The Leather Twins Part 8: Breaking Amy

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/ff; F/ff; bond; leather; corset; susp; harness; toys; oral; climax; reluct/nc; X

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Part Eight - Breaking Amy

Chapter 15 - Breaking Amy!

Susan would be the static member of this set up but would still play an important part so we started to get her ready first.  Her gloved fingers taped and laced into leather mitts we fitted a jacket on her upper torso that had a built in and heavily boned corset.  When that was laced down the back we bent her arms up between her shoulder blades and strapped them tightly. Her elbows touching in the small of her back made the tops of her breasts bulge out of the 2” openings in the bra cups.  We would need access to them later.  A temporary gag was keeping her quiet as we worked on her outfit and the next step was a large butt plug that I pushed all the way in, Karen taped over the stretched opening.

The skintight kid leather pants laced down the leg from knee to ankle; they were crotchless with a ring of eyelets surrounding the opening at her vagina.  A heavy leather belt had metal rings at each side of her waist and, when we had her laced into stiletto-heeled boots, we bent the legs at the knee and used cord through the toe rings to attach them to the belt rings. Fitting two metal poles in sockets at one end of the table we arranged Susan between them resting on a pad under her kneecaps. Strapping her tightly in place we pulled her bent legs apart and tied each knee to one of the poles.  In short order we filled her ears with rubber plugs, tucked her hair under a tight rubber cap and replaced the temporary gag with a more substantial one that forced her jaws wide apart.

Tape across her mouth and around her head locked the gag in place.  As Karen laced the girl’s head in a kid leather discipline helmet I had a more delicate task.  Held upright between the posts and with her doubled over legs wide apart she was readily accessible for me to install small gold rings in the holes pieced around her vagina lips. With thin leather thongs and a blunt needle I laced the rings to the eyelets in the leather pants surrounding the opening; her vagina was held wide open!  Karen was buckling, and then hauling, on a gag strap over the mouth area of Susan’s helmeted head as I finished my job and we both turned to Amy.

The first part of her outfit matched Susan’s but after we had her upper body laced into the corseted jacket and her arms locked up behind her back, we installed both a large butt plug and a 7” dildo and, making sure the wires from them were clear, pulled a pair of latex panties on her.  A crotch strap held the inserts firmly inside the helpless girl. The kid leather pants were followed by a single leg boot that had a extremely high heel forcing her feet almost to the en pointe position.  Working on her head we plugged the ears and tucked her hair under a tight rubber cap then fitted a hollow nostril insert in each side of her nose.

A special leather helmet went on over her head; this one laced down the back but had openings at the eyes, nostrils and mouth.  Small eyelets surrounded the mouth opening.   Karen forced Amy’s mouth open and I pushed a rubber wedge between her teeth to hold them wide apart. Taking some more very thin leather thong I used the blunt needle to sew her pierced lips to the eyelets in the leather around her mouth.  We worked short, hard rubber grooved wedges between her teeth on either side of her mouth.  They were thinner at the ends where her back teeth slotted in the grooves then gradually got thicker towards the side molars.  The ends facing out of her mouth had small metal rings embedded in them.

An expanding ring gag went behind her front teeth and once it was in place Karen twisted the set screws until Amy’s jaws were locked open; small rods protruding from the sides of the ring gag fitted in the rings on the wedges and locked everything immovably in place.

Taking a pair of forceps Karen captured Amy’s tongue and pulled it out through the ring gag so I could install a ring through the stud hole we had pierced in the tip.  Releasing the tongue for a minute we positioned the bound girl on her stomach in front of Susan.  Straps across her legs held her to the table and then as I lifted her upper torso Karen tightened a strap from the crown of the helmet to a D ring on the crotch strap.

When that was done her wide-open mouth was almost level with Susan’s vagina and just inches away.  Taking another 7” dildo we again caught her tongue and fitted the ring in it through a small clasp in the butt end of the toy.  Loosening the straps across her legs, we pulled Amy along the table as I guided the dildo in to Susan. When it was all the way in I used my finger to push it deeper until Amy’s tongue was also buried in her sister.  Straps from D rings on either side of Amy helmet buckled to the ones on the sides of Susan’s belt held her head in place and the size of the embedded toy stopped her from retracting her tongue. We re-tightened the straps across Amy’s body stopping any other movement and turned our attention back to Susan.

Each of us took one of her nipples in our mouth and gently tongued them erect.  At the same time I held a vibrator pad between her buttocks to send its message to the butt plug and Karen reached a finger down in front of Amy’s leather covered face to manipulate Susan’s clit. With her sister’s warm breath panting on her most sensitive area, and our ministrations, slowly we aroused the bound girl until her body stiffened and reacted with a flow of love juice.  Amy’s tongue and mouth reaped the rewards of our efforts.  I took a moment to activate the plugs buried inside her and watched as tears of embarrassment, helplessness and, probably, hopelessness sprang from the corners of her eyes.

Our leather bound captives were completely at our mercy, dominated by our bondage ideas and equipment; Amy would give us no further trouble, her will to resist had collapsed.  We brought Susan to a couple more orgasms just to drive home our point.

Chapter 16 – Revenge is Sweet!

Ever since my twin sister had surprised me on our birthday and left me to the mercy of our unwilling houseguests I had been quietly planning my revenge.  Yesterday had been Christmas and, after we had fed and watered our lovely Chinese girls before leaving them securely bound, we visited friends and enjoyed the holiday with them. When we got home I had made a cup of tea and we sat in the living room discussing ideas for Amy and Susan’s continuing education in bondage.  Just as she had done to me on our birthday, I had doctored Karen’s drink and was ready to catch her cup as she slipped sideways on the couch and went out like a light.

Now it was Boxing Day and I had been busy with the three of them.  Karen had been laced into a one-piece crotchless leather cat suit with her legs in stiletto heeled boots and then bent at the knee so her calves were locked against her thighs.  She was gagged with a large leather pear and had her hair tucked under a tight rubber cap before I had taped her mouth and laced her head into a kid leather helmet. The neck of the helmet laced to the collar of the cat suit and her arms were locked in position up between her shoulder blades.  A tight strap over her mouth completed her costume for now.  As I worked on her she had woken up but could do nothing except stare at me as I smiled at her.

Susan and Amy were in identical outfits except their legs were encased in double leg boots then also bent and strapped so their feet were clamped to their buttocks.  The inserts and gags I had used for them were specially designed.  Now it was time to create the tableau I had devised for them. I moved a heavy, flat, wheeled platform into the middle of the playroom under one of the ceiling pulleys.  It was very low to the ground and had a metal pole bolted to the middle with soft pads around its base.

Fitting a harness around Susan’s helpless body I used the pulley to lift and swing her over the platform then lowered her until her knees settled on the pad and the pole came up her front to just above her breasts.  A couple of straps held her in place while I released the harness and used it to move Amy over and on to the platform facing her sister. Now I used ¾” nylon shipping tape to loop over them in several places then tighten until they were crushed together and held upright on their knees by the pole.  I used short straps from the top of the helmets to a buckle on the waist belts and pulled their heads back so they were looking straight up.

There was a threaded socket in each of their gags and I screwed a large butt plug in Amy’s and an equally large dildo in Susan’s.  Now it was Karen’s turn to get involved. She glared at me helplessly as I adjusted the harness around her and used the pulley system to position her over the two girls.  Gradually I lowered her until I could use my free hand to get the butt plug and dildo started.  The stems of the pieces were angled slightly and they slid inside her as I continued to lower her until the flanges on the toys were against her crotch.  I locked the pulley and untied her legs.

Karen was helpless to resist as I buckled a metal and leather brace around each knee to keep her booted legs from bending.  The flanges on the inserts kept the two girl’s noses clear of Karen’s body so they could breathe.  I released the straps holding their heads back and replaced them with one that went around the back of their necks. This forced the flanges tightly against Karen and, as I released the harness she settled the last little bit on to her high heels and the embedded inserts.

I tied her ankles to rings in the straps holding the girls’ legs.  Susan and Amy could not budge and Karen’s legs were now tight against their sides.  Tightening the gag strap one final time I slipped a very thin, flesh coloured latex hood over my sister’s helmeted head and it formed to every curve of her face.  There were openings for her eyes and under the nostrils and it covered the lacing around her neck.

As she stood, unable to move, I used my makeup kit to highlight the cheeks and draw on eyebrows and a pair of voluptuous lips that I filled I with deep red lipstick.  Using small pieces of Velcro I attached dangling earrings to each side of her head.  The frames of the glasses were decorated with rhinestones and a piece of elastic around her head kept them in place on her nose. The lenses were just plain glass but the frames disguised the edges of the eyeholes in the helmet covering her face.  I settled a beautiful blonde pageboy wig on her head and combed it neatly to frame her face.  It allowed the earrings to show as if they were attached in a normal manner to her ears.

From the closet I took a small tank of oxygen and set it on the platform holding it in place with a strap against Karen’s leg.  I ran a small plastic tube to Susan’s nose and pushed the nipple on the end in one of her nostrils; a piece of tape held it in place.  Amy got similar treatment.  I tightened leather blindfolds over their eyes. Going through the house to my own room I pulled two items from their hiding place and took them back to the playroom.  Karen’s eyes widened as she watched me adjust the hoops in the skirt of a beautiful, armless, full-length black kid leather ball gown. I adjusted the valve on the oxygen tank to deliver a slow feed to the two bound girls and then lifted the dress and settled it over Karen’s head.  The high-necked bodice laced down the back over her bound arms and the hooped skirt flared out at the waist before dropping to cover the platform and brush the floor.

Both of the girls and the platform were entirely hidden by the skirt and the high neck covered the bottom of the flesh-toned mask.  The second item was a matching full length leather cape that I draped over Karen’s shoulders.  The hood came up to loosely frame her face and I didn’t close the front so that the way it draped gave the impression that her arms were hidden by it rather than being rigidly locked behind her. I had video taped the whole process and now walked around my sister to record the scene.  A beautifully dressed young lady standing in the middle of the room with no sign that she was helplessly bound and unable to move.

Continuing to tape I pushed a button on one of the remote controls and, while there was no sign of movement beneath the skirt, a low moan told me that Amy’s inserts had come to life.  Another button started those deep inside Susan and, finally, I turned on the butt plug and dildo that were embedded inside Karen from the mouths of our captives. Once I was sure they all worked properly I shut them off and went to change into one of my favorite leather suits.  Back in the playroom I closed the front of the cape with its braided leather hoops and fastened the hood firmly at the neck.  Pulling on my leather coat I buttoned it properly, tightened the belt and reached for a pair of kid driving gloves.

Stroking my helpless sister’s cheek I activated all the inserts again and waved goodbye to her.  The toys were plugged in to a wall socket and the oxygen supply was good for a few hours during which my three victims would experience the sensations caused by the inserts but be unable to enjoy them; I had set the levels just that little bit too low. When I returned from shopping for Boxing Day bargains I pushed the platform, with its immoveable passengers, through to the living room and left it so Karen was facing the big screen TV.  Just to complete my revenge I rewound the video and sat enjoying a drink while it played through the entire process I had used to gain my sweet revenge.




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