Led by the Nipples

by Techie & Techster

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© Copyright 2020 - Techie & Techster - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; mittens; clamps; nipple; leash; slave; exhib; cons; X


Michele, the neighbor who likes to play ponygirl, was bragging that she was so tough that even when naked and in bondage mitts she could resist being led around on a collar and leash.

I told her that I could lock her in the mitts and put something on her that would make her agree to be my slave and cooperate with anything I wanted her to do.

She said with an air of arrogant confidence, “Let’s make it a bet. If you can subdue me and make me cooperate with whatever you want I’ll agree to be your slave for a week!”

“But if you can’t break me you will be my slave and toy for a week!”

I agree, “Let’s start this evening. You better tell Clyde (her husband) what’s happening so he can watch!”

After dinner we met at our home to start, Michele stripped and I laced and locked the bondage mitts on her wrists then, using the chain that connected the mitts, I secured her wrists behind her back.

“Are you ready? This will be more controlling than a collar could ever be!”

She turned to face me and I quickly clipped a clover clip on each nipple.

Michele laughed and told me, ”That is no big thing, you can’t control me with those little nipple clips!”

Apparently she had not experienced clover clips because, unlike the other types of nipple clips, the clover clips get tighter when you pull on them and won’t slide off your nipples.

I snapped the leash on the chain between the nipple clips and gave her a light tug.

She started to resist and said, ”Oh NO! These are much more powerful than anything I have experienced. OK you win!”

“Let’s go show your husband, I’m sure he’ll enjoy seeing you under control!”

It was dark so I led my naked slave on the leash that was attached to the chain between the nipple clips, down the block to their home.

Clyde, her husband laughed and told me, “She mentioned your bet. Have fun and enjoy your new toy!”

I led Michele back to our home where Techster was waiting, “I see you have a new toy, what do you plan to do with her?”

With a laugh I told him; “First off she’s going to be a bondage model for my sketching class at the community center tomorrow morning.”

I put Michele on the bed in the spare room. I tied her bondage mitts to the headboard and her ankles to the foot of the bed, “I am going to be merciful and let you sleep without the clips on your nipples, but they go back on in the morning,” then I covered her with a heavy quilt and let her sleep.

In the morning I waken Michele and Techster showers her, “I know you will enjoy washing her down and wiping her but and cock down after she has gone to the bathroom.”

Techster sat her down on the toilet and when she had finished all that he took her into the large shower stall in our master bath, put a shower cap on her head and with a soft sponge, washed her from head to toe and then used the spray wand to thoroughly clean her lower parts.

When they cleared the shower he dried her with a soft towel, brought her into the kitchen and fed her French toast for breakfast.

After breakfast I put the nipple clips back on her and put a long bathrobe on her.

At 9AM I seated Michele in my car and drove to our community center where I held my art classes.

When we got out of the car I took the leash and led her into the room where I taught my weekly art classes.

My students were waiting for me and I told them. ”Today we have a naked volunteer who will pose naked by the support column in the middle of the room.” 

After removing her robe I released the chain that was holding her wrists behind her and had her raise her hands so I could put the chain through an eyebolt on the support column, so she was standing and showing off that beautiful well muscled back of hers.

She gasped and said, ”You didn’t tell me I would be on display!”

I ordered, ”Slaves don’t make choices. Relax and enjoy being the center of attention.” 

One of my students asked her, ”Do those nipple clips hurt?”

Michele responded, ”Only a little bit as long as I don’t pull against them the pain is not that bad.” 

Another student, a male asked, “She’s so beautifully muscled, may I touch her?” 

Another student, one of the women in my class, asked Michele, “You are almost too well muscled for a normal woman do you take a testosterone or human growth supplement?”

Michele blushed and answered, ”No” to taking the supplements. “In my case I’m what might be called a hybrid, or intersex woman, the elevated testosterone level is just part of my body.”


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