Life Sentence

by R G Bargy

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© Copyright 2009 - R G Bargy - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; leather; cuffs; permanent; cons; X

Being naked bound and gagged was no longer an unusual occurrence for Anne. Her reaction to it varied according to the type of bondage and the scene she was in. Right now she was verging on absolute terror.

It was not that she was in any danger. She had had her share of perilous encounters which had scared her to the point of losing control of her bodily functions but this was not one of them. She was in the open air, true, but it was her own garden out of sight of nosy neighbours or passing strangers.

Neither was it the position she was in. She was stood straight, her back to one of the poles that supported the washing line. Her hands were behind her, her legs were tight together. Only the fact that David had secured the gag behind the post, holding her head still, made it at all uncomfortable.

It was the sight that she was being forced to watch that was filling her with dread and trepidation, although there was a tinge of anticipation as well.

She was watching her freedom go up in flames. David had built a bonfire and was systematically burning every scrap of clothes she had ever possessed. She watched her favourite top ignite and shrivel, her evening dress dissolve, her knickers, bras even boxes of unopened stockings all went up in flames. She watched in muted horror as David produced a box that had been in the loft. Three hundred and fifty pound worth of wedding dress ignited and burnt with a strange green hue. Coats, boots, slippers, were all piled in, it seemed nothing was to be spared.

David disappeared indoors again. Surely there was nothing left? What was that? Her jewellery box? Her handbags were next. She watched with disbelief as her credit cards were added to the greedy flames. The heat was beginning to make her sweat, or was that fear also.

They had discussed permanent bondage, of course. She had even been the one to propose it. At first David had argued against it. Eventually the decision had been reached. David had insisted on drawing up a "binding" contract which she had signed, without duress in front of a solicitor. The papers were in a safety deposit box to which only David and the solicitor had the key. This was the final stage of the agreement. Anne's freedom was now gone. She owned nothing. She herself was now owned. How much actual physical freedom she would have was the main uncertainty. David could bind or free her as he wished. At this moment Anne would have braved the roaring flames to salvage something but instead she must watch open mouthed, a dribble of drool escaping the rubber ball, as her old life went up in smoke.

David stirred the bonfire with a satisfied nod and disappeared inside again. Anne was left alone to mourn at her belongings' funeral pyre.

Eventually he returned with a new box. He erected a table and started to unpack.

"Here is your new outfit," he told her, "A short skirt with a leather belt, a leather bondage bra, wrist and ankle cuffs. I have some footwear if needed but for now you can stay bare foot."

With her head virtually immobile Anne could not really see the items but she understood, at least she thought she did. David's next words surprised her.

"Remember, you are not my slave, you are my wife. I do not wish to order you about. I expect you to cook and clean as you always have but apart from that you are free to do what you wish within the limits of the bondage you are in at the time. However...."

For some reason Anne's heart started to race.

"...from now on you will only travel in the boot of the car and you will not the leave the house unsupervised."

Anne breathed a little easier


Why did he pause like some competition host announcing the winners? She did not even have the repetitive drum beat to distract or annoy her, just a long foreboding silence.

"I have found us an adult pony club where you can demonstrate your new found skills."

Anne had neither enjoyed or particularly disliked being a pony girl. If that was David's wish she would be "happy" to oblige, although there was little doubt she would have no choice anyway.

"Finally I have some things to show you in the garage,"

The garage? Anne was confused. He had just said she was still his wife. As far as she was concerned the garage was her prison. David was continuing, unaware of her puzzlement,

"...but first let's get you dressed in your new outfit."

David began to untie her. She stood meekly as the ropes were released and despite her slight agitation kept her thoughts to herself even when the gag was removed. All would be revealed shortly.

The belt, bra and cuffs were all self locking. Anne had expected as much. There were rings sewn into all of them at various points. It would be easy for David to clip or tie any limb to another or the belt or to attach her to a stationary object or anchor point without complicated rope work or hardware. It was not uncomfortable, although the bra squeezed her breasts as well as supporting them and there were two rings which encouraged her nipples to swell. Time would tell whether she got more or less sensitive. At present it was taking all her will power not to continually rub or touch them. The skirt was as short as possible to obscure her modesty. It would not protect her in any way but it would not interfere either. She vaguely wondered whether anyone else would ever see her or if David planning to display her to his friends? If she sat down she may as well be naked for all the good it would do.

"Several of the rings are actually spring loaded," David enthused

"Can't I just release them then?" Anne suggested

"Lets see shall we, put your hands together in front of you."

David lined up two rings and pushed her wrists together. Her wrist were joined and there was no way she could get a finger let alone any pressure to the clasps. She pulled her wrists toward her mouth but there was not enough room between them to reach the rings. He was right of course but it was true to her stubborn nature why she persisted as long as she did.

There were some lengths of chain left on the table.

"What are they for?" she indicated rather impetuously. Perhaps she should just wait and see?

"They allow you some movement or can be used to attach you to anchor points around the house. Some have spring clips, some have just rings. I have a few small padlocks that will prevent the spring loaded clips opening if you have enough freedom to be able to reach them."

"You seem to have thought of everything," Anne sighed.

"Probably not but we will just have to see."

He bent down and casually attached a short chain between her ankles effectively hobbling her. Another length and her wrists were tethered to the belt. It looped from one side to the other through a ring on her left wrist. She would not be able to reach her ankles to free them. and could not manoeuvre her wrists to get her fingers to the belt clasps. It was all very frustrating.

"Come on then, lets go into the garage."

He set off at a brisk pace that Anne could not hope to match. She was still testing her wrist bonds and discovering that despite their simplicity she could not escape them. With her gait shortened and her arms held in front of her it felt very awkward.

The garage had been refurbished, but not as she had expected. There were several gleaming exercise machines that would not have looked out of place at a gym. There was no sign of the cage or even the bed. The pole was still there. Perhaps she might spend some time confined in here after all.

"With all this immobility I thought you should make sure you kept yourself fit," David informed her. "Have you ever used machines like this before?"

"Actually yes. I used to go to a gym before I met you."

"Good. I will leave it up to you to keep yourself in shape then. I have other things to show you indoors."

He turned and left. Anne shuffled after him dutifully.

David had acquired an antique style phone with an old fashioned dial which was padlocked.

"There are several quick dial buttons at the bottom. The first is 999, the second is my work and the third is my mobile. The others are not programed. We may decide to add numbers if the need arises."

David set off again towards the kitchen.

"There is a pinafore to protect you while cooking....."

Out into the hallway.

"...and a housecoat in case you have to answer the door. I do not wish to physically confine you to the house, for safety as much as anything. but I assume you will not violate this trust?"

Anne nodded gravely. Wandering around the area virtually naked was not something she fancied especially chained or hobbled, besides, this was her idea not something to run away from. She had not really considered the lack of clothing before, that was David's idea, but having accepted it she was not unduly upset. It occurred to her that if her wrists were chained in any way she might not be able to put the house coat on. She would have to cross that bridge if and when it arose.

"Good," David continued oblivious of her deliberations, "now how about a cup of tea?"

"Like this?" Anne was a little surprised

"You want bondage, I'm sure you will work it out. You will find a disability aid on the back of the kitchen door to help you reach a bit further."

David really had thought of everything!

So began her new life. For a brief moment Anne revelled in her bondage.

"By the way," David called out, "I have invited your parents round on Sunday."

The "Handy Andy" clattered to the floor noisily. And felt herself go hot from head to toe, She could hardly breathe. She was as rigid as when tied to the pole but it was not ropes or chains that held her. She thought she had considered everything but her parents? her brother? how could she face them like this? How could David even consider inviting them? Surely it would be worse for him than her? He would be seen as a cruel aggressor. Her mind was in a whirl. She could not think. She could not move. She fainted.

She opened her eyes to see David bending over her, his face full of the concern she had always known.

"I'm sorry, I thought you knew."

"Knew what?" she slurred, her mouth barely functioning.

"Before I agreed to all this I ran it past your parents to make sure they were OK. They know. They wanted to see how you were coping. They virtually invited themselves, really."

Anne was speechless. She wanted to complain but realised that it was pointless.

"How much do they know?" she said weakly

"That you wanted to be in permanent bondage. I suggested that you might be a little exposed but they assured me that they had seen you naked before and that what we did in our own home was up to us. Your mum told me she had seen you in bondage before although she had not let on that she knew. She was actually not surprised at all.  Apparently they had dabbled in bondage when they first got married but your mum was not interested in taking it any further. Now let me help you up. I will make the tea. You go and sit down for minute.  You did not hurt your head when you fainted did you?"

"No," she answered still in a daze. It seemed that her new life still had some surprises for her. What else? she wondered.