Let’s Play Bondage Baseball

by Christine

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© Copyright 2009 - Christine - Used by permission

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Part One

Hi, my name is Christine. During my college years, I would spend summers at home working for my grandfather’s Foundation. Virtually all of my close friends, who were home for the summer, would get together about once a month for a pool party at someone’s house.

On a June afternoon, the summer between my junior and senior years in college, we were all gathered for a pool party at my best friend Lisa’s house. There were about 20 of us there, probably about 50/50 girls and guys. We’d stay through dinner, ordering pizza or other food delivery, or sometimes barbeque burgers and dogs. The girls all wore their skimpiest sexiest bikinis and the guys generally wore their baggy swim trunks. I was 22 at the time. I was a business major in college and played women’s fast pitch softball. My other interests included: tennis, swimming, painting, dancing, and I’ve been a part time commercial model since I was about 10 years old. I’m 5’10”, 125 pounds, long dark brown hair past my shoulders, deep blue eyes, and 36C-22-35 (yes, the 22” waist is not a typo). I’ve been best friends with Lisa since the 3rd grade. We don’t keep track of each other’s measurements anymore, except maybe dress size and cup size. She’s 5’9”, long blonde hair, blue eyes, slim, fit, sexy, and probably 34Cs. Lisa played softball with me all through high school and college, and is a graphic arts major. Lisa’s rectangular pool has a permanent water polo goal setup at the shallow end. Around the goal is a large backstop type net that returns the ball to the pool, when a shot on goal is missed.

The party was progressing as usual. No one was in the shallow end of the pool, and a few guys were using the diving board at the deep end. Lisa came up to me and asked if I wanted to challenge some guys to a water polo match. I immediately knew what she really meant and wanted. I said yes, and she quickly recruited 2 more girls. I think all 4 of us were pretty hot looking. All of us had been cheerleaders in high school. We selected 4 cute “experienced” guys, and challenged them to a half-court water polo match up to a score of 10. We were grinning and the guys were grinning, because we all knew what this meant. One of the guys asked, “what are we playing for,” but they already knew. Losers have to play the winner’s game? We agreed.

Every few weeks or so, I love being tied-up, helpless, able to struggle, teased, played with and screwed senseless. A good number of my close friends have played “Trespassers” and my favorite, “Strip Slave Poker,” with me. We’ve played various bondage sex games for several years, some quite elaborate, but most of them made up on the spot. The 4 guys we picked have played these games with us before and are very good at it. Most of the spectators knew what was at stake. The girls played valiantly, but after about 30 minutes, we had lost 10-7 (we really wanted to lose, but made it look respectable). Awhile later, we met with the guys and it was decided that we would play, whatever game the guys came up with, at my house the following Saturday night.

Mom, Dad and I live in a large 4 bedroom home that was formerly owned by my grandfather, who has retired to Florida. Our home has the unique feature of having a private 2 bedroom guest apartment in the house, with a separate entrance out to our pool. There is a large great room with a full kitchen and laundry along one wall, a countertop island to eat around, a large coffee table with 2 easy chairs and 2 queen size sofa bed couches arranged around it, and a full bathroom. Finally, on either side of a hall leading out to the pool are the bedrooms, with private bathrooms. Though my parents were going to be out of town the following Saturday, I have almost exclusive use of the guest apartment for entertaining. They know what goes on when I have girls and guys over to “play” and spend the night, and they don’t bother us.

On the following Wednesday, each of us girls received the following letter in the mail …

Let’s Play Bondage Baseball

Your presence is required 8:00 PM Saturday at Christine’s house

1.  1st base and 2nd base practice
2.  3rd base tryouts
3.  HOME RUN!!

On Thursday, the girls came over to drop off their personal bondage equipment and toys. We speculated about what the guys were going to do with us, but couldn’t figure out exactly what would happen. We certainly understood what HOME RUN meant, and eagerly anticipated the surprises the guys had in store for us.

Saturday came and the guys arrived early. I had laid out all the equipment and toys on the coffee table. They consisted of: numerous 6’ and 8’ lengths of soft cotton rope and three 25’ lengths, 4 pairs of padded leather wrist cuffs permanently tied together, 2 each of individual padded leather wrist and ankle cuffs with 6’ lengths of rope attached, 6 silk scarves, 6 assorted strap-on ball gags in 2 sizes, blindfolds, and numerous vibrators (both regular and remote controlled) in various sizes and shapes. I helped the guys setup the 2 queen size sofa bed couches in the great room with clean sheets and pillowcases.

Finally, I briefly went over the “house rules” with the guys, although they already knew them. We were to be tied comfortably and securely (the guys were experts) with no cruel bondage or pain. No rope around our necks. No underwear, socks, etc., that we might choke on, were to be stuffed in our mouths. Lastly, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ANAL! Sure, I’ve read stories about women and men who like to be fully stuffed when having sex. Stories depict butt plugs, dildos, vibrators, cocks, fingers and even tongues going into assholes. I have a girlfriend from work who insists she is not fully satisfied without something stuck up her ass when having sex. I’ve always had plenty of fun without going anal. I find the idea unsanitary and a little disgusting. When we play, we have a safe word and safe sound for when we are gagged.

I left the guys in the guest apartment to make their final plans for us, and went to the living room to greet the girls as they arrived. We always dress to play. We choose from the shortest tightest sexiest clothes we have. I wore a very short tight black miniskirt and a fitted bright red collared short sleeve shirt that buttoned in front. Under that, I wore a sheer black bra with front closure, and a black silk thong. All the girls wore very short sexy skirts and similar shirts to mine, or tight revealing knit tops. The girls were all assembled in my living room with excitement and anticipation building.

Promptly at 8:00, we were summoned into the guest apartment and told to line up in a clear area of the room, facing the guys. Their spokesman told us that we were going to play a game of “Bondage Baseball,” and that the guys were the Coaches and we girls would be the Players. They yelled, “Play Ball!” First, our hands were bound behind our backs using the permanently attached padded leather wrist cuffs. Then, we were all blindfolded with black sleep mask type blindfolds with elastic bands. Since I was blindfolded for the entire game, I later learned from the girls that we all had very similar experiences.

I felt the presence of someone close in front of me, one of the Coaches. Hands were placed on my waist and I was gently kissed on the lips. There were more kisses and the hands started moving. As we kissed, his hands roamed all over my body, thoroughly exploring and caressing my hips, nicely rounded ass, waist and especially my breasts. It seemed that almost as soon as he started, he stopped. Was it 2 or 3 minutes, or maybe 5? I don’t know.

Another Coach cupped my ass with his hands and drew me close to him, grinding his pelvis into me. He started kissing me, those wonderful slow moist soft open mouth kisses that seem to go on forever. He moved his hands; one around my back and the other held the back of my head, drawing me even closer. My head was bent back and we were going at it pretty good with our tongues. He released his grip as we continued to kiss and slid his hands between us. He cupped my breasts and started kneading and squeezing them. He ran his thumbs over my nipples and stopped. I was breathless.

The next Coach grabbed my breasts from behind and pulled me close to him. He played with and explored them thoroughly, while kissing me from behind on my cheek, along my jaw, neck, and sucking my ear lobe. Rather than one on one, or two guys going back and forth between us, the Coaches were taking turns teasing and playing with us, each in his own unique way. His hands wandered down to explore my waist and hips. Finally, his hands moved down to my legs, under my skirt, and he began caressing my inner thighs. First one hand and then another caressed my left and right leg’s inner thigh, up and down, almost touching my thong. Then he stopped. I was panting now and my nipples were hard, as sensations were beginning to stir in my pussy.

The 4th Coach took over from the previous one. He started with his hand under my skirt, running his fingers up and down my inner thighs, occasionally brushing my thong and pussy. I could feel that I was starting to get wet. He kissed me passionately, and buried his tongue in my mouth. We were kissing and playing tongue tag as his hands moved up to massage my hips and ass. Then he moved his hands up to my breasts and expertly fondled and played with them, rubbing my already hard nipples and rolling them between his thumb and forefinger, through my shirt and bra. All of my inner senses were calling to me now. I was gasping and my chest was heaving. I heard a few involuntary moans emitting from my throat. Then he stopped.

I was standing there panting and coming down a bit, when I felt 2 sets of hands on me. One took hold of my arms and was releasing me from the wrist cuffs. The other set of hands tugged out my shirt and slowly unbuttoned it, and pushed it back over my shoulders. This Coach spent a few moments playing with my breasts through my sheer bra, while the other held my now unbound arms securely. He then unclasped the front closure of my bra and pushed it back over my shoulders. They both peeled my shirt and bra off and rebound my wrists behind me, using the same padded leather cuffs. I stood there blindfolded and topless, with my hands cuffed behind my back for a short time, while I assumed the other girls were being similarly prepared.

The next sensation I felt was a warm tongue doing a long slow lick across my left nipple. This was repeated on my right nipple. I moaned audibly. This Coach started kissing me. I wanted more and kissed him back insistently. His hands moved over my naked upper body and focused on my breasts. He squeezed and kneaded them, and his magic fingers made my already hard nipples throb. He alternately kissed me, and licked and sucked my nipples. Then he stopped.

Another Coach grabbed me and wrapped both of his arms tightly around me, drawing me close to him and arching my back. I felt his bare chest crushing my breasts and his erection pushing insistently into me. He kissed me repeatedly and deeply, and I desperately kissed him back. My heart was starting to pound and I was taking deep breaths between kisses. I couldn’t help moaning in my throat, and I first realized that I could hear other girls moaning and gasping. He let up on his tight grip on me. As I continued to push into him, he slipped a thumb and forefinger of each hand between us to roll and gently pinch my rock hard nipples. Then he stopped.

The next Coach pressed into me from behind. I could feel his erection rubbing my ass. He started by running his hands up and down my sides and around my waist, moving ever closer to my breasts. I arched my head back and he licked and kissed the sensitive areas of my neck. As he started sucking my ear lobes, his hands found my naked breasts. He squeezed and kneaded them, and slowly circled one finger around each nipple, but never quite touching them. Using both hands, he cupped each breast and pushed them up and held them there. Then he slowly released my breasts. As they fell back down, my sensitized nipples bumped against each of his fingers. He repeated this several times before moving his hands down to my legs and under my skirt. Each hand was rubbing up and down my inner thighs. I was getting pretty turned on by now. I spread my legs and started thrusting up and down, trying to get his hands to rub my pussy. When he brushed my thong, I realized just how wet I was getting. Then he stopped.

Another Coach started on me by first latching his mouth to my right breast. He sucked it long and thoroughly, licking and flicking my nipple with his tongue. He did not stand directly in front of me, but at sort of an angle. His left hand and arm went under my bound arms and held my back. His right hand moved down to my right leg under my skirt. My back was arched and I was pushing my breast into his mouth. He next kissed me passionately. He was standing almost at my side, and my head was tilted back, with our mouths at right angles. Our lips locked in a fiery kiss. His right hand started to trace little circles on my inner right thigh. He suddenly broke the kiss and moved his mouth to my left breast, methodically repeating what he had done with my right one. He moved his mouth from one breast to my mouth for kisses, and then back to the other breast, repeating this several times. All the while, the fingers of his right hand traced maddening little circles up and down my inner thigh. He often brushed my thong and I felt moisture under his fingers. I knew my love juices were starting to run down my leg. I was frantic for him to rub my pussy. I was gulping air and moaning loudly as he sucked my breasts and kissed me. Then he stopped.

I was standing there shaking and trying to regain some composure. My skirt was quickly removed, as well as my shoes. I was now standing there blindfolded, with my wrists cuffed behind my back, wearing only my black silk thong. The little patch of cotton that lined my thong was saturated with my pussy juices that were now running down both my legs. The final assault on my senses and my body is mostly a blur to me.

I remember kisses, lots of hot passionate kisses. I remember hands touching, feeling and caressing me all over, except my wet wanting pussy. My breasts and rock hard nipples were aching with desire from relentless licking and sucking. I had no idea of how much time passed. I don’t know how many of the 4 Coaches played with me. Maybe more than one Coach played with me at the same time? And finally….. finally there were fingers. Fingers began rubbing my pussy through my thong. Fingers found my swollen clit and teased it. I was moaning and my chest heaved, as I started humping those fingers. I remember a tongue sensually thrusting in and out of my mouth, keeping time with my gyrating hips. My breath quickened as I thankfully felt my orgasm coming on. C’mon only a few more strokes. And then everything stopped!

I was left standing there on shaky legs, unfulfilled, with my breasts heaving, and my head spinning. Their sweet torture had nearly brought me to orgasm, but I knew it was their plan to frustrate me and not let me come, until they were ready to do so. After awhile, I had started to calm down. I was ordered to open my mouth wide, and a 2” ballgag was shoved into my mouth and securely buckled behind my head. Next, I was ordered to spread my legs wide apart. My thong was pulled aside and I felt the unmistakable sensation of a vibrator easily being pushed into my wet swollen pussy. It was big and felt just like my own 6-1/2” remote controlled penis vibe. It was pushed all the way in, and my thong was put back and pulled up to hold the vibe in.

I was taken over to one of the queen size sofa beds and made to lie down on my back. I lay back without the support of a pillow. My chest was tight and my tits were pushed upwards for any pleasurable onslaught. I was aware that another girl was being placed on the bed next to me. My knees were raised and my legs tied together above my knees. My ankles were tied together, and I was stretched out with my ankles secured to the bottom frame of the bed. I was totally helpless, naked except for my thong, blindfolded and ballgagged, with my wrists cuffed behind my back and legs tied tightly to the bed. Then the vibrator inside me sprang to life.

It started humming away at a slow speed, but had my immediate attention. One of the Coaches must have knelt on the floor beside me. When the vibe started up, his hands immediately started gently caressing my body. One hand moved up and down the length of my legs, while the other hand roamed over my naked torso. I was somewhere in mindless oblivion, just enjoying the sensations. After some minutes, the vibrator picked up speed. I lurched and my pussy was instantly responding with more urgency. One of the Coach’s hands started fondling my breasts and nipples, while his other hand concentrated on stroking my thighs. My breathing picked up, my clit was calling to me, and I began to seriously wiggle and writhe in my bonds. Drool was dripping down my face from the ballgag. Then the vibrator cranked up to high speed.

The Coach next to me started licking and sucking my breasts. His fingers rubbed my inner thighs and yanked on my thong. I felt an orgasm coming on fast. A finger moved between my legs and found my clit. His finger moved round and round my clit. I started straining and bucking against his finger. I know I was moaning and panting, and became aware of the moans and commotion from the girl beside me on the bed. I think we further excited each other. His finger started vigorous rubbing my clit. It must have taken only seconds, but I finally came and came with a massive orgasm, screaming into my gag.

I probably had only minutes to come down from my orgasm, as the vibe continued to buzz away inside me on high speed. I think a different Coach knelt beside me. He began licking and sucking my breasts. Soon I felt another orgasm building. His finger immediately went to my clit. He rubbed it slowly, teasing me as I squirmed. Then, through my thong, he pushed his finger into my love hole, until his fingertip touched the base of the vibe. His finger curved and also rested on my clit. As the vibe buzzed on high inside me, his finger buzzed, and my clit buzzed as fast as the vibe was going. This drove me wild. I groaned and screamed into my gag, as I quickly came with a 2nd explosive orgasm.

I had no time to come down. My nipples were being sucked hard. He kept his buzzing finger on the vibrator and on my clit. My hips continued to thrust wildly. I was thrashing around in my bonds, gulping air through my nose as involuntary loud moans came from my throat. I thought that I would pass out as my 3rd orgasm was rapidly coming on. Then, the finger was suddenly removed and the vibrator stopped.

I don’t know how long I lay there getting control of myself. I had forgotten about the girl next to me on the bed. I could feel no movement or hear any sounds coming from her. I was frustrated again by the Coach’s devious plan to not allow that last orgasm. However, my pussy was satisfied…..for now! After awhile my legs were released from the bed. My ankles and thighs were untied. I was helped up and walked maybe 10 steps away from the bed, and I could hear other girls near me making noises into their gags. My sopping thong was stripped down my legs and I stepped out of it. I was ordered to spread my legs wide apart. The vibrator was removed from my pussy and my gag removed. I tried to close my legs and stand up straight, but I was told to remain standing with my legs spread wide apart, still blindfolded with my wrists cuffed behind my back. I was totally naked Maybe “practice” was over and it was time for “tryouts” to begin.

Part Two

Soon, I felt a warm washcloth gently wiping my drool off my face and cleaning up my juices from between my legs. A towel then patted me dry. They offered me some water, and I took several sips. I was led back to one of the beds and told to kneel down. They positioned me, and my head was gently pushed down. My lips encountered an erect cock. I knew what to do and what was expected of me.

*Many years ago, I taught myself to do “deep throat.” I practiced using an 8” dildo and learned to overcome the gag reflex. I also learned how to handle the cum without gagging, when a guy shoots his load in my throat. I hold his penis firmly with my lips and suck him dry, even sometimes gently clamping my teeth on it, and hold his cum in my throat. I can’t explain exactly how it works for me, but it’s like when you tilt your head back to gargle. You don’t gag. There is room for my tongue to move enough to allow me to swallow the cum in small gulps, while his cock is still in my throat. As he withdraws, my lips clean him off. Lip smackin’ good!

His cock was not yet fully hard. In 3 quick ever deeper thrusts, I had his whole cock deep in my throat. This got his attention and he was instantly hard as a rock. I withdrew and licked his entire shaft, and then swirled and licked the head of his penis with my tongue. I started in on him eagerly by doing short fast thrusts into my mouth, interspersed with some serious sucking. I’d go back and work on the head of his cock. Then, I slowly took his cock in and out, deep into my throat, 4 or 5 times, pausing and sucking when I had all of him. He was whispering “oh God” out loud and moaning. I went back to vigorous mouth fucking thrusts, and soon I could hear and feel him starting to come. I took his cock deep into my throat as he came. I tilted my head back, as far as it would go, clamped my lips around his cock and sucked until he finished coming. There was room for my tongue to move just enough to allow me to activate the swallowing reflex. In 3 or 4 gulps, I had swallowed all his cum, and my lips cleaned him off as I let him withdraw.

When it was over, someone helped me stand up. I was walked over to the other bed and told to kneel down. My position was adjusted, and my head was again pushed down and forward, while thinking that I would have to give all 4 of the Coaches a BJ. As my head and mouth drew nearer to its target, I recognized the sweet familiar odor of a female pussy. Again, I immediately knew what to do and what the Coaches expected me to do.

*I consider myself 100% heterosexual, not even a hint of bi in me. I am not sexually attracted to other women. However, after childhood Cowboys and Indians tie-up games (TUGs), I started playing TUGs when I was a high school freshman. I played with the girls on sleepovers and with mixed groups at parties. There was tickling and making out. Over the years, this evolved into bondage sex games after we turned 18. When the girls got together, we tied each other up, stripped them, tickled them, made out, felt them up, and finally made them come with their own vibrators. Eventually, in our games, a couple girls started eating my pussy to make me come, instead of using my vibe on me. I decided to learn to lick pussy, and to give these girls the wonderful orgasms they were giving me. I think I’m pretty good. My girlfriends and I get together for a “girl’s night” 3 or 4 times a year to play our bondage sex games.

I latched my mouth onto her pussy, and started by slowly licking her inner pussy lips. I zeroed in on her vagina, and worked my tongue in and out, in and out of her love hole. By now she was moaning and wriggling her legs from side to side and thrusting her hips, brushing my head as I plunged my tongue deeper and deeper inside her. I think someone was playing with her and kissing her, because her moans were often silenced with a satisfied “ummmm” from her throat. While this was going on, someone was behind me continually playing with my tits. I next moved my tongue to her swollen clit. I licked and flicked it ruthlessly, while someone yelled, “hold her still.” I sucked slowly on her clit, and she was moaning louder and gasping for breath. She was ready to let go. I plunged my tongue as far as it would go inside her and licked around in there, until she screamed into a massive convulsive orgasm. Her juices squirted all over my face.

I was helped to my feet and walked several steps away from the bed. I was told to spread my legs wide apart and stand there. Moments later, I felt a warm washcloth cleaning up my face, followed by a towel gently patting me dry. I became aware of someone on the floor in front of me. I could hear and sense someone being positioned close to me and between my legs. A hot tongue began slowly licking my pussy lips. Bare shoulders and long hair brushed my inner things as she teased me with her tongue. Large hands grasped my breasts from behind and began kneading them. Her mouth kissed my pussy as her tongue searched and found my vagina. She began fucking me with her tongue, pushing it slowly in and out of my love hole. The hands held me firmly from behind, as she picked up speed. I tried to thrust at her tongue. I was groaning and panting, beginning to feel an orgasm coming. Two hands grabbed my face and locked my lips in a passionate kiss. I was being held from behind by my tits, and my nipples were being rolled and lightly pinched. My clit was now being licked and sucked from below, and I couldn’t escape the warm moist open mouth kiss, with a tongue fucking my mouth. My mind was delirious with passion, and I thought I might pass out. I came with a shudder…..God did I come! My knees buckled and the Coach behind me had to hold me up. I don’t remember the kiss ending and I was unaware of the girl below me being taken away. I don’t know how long it took me to recover from my orgasm and get my legs back.

I was next led over to one of the beds and told to kneel down. My head was drawn forward and my mouth met a hard waiting cock. My mind was still in a daze from my knee buckling orgasm, and my hot pussy was still tingling. I don’t remember much from the blowjob I did. I don’t know how long it took for him to come. I can’t even remember if I did deep throat on him. I remember him coming in my mouth, not deep in my throat. Some of his cum spilled out of my mouth and dribbled down my chin. And it was over, seemingly soon after I started. I was stood up. His cum on my chin and face was cleaned off. Did I do a good job? He got his rocks off! I was led around to the other bed and knelt down. I was thinking this was going to be another girl’s pussy, but when my head was moved forward, my mouth found another hard cock. Was I being punished for doing a poor BJ on the previous Coach?

I had been shocked out of my stupor by now. I eagerly licked his shaft and its head, and got it nice and wet. I took him in my mouth 3 or 4 times, slurping and sucking as I bobbed up and down, when I noticed that something was unusual. His cock was sideways in my mouth! He had to be lying on his side along the edge of the bed, with his penis hanging out in my face. I realized, also, that he was higher up than the Coach I just sucked off. He must have been lying on the sofa cushions on top of the mattress. I’ve never done a sideways BJ like this before. When I do “69,” a cock is “upside down” in my mouth so that my tongue does not run across the more sensitive underside of the penis.

After this mental pause, I resumed my bobbing and sucking. As I started taking his cock deep into my throat, I lowered my torso a little and inched forward a bit on my knees. I bent my head back and found that his cock would easily go straight into my throat. I took him all the way into my throat a few times and stopped, holding him there and sucking. When I stopped, I became aware that he was grunting and groaning. He was twitching, but I simply held my position. He got the message and started thrusting. I pushed my face into him as he fucked my mouth and throat. He was really going at it, and after awhile I had to come up for air. I was getting pretty turned on myself. He kept thrusting even though I was just licking the tip of his cock. After catching my breath, I enthusiastically took him deep in my throat. He fucked my mouth and throat for only a short while before he came violently, with a shudder and loud gasp of release. He spurted and spurted into my throat as I sucked him dry. With his penis in my throat sideways, there was ample room for my tongue to move and swallow all his cum. As I was about to release him, someone grabbed me from behind, by my tits, and started playing with them. He held me in place so I couldn’t withdraw, still with the other Coach’s cock deep in my throat. During this little jostle, I felt that my legs and pussy were really wet. I felt my nipples hardening with the play, as someone else said, “suck him again.” It was apparent that I had an audience, besides the Coach holding me from behind. I was getting hotter and hotter and was game for another go at him. I sucked and moved my head in and out a little. He hardened up almost immediately, and I made him start to involuntarily thrust his hips. I backed away a bit and let him vigorous fuck my mouth. I would occasionally take him deep in my throat. His cock was throbbing in my mouth. I never had to catch my breath despite my own moaning and getting increasingly turned on. He came quickly, with a satisfied sigh and groan. I heard mummers of approval and a “way to go” from behind me. I swallowed his cum again and licked him clean.

Two sets of hands grabbed my still cuffed arms. I was also still blindfolded and stumbled a little on shaky legs, as I was escorted 10-12 steps away. I was told to spread my legs wide apart again. I stood there for a few minutes. I suddenly felt fingers brushing my naked pussy. I moaned loudly. I could feel that I was really wet already, as fingers caressed and rubbed my entire slit. I started panting and gasping for air as an orgasm was building in me. First one finger, and then a 2nd found its way into my love hole. The 2 fingers were buried deep inside me and slowly moved in and out. There was no other body contact. No kissing, no playing with my boobs and no caressing of my body. There was not going to be the triple tableau that brought me my earlier standing orgasm. The fingers continued fucking me TOO slowly. I had lost all control of my body. It was maddeningly slow. I bent my knees slightly and began to hump those fingers in an effort to get him to go faster. I couldn’t stand it, and I begged him…..”please, please.” He stopped and buried those 2 fingers as far into me as they would go. He was fluttering his fingers inside me and rubbing the inside of my vagina, as his thumb found my clit. He started massaging my engorged clit. My orgasm exploded through me so suddenly that I could only gasp loudly with pleasure and release. I came and came for minutes, it seemed, and my entire body shook uncontrollably. He then held me by my shoulders as I finally settled down and regained control of my body. My legs held and my knees did not buckle.

He let me go, and I then became aware of sounds and whispers from the other girls who were near me. Were they still blindfolded? Did they witness my orgasm? I don’t know how long I stood there, with my legs still spread wide apart, when I felt a hot cloth clean me up between my legs, followed by a towel gently drying me. I was told I could stand up straight. I was offered water or Coke, and I gulped several mouthfuls of Coke. A hand grabbed each of my arms, and I was led into one of the bedrooms. AT LAST, “tryouts” were over! I had done 4 BJs on 3 guys, ate one girl’s pussy, had my pussy eaten, and was finger fucked. How long had all this taken? It was GREAT, but I was ready for my HOME RUN!!! My wrist cuffs were removed, but I was warned not to touch my blindfold. I was allowed to massage my wrists. My circulation was never restricted. They were not sore. I only felt the sensation of the compression of the padded cuffs from my struggles. Individual padded leather wrist and ankle cuffs were buckled to my limbs. I was helped to lie on my back in the center of the bed. A pillow placed sideways supported my head and upper back, and thrust my breasts upwards. My arms were pulled tight and tied to the upper corners of the bed. My legs were stretched and pulled wide apart. They were tied, not to the corners of the bed, but tied tight to the side-rails at the bottom of the bed. I could not close my legs even an inch. I was naked, blindfolded and spread-eagled. I heard the door close. All was quiet as I lay there waiting for what I hoped was coming soon!

I heard voices somewhere outside my bedroom door. I couldn’t hear all of the conversations, but it seemed the Coaches were deciding who would screw who. I also heard talk of some kind of trading. Soon, the door opened and closed again. I felt someone kneel on the bed between my spread legs. His hands or arms supported him on either side of me, below my armpits. He bent over, without any other part of his body touching me, and began kissing me softly. The kisses grew more insistent, with our mouths open wide in long lazy moist kisses.

He broke off suddenly and started kissing my face, along my jaw and down my neck. They sent shivers through me. His mouth worked its way slowly down my front to between my breasts. He kissed each breast greedily and began licking and sucking my nipples. They are always very sensitive and hardened instantly. He kissed his way down my front towards my pubic area, pausing a minute to linger on my navel with his tongue. When he reached my cleanly shaved pubic area, he kissed it thoroughly. Then, he used his tongue to gently and teasingly trace little circles, coming ever and ever closer to the hood above my sensitive little nub. I next felt his weight shift and a finger sliding along my slit. By now, I was quivering and making little murmuring sounds. After only a few strokes along my slit, the finger easily entered my hot and wet love hole. A 2nd finger quickly followed the 1st. He stroked me with both fingers for just a short while, causing me to start thrusting my hips after them. He pulled out, repositioned himself and slid his rigid cock all the way in my waiting pussy.

He held still and bent over to kiss me several times, while I continued to thrust my hips. Finally, he started moving, slowly in and out of me, gradually picking up speed. I felt the beginnings of an orgasm coming on and started moaning. He was slamming into me now, and I met him thrust for thrust. I don’t know how long he pounded into me, but the orgasm quickly overtook me. I strained violently against my bonds and groaned in delight with my immense orgasm. But he kept pumping. A few thrusts later, he started to come and collapsed onto me. It seemed we lay together coming for several minutes. While he was still pretty hard and deep inside me, I began wriggling my hips in a slow grinding motion. I searched for his mouth with mine, and we began kissing, with moans of urgency. He was hardening up fast and began plunging his cock in and out of me. He put both arms around my back and crushed our bodies together, as we found a good rhythm. We pumped away at each other for probably 10 minutes, kissing passionately from time to time. We came together with mind-blowing orgasms, groaning with pleasure into each other’s mouths. We lay there coming down for many minutes, with his full weight on my chest, while he gave me soft quick appreciative kisses. He got off and went into the bathroom. I lay there feeling wonderful and satisfied.

After awhile, he came out of the bathroom and climbed onto the end of the bed, between my legs. I felt a warm tongue lightly licking my pussy. It was so gentle that it startled me, and I lurched in my bonds. He lapped away at my pussy lips and over the opening to my love hole. I was getting really aroused, quivering and squirming to the touch of his tongue. When he started licking my clit, I gasped and felt my climax building deep within me. He sucked and gently nibbled on my swollen clit. This brought me over the edge, and I came violently, thrashing wildly against my bonds. As I jerked and shuddered, he continued to lick and suck my now extremely sensitive clit. I immediately came again, even harder, screaming with my release, as he lapped up all my juices. I couldn’t even think and didn’t notice when he stopped, changed positions and mounted me.

He easily pushed his already stiff cock all the way inside me. He started hammering away at my pussy, grunting with some urgency. Faster and faster he went, while I tried to keep up with him. I don’t think it took more than 5 minutes for him to loudly groan and start coming. I hadn’t come yet and he kept pumping, while he was ejaculating, until I screamed and came with a really intense orgasm. We lay together for awhile as his cock shriveled and came out of me. He got off of me, rubbed my inner thigh, gave me a soft kiss on the lips, whispered “thank you” in my ear and left my bedroom.

I don’t know how long I lay there spread-eagled to the bed and blindfolded. My warm pussy tingled. As I lay there feeling content and fully fucked, I thought of all that I had experienced already that night, and wondered what would be next. Occasionally, I heard some voices outside my door, but couldn’t make out anything that was said. Finally, the door opened and closed and someone got on the bed beside me. I said, “who is it,” but he didn’t speak.

He knew how much I loved kissing and making out. It seemed we kissed for a long time, and while this was going on, he started fondling and playing with my breasts and nipples. My nipples became hard peaks, and that warm feeling from my pussy alerted my brain. His mouth moved to my tits and enthusiastically licked and sucked away His hand found my wet swollen wide-open pussy. Fingers stroked my slit and teased my clit. My breathing picked up, and I couldn’t stop the moaning that came from deep in my throat. Two fingers slowly penetrated my vagina as far in as they would go. The fingers started fucking me, in and out, slowly at first and then picking up speed. My hips automatically challenged those fingers and thrust back at them. I was getting close to coming. Uncontrollable mmmmming and ohhhhhing sounds came from my mouth, as my head thrashed wildly from side to side. The fingers continued to fuck my love hole, but another finger, I think from his other hand, found my clit. That finger started rapidly rubbing my already swollen and sensitive clit. The intense sensations and pleasures built so fast in me that I couldn’t take much more. I knew I might pass out in ecstasy, when I exploded into an uncontrollable orgasm. My whole body just shook and spasmed, as I came and came.

I just lay there enjoying the wonderful sensations that radiated from my pussy through my whole body. I had little time to come down and regain control of my senses. I had completely forgotten about the Coach and what he was doing. Before I realized what was going on, he was pushing his big hard cock into my fiery hole. He began screwing me with short rapid strokes. He stopped and switched to long slow strokes, going deep inside me. Back and forth he went, fast and slow thrusts. I came violently in the middle of all this, with waves and waves of pleasure overtaking my body and mind, but he wasn’t finished. I was gasping for air and couldn’t thrust anymore. Finally, he came with loud grunts and moans, and I came again with him. I was delirious. This last orgasm was one of the most intense I had ever experienced. After one loud scream, I simply collapsed, while he finished coming. I was spent. He withdrew and got off the bed. I just lay there limp, while he went into the bathroom. When he came out, he unbuckled my wrist and ankle cuffs. I still couldn’t move. He kissed me and said, “meet you in the pool.” WOW, it was over! What a game! What an experience!

While the game was over, the evening was not. It is customary at bondage sex games at my house for everyone to meet, after the game, totally naked, in the center of our pool. I eventually took off the blindfold, got out of bed on wobbly legs and went into the bathroom. I relieved myself, washed my face and between my legs, and put my hair up in a ponytail. I walked naked out to the kitchen area of the great room, noticing that one of the beds was already empty, and the couple in the 2nd bed looked like they were finishing up. The room divider curtain, on a track in the ceiling, had been pulled for privacy between the 2 beds. I took a Coke out of the refrigerator and sipped it as I ate an energy bar and banana. When finished, I walked down the hall, out the door to the pool, and waded in almost up to my neck. The light from the moon shimmered over the pool and my naked body. I met the others who were gathered in a loose circle. Most were already there, and the rest joined us soon thereafter. It is so wonderful and exhilarating to soak in the refreshing water for 20-30 minutes. The water soothed my wrists and ankles, where they were bound.

We started talking about the game and how we all had a GREAT time. As this went on, I moved from guy to guy, pressing my naked body against each of them, wrapped my arms around their necks and gave them a passionate kiss. I thanked each one for a wonderful experience. Other girls expressed their thanks in a similar way. Lisa asked the guys about how they came up with the game. They said that a bunch of guys were all at a sports bar the previous Sunday watching a ball game. They started talking about old high school girlfriends (probably including me) and how far they got with each of them (1st base, 2nd base, etc.). That was their inspiration for the game. People were moving around and there was a little bit of underwater groping and feeling going on. We learned from the guys that each adopted a particular way they would play with us at the beginning of the game. We didn’t discuss who did what to whom during the oral sex part of the game.

With mouthed words, eye movements and head gestures, the girls decided who they would be sleeping with for the rest of the night, and where. As hostess, I had 1st choice and chose Rob. After everything had been decided among the girls, and the guys had mostly finished talking about their game, I moved over to Rob, gently grabbed his cock underwater, and motioned towards the house with my head. We waded out of the pool hand-in-hand, as I reminded everyone that breakfast would be at 9:00 AM. The others followed and everyone grabbed a fluffy beach towel from the waiting stack. We dried ourselves off. Rob and I went into my bedroom and locked the door.

Rob is 6’2”, short sandy brown hair, hazel eyes, a great smile and an athletic build. He is funny, but quite smart also. He majors in physics at college. Rob and I go back many years. He is a great lover, jumps at the chance to tie me up, and even enjoys it when I occasionally tie him up. We get together whenever we can. In the bedroom, I let down my ponytail, and went to a dresser and pulled out a silk scarf. I folded it and handed it to Rob, saying, “tie me up for the night, if you want, and screw my brains out!” I turned around and crossed my wrists behind my back and wiggled my ass. He tied them with the silk scarf, but not very tight. I could have easily worked my way loose, if I wanted, but I wouldn’t. It was a symbolic tie of trust between lovers.

I lay down on my back on my side of the bed. Rob lay next to me and whispered that he was going to make love to me, and he did! We kissed for the longest time, while he ran his fingers gently all over my body, except my breasts and pussy. Eventually, he started playing with my tits, and I was squirming around by then. He worked them over well with his hands and tongue, sucking them into hard buds. By the time his fingers reached my pussy, I was wet and ready. His fingers easily slipped in and out of me and circled and rubbed my clit. He was relentless, but wouldn’t let me come. Finally, in a pitiful whimpering gasping voice, I begged him to please let me come. Instead, he stopped, rolled on a condom and moved between my legs. I raised my legs high and spread them wide, as he penetrated me to the hilt. We bucked and fucked and slammed into each other until we exploded together in the ultimate orgasm. He collapsed onto me as we lay there coming.

 After several minutes, he put his hands and arms under my back, held me tight and rolled me over on top of him. He was still inside me, and I captured his cock by closing my legs. My wrists were still tied behind my back, as my breasts crushed into his chest. We kissed for a few minutes, which hardened him up. Rob helped me bring my legs forward and get my body in an upright position, so that I was straddling his cock. I was impaled on his now hard swollen cock, being balanced by Rob’s hands on my boobs. I started to ride him, my boobs bouncing up and down in time with my thrusts. I rode him long and hard, until he started to come, which made me come too. It was a glorious climax. I stayed atop him, with his cock still deep inside me, until we finished coming. Rob let me down on his chest and then rolled me on my side before he withdrew. He went into the bathroom to cleanup. When he came out, he lay on his side next to me. I snuggled my body against his and drifted off to sleep, with my wrists still tied behind my back.

I awoke with a warm wet feeling in my pussy. As I became alert, I realized that Rob’s finger was gently moving in and out of my vagina, brushing my clit each time. My pussy was ready, but my brain was still a little foggy. Rob was hard already and had a condom on. I raised my left leg to give him access, and he started entering me as we still lay on our sides. When he was inside me, he asked, “do you want top or bottom?” I replied, “top first.” He rolled me up on top of him, again helping me get upright and straddling him. I rode him slowly, pausing from time to time to wiggle my hips around, while he was deep inside me. After teasing him mercilessly, I leaned forward. Rob caught me by my boobs and let me down on his chest. I spread my legs wide apart and started kissing him. Rob began fucking me frantically from below, already grunting and panting. I kept up with him, starting to gasp and moan, feeling my orgasm build. After a few minutes of this, we shared a gigantic climax. Rob held me close and we kissed, as we settled down. He whispered in my ear, “I’m not done with you yet.” After a few minutes, he flipped me over and crushed my body into the bed. I wanted more too, and began to writhe and grind my hips. With my wrists still tied behind my back, my breasts were pressed hard into his chest. Rob was now fully hard inside me. He leaned up on his hands and bent his head way down to feast on my breasts. He licked and sucked them ravenously, while my hips continued to grind and thrust. He collapsed down so he was supporting himself by his forearms, so his full weight was not on my chest, and we starting kissing. My grinding and thrusting had finally gotten to him. Rob started fucking me, slowly at first, and then as fast as he could go. I was falling into delirium from the sweet sensations overtaking me. I fell behind and could only lie there and let him continue to slam into me. He was insatiable, and I was in mindless ecstasy. When we finally climaxed, we were gasping and spent.

He rolled off me, and we lay on our backs in contented silence for 10-15 minutes. Then, Rob untied my wrists. I cuddled up to him, with my head on his shoulder, and we fell asleep. The next thing I knew the alarm clock was going off at 8:00 AM. I quickly turned it off as Rob stirred. I went into the bathroom and put on a robe. As I left the room, I told Rob that I’d be back in a few minutes and we’d take a shower together. I walked quietly out into the kitchen area of the great room. The couples were stirring a bit in the other 2 beds. I whispered, “breakfast in an hour, take a shower when you want.” I set out the dishes and utensils, plus the fixings for breakfast: donuts, Danish, muffins, juice, etc., and I started a pot of coffee.

I went back to my bedroom and got Rob up. There is a shower for two, with dual high and mid-level sprays, in my bathroom. We soaped each other up with shower gel, paying particular attention to certain sensitive parts of each other’s body. We rinsed off, and I noticed that Rob’s cock was rock hard. I turned the shower heads to mist. It was like we were immersed in a wonderful warm fog. I knelt down and slowly and thoroughly sucked him off. After licking my lips and swallowing all his cum, I stood up, put my arms over my head, grabbed the high shower spray spout and spread my legs wide. As the warm mist glistened over our bodies, Rob knelt down between my legs and hungrily began kissing and licking my waiting pussy. I was a little sore down there from the previous night’s activities, but I had no trouble coming from Rob’s persistent tongue. He left the shower, and I washed my hair and finished up. After I dried off and did my hair and put on a little makeup, I got dressed in jeans and a knit top.

Rob was dressed and sipping coffee when I got out to the kitchen. A few others were there too. Over the next hour or so, people showered, dressed and had breakfast. I cooked some eggs and sausage for a few. We talked about the night’s game some more and tentatively made plans for more bondage sex games sometime in August, before we all left to go back to college. I stripped the linen from the beds, and the guys folded up the sofa beds and put them back in position. When the guys left, the girls helped me cleanup the kitchen and get the dishwasher going, along with a load of laundry. We talked more intimately about our experiences from the night before. After the girls left, I wrote in my journals until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. I drifted off, with a still tingling pussy, to pleasant dreams.