The Leather Twins Part 10: Masterpiece

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/ff; bond; leather; catsuit; wheel; susp; laxative; gag; sheath; display; toys; nc; XX

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Part Ten - Masterpiece

Chapter 19 – “Wheeled Clean Outs!”

Our Chinese beauties were now tolerating harsher and more complex bondage situations as Karen and I used all our ingenuity to train them.  Our current project was a lead up to a masterpiece and we had spent a long time planning how it would be done.   Early in the day they had both been fed and showered and now sat in the playroom, bound hand and foot, watching our preparations.

Temporary ball gags kept them quiet.

We carried the sections of the wheel into the center of the room and bolted them together.  Although very strong the wheel was light-weight and only had two spokes in an X format.  The spokes crossed at the middle but it was a flat hub and not designed to take an axle.

Two foot high curved bases bolted to the floor and we lifted the wheel to set it vertically in the grooves down the middle of each base.  The outer circumference of the wheel rim had hard plastic teeth every inch that fitted in the grooves of the bases.

A heavy duty electric motor would rotate the wheel at various speeds. 

Starting with Amy we pushed in a large remotely operated butt plug with a flexible rubber flange that sealed against the skin around her rosebud and held it in place with a tight crotch strap that attached to her waist belt.  The strap ran between her buttocks then split on either side of her vagina and buckled to the front of the belt.

After lacing her into a black leather cat suit we spread-eagled her on the wheel, her arms and legs lined up with the spokes, and the hub tight against her belly button.  A criss-cross of tight straps wrapped around each spoke, and her waist, to hold her hard against the wheel.

From the shoulder to the points of her fingers, her arms were encased in heavy leather arm sheaths and the rings at the ends of the mitts attached her to the rim of the wheel.  Strong cords at the elbows and knees held her to the spokes and her wide spread legs were laced into stiletto heeled boots with more cord from the ankles to the wheel’s rim.  The cat suit was crotchless allowing us easy access to her vagina and the built in bondage bra had small openings allowing the breasts to bulge through.

Rings through her pierced nipples were pulled to each side and attached to the spokes with thin cord.

Amy’s jaws were spread wide with a metal ring gag and her head tightly laced into a kid leather helmet.  Hollow nostril inserts were in her nose and a temporary plug in the gag stifled her moans. Nearly half an hour later Susan’s position matched her sister except she was upside down on the other side of the wheel.

The adjustable impaling poles fitted into brackets on the inside rim of the wheel between the legs of the helpless girls.  We started the knobs of the large, ridged, dildos about an inch inside of them and locked the mechanism.  The rods holding the gag plugs slid up (and down) the poles until level with the mouths of our two captives and were locked in place with setscrews.

Pulling out the ball gags we adjusted the length of the rods until their mouths were filled with the plugs that then locked in place in the ring gags.  Each plug had a hollow channel through the middle and was held in place with straps around their heads.

Plastic reservoirs clamped to each shaft and the hoses from them ran to the openings of the gag plugs.  The containers held a thick, syrupy mixture of a potent laxative.

To make sure that everything was working properly, we released the mechanism and slowly turned the wheel until the trigger on the outside of the rim hit the ratchet of the impaling pole’s base between each girls’ legs.  As it did so the dildos moved ¼ inch deeper.

Setting the motors at their slowest speed we turned them on and grinned as with each revolution the inserts were driven deeper and deeper.  Once they were buried to their full length a contact on the flanges automatically reversed the system and they gradually retracted to their starting position.

Held rigidly against the spokes, mouths full of jaw stretching gags locked in place by the rods of the gag plugs, we checked that each girl had sufficient natural lubrication occurring and then engaged the secondary triggers of the set up and re-started the wheel.  As each girl revolved the first trigger moved the dildos and the second one a ratchet one notch.

The timing was adjusted so that just as the thick penis dildo reached the top of its stroke the second ratchet triggered a pump that shot a thick wad of the liquid into the throat of the other girl.

We carried our lunch back to the playroom and enjoyed it as we watched Amy and Susan being systematically violated, struggling to breathe through their noses between the unexpected need to swallow at the same time.  In fact, every one of their senses was on overload when we finished this part of the project by aiming the remote control and turning on the butt plugs.

After fifteen minutes we stopped the equipment and Amy’s eyes pleaded as I refilled the reservoir then gave the wheel a half spin and refilled Susan’s.  When those were empty we again stopped the wheel but locked it so the girls were horizontal to the floor.  That way one of them would not be upside down while Karen and I dressed in our leather pant suits and spent a couple of hours out shopping.

When we came back the laxative had done its job but the butt plugs were well sealed and the results had no place to go.  We let them suffer for a little while longer before releasing them from the wheel, moving them over to the toilets and tying them in place before donning disposable gloves and pulling the plugs.

I mean anyone can shove a nozzle up an ass when an enema is required but Karen and I preferred to be a little creative - much to the distress and discomfort of Amy and Susan!

Chapter 20 – “The Masterpiece.”

Susan and Amy were completely immobilized.  Laying on their backs strapped, side by side to the table with their leather-sheathed arms belted and laced up between their shoulder blades, their legs encased in ballet toed single leg boots and crotch straps holding in the butt plugs and dildos.

Their heads were close together and clamped into separate leather padded vises.  Thin wire through the holes in their top front teeth ran to metal posts at the end of the table behind their heads and from the lower teeth to D rings on the waist belt of the heavily boned corsets.  This kept their jaws stretched apart just a little less than as far as they would go without dislocating.  We had used fishing line around their tongue studs and lower teeth to lace their tongues to the bottom of their mouths.

Karen worked on Susan and I handled Amy as we installed rubber dental dams at the back of their mouths.  These had been purchased at a dental supply store and were what dentists used to stop debris going down a patient’s throat.  We painted their teeth and gums with a light vegetable oil and started packing in a fast setting plastic mixture.  It was quite amazing how much went in before their mouths were full and we peeled back their lips to get a thick layer of the mixture covering their teeth. We left them breathing easily through their noses while the plastic set.

Returning after half an hour we cut the wires and used pressure on their chins to get their jaws to open wide enough for us to extract the moulds.  The oil coating had stopped the mixture from sticking.  Removing the dams we left their tongues wired to the bottom of their mouths, pushed in large ball gags and strapped them in place.  Opening the clamps of the vises we left the girls strapped to the table and moved through to our workshop.  The first thing we did was scratch an A on Amy’s and an S on Susan’s so they would not get mixed up and then we spent the best part of the afternoon smoothing any roughness or sharp edges off the moulds, drilling large holes through the centers and, using a tap drill, threaded the inside of the holes.

Impressions of tiny knots of wire we had used through their teeth allowed us to line up the drill to punch small holes through the moulds and across the channel made by their teeth; we threaded those as well!

We attached small D rings to each side of the moulds and, finally, used a non-toxic paint on the outside – gold for Susan and silver for Amy.

After a light supper, that at least two of us enjoyed, we stood the girls side by side and held them in place with tight straps at the waist to the horizontal bar between two posts.  It took a certain amount of pressure and manipulation but we fitted the newly made moulds in their mouths and used long set screws in the four small holes of each one.  These went into the outer layer of the moulds, through the holes in their teeth and continued on into the threads of the holes behind their teeth.

In the larger center holes we pushed rubber penis shaped dildos that had a threaded metal base.  They were long enough to tickle the backs of our captives’ throats but not long enough to choke them; over the recent weeks and months at our tender mercies their gag reflexes were by now almost non-existent.

The base of the mouth dildo had a ring clamp welded to it and when we attached both clamps to a metal bar across their mouths their heads were locked side by side with absolutely no movement possible.  Straps through the D rings at the sides of their mouths tightened at the backs of their heads and we had the most efficient gags we had ever devised.  As a test we attached nipple clamps and found that a sharp twist only produced low gurgles from our lovely Asian sisters.

The mouth moulds presented us with dozens of new bondage options and positions.  With various attachments we could easily manipulate their heads and lock them in every conceivable pose.  They spent the night flat on their backs on a double mattress like a pair of leather covered Siamese twins.  We left the bar between the gagging mouth moulds and added three more joining them at waist, knee and ankle.  Kid leather blindfolds strapped snugly around their heads and then, for fun, we clamped vibrator pads to their crotches.

Adjusting the pads to a low setting we turned them on and left our girls for a frustrating night. The pads would continuously have a mild effect on the dildos embedded in them but not enough to bring them anywhere near satisfaction.

First thing the next morning I adjusted the pad settings to maximum before joining Karen for breakfast.

Stripping the exhausted captives of all their bonds except for plastic wrist ties holding their hands behind their backs we changed the metal mouth bar for two short plastic ones.  They were soon finished with their toilet and standing in the shower enclosure with the other ends of the plastic rods screwed into sockets on the wall.  Washing them was a breeze with their heads held so rigidly still.

It was over three hours later, after we had fed them breakfast, that Karen was setting up the camera to record our latest, and best yet, handiwork.

Susan and Amy were bent, stretched, laced, bound and locked into a hanging leather covered heart shape.  They were completely helpless and unrecognizable except as leather clad female shapes.

Working in tandem on the girls we had started with neck to hip leather corsets that allowed their nipples to protrude and then forced their gloved arms, with the fingers taped and in leather mitts, up between their shoulder blades in a muscle stretching reverse prayer. Straps across the elbows locked them in place and we paid particular attention making sure the rings at the points of their elbows were strongly attached.

Oversize butt plugs and dildos were followed in quick succession by latex panties, skintight kid leather pants and very tight crotch straps attached to a wide, reinforced bondage belt as did the rings at their elbows.  The single leg, heel less boots arched their feet in an incredible ballet en pointe configuration and the boots had heavy boning at the knee to stop their legs from bending.

After inserting earplugs we tucked their hair under tight rubber swim caps; fitted hollow inserts in their nostrils and covered their eyes with soft leather pads.  Ignoring the usual whines and pleas we worked in the new moulded gags and tightened the setscrews through their teeth.  Gleaming black kid leather discipline helmets, with small holes at the nostrils and larger ones over the center of the gags, laced down the back of their heads and to the collar of the corsets.

A head harness of leather straps held a heavy metal ring in place on top of their heads.

Now we were ready to assemble our “heart”.

Arranging them back-to-back on their sides we wired the toe rings of their boots together and added a tightly laced, ankle length leather sheath.  This created the point of the heart.  A metal pole fitted in to the sockets on the bondage belts at the small of their backs and we adjusted its length to push them apart.

Doing Susan first we ran a piece of strong cord through the ring at the crown of her head down to the center of the bar and pulled on it until from her locked knees to her shoulders her spine was curved backwards and formed one “shoulder” of the heart.  Continuing the pressure, her head came down towards the bar and when we finally tied off the cord her leather covered face was “looking” towards her sister’s back.

When we finished stretching Amy in the same way the girl’s mouths were within six inches of each other and we screwed in a rod to join the sockets of the gag moulds.

Running another pole, with clamps at each end, between the two horizontal ones effectively locked their bodies in position and we released the cords to the crown of their heads.

Dropping a chain from the ceiling pulley we connected it to the center of the rod between their gags and lifted them off the floor.  The vertical rod meant that their weight was being transferred to the bar between the bondage belts and not the one at their mouths.

We had created a gleaming leather heart shape.  Their nipples, bulging through the leather at the “shoulders” of the heart, were the only part of them not covered and we tied neat bright red leather bows around each one to finish the effect.

As our lovely victims, completely helpless and unrecognizable, slowly swung around we took several photographs and a long video record of the creation.  Valentine’s Day was in a week or so and the photographs would be used to send greetings to our bondage friends on the cyber network.

They would probably think that the models were Karen and I and wonder just how the hell we had done it – only Susan and Amy knew the answer to that one!




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