night in all to yourself, watch a DVD or something.”

“I did think about that, but we have just changed our TV provider, my husband wanted to so that he could get better football coverage, and to save a bit of money we didn't book to have a guy actually fit it, and I haven't got a clue what to do with it ha-ha!”

“That's unlucky, in my house I do all that kind of stuff, everyone else is either too old or too young to understand what to do.”

“Well that is interesting, what about if you came to help me sort it out after work, I don't live far as you know and I can give you a lift home afterwards.”

“I guess I could, I am planning on staying at my mates for the next week anyways, so I can just let him know that I will be running a bit late.”

That's great!, thank you very much.”


“Here we are, this is my house here up on the right.”

“Nice, it looks bigger that my house!”

They go into the empty house and Danielle shows Rob to the living room where the TV is, she goes into the kitchen to get something to drink whilst Rob gets acquainted with the back of the TV.

Once Rob has finished fitting everything, quite quickly due to it being straight forward, plug this into the TV, this into the wall and turn on, he sat down on the sofa to tune the remote into the TV. Danielle comes into the room, she was just in the kitchen talking to her daughter on the phone, She walks up behind Rob whilst congratulating him on how quickly he managed to plug everything in, she goes to gently massage his shoulder, which makes him a little uncomfortable but he ignores it thinking she is just being friendly and continues working on the TV.

“Sounds like Rachel won't be home for a while, how is it going setting the TV up?”

All the while she begins to massage harder, and Rob begins getting into it too, still feeling a bit weird due to their age gap but Danielle is really good at giving massages, so he allows her to continue to the point where he isn't even doing anything with the TV any more, and without him really caring Danielle has moved around the sofa and is sitting next to him, still massaging his shoulders. Rob is in a trance of pleasure and comfort when Danielle removes one of her hands from his shoulder and goes to get something from underneath the sofa cushion. Robs bliss was suddenly broken when suddenly a cold metal collar is closed around his neck, the ends come together tight at his throat and the electronic lock pulls them together with a “click”

Rob jumps up and pushes away from Danielle, grabbing at the now impossible to remove collar.

“ What the hell is this, what are you doing!”

“That there is a very expensive slave collar, impossible to remove without its one of a kind key, which I have hidden in a safe somewhere in my house, now you are going to shut up and do as your told, otherwise I will kick you out of my house and you can explain to everyone what that is around your neck!”

Rob thinks for a minute about his options, and looking at the collar in the reflection of the window, there is no way he would be able to hide it well, and he certainly doesn't want to wear it for the rest of his life, so reluctantly he agrees.

Danielle then clips a lead to a hook on the front of the collar and pull Rob towards the stairs, he follows, feeling very embarrassed by being let around like a common dog on a lead.

Danielle pulls him into her bedroom, and Rob begins to worry, considering where this looks like it is going, Danielle shuts and locks the door behind them, putting the key into her pocket. She then unclips the lead from the collar, hands him a bottle of talcum powder and directs him to the en suite bathroom.

“Now I want you to go in there and shower, then dry off using that talcum powder and come back out here, you have 10 minutes, and I will be timing you.”

Rob goes into the bathroom closing the door, he gets a proper look at the collar in the mirror and concludes that it is not coming off, so with a sigh he strips off and has a quick shower, then dries off with a towel that has been left in there and covers himself head to toe in the talcum powder. Then wrapping himself in the towel goes back out into the bedroom.

“Oooh 9 minutes 45 seconds, that was very close, oh and you won’t be needing that towel.”

Taking Rob by surprise she whips the towel from around his waist giving him just enough time to cover himself with his hands before she sees anything. Looking around the room Rob sees two piles of material on the bed, one of them looks heavy, thick and black, with straps coming from it in various places, the other is furry, and looks soft and cosy. There is also a bag on the bed but it is black so it does not reveal its contents.

“Now I want you to lay down on the bed, lay on your back and bring your feet up and place them onto the edge of the mattress for me, right now.”

“What are you going to do with me, I have never done anything wrong to you!”

“I never said you had, but if you don't do as your told then you will be, and trust me you will not like what happens”.

Seeing this new and evil side of Danielle makes Rob feel nervous, so slowly he walks over to the bed, sits down on the edge and brings his feet up to the edge, all the while keeping himself covered up down below. Danielle goes out of the room closing the door behind her. Faintly Rob can hear talking, and not even a minute later Danielle comes back into the room, only this time she is not alone, coming in with her is Rachel, her 18 year old daughter, and without saying a word, but causing Rob to feel even more embarrassed than he already did.

They proceed to pick up the big heavy looking pile of material and straightening it out. They both grab one part of it each, and come towards Rob with it, they pull what looks like trouser legs over Robs knees, having to stretch it out with all of their might so that it fits, they pull it down his folded legs, the legs of the suit crush Robs folded legs together tightly, and when all of his thighs are covered Danielle tells him to roll on to his stomach, which is quite hard to do with your hands occupied but he just about manages it.

Danielle pulls Rob into position so that his now folded legs are hanging over the edge of the bed, they pull the suit up over his feet, crushing them against his butt, they pull Rob further off of the bed and make him support himself on his knees. But it feels like there is a soft pad between the hard wooden floor and his kneecaps, which he is thankful for. They then proceed to pull the suit up over his hips and hands, which is when Rob realises that there is a small hole by his penis, although it is only roughly small enough to put two maybe pushing it three fingers full, but his concentration on this strange hole is distracted when he feels two straps being tightened around his upper legs, further confining him.

Next he is pulled off of the bed and placed sitting on his feet on the floor.

“Take your arms away from your genitals for goodness sake, and put your hands palm down onto your shoulders.”

Seeing as he is now covered by this suit he complies, and almost immediately both women grab an arm each and pulling the suit up the pull the sleeves over his elbows, again stretching hard to fit the sleeves over his arms, once the suit is pulled right up into his neck and armpits, another pair of straps is pulled tight and locked around his upper arms. Danielle goes around behind Rob and closes the back of the suit with a high strength zipper, then going over to the bag, she pulls out a tube of something and goes back behind him, but before she opens it she removes his collar, it turns out she had the key in her pocket all along, but it was too late to try and escape now.

She pulls a hood from the front of the suit over his head, bringing it around to meet up with the zipper so that she can fully close it. The hood covers everywhere but his mouth eyes and nose. Now Danielle opens the tube and a very strong chemical smell fills the room, she covers a flap of the latex suit with the chemical and squeezes it covering over the zip, both women push hard on the whole of the flap and to use both hands Danielle throws down the now empty tube for Rob to read “Permafix latex glue, for a super strong permanent bond with latex to latex contact, WARNING, does not have a solvent to break down glue, so whatever you stick is stuck for good!” This worries Rob, now his is completely immobile and trapped inside this suit.

The collar is now replaced back around his neck, feeling tighter this time due to the layer of latex between it and his neck. Now Danielle comes around to his front and without a word pushes him backwards, for lucking for him Rachel to catch him and lower him to the ground, this stretches the latex over his groin, painfully crushing his balls. But only for a second as Rachel crouches down between his legs and stretching the small hole wider she pulls his whole package through and allows it to close behind his balls, it gets very tight but he has no way of relief, he tries to shake his hips to pull himself back inside the suit but it is now skin tight behind his balls so therefore impossible without the use of is arms.

Both women pick him up and make him stand on his new feet, where he soon realises that there is the same padding over his elbows too, Denise grabs the bag and pulls out what looks like a very heavy but rigid piece of black latex, which is of course a corset, it opens at the back and they quickly pull it around Robs waist, they then lace it up in the back and both pulling on the strings pull it tight as they can, then another flap covers the lacing but this one is sealed with a zip and padlock. Another thing is taken out of the bag, this looks like just a web of straps, suddenly a pinch on his balls made him scream, and before he knew what was going on a ring gag was pushed behind his teeth, and quickly and expertly the assortment of straps where tightened and then re tightened by both women.

Finally it was time for the last part of the suit, the oh so comfortable fluffy pile of material that Rob had seen earlier, it is pulled over his legs first one at a time, then over his butt, where Rachel lubes up a butt plug which is attached to the suit whilst explaining that there is a perfectly positioned hole over his rear, so that his rear end can be sealed off for good, but before inserting it she explains that the attached tail can be removed for number twos, but only if they allow it! After a lot of pushing and grunting from both Rob and Rachel, the plug finds it was all the way in, then the suit is pulled up his butt, unlike the other suit this one’s opening is in the front. It is then pulled over his arms, where Rob sees that at the ends there are fake paws covering his elbows.

Lastly a hood is pulled down over his head, it attaches to the web of straps over his head and covers his entire face, apart from his eyes, Rachel runs off to grab a mirror to show Rob his new face, which now looks like the most realistic replica of a dogs face he had ever seen, complete with a mouth which opens when he opens his mouth away from the slightly too small ring gag, thanks to straps connected to his own jaw. Again he is lowered down onto his back, this time Danielle explains that this suit needs to be closed up by sewing it shut, so it doesn't ruin the realistic look of the fur, and to stop him from being able to tear it open she is sewing it up with high strength fishing wire.

Once Danielle is finished sewing he is again put back onto his feet, and Rachel has a good look around him, realising they forgot one key part, she grasps the small metal contraption, and from out of Robs now limited sight, she puts the chastity device over his penis, and locks a ring on it behind his balls with a tiny little lock, like one that you would lock a diary with, then showing Rob his now locked away penis, with puny lock that he could easily break, adding another level of being completely helpless to his situation she says,

“I know it’s a small lock but doggies can’t use keys can they.”

As she shows Rob the key and puts it into her pocket, then she leans in close and whispers,

“You and especially your penis are now mine, you are no longer a person but my property, to do with what I want!”

She then takes all of the keys from Danielle and reattaches the leash to his collar,

“Welcome to your new life of being my pet.”

She says as she drags Rob out of her mother’s bedroom down the hall and into hers, set out over by the wall Rob notices a box like shape underneath a cloth. Rachel locks her bedroom door behind him and sees him staring at the box.

“That's your new home doggie!”

She whips the cloth off and reveals a solid looking pet cage, with thick metal bars and plastic between them, It is quite large, with enough room for him to turn around in his new four legged state.

“This is a very clever and expensive design, it has enough gaps in it for safe air flow so that you do not suffocate, but is completely sound tight, seeing as the rest of my family apart from my mother do not know about my new pet, and we don't want you to ever be able to call for help now do we, which is why this cage has another feature, you see I can put it back into the wall, because there used to be a fireplace here, so behind the wall was a big space, so I push it back, and pull the cover down, taadaa, no sign of a cage here, just a normal wall!”

This makes Rob finally snap out of it and realise they have been planning this and that he isn't going to be able to escape, he makes a run for the door but confined as he is even if it was unlocked he couldn't open it, Rachel grabs his collar and forcefully pulls him towards the cages, he reluctantly follows to avoid falling into his face, she pushes him into the cage and partially closing the door on him so he cannot escape, she removes the leash and says,

“Soon you will learn to be my pet, I may only be 18 but I can overpower you easily, and I am going to train you to be obedient, now enjoy your new home!”

She slams shut the cage door and locks it shut with two very large padlocks, then pushes it back into the wall, causing a light to turn on inside so that he can see, she pulls down the cover leaving Rob unable to see or hear anything outside the cage, inside the cage is a large water bottle bolted to the side, like for a hamster, a bowl of dog food and a dog bed, Rob tries to get comfy on the bed and contemplates his new future.


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