Leather or Knot Chapter 10: Linda's New Job

by SwitchMan

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Chapter 10: Linda's New Job

Dan looked over at Beth writhing helplessly, trapped within the unyielding armbinder.  He couldn’t help but remember his own mistake of submitting to Juliette a day earlier.

“Well, you seem to have learned quite a bit about the character of this place while I was at lunch,” Dan said turning back to Tara.  “But it’s time for us to get back to work.  You have more equipment to learn about.”

Dan walked to the back of the shop where the more extreme products were displayed, and he rolled a leather-covered bondage bench into the open area in front of the three-way mirrors.  He then selected a complete set of leather-lined shackles and padlocks.

“Let’s go.  We don’t have all day,” Dan called to Tara cheerfully, dangling the shackles above his head so that she couldn’t miss them.

Tara confidently sauntered over to Dan, and he helped her mount the bondage bench as though she was getting onto a horse.  Once she was straddling the bench, Dan attached a dildo to the bench just behind the leather skirt covering Tara’s otherwise bare ass.  After securing the dildo, he applied lubrication, lifted Tara’s skirt and directed her to impale herself on the silicone member.  She took her time easing onto it, but she was eventually able to take in the entire shaft.

Glancing up to see that Tara was still exuding confidence, he methodically applied the set of leather-lined shackles to her ankles, knees, wrists and elbows.  He then attached the shackles to various corresponding attachment points on the bondage bench.  When Dan was finished, Tara was hugging the sides of the bondage bench as though she was riding in a kinky horse race.  Even in her shackled state, she was somewhat comforted in the knowledge that she could easily shift her weight forward at any time to relieve the pressure in her rectum.

With his trainee immobilized facing the front of the shop, he walked to the display along the rear wall to retrieve a nasty looking spider gag.  Unlike most spider gags, it did not have a hollow “O” which aligned with the wearer’s mouth.  Instead, the top and bottom halves were hinged at the sides creating a set of adjustable jaws, and the center of the mouth opening was obstructed by a spring and ratchet system which determined how wide the victim’s jaws were spread.  The opening could be initially set to a modest one inch, but if the wearer decided to open wider, in an effort to remove the gag, for example, the spring would force the gag to mirror the movement of the jaws.  Unfortunately, the evil ratchet mechanism would then prevent the wearer from closing her mouth.

Dan returned to Tara’s field of vision, and she was noticeably shocked by the device.

“What’s that?” she said, scrunching up her nose.

“It’s a gag that expands with the wearer’s mouth but doesn’t contract,” Dan found himself explaining clinically.

As Dan began to insert the gag, Tara confidently declared “While you were at lunch, I re-read my contract.  This time I know my safe signal.”

With that, Dan smiled and placed the jaws of the gag into Tara’s mouth so that rubber pads on the two halves fit nicely behind her front teeth.  Tara tested the gag by opening her mouth a small amount.  They both heard a faint “click” as the ratchet mechanism ensured that her jaws were now permanently wider than before.  Dan smiled, and Tara groaned.

Leaving Tara to moan unintelligibly, Dan retrieved the leather-lined collar that matched the other restraints.  He secured the collar around Tara’s neck, and attached a short connecting chain to the collar as he locked it closed.  Instead of attaching the chain to the end of the bondage bench as Tara had expected, he pulled the chain toward her breasts and secured it to an o-ring located in the middle of the bench.

The tension on her collar prevented any forward movement, and Tara began to panic when she realized that she could no longer extricate herself from the dildo.  She opened her mouth wide to protest, but the gag merely became more extreme.  After a moment, she began humming the “Star Spangled Banner” which was her safe signal.”

Dan positioned himself directly in front of her and bent down so that they were nearly face-to-face.  He held her head in his hands, and he whispered ominously.

“That’s your safe signal, isn’t it?”

Tara nodded and moaned pleadingly.

“You safe signal is supposed to tell the employee who has bound you that you want to be released, right?”  Dan continued in a whisper.

Tara nodded more vigorously and let out an open-mouthed “uh-huh.”

“It’s really good that you went back to make sure you knew your safe signal,” Dan said in a louder voice.  “Too bad I’m no longer an employee here.”

Tara’s eyes widened with fear, and she began to cry.

“I resigned on Tuesday, but I’ll take good care of you,” he said reassuringly.  “You really should be completely aware of what you’re getting into if you are going to let someone restrain you like this.  Next time, you’ll know better.”

Leaving Tara to her thoughts and fears, Dan grabbed a handle on the front of the bondage bench, and he rolled the bench up onto the display platform on the opposite side of the front door from Beth.  Once in place, Dan applied brakes to the wheels of the bench and lowered the back of the bench, forcing Tara’s body weight onto the intruder in her rear.  Finally, Dan walked to the front of the bench and turned a dial just under Tara’s chin.  Tara had noticed the dial when she mounted the bench, but hadn’t given it much consideration.  With a flick of Dan’s wrist, the plug in Tara’s ass began to vibrate, and he adjusted the dial until the vibrations were just a bit over Tara’s comfort threshold, but not enough to send her over the edge.  Tara moaned in discomfort,  humiliation and frustration.

Dan spent the rest of the afternoon tending to the shop.  It was a slow day, and only about a dozen customers entered the shop.  The moans form the two fettered women, the rattle of Tara’s manacles and Beth’s intermittent stomping provided a kind of kinky background music to the shop whenever a customer entered.  In between customers, Dan was mindful about frequently changing the women’s positions so as not to cause and permanent physical damage.

As the day was coming to a close, Dan released both women and suggested that they clean themselves up in the back room.  Both women scowled and silently retreated to the changing area at the rear of the shop.  Beth walked directly back to change, but Tara took the long way back, walking behind the counter, so that she could pick up the bag of merchandise that she had purchased after lunch.  Tara gave Dan a weak smile over her shoulder and followed Beth into the back room.

As if on cue, the bell above the front door sounded, and Dan turned to see Linda walking confidently into the shop.  Her body language suggested that she was still the store manager, and she walked up to Dan as though she expected to see him there.

“Hi Dan, is Amanda around?” Linda asked with a familiar tone.

“No, she’s home sick – laryngitis,” he lied.

“Damn!  I wanted to tell her that I got the job at Juliette’s estate.  I know she’ll be happy for me,” Linda gushed.

“Really?  Juliette’s Estate?” Dan asked, surprised.  “What will you be doing?”

“It was a weird interview.  We didn’t really discuss the job responsibilities much, but I start on Monday.  It was more of a question and answer session with me giving the answers.”

After an awkward silence, she added “I guess I answered correctly because she offered me a six figure salary!”

Dan was dumbstruck, and his mind began to wander as he imagined what she might be required to do in exchange for so much money.

Linda interrupted Dan’s daydream by saying “Hey, what are you doing here?  I thought you got a new job, too.”

“Oh, that didn’t work out, and since Amanda wasn’t feeling well, I agreed to help her out here by training the new sales associates.”

As Dan finished his sentence, Tara came out from the back room pulling Beth behind her on a leash.

“Looks like you trained them just fine,” Linda said chuckling.  “At least one of them…”

Beth shook her head and bucked like a wild mustang, which only served to accentuate her appearance.  She wore thigh high leather boots with 5-inch heels, a leather mini skirt, and a heavily boned leather corset that barely covered her nipples and pushed her breasts up like they were being served on a platter.  Over her elbow-length leather gloves, she wore premium leather wrist cuffs that were locked to D-rings on either side of the corset.  Her elbows were cruelly pulled behind her back by a set of slightly larger leather cuffs connected by a short silver chain.  Her leather leash was clipped to a 4-inch posture collar, and her protests were rendered unintelligible by a bit gag strapped tightly in her mouth.  To complete the pony-girl attire, a head piece resembling a mane adorned her head, and a tail protruded proudly from a slit in the back of her mini skirt.  Being familiar with the store’s inventory, Dan knew that the tail was actually a rather severe inflatable butt plug.

“That may be the best $500 ever spent in this shop,” Dan muttered under his breath.

Linda glanced disapprovingly at Dan and said “Stop drooling, or I’ll tell Amanda.”

After transferring the leash to her left hand, Tara held out her right hand to Linda and said “I don’t believe we’ve met.  I’m Tara, and you are?”

“Linda.  I used to be the manager here until recently,” Linda responded while shaking Tara’s hand.  “And this would be?” Linda asked inspecting the pony-girl from head to toe.

“Beth,” Dan offered on her behalf.  “Tara and Beth are the new sales associates.”

“Well, we’d love to stay and chat, but it’s closing time and we have a long night ahead of us,” Tara said gently tugging on the leash.  “Good night.  It was nice to meet you.”

As Tara and Beth walked past Dan, he said “Beth, I know that you are probably upset at losing the bet, but you are okay with this, right?”

Beth let out an exasperated and muffled “Uh-huh.”  Then she added a sentence that Dan couldn’t understand, but he was pretty sure it was a vow to get even.

As they reached the door, Dan called out “Play nice, Tara,” and they were gone.

Seeing Tara and Beth, Dan’s thoughts turned to Amanda.  He could hardly wait to get home to her.

Again, Linda interrupted Dan’s daydream.

“Well, I guess I should be leaving, too.  Tell Amanda I hope she feels better, and that I’ll talk to her next week to let her know how the new job is working out.”

“Hey, speaking of jobs,” Dan said quickly.  “Since you don’t start your new job until Monday, could you fill in one last time as the manager of Leather or Knot?”  He asked.

“Why do you need me?  You seem to be enjoying yourself with the new employees,” she said smiling.

“Well, Amanda’s got laryngitis and I have a job interview tomorrow morning,” he lied.  “It would really help us out.  Please?”

Linda thought for a moment, and said “Yes, I can come in for one last day, but will I get to play with the new employees?”

“They’re all yours, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are a little tired tomorrow morning.”

Dan thanked her for agreeing to help out, and Linda left almost as abruptly as she entered.  Dan closed up the shop, and on the drive home, he wondered what Tara and Beth were doing with their newfound power game.  His thoughts drifted to Amanda, as they nearly always did.

Dan decided that Amanda had probably learned her lesson by now, and he thought it might be time for some old-fashioned romance.  Tonight, he decided, he would release Amanda and they would go back to the way things were before his visit to Juliette’s.  On second thought, he decided it would be even better than before because they had their new toys.

Just before reaching the apartment, he stopped at a flower shop and bought Amanda a dozen roses.  The woman behind the counter asked him what occasion had prompted him to buy his sweetheart a dozen roses, and Dan told her that there was no occasion at all.  He said that his girlfriend Amanda simply deserved them, and he immediately won the woman’s admiration.  She seemed to wish she had a boyfriend like Dan, but he wondered if she would have continued her wish if she knew that his girlfriend was trapped in her own apartment, naked, except for a locked leather harness that could automatically punish her for disobedience.

Dan continued home to the apartment where Amanda was waiting patiently on the couch watching television.  She looked up and smiled when she saw the roses.  Dan could tell that a short while earlier she had been disobedient, very disobedient.  Her hair was damp with sweat, and she looked a bit worn out.

Dan smiled back and said “Harness unlock,” and Amanda was free.

They spent the evening in their pajamas watching television and making love.  They both found it an interesting change of pace to be having a vanilla relationship for the evening, but given Amanda’s job and the number of kinky toys that had recently entered the apartment, they knew that it was only temporary.  Still, they took their time exploring each other and remembering why they loved each other so much.  Eventually, they fell asleep in the bedroom with the television on with various clothes and restraints scattered about the apartment.

The next morning, Dan and Amanda slept in.  Amanda awoke at 10:00 am in a panic.  She woke up Dan, jumped out of bed and began to dress.  Dan explained that there was no need to worry, and he told her that Linda had agreed to watch over the shop for the day.  He recounted how surprised he was when Linda had stopped by the shop and told him she accepted a job at Juliette’s estate.

Amanda was also surprised.  Although she liked Linda as a person, she didn’t think much of Linda’s worth as an employee.  Dan and Amanda speculated on what kind of position Juliette might have offered her.  Amanda suggested a secretary, a janitor, and a waitress, but Dan dismissed all of Amanda’s guesses due to the six-figure salary that Linda had bragged about.  Eventually, they gave up the guessing game, and they decided to spend the day revamping the Leather or Knot web site.

Dan and Amanda spent the entire morning and most of the afternoon side by side working on the site.  They ate-in for lunch, ordered pizza for dinner, and around 8:00 PM Friday evening they received a call from Linda at Leather or Knot.

“It’s the shop,” Amanda announced, looking at the caller-ID display.  “Maybe you should answer it since I still have laryngitis,” Amanda said while making air-quotes around her supposed ailment.

Dan picked up the phone, and after small talk about Dan’s fake interview, Linda explained that the shop received a shipment of vibrating cock rings.  There was a note inside the box from Juliette instructing Amanda to place the stock in the display immediately, and to place one floor model near the display so that customers could examine it.

“So, what’s the problem?” Dan asked.  “Just put them in the display,” he said dismissively.

“Well, we would, but we think that they’re defective,” Linda explained.  “Beth, Tara and I have opened several boxes, and we can’t get any of them to work.  We were wondering if, now that you’re interview is over, you could come down to the shop to help us figure out the problem.  I don’t want Amanda to get in trouble, and I don’t want to be responsible for messing up Juliette’s instructions since I start working directly for her on Monday.”

Dan asked what she expected him to do if the three of them couldn’t get them working, and Linda responded that men had a knack for these things.  She basically begged him to help, and he reluctantly agreed.  After explaining the situation to Amanda, he drove to the shop leaving Amanda at the apartment fine tuning the new web site.

Dan drove purposefully to the shop intending to make quick work of sorting out the problem with the devices.  He parked in front of the shop and strode through the front door to the counter where Linda, Beth and Tara were still examining the cock rings with puzzled looks on her faces.

The women thanked Dan for coming and began explaining everything they tried that failed to work.  Dan immediately picked up one of the unopened boxes and began to examine the contents.  Inside, among the packing materials, he found an elaborate cock ring, a remote and a folded paper with operating instructions.  The remote was small but somewhat heavy.  It had a dial ranging from 1 to 10 and four buttons on the front: a red, a yellow and a green button, and one labeled “open/close.”  Turning the remote over, he opened the battery compartment.

“Have you put batteries in the remote?” he asked.

The women resented the condescending question and explained that they had just opened a new box of AAA batteries that they used in the remotes, and that the remotes still didn’t work.

Dan inserted a pair of batteries; snapped the battery compartment door closed; and pressed the “open/close” button.  A small red led lit up on the front of the remote, but otherwise nothing happened.  At least he was satisfied that the remote was receiving power.

Next, he examined the cock ring.  It was far more complicated than an ordinary cock ring.  Laying it on the counter, the device looked like a figure-eight of sorts.  There were two rings attached by some kind of universal joint.  Dan surmised that one ring was designed to slide over a man’s penis, while the other ring appeared to wrap around the top of the ball sac.  The rings were connected by a swiveling joint which was also attached to a bullet-shaped element.  Dan assumed that the bullet would fit underneath the wearer’s shaft and in front of the wearer’s balls, but he wasn’t sure of its function.  At first, he thought it might be a battery compartment, but he ultimately assumed that it was a vibrator of some kind.

The device was completely brass-colored, and the weight of the device was considerable.  The larger ring was a single solid piece, while the smaller ring was constructed from two hinged semi-circular jaws which freely flopped opened and closed as he lifted the device.

Upon closer inspection, the larger of the rings had three tiny embedded LEDs along the top facing away from the wearer.  Dan wasn’t sure, but he thought that the device also had several electrodes, or sensors, along the inner diameter of both rings, and around what he assumed was the front edge of the penis ring.

After several attempts to operate the device manually and using the remote, Dan reluctantly unfolded the instruction sheet and began reading.  A few seconds into reading the instructions, Dan rolled his eyes and tossed the paper on the counter.  He picked up the device with his left hand and formed his right hand into a gun, using two fingers as the barrel.  He slid the solid ring over his extended index and middle fingers, and he closed the other ring around his pinky and ring fingers.  Then he reached for the remote with his left hand, pressed “open/close” and the device shuddered slightly as the green lights on the remote and the device became illuminated.

“Well, they’re not defective,” Dan announced triumphantly.

All three women leaned in to get a closer look at the device on Dan’s “pistol.”  Then Linda picked up the instruction sheet and began to examine it.

“So, how did you get it to work?” Linda asked preoccupied by the sheet.

“Each of the rings has sensors along the inside circumference.  The sensors have to be touching some portion of the body to enable the device to be turned on,” Dan explained, suddenly realizing how geeky he must have sounded.

“You mean it has to be touching skin for the wearer to be turned on,” corrected Beth with a throaty laugh.

Still reading the instruction sheet, Linda exclaimed “Have you seen what this thing can do?  You should try one out tonight with Amanda.  It will blow her mind… and yours.”

Linda handed the sheet to Tara who began to read aloud.

“100% safe...  Clinically proven to produce orgasms three times as intense as unassisted orgasms…  Capable of prolonging male firmness by a factor of two…  Patented micro-sensor technology ensures simultaneous orgasms when worn during intercourse….” listed Tara.  “Need I continue?”

Dan remembered the previous times that he had allowed his genitals to be bound in the boutique, and he had promised himself that he would never put himself in that position again.

“No thanks.  I think I’ll pass,” he said confidently.

Although the women tried their best to convince him that he should do it for Amanda, Dan stood firm on his convictions.  After several minutes of advocating, challenging, and shaming Dan into wearing the device, the women finally gave up.  They thanked him again for running out at the end of the evening to help them with the problem, and they told him that they needed to begin closing up the shop for the evening.  As he was walking out the door, Linda placed the demonstration device and remote in his hand and told him he could keep them in exchange for his assistance, in case he changed his mind later.

Dan shook his head in amazement, but accepted the gift, walked to his car and drove away.  All the way back to Amanda’s apartment he valiantly fought the urge to try the device on, but as he approached the flower shop near Amanda’s place, the cartoon devil on one shoulder won out over the cartoon angel on his other shoulder.

As he entered the shop, he locked eyes with the female florist who had helped the day before.

“Wow, two times in two nights?  You either did something horrible or terrific!” the florist exclaimed.

He smiled and asked the florist if he could use the men’s room.  Once inside, he took the device and the remote from his pocket, dropped his pants and gently positioned the device around his genitals.  The feeling in his stomach told him that he was about to do something, as the florist would say, either ‘horrible or terrific.’  After a moment’s hesitation, he set the dial to “2” and pressed the “open/close” button on the remote.  Instantly, the device engaged and began to purr.

Struggling to remain calm and natural in the wake of the pleasant sensation, he pulled up his pants and flushed the toilet to give the appearance of using the restroom for its intended purpose.   He returned to the sales floor of the flower shop and stood close to the counter in an attempt to hide his erection.  Dan and the florist made small talk, and he bought a box of chocolates to complete his cover story.

On his way out of the store, his jacket brushed against a display at the end of an aisle and accidentally caused the yellow button on the remote to be depressed.  Dan’s knees buckled at the increased sensation, and he nearly exploded in his pants.  He scrambled to feel around in his pocket for the remote, and he surreptitiously pressed the green button as he returned to his feet.

“Just clumsy,” Dan said with a flushed look back to the florist.

Dan drove the short distance home daydreaming about the rest of the evening with Amanda.  He couldn’t wait to show her the device, and he wanted to see what it could do for them both during intercourse.

His pace quickened as he walked from the car to the apartment.  Fumbling with his keys, he finally opened the apartment door to find the living room dark and quiet.  Through the darkness, he could see that the kitchen light was on, and Amanda was sitting at the kitchen table facing the front door.  She looked as though she was sitting at attention.  Her arms were hung stiffly at her sides, and her face was shadowed with a concerned expression.  He stepped into the entry hall, closed front door, and flicked up the light switch on the wall near door.  The living room lights revealed Juliette sitting on the far corner of the couch and Linda along the right wall in a recliner.

Juliette nodded to Linda who pointed a remote at Dan.  With a press of the red button, Dan dropped to the ground, and Amanda grimaced.  Juliette smiled a satisfied smile of a lioness toying with a mouse before a snack.

“Good work, Linda.  I was right.  You will truly excel as a member of my estate staff.”




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