Leather & Lace

by The White Knight

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Leather & Lace
Chapter 9 – First Date: Bondage Challenge – Part I
By the White Knight

Greg drove us over to the best hotel in the area, a Marriott.  We rode the elevator to the 20th and top floor.  The room he led me into was not just a room but also a suite.   There was a living room with a dry bar, the bedroom and a huge marble encrusted bathroom. 

As he showed me around I kept waiting for him to show me what he had lined up... in the way of bondage.  ‘So where do I get tied up first?’, I asked, to excited to let the little drama unfold by itself.  He smiled at me and placed his hands lightly on my shoulders. ‘That my dear is a question to which first you must answer another question.’  I looked at him quizzically.  ‘I have left this evening very open ended.  We can either enjoy it as the special night that it is, that is just jump in the sack and have fun.... or we could do some experimenting in bondage.  I promise you there will be plenty of physical pleasure, for both of us, in either case.  So what would you like to do?’ 

I hate questions like this. I didn’t want to sound like some bimbo bondage groupie that he had told me of from his days as a film maker, but truth be told that is exactly what I felt like.  I wanted to be tied-up and given those unbelievable orgasms that I had come to associate with bondage.  But, what if this was another one of his little test and he wanted me to chose ‘the romp in the hay’?  Good, God, what do I do know.  I shifted from foot to foot frowning, but not knowing how to get my point across.  Unconsciously (or consciously, I’m not sure) I crossed my arms at the wrist and held them together as if bound in front of me. 

Picking up on my movements, he grinned mischievously and asked, ‘So you would like to make our evening out a bondage experience.’  My face split into a beaming smile of pure sunshine. ‘Ohhhh, yes master.’, I cried out softly.   His chuckle split the air.  ‘Can you say that again.’?  Without waiting for me to reply he continued.  ‘You know you sounded just like Barbara Eden from ‘I Dream of Genie’ when you said that.  Well, all I can say dear lady, is that if Genie was half the woman you are, Major Nelson was probably a very happy man.’ 

I looked down towards the floor and asked hesitantly, ‘You’re not disappointed, with me are you, master?’  He laughed and gave me a hug.  My head rested contentedly against his strong chest.  ‘Sharon, I just want you to realize that you always have a choice.  Having said that though, the one thing that you will never have to beg for in this relationship is bondage!’  I sighed happily.  ‘I want you in everyway a woman can want a man, but your special Greg...  You can led me into a world that I’ve only touched on and to tell you the truth... I’m a little scared, but mostly I am fascinated by it.’  The glow in my face dimmed, ‘But if you didn’t bring any of your gear... well, what will we do?’ 

Greg looked around the room.  He walked back into each of the rooms, paying special attention to the bathroom.  ‘Fear not Lady Sharon, I believe that I can provide you with at least three more than adequate bondage opportunities with just the ingredients found in these rooms.’  I looked at him skeptically and then glanced around the suite.  ‘I find that pretty hard to believe’ I finally countered 

‘Ahhh, I sense a challenge here’, remarked Greg.  ‘Ah ha, Wastson the game is a foot.  First, I have promised you three suspenseful bondage situations.  You will have to be the judge on whether or not they satisfy you, but if I think that you are sandbagging me, I will request a third party hearing.’  I frowned at him not understanding what he meant.  ‘What are you going to do... bring in the bell hop and ask his opinion?’ I sarcastically.  He remained silent for a moment and then replied, ‘An interesting thought, Princess, but I was thinking that we would explain the situation to an independent third party, like Cassy, and she will have the final say.  That is if we disagree.’  I shook my head, ‘No way not Cassy.  She’s your step-mom for God’s sake.  Lucinda will be the tie breaker.’  Greg nodded his head in agreement. ‘Done’, he cried. 

‘Now what do I get if I win?’, he asked me.  I wrapped my arms around his neck, peered up into his eyes and said huskily, ‘What would you like as your prize, oh lord and master?’  He paused considering for a minute and replied, ‘Blow jobs to wake me up for the first week, rather than an alarm clock.’  I looked at him questioningly, ‘First week of what?’, I asked.  He smiled and wrapped his own arms around my middle, ‘Why the first week that we live together of course.’  He gave me a wink and one of those wry chuckles. It took a minute for that one to sink in.  ‘So were moving in together?’, I asked. 

‘But, of course, my dear’, he smiled down upon me.  ‘We live together for three to six months.  Then a pleasant engagement and finally married in twelve to eighteen months.  Or however long it takes for our parents to put together an appropriate wedding.  Sorry, can’t tell you when I’ll ask you to marry me... that would be bad form all ‘round.’ 

I looked up at him stunned.  My mouth gapped open.  Shaking my head to clear it I asked, ‘and just when did you decide all of this, oh masterful one?’  He wasn’t fazed by my sarcasm in the least.  ‘During our first night together when we were in the hot tub, I realized right then and there that you were what I had been looking for these past couple of years.  And despite the fact that I am acting like an out of control bulldozer... I really want you in my life.’  He paused and said softly, ‘Besides, you’ll have the time that we live together to really decide if you want to be my wife.  When the time comes you can always say... no.’ He said the last part so softly, that I could tell it hurt him to even think that I might one day give him that answer. 

I hugged him so hard that I thought we would both fall over, but somehow we maintained our balance.  When I finally loosened my grip, he said, ‘Wow.  If that’s what you do when your happy, I would hate to be on the receiving side of your anger.’  He laughed at his own humor, something else that I was becoming accustomed to.  ‘Now what would you like if you win?’ he queried me.  Or perhaps you need more time to think it over.’  I shook my head from side to side.  ‘No, I know exactly what I want.’   He smiled and looked at me expectantly.  ‘I want to be able to the final say in one of our decisions.  I’m talking about our normal lives.  For example, when we look for an apartment you may want to live in the city and I want to live in the suburbs.  I promise you that I would do my best to compromise, but whatever I finally agree to you have to agree to also.’   Greg frowned.  ‘I’m not sure that I like this, but I’ll try anything once.  Alright your on!’ 

His face lit into a smile and I responded in kind.  ‘OK, then and away we go’, he said spryly as he hurried towards the bathroom.  He returned with a king size bath towel.  To my amazement he opened a tiny pocketknife, like those you use to cut of the ends off of cigars, and made a cut in the fluffy fabric.  Then he ripped downward along its entire length until he had a piece of material about one to two inches wide and five feet long.  His grin knew no bounds as he handed me the first strip.  Wrapping the soft terry material around my hands I pulled against the strip with all of my strength.  With the exception of making my knuckles red, I achieved nothing.  I nodded my head towards him acknowledging the towels restraining capabilities. 

As he placed the fifth strip in my hands, I said, ‘All right I’ll admit you can you can tie me up with this stuff.  But, I am looking for three very different bondage experiences.  Most of all they have to be exciting!’  Greg acted out being hit by some imaginary weapon.  ‘You wound me, madam.  How could you expect anything less of the all famous Gregory!’  Putting my fingertips to my lips in mock horror, playing along with his mood, I responded, ‘Oh no, my lord.  That was never my intention.’  I paused and gave him a wicked grin.  ‘Where would you like to immobilize me, my lord?  Or is there anything else you would desire....  oh master.’  I ended with a breathy sigh. 

‘To the bed, you... you... temptress you’, he cried waving the terry straps at me that he had gently removed form my fingers.  I scurried over and sat on the end of the bed.  The maid service had already removed the heavy coverlet leaving only the turned down sheets and blankets.  ‘On your stomach harlot, into the middle of the bed with you and place your hands behind your back.’  I had already been hogtied, so I had a pretty good idea of what he required of me.  Sliding into the middle of the bed I turned over onto my stomach and crossed my wrists behind my back. 

‘Now we are going to see just how flexible you are you little vixen’, he leered.  With that he grabbed my right ankle and bent it back until it reached my reached my thigh.  I winced a little at his roughness, but soaked up the wild experience of losing my freedom.  Expertly he bound my ankles to my thighs.  I found it uncomfortable, but not painful.   Soon I felt him fiddling with my shoes.  ‘Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.  We can’t be having this,’ he said.  ‘You are falling out of your shoes!  And, as Dad has by now taught you, high heels used wisely are a bondage onto themselves.’  I felt him wrap more of the strips around my instep and the sole of my shoes, pushing my foot tightly into highly arched soles.  Finally these bonds were tied to each legs separate ankle-to-thigh binding. 

My wrists were tied in a new way, side by side horizontally to my body.  Then with a couple more of the slices of terry cloth he formed a halter around my shoulders to which he attached my wrists.  I winced again, as they were pulled further up my back.  I bit my lip until he finally was satisfied.  Taking a deep breath I did my best to get used to the painful pressure, which was being exerted on my shoulder muscles.  I tried twisting my wrists in their bindings and shifting my arms into the limited different positions available, none of which helped alleviate the throbbing pain.  Then an interesting thing happened.  Once that I had given up on changing the pain to something less stressful, the pain receded to a dull ache.  It was sort of like if I just accepted it, the worst of it went away. 

I felt his weight leave the bed for a few minutes, but he returned quickly.  Just as I was getting used to this new bondage position he began to spread my legs apart.  My dress had obviously ridden mid-way up my rump as I felt him kneading my milky moons.  ‘Oh my what a pretty little pussy you have here girl’, he rumbled as his fingers moved to my love mound.  I was already extremely excited and my juices greased his way into me.  Slowly he began pumping his hand in and out of me.  Sliding two and then three fingers into my hungry lower lips.  I moaned in desire as he continued to finger me.  Each stroke of his arm forward buried more and more of his hand deep into my cunt.  One finger, two... three four.... My poor cunny was stretched widely about his hand as now he pressed all of his pyramid formed digits into me.  Jesus, he was trying to get his whole hand into me!  The pressure was becoming intense.  The battle within me between pain and ecstasy was raging like wild fire.  God, it felt so good and yet at the same time I felt like I was going to be ripped apart.  I groaned as he penetrated me further and further.   ‘Oh, yeah... baby, ...do it to me.  This... is... so.... good!’  I could feel a tidal wave building within me.  ‘Oh, lord.... yes!’  Just as I was nearing the peak, his hand slipped from within me.  ‘Oh, please lord.... please have mercy on your bound slave girl.... pleaaase, let me have my release.’ 

I shifted and tossed about, but in no way could I stimulate myself.  I smiled as I felt the first touch upon my tender lips.  For some reason he was spreading them with the tips of his fingers.  Then I felt it.  It was cold.   Hard and ice cold.  ‘What’s that’, I cried in dismay.  The hard coldness was being pressed into my slick opening.  I shuddered and tried to close my legs, earning a quick slap to my butt.  ‘Behave.  It’s just a coke bottle’, Greg said sarcastically.   I could feel him pushing the cold plastic into me.  ‘God, Greg, what are you doing?’, I demanded.  That earned me any even harder rap on the ass.  ‘Slaves are supposed to be seen and not heard’ he intoned.  ‘But, in answer to your question, I am going to put this coke bottle into your love box.’  I gasped for air and opened my mouth to protest.  Another slap, made me think twice.  ‘Relax’, he said.  ‘It’s only a twelve ounce bottle’.  The ribbed cap had already passed easily into me.  With a twist and a push the thick middle of the bottle slid half way into me.  ‘Oooofffff’, I moaned.  ‘Oh, God and I thought your hand was bad.’  I moaned again and complained, ‘God, you splitting me apart!’  With another heaving push the bottle slid even further into me. 

‘Oh, you are a trying slave girl.  One definitely in need of discipline’, he stated.  ‘I only have available to me so many things in this room, so I had to make do.  I must say it worked out well. 
With only the thicker part of the bottom not in you, it looks like your cunt is swallowing the bottle trying to drink the soda.  I wish I had a camera... this would open up a whole new avenue of advertising!’  He laughed at his own joke.  ‘Besides you didn’t expect me to leave you bound like this without something left to agitate your sex, did you?’ he asked.  What was he talking about?  ‘What do you mean leave me?’, I asked incredulously.  Without answering my question he took another piece of the towel and thrust it between my teeth.  He had placed a largish knot in the middle, which took the place of the ball part of the gags that I was becoming used to.  I yelled into my gag.  Trying to demand that he answer me. 

I glared at him as he sat besides my head and picked up the phone.  ‘Yes, room service, I would like a bottle of your best champagne sent up to twenty-oh-two’, he said.  The phone buzzed with a response.  ‘Yes, yes that will be fine.  I’ll be out of my room for a bit, just tell the bellman to leave it in the bedroom.  The tip will be on the bed.’  As he hung up the phone, I found that I couldn’t move.  I was totally in shock.  He was going to leave me alone trussed up like a bird waiting to be baked, with a coke bottle sticking from my honey pot for some bellman to find!  I couldn’t believe it.... this couldn’t be happening. 

Before I could even gather my wits to form a complaint I felt the bedspread being pulled over me.  He used it to entirely cover both the bed and me.  Then I heard some rustling of paper.  ‘I’m leaving five dollars at the foot of the bed.  If I were you I wouldn’t do anything to attract attention to myself when that bellmen gets here.’ 

With that he left the room.  Finally my voice returned and I screamed and damned him through my gag. I pulled futilely at my bonds.  Then looked around me desperately.  Good, Lord, my body was forming a tent of the coverlet!  It had to look like just what it was from the outside... a bedspread covering a bound human form!  Shit! 

It soon became hot under the covers.  Little beads of perspiration rolled down my forehead and cheeks.  I couldn’t tell if the sweat was from my fear, the heat or a combination of the two.  My mouth felt like a desert, it was so dry.  Unlike the rubber ball gags the terry absorbed all of my mouths moisture like a dry sponge. 

Everything was becoming more and more intense.  I could hear my heart quickly beating in my ear, which was pressed against the mattress.  My shoulders and legs ached form the strain imposed upon them by their restraints.  Even my feet felt cramped and pinched within my tightly bound heels.  God, where was Greg going?  What was taking the bellman so long?  It seemed to me like hours rather than minutes had passed. 

‘Brrrringgggg’ the bell to the room rang.  Then there was a knock on the door and I heard it opening.  ‘Hello.  Your champagne is here.... hello?’  Getting no response I heard a cart pushed in my direction.  I held my breath and tried desperately not to move a muscle.  I heard the bellman whistling and glasses clinking as he set everything up.  ‘POP’ the sound of the bottle opening startled me and I twitched under the covers.  ‘Huhn’, I heard the waiter mumble.  ‘Ummm, excuse me is there anyone here?’  I closed my eyes and didn’t move another muscle.  I could feel his eyes boring into the bed.  He had to be wondering what was under the rumpled covers.  He was probably wondering if he could get away with peeking underneath them.   I was sure that he was edging towards the bed....   I almost screamed as I felt his hand lit upon the bedspread... 

‘Hey, thanks a lot’, he cried to the room at large as I heard a rustling of paper money.  Whistling once more I heard him close the door as he left the suite.  My breath exploded from my body as I gasped for air.  I hadn’t realized it at the time, but I must have been holding my breath almost the entire time.  Oh God, Oh God.... I kept moaning to myself.  I was rocking from side to side, like a little girl trying to comfort herself.  The fear of discovery... the shock of my jumping to the pop of the cork... and now the relief of knowing once again I was safe.  ‘Ohhhhhh God... ‘, I moaned again, this time due to the unbelievable pressure of an orgasm that was building up within me.  It took me by surprise, but the release from my terror and the effect of the rocking on the coke bottle were having a wonderful effect on me.  My sex was burning with desire.  I began to scissor my legs open and closed, not an easy task, but my need pushed me beyond normal strength.  I could feel the smooth plastic rubbing against my inner walls.  My leg movements were pushing the pseudo dildo marginally into and out of my hungry cavern.  ‘Ohhhhhh YEAH’, I yelled into my gag as the waves cascaded over me.  Over and over and over.  God, how can he continue to find ways to make my orgasms even more and more intense, I wondered as the warm after glow began to settle upon me.  I lounged contentedly in my bonds, now enjoying everything in the whole world. 

Greg returned shortly afterwards and promptly removed my gag and pulled out the coke bottle.  ‘Ahhhh’, I groaned in relief, as my stretched cunny was able to relax to normal size.  ‘That was the most horrifying thing that has ever happened to me.’  I paused looking up at his smiling face.  ‘But, Good Lord, you are good’, I moaned as I stretched within my bindings.  Greg wrapped the slippery coke bottle in a linen napkin as I spoke.  ‘Yes’, he answered.  ‘I can see that I was even better than I expected.’  For whatever reason, I blushed at that statement. 

‘God, I was so scared that the bellman was going to lift that bedspread at any moment...’ then I told him the rest of my story in a gush of unrelated thoughts and feelings.  Greg continued to smile at me as he sat next to my head and looked down upon my bound form.  I could see his eyes looking over my entire body as I spoke.  His fingers caressingly combed through the hair at the top of my head.  Strangely it made me feel good.  Like a fashion model being appreciated for the way she walks down the runway. 

‘Just what would you have said, pray tell, if the bellman had found you and removed your gag?’, He asked with a chuckle.  I had to think about that one.  It’s funny but up until now I hadn’t thought of saying anything.  Hell, I was bound and gagged with a coke in my twat.  What could I say?  Could I borrow your bottle opener?  ‘I guess that I would have told him that my boyfriend had gotten kinky on me... but, to leave me as I was.  I’d try to make him believe that this was a one time thing, that I loved you enough to let it pass and hopefully get it out of your system’, I finally answered.  ‘You see you weren’t entirely helpless’, Greg said.  ‘He might have gotten an eyeful and had a great story to tell his friends, but that was about the extent of your danger.’  I thought about it and how I had felt so frightened about being discovered... ‘But, he would have seen me like this’, I tossed my head from side to side trying to encompass my entire body with the motion.  ‘Yes, he would have.  Would that have been so terrible?’, he asked calmly.  My mouth opened, but no words would come out.  ‘Wha... Wha... What are you trying to say, that I would like someone else seeing me like this?’, I asked incredulously.  Looking at me seriously he answered, ‘I don’t know.  You have to answer that question for yourself.’  He paused and we just looked into each other’s eyes.  Both silently questioning the others motives.  ‘What do you really like about bondage?’, he finally asked. 

Ah, so this is what he was leading up to.  God, this man was hard to please.  He wants to marry me, but at the same time he questions my motives for loving what he obviously loves at every turn.  That’s OK, though, he’s been burned before and he’s scared of me doing the same thing to him.  Sooner or latter he will understand that he doesn’t have to worry. 

‘It all very new to me’, I responded openly.  ‘I’m not sure about everything that I like and don’t like yet, but I do know this:  I like being bound here before you.  Despite all of the physical discomforts, there is something immensely satisfying in being helpless and totally dependent upon you... my loving master.’  I smiled at him and he leaned down and gave me a soft tender kiss.  ‘What do you like about bondage?’ I countered him softly. 

‘Similar to you, I most like having you helpless before me’, he responded equally softly.  One of his hands began to trace my bound limbs.  ‘I love looking at the almost mathematical symmetry of your bound form.   Hmmm, yes’, he sighed.  ‘You my dear are undoubtedly a beautiful woman, but when you have given yourself to me so completely and when you are bound so wondrously... well, to me it makes you the most exciting women in the world!’  He sighed once more.  ‘In all honesty, looking at you dressed so provocatively and bound so makes me hotter than I can tell you.  I have to constantly restrain myself so that I don’t just give into my impulses and screw you wildly as soon as I see you.’  He paused again; I said nothing because I realized he was baring part of his sole to me.  ‘Princess, every time I think of you I want you.  Every time I look at you I desperately want you and every time your bound before me I can barely control myself...’ He hung his head, as if in shame. 

I didn’t see the problem he seemed to be facing within himself.  Quietly I asked, ‘That’s lovely honey, but truly I don’t see your dilemma.’  His face-hardened and he rasped back at me, ‘I’m the master, I am always supposed to be in control!’  I felt like laughing out loud.  Now I know Zippo about being a master, but I had read my share of romance novels and my honey fit right into the classic mold.  ‘Master’, I said softly.  ‘You are always in control.  I have no desire, or will, to take that from you.’  I paused trying to figure how to frame the rest of my assurance.  ‘From my point of view, what you are saying isn’t a problem, but something wonderful.’  He raised his head and his eyes looked at me probingly.  ‘That your desire for me could drive such a strong man to distraction, must assuredly mean that he loves me.  I can’t think of any nicer compliment that you could pay your, oh so contented slave.’  He smiled at my wink and his dark mood seemed to break. 

He looked up at the ceiling and said, ‘God, whatever I did to deserve this incredible woman, please tell me and I will promise to do more.’  Looking to me.  ‘You know that you are incredible, don’t you?’  I smiled and did my best to shrug my shoulders, ‘I find it hard to believe, but I love it when you tell me so!’  He rolled me unto my side as his lips found mine.  I pulled a bit at my bound arms, despite knowing better, I just really wanted to hold him.  His kisses became more and more passionate as his hands explored the tightly stretched material covering my breasts.    One hand slid gently down my side until it reached the strip of towel binding ankle to thigh.  He traced the indent caused in my flesh by the very secure bonds, with his sensual digits.  Both of our breathings had increased.  God, I wanted him.  I wanted him now.  I wanted him exploding in me.... NOW!  Like telepathy he seemed to know, what I wanted.  But rather than complete the act, his kisses began to slow and his hands moved behind my head.  With a last few kisses he broke off our embrace and cupping my head looked deeply into my eyes.  ‘I love you Princess’, he said simply.  ‘I love you Master’, I responded softly.  We smiled at each other.  Life was good. 

Leather & Lace
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