Leather & Lace

by The White Knight

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Leather & Lace
Chapter 2 – Learning the Ropes with a Twist
By the White Knight

An annoying buzzing noise brought me back to reality.  As the cobwebs of my rest began to fade, I kept wondering what the damn buzzing was.  With a monumental effort, I lifted my arm and removed the satin night mask.  Slowly my eyes focused in the direction from which the sound was coming. 

“Shit”, I mumbled through the gag as my eyes popped open.  The noise was my new alarm clock and it was 7:00am in the morning!  I lunged for the noisome clock, but couldn’t reach it.  Twisting to my left I freed my wrist and then quickly removed my ankle restraints.  Finally I was able to silence the racket caused by the alarm. 

Unbuckling the gag, I found that I had a hard time removing it.  My jaw really didn’t want to open far enough to let loose the ball.  Only by using my thumb and forefinger to encircle the ball behind the strap, was I able to gain the necessary purchase to pry it loose.  Working quickly I stripped the bed of its nylon attachments and put all of the equipment back into its box.  The closed box went into the shopping bag and was placed in the back of my walk-in closet.  Carefully, I peeled off my worse for wear bustier costume. 

I looked at the battered outfit and felt that it had served me well last night and it should really get a chance to be seen by my real fantasy lover.  Whenever I find him, at least.  I took the hose and the rest of the outfit to the bathroom sink.  Filling the basin I put in a dash of Wool Lite.  Then I quickly, but carefully hand washed the fragile garments.  Finishing, I left them to soak while I jumped into the shower. 

As the hot steamy water revived my aching muscles, I thought of what had occurred the night before.  I couldn’t believe it, but the facts spoke for themselves.  Not only had I very much enjoyed myself during my first bondage fantasy, but I had fallen asleep afterwards bound and gagged in my bed!  This was absolutely amazing.  I had barely even heard of bondage prior to the beginning of this week.  I hadn’t even done anything sexually that was outside of the usual norms.  Yet, here I was undergoing absolutely incredible orgasms while I was helplessly bound.  What the heck, was going on with me? 

I didn’t have time to mull over all these thoughts as I had so much to do before I could be on my way to work.   I rinsed out my garments, gently draining all of the excess water and then placing them all side by side along the shower curtain bar. 

I went into the bedroom and quickly threw on a bra and panties. My make up came next.  I decided to stay with the same colors from the prior night, as not all of it had come off in the shower.  This way I knew that I could make it all blend in and no one would be the wiser.  Pearl stud earnings were applied in haste.   Grabbing my white short sleeve cashmere sweater shirt I slid it on.  I chose black panty hose and pulled a pleated black wool skirt from the draw below.  Quickly pulling on these items I raced to my closet for shoes.  I almost stumbled over my party shoes and then I looked down at them and thought why not. 

Despite the ache in my jaw, which had not yet dissipated, I truly felt like celebrating.  I slid each of my arched soles into the black patent leather heels. The pointy heels were a little difficult to walk in, but they made me feel sexy.  And just now, that was exactly how I wanted to feel. 

Taking a couple of Multigrain bars and a small bottle of orange juice, I drove off to the office.  It was very important that I get to the office on time because I really didn’t want to loose this job.  Kicking my boyfriend out had been the right thing to do, but the financial reality was that he was paying a goodly portion of our expenses.  With my job also terminated, my meager savings had dwindled rapidly.  I had no intention of going back to my parents or giving up my apartment and lifestyle.  Therefore, I had better get my cute little tail to work. 

Walking in I sat down and surveyed my desk.  Even though I was coming in a half-hour early every morning, there were always new assignments on my desk when I arrived.  I saw Lucinda, talking to one of the people in the art department.  She smiled and nodded towards me in recognition.  With a jaunty little tune from Snow White running through my mind, I set to work. 

Deeply immersed in correcting a memo, I didn’t notice that Lucinda had come up to my desk and was looking down at me.  I flinched in surprise when she spoke.  “Good morning, my dear”, she said silkily.  “I trust you had a rewarding evening”.  I blushed like a schoolgirl, looking down, not even able to meet her gaze.  “It... it... was fine”, I stammered lamely.  “Yes, I suppose that it must have been, my dear”, she continued knowingly.  “Oh, and by the way I think your outfit this morning is particularly smashing.  I would however, button just one more button as the black lace of your bra stands out so much against the background of your white sweater.”  I looked down at my chest and realized that she was exactly right.  I didn’t even remember putting the sexy bra on, nor noticing that the cashmere shirt had been opened so low.  My fingers nervously fastened the button.  “Perfect”, she said as I finished.  “Now just relax, my dear.  There is no need to be nervous, believe me you are among friends.”  I gathered my nerve and looked up at her with a shy smile.  She smiled back and with a wave of her hand she was gone. 

I wondered about the bra and my unusual display of breasts.  I had consciously, put on the heels as a celebration of my sexuality, but had I also unconsciously done these other things.  There wasn’t an easy answer to the question, so I got back to work. 

Shortly after lunch I received a phone call from customer satisfaction department (read complaint).  The women on the other end of the line said that she had a particularly irate customer on the phone and would I please handle it.  When I told her I didn’t know what she meant and that I was a temp, she informed me that my predecessor Kay always handled the tough ones and she really didn’t know where to turn.  If it was part of the job, I figured that I should at least try to handle it so I told her to patch the person through. 

Trying to get off to a good start with the customer, I said, “Good afternoon, my name is Sharon. How my I help you.”  An upset women’s voice came through the earpiece loud, but not screaming, “You can send me a product that works, is how you can help me.”  I paused not knowing exactly what to say, so she filled the gap by continuing, “We... I purchased, the multi pack stimulator from you and no matter how I try I can’t get the damn things to stay put.  I can’t figure out these straps out at all, and.... well its just really driving me crazy.”  I scribbled down exactly what she had said.  Then I asked for the product number, as I had seen them displayed in the catalog.  “Mam, I am just subbing for the person that normally works here, but I promise you that I will talk to the appropriate people and get back to you within the hour”.  The lady paused, and calmly said, “Thanks, that would be wonderful.  My name is Karen Moran and I would really like to get this thing working before my husband comes home, so I really appreciate it your getting back to me so quickly.”  She left me her number and I set to work. 

I looked the product number up on the invoicing database screen, but that only gave me a short description and the price.  From this research though I did learn that ‘AT’ at the beginning of the product code stood for Adult Toys.  I retrieved my personal catalog from my bag, and flipped to the proper section.   Finding the product number, I could see by the picture that the ‘Multi Pack Stimulator’ was in fact a set of dildo’s, with straps to hold them in both your vagina and asshole at the same time.  The description explained that the larger penis-like one was a powerful vibrator and the smaller dildo was referred to as a butt plug.  The picture showed a computer-generated rendition of what the apparatus would look like if it were held appropriately together in thin air.  The leather strap set had one thick strap going around the persons middle and multiple thinner straps running down between the legs.  Nothing really showed me how it all fit together. 

I went looking for any of the partners, but they all were away from their desks.  The clock was ticking, so, I did the next best thing that I could think of.  I went to the product room.  I walked through the aisles of goods and found the shelf with a copy of the Multi Pack Stimulator.  The cover of the box showed the lower half of a woman wearing it, but it wasn’t clear how the thin straps were coming together to hold in the pseudo penises.  Opening the box I found that the instructions were less than helpful.  I personally couldn’t make any sense out of the diagrams or the written instructions. 

I picked the box up and set out to leave when my eye lit on a pair of panties that were the same baby blue color as my bustier and even had black lace trim.  I didn’t really like the G-string that had come with the outfit so I decided to walk over and take a look.  I reasoned that if I was going to save that outfit for my hopefully soon to be found lover, than I should at least pick up a pair of panties that I like to go with it.  The panties were French cut and made of a soft silky material.  The waist, leg openings and a strip right down the center of the crotch were highlighted with bands of sensual black lace.  Picking up the delicate panty in both hands I was surprised when the crotch split open. Oh, my God, how perfect!  I quickly imagined binding myself up for my lover as I had done the night before and him being able to penetrate me without messing around with the silly G-string.  I had to have them.  At the door I did as directed and ‘purchased’ the panties.  I went to leave when I realized that I hadn’t accounted for the Multi Pak.  I didn’t know how the inventory system around here worked, but Lucinda had been insistent that I sign out whatever I removed from the ‘product closet’.  Re-entering the system, I quickly charged it to myself. 

Back at my desk I slid the panties into my bag and then tried to figure out the ‘stimulator set’.  Without putting the damn thing on myself, I could not begin to fathom how these thin straps would hold their charges in.  I really wanted this job, but I wasn’t about to walk into the toilet, insert a couple of dildo’s into my nether regions, just to figure out how to properly apply the straps. 

Neither Mr. Thatcher, nor Lucinda had returned to their offices, but Mr. Harrison was in.  I had only barely met the man and was a little nervous about going to talk to him about such a sensitive issue.  I laughed at myself, when I realized what I had been thinking.  Heck, this is what people do here so this could hardly be called a sensitive subject.  Never the less I was still a little uncertain. 

I knocked on his open door and said quickly, “Could you help me with a customers problem that I am trying to resolve.”  Looking up for what he was writing at his desk, he smiled at me and responded, “Sure I can, young lady.  Step right in and take a seat.  I won’t be a minute, but I would just like to finish this thought.”  He looked back down at his work and I did as instructed and sat down at on the sofa near the coffee table.  His office was a lot like Mr. Thatcher’s, but where Mr. Thatcher had plants he had paintings.  Sunset at a lighthouse with water splashing about its rock base, seascapes and a few sailing ships decorated his walls. 

Gazing down at the coffee table I spotted a copy of the company’s catalog.  I couldn’t help but stare at the lovely brunette on the cover.  “She really is a beauty, isn’t she young lady?” he said warmly as he sat down opposite me.  “Excuse me”, I responded looking up to meet his eyes.  “The brunette you were looking at so intently”, he prompted me.  “Yes”, I answered honestly, “She is very beautiful”.  He sighed lightly and said, “Yes, she is at that.  You know you look an awful lot like Ann.”  I didn’t know what to say, so I just gave him a shy little smile.  “Yep, when Michael called me and told me that we had hit the jackpot with the temp the agency had sent over, he also said that your were almost the spitting image of his wife.  Now that I see you up close, I can tell he was right.” I had been blushing from the praise; I was receiving when all of what he said hit me.  “His wife...” I stammered before I could stop myself.  “Sure is”, he answered, “They’ve both worked here, in one way or another, for years.” He looked at me and could see my obvious interest, “How about a I tell you a little background about this company, my dear?”  I nodded my head quickly. 

He stood up looking off in the distance for a moment, before he turned back to me.  He had such an engaging manner about him that I could not turn away.  He was the oldest of the three partners, probably around his late 40’s, but he seemed to act like everyone’s friendly father.  His crusty warm voice told this tale. 

“I started the company back in ‘82.  I was a salesman at the time and I saw what all of the other mail order catalogs were doing were doing in this field and I thought to myself that I could do it better.  Well, I spent the next five years building this company up with very little staff and hardly any money to spare.  One day I get a call from this firecracker, Michael.  He’s a young 27, with an MBA and he’s working for one of the competition.  He’s in finance and he convinces me that it would be a good idea if we could meet.... You see he was trying to get me to sell my company. 

I knew that of course, but he was paying for lunch so I agreed.  We hit it off from the moment we met.  It was like I had known him forever and we were life long friends.  Instead of just cutting him off at restaurant, like I had planned, I brought him back to the warehouse that I was running the business out of back then.  I showed him around and he looked closely at just about every product that I offered to the public.  He commented on the quality of the products and said that my line was much better and more extensive than his own firms.  He left me that day with a hearty handshake telling me he would call, but I never thought that I would see him again. 

Two weeks later I came to work as usual and found Michael sitting on the stoop in front of the warehouse.  ‘I want to come work for you’, he said to me flat out.  I told him he was crazy, that the business was only throwing off barely enough money to support me.  I couldn’t very well afford to pay someone of his caliber’s salary.  He wouldn’t be swayed.  Said, he would work for nothing if he had to, but he felt that he belonged here.  He also said that he had a lot of ideas how he could financially turn around the company.  What did I have to lose, so we shook hands and he was on board. 

He did things that I would never believed possible.  Made us a real company for one thing, which greatly changed our tax picture, but that was just the start.  He bowled over the bankers and the zoning boards, getting us money and space for expansion.  In six months we had made such strides, that not only could we expand, but we could also afford to feed ourselves. 

That’s about when his wife showed up.  It was Ann who actually changed the complexion of the company to what it is today.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself.  Like I said we were still short of money and couldn’t afford the clerks, accountants and secretaries we really needed to run our expanding company.  Michael and I worked long hours, everyday and often worked on weekends.  So there she was one Saturday handling the bills, in a loose sleeveless sweet shirt, shorts and sneakers, she was about your age at the time.  When I had been introduced, she told me that she was tried of not seeing her husband.  So if she couldn’t see him at home, at least she could be with him here. 

She was a godsend.  Got all of our paper work in order by organizing a platoon of college kids that were looking for summer employment.  Her husband’s idea, but she made it happen. 

One weekend Michael and I were doing the manual labor of actually unloading a truck of our catalogs into the warehouse.  It had just arrived from the printers.  Ann sat there during lunch leafing through the catalog.  When we finally sat down, tried and hot from our exertions.  She looked at us both and flipped the catalog onto the table.  ‘That thing is not going to sell your products’, she said disdainfully.  We looked at her dumb founded and started to make negative noises... ‘It doesn’t sell me and I don’t think it will sell your other customers either’, she said positively certain of her position.  Not wanting to insult her, but totally exasperated, I asked what was wrong with it and what we she would do to fix it. 

She felt that it was geared strictly towards a male viewpoint.  Yes, males were the most predominate benefactors from our products, she agreed, but it was women who more often then not made the purchases.  She cited the customer mail that was almost 90% from women, either praising or complaining about our products.  We had to make the catalog ‘female friendly’, she proclaimed.  "How?” I asked again. 

To start with I would change the cover.  Look at it, block letters and a picture of a lovely smiling woman in skimpy lingerie.  We are not Frederick’s of Hollywood and we shouldn’t make ourselves look like it.  On a blank piece of computer paper she drew a heart.  She put two stick drawings in the heart and labeled them lace and leather.  In Script about the top of the heart she wrote Leather and Lace, Inc., then used her pencil to shade in the background on the page.  Her husband took the pencil from her when she finished and gave the heart a double outline, made it look like rope with a knot at the top.  Ann explained her idea which, as you can see, has been the tone of our cover ever since.  In fact the cover on this years catalog and many of the other pictures inside are a tenth anniversary reprint of that groundbreaking catalogue. 

She also pointed out that with the exception of the lingerie section, none of the rest of the products were modeled at all.  I told her that there were pornography laws against, such things and we could not do that.  No of course we can’t show vaginal or anal penetration, but how about a picture of a woman getting a sexy massage with oil gleaming on her back.  And what about all of the bondage equipment, it just lays there in the catalog like it was in some museum showcase.  I’ll bet you there are no laws about showing someone modeling wrist or ankle cuffs, collars or blindfolds.  Her husband and I looked at each other and back at Ann and we knew that she was right.  We would have to re-shoot at least part of this catalog, Michael said to me.  How, I asked.  Where will we get the money for the reprinting and where are we going to get models that will agree to these types of pictures?  Michael said that he would get the money and Ann said that she would find the models. 

The next Saturday, as agreed, we all met at the photographer’s studio.  I was dismayed to see Ann walk in with only one of our normal models.  “Is this all you could get”, I asked dejectedly.  ‘What more do you need”, she replied, “than a blond and a brunette.”  I looked behind her for the brunette, and then I realized what she meant.  “You don’t mean to say...” I began.  Before I could say anymore she had stripped off her standard college sweat shirt top.  Ann had a perfect size six body, with flat stomach and large firm breast, which her orange bikini top barely held in check.  I looked over at her husband, he smiled and said, ‘It was her idea and once my wife has made up her mind its damn near impossible to change it.  ‘But the bondage equipment...’ I asked incredulously.  Michael looked sheepishly at the floor.  I turned my gaze back to his wife.  Ann turned to the blond asked her to go get ready for the shoot.  When she turned back to me, she said flat out, ‘My lord and master over there, is a true bondage enthusiast.  I love him so I go along for the ride.’  I looked aghast at what this beautiful young woman was saying to me.  She patted me on the arm and said to me, ‘Harry, its OK.  This isn’t the first time that I’ve worn leather restraints and as long as I stay married to this old lunk (she reached over and gave Michael’s arm a squeeze) it probably won’t be the last time.’ 

She was right of course.  Her and Mary, the blond, worked through the weekend.  About a hundred of the many thousands of shots ended up in the catalog.  Sales boomed that year and we have been growing ever since.  I tried to get Ann to come on board as marketing director, but she refused.  Said she wasn’t qualified, but she would look for someone that was.  That’s where Ms. Grant came from.  Ann contacted countless agencies and interviewed hundreds of executives before she presented us with Lucinda. 

‘And that pretty much is that, as they say’, he finished.  ‘Thanks for listening to an old dog like me.  Every once and awhile its nice to relive your beginnings, but what was it you needed my help with, dear lady?’  I beamed at him and thanked him for telling me the company’s history and then I outlined the customer’s problem.  I finished by telling him the steps that I had taken trying to figure out the problem for myself.  ‘What did you conclude after your research?’ he asked with interest.  I hemmed and hawed not wanting to demean the instructions.  ‘Go on, you can tell the honest truth to ‘ol Harry?’ 

‘First I didn’t understand, why the product just didn’t use one thicker strap between the legs’, I began, ‘But excluding that, I concluded that I wouldn’t be able to figure out how to use it without putting it on myself.’ 

‘Exactly’, he exclaimed excitedly.  ‘Let me see those instructions”, he asked.  I handed them over and he read them quickly.  “Unnhhh,  Unnhhhh, Uuuunnnnhhh”, he mumbled to himself.  ‘A man wrote these, not someone as you so aptly put it ‘who had put it on themselves!’ 

“Now here are the answers to your questions”, he said like a knowledgeable college professor.  ‘First, we do have a similar product with a single strap down the center.  Its more functional, but a lot less pretty.  Therefore we sell a lot more of these, remember women are a main consumer.’ He paused for a second to catch his breath, ‘Second, take the vibrator and the butt plug out of the box’.  A little nervously, I did as instructed.  Holding one in each hand.  ‘Now turn them upside down and look at their bottoms.  At the base of each of the fake penises there was a thicker piece of plastic, with a thin lateral opening at the top and another shelf below.  ‘The idea is to fit the thin leather straps into the notch in the bottom’, he took the vibrator from me and pulled the four leather strips out of the box.  He slid in the fist strap and than quickly the others,  the straps slid between the two pieces of plastic and were held in place by the opposing solid ‘L’ like projections beneath the base.  Holding only the straps, he shook the eight-inch cock up and down, yet none of the straps popped out of its holder.  ‘You see’, he asked.  I smiled like a school girl and said, ‘Yes, Yes, now it makes sense.’  Putting all of the pieces back into the box I made to leave, thanking him for everything, and saying that I had to get on the phone to the customer from Texas.  His voice stopped me as I reached the door, ‘Just two things before you go, young lady.  First, explain how it works to the customer but warn her that it’s easy enough to get in, but it’s the getting it out that can be tricky.  Tell her not to try to take the straps out while the dildo’s are still in her, I am told that it is nearly impossible.  Simply undo the waist belt and remove them one at a time.’ He paused.  ‘Second, write a draft of how the instructions should read, using what I have told you as your basis.  Give it to me tomorrow afternoon and then I will go have a little talk with our copy department manager.’ 

Going back to my desk, I called Karen from Texas, and explained how the gizmo worked.  I also gave her the warning as directed by Mr. Harrison.  She thanked me profusely.  Then in a whispery voice she confided in me, that she was playing a game with her husband. He had requested that she be stripped on the bed when he got home, with the Multi Pack Simulator running and a blindfold on so that she wouldn’t know when he arrived.  As he put it, she further explained, ‘He wants me so hot when he gets there that he’ll think he’s riding a wild bronco!  Oh, oh, I’ve got to go and get ready.  Bye and thanks again.’ 

Finished with that, I resumed my normal workload.  A lot of which had unfortunately backed up.  It wasn’t until almost five o’clock that I started to work on re-writing the instructions.  Looking at the way the current instructions were written, I couldn’t easily figure out how to mimic that same style.  Trying to write them from scratch was equally difficult as I kept coming up with questions.  A little after five o'clock, Mr. Thatcher came out of his office and told me to go home.  There isn’t anything that you are doing now that won’t wait until the morning, he assured me. 

Staring at the unfinished assignment in front of me, I decided not to argue and folded my notes and put them into my bag.  From the box under the desk, I retrieved the instructions.  Then in a burst of inspiration I figured that I might need any one of the pieces of equipment to examine while I wrote the instructions for their usage.  I pushed everything into my bag. 

At home I went through my normal routine.  Aerobics, shower and then food.  When I was finished with my dinner, I sat down at the small kitchenette and opened my bag.  I retrieved my notes and the instructions.  Next I laid out each of the pieces and set them on the table before me.  My newly acquired panties tumbled out of my bag with the other equipment, so I neatly folded them and put them aside.  I closed my eyes and tried to imagine how that customer from Texas would have done it.  Nothing.  Maybe I just wasn’t cut out to be a writer of instructions, I consoled myself.  All I could see behind my closed eyes was a blindfolded female, bucking like a bronco, beneath her husbands touch. 

Then I kept coming back to what Harry had said earlier, you couldn’t properly explain how to use the product, unless you had used it yourself.  I looked down at the assorted equipment and my new panties lying on the table and smiled devilishly to myself.  ‘Why not’, I said to myself, ‘I’ve already paid for it.’ 

Moving everything into the bedroom, I laid each of the items out neatly on top of my bureau.  From the closet I removed my bondage set and put that equipment on the bed.  The bustier and stockings had already been removed from the bathroom, prior to my shower.  I took the bustier from my lingerie draw, I saw that it could probably use a little ironing, but now was not the time to for it.  I would make everything as it was the night before with the exception that this time I would add the ‘Nitro charged Multi Pack Stimulator’ to my ensemble. 

First I put on my new panties.  The silky nylon panels were not see-through like the rest of the bustier, but the baby blue color was a perfect match.  Despite the fact that it was unusual to be wearing panties that were split from stem to stern, I still liked them much more than the G-string.  The material was smooth and even the lace was softer and much more comfortable than its less expensive predecessor had been.  Machine made nylon lace can tend to be very scratchy, but this lace, that gently rubbed my pussy with every move, was more little a sweet caress.  I vowed to myself, to get as much of the companies superior products as I could, before my brief tenure ran out. 

I fixed my hair and make up.  Snapped myself into the bustier and slid into the hose.  Retrieving my favored slippers, I put them on also.  Looking at myself critically in the mirror, I decided that I passed muster, but with a devilish smile I added small amounts of perfume in all the places that a man would love to find them.  Behind my ears, in the cleavage of my breasts and down between my legs.  Oh god, I wanted a man!  That was something else that I vowed to rectify. 

Moving to the bed, I efficiently set up the restraints.  It was a lot easier the second time around.  The comforter was off, this time and destined for the laundry.  Taking off my clothes before showering I had noticed a familiar smell in the air.  It came from the bed.  I did not see any wet spots, but my hand did find a damp area were some of my secretions must have fallen. 

Soft flannel sheets covered the bed.  Pink, with little white hearts.  I placed a pink hand towel in the center of the bed, just were I expected my butt to rest, to make sure the sheets were safe.  Surveying my handy work, I could find no flaw, nor could I think of any other things to do that would keep me from my next groundbreaking step. 

I stared at the pieces of the stimulator set.  I was sure that I wanted to do this, God I wanted to experience what Karen from Texas was feeling, but in the back of my mind it was still a little scary.  I had never used a vibrator or a dildo.  Only at slumber parties in my teen years had I ever even seen them, but I was much too timid at the time to even hold it to my crotch like some of the other girls did.  This is what you get from a sheltered up bringing, I thought to myself. 

Not stalling any longer, I picked up the thick leather waist strap and buckled it tightly in place.  Positioning myself appropriately, I looked over my shoulder into the dresser mirror.  On the back of the black three-inch thick strap were four D rings from which the thin leather straps were suspended.  I adjusted the belt a little to the left so that the dangling cords were evenly spaced across my rear end.  Now came the hard part. 

The directions had said to put the butt plug in first, but I couldn’t bring myself to do this.  I had never had anything go into my anal passageway that wasn’t medically related and I wasn’t about to make that my first step.  I picked up the vibrator, instead.  It was described as being eight inches long and I didn’t doubt it one bit.  Only one of the few lovers that I had had in my short adult life, had sported a penis this long and his hadn’t been as wide as this pseudo one. 

Leaning my butt up against the bureau, I gathered my courage and put my free hand between my legs.  Pushing the lacy material further apart I was gratified to feel that the excitement of getting ready had already begun to make me wet.  Closing my eyes I fantasized about being bound upon the bed with my imaginary lover lapping voraciously at my warm, all so deserving, sex.  I stopped my ministrations reluctantly, as I felt properly lubricated and didn’t want to waste a good orgasm.  Using both hands, I maneuvered the head of the rubber cock against my waiting lower lips.  Pushing slowly forward, I grunted as it first went in.  Changing the angle slightly I continued to push the thick penis into me.  Before it had gotten all the way in it seemed to refuse to go any further.  Pushing harder and twisting, I sighed happily, as I saw the base settle firmly against my vagina.  I could feel my muscles tensing around the fake cock, seemingly trying to push the invader out.  This gave me understanding into why the straps were needed.  Without the use of my hands to hold it in, eventually the false cock would be expelled from my warm slick opening, especially once it started vibrating. 

Taking a deep breath, I prepared myself for the insertion of the butt plug.  The directions mentioned the application of K-Y jelly to my rear entrance, prior to using the plug or in lieu of that Vaseline.  I didn’t have any idea what K-Y jelly was, so I got out some Vaseline.  I first reached between my legs to find my rear entrance.  This I did, but I also found out that it was very difficult to get around the base of the vibrator to get to it!  I tried again and realized that the directions had been right.  Dejectedly I pulled out the vibrator.  Oh, I loved those squishy, sucking sounds it made as it left its new home.  They reminded me of memories of hardened manhood sliding in and out of my all so happy love tunnel. 

Applying the Vaseline was now a snap.  I put plenty around the entrance and even used my index finger to push some of the slippery substance into the tight little hole.  I held the smaller and slimmer penis with both hands.  It was made of a stiffer rubber than the vibrator.  I realized why as soon as I began to press the head against my bunghole.  It didn’t want to go in!  ‘Great’, I laughed to myself, ‘I’ve got the only dildo in the world that’s afraid of the dark.’  I bent over and pushed harder and then even harder...  I straightened and gasped involuntarily, as with a pop it  finally made its way inside.  Taking more deep breaths, I bent again and worked to push it the rest of the way in.  It refused to budge and the pressure I was exerting in that region, was not what I would describe as pleasurable.  Thinking that it was like the vibrator, I tried twisting and turning it but to no avail.  It was a fact that all the pressure that I could bring to bear was just not sufficient to get the job done. 

Not to be stopped in my quest, I waddled over to the corner of the dresser.  Standing on tiptoes I straddled the corner and placed the base of the dildo against it.  I braced the base firmly against the corner with one hand and balanced myself with the other.  I knew what I had to do, but I didn’t want to do it.  Feeling the arching of my feet begin to tire, I looked down to see the soft leather slippers arched to my feet like the ballet counterparts that they resembled.  Closing my eyes, I gave up my struggle and let my own weight push the dildo into me.  ‘Oh, Ohhh, Ohhhhh,’ I moaned in surprise I let it in bit by bit.  Now I knew what it was like to be impaled!  Ohhhhh, I sighed as the thicker middle made it’s way into me and then the rest followed quickly. 

Hurrying, I slipped the vibrator back in with very little difficulty.  I thought at one point that I could feel the two penis’ pressing against each other through my thin inner walls, but I really wasn’t sure.  Drawing the first strap between my legs, I understood why the customer from Texas had had problems.  It seemed easy in Mr. Harrison’s office sliding the cord into the slot in the base, but this exercise was anything but easy.  If you had your lover to help you it would be a cinch, but self-use was a trial.  Bending over I had to use my fingers to first find the slot, then work the cord into it.  The problem was multiplied, because of working from back to front you had to work around the base of the vibrator to secure the butt plug first.  Also getting both of the notches to line up without being able to see what you were doing, was a nightmare.  Let me tell you, that there are few things more difficult then bending over at the waist while you have dildos buried within your vagina and buttocks. 

Finally I got all four cords through each of the appropriate openings.  I used the small brass buckles on the front of the belt to attach the thin straps.  I made sure that they were tight, simply because I had gone to too much work to see one of these orifice filling dildo’s slide out by accident. 

Sitting down on the bed I quickly attached my ankles to the opposite corners of the bed.  The gag came next.  My mouth, at first, refused to be pushed to the limit needed to enclose the ball, but just when I thought it would not work, the ball popped into place.  The buckle caught in my hair, for a second, but was quickly freed. 

I then used my left hand to apply the cuff to my right wrist.  This was the fail-safe method that I had learned by my previous evenings exertions.  All I had to do was leave the cuff a little loose.  Loose enough that if I relaxed my hand it could slide through the cuff.  Also a long as I kept my right hand formed into a fist, it wasn’t going anywhere. 

The blindfold was applied and then my remaining free hand traveled down between my thighs.  By feel I found the base of the vibrator, between the numerous cords, and the switch that would empower it.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I had my own ideas.  I flicked the switch on. 

Quickly, I moved my wrist to the final cuff and rolled it tightly into its restraint.  My bondage complete and all of the other accessories in place, I lay back to embrace the entire experience.  But, as soon as my focus was off that action, I began to feel the motions of the vibrator.  It was aptly named as it did exactly what its name suggested, that is it gave off a constant vibration.  However, I had had no previous experience in this area and I didn’t truly understand how that simple thrumming was going to effect me. 

“Ohhhhh”, I mumbled around the yellow ball.  All of my actions up to this point had been building the excitement within me.  Right from the very start just the thought that I was going to bind myself, virtually helplessly, to the bed made me hot.  Each additional adornment, such as the sexy lingerie, the gag, blindfold and especially the Multi Pack Stimulator added to the intensity of my arousal.  Within seconds of activating the quivering cock I was on fire. 

The rubber penis in my lower mouth, rubbed vigorously against the G-spot just within my widely spread lips and all up and down my sensitive inner walls.  This by itself would have been more than enough to send me over the top, in my already excited state, but that wasn’t all that was happening to me. 

“Uummmphh, Uummpppphh”, I said despite the gag.  The gag was forgotten as a gut wrenching volcanic orgasm built within my enflamed body.  Arching my back I thrust my pelvis skyward, which despite my restrained position, lifted my ass entirely off the bed. The vibrator shook the most at its base.  Those taut cords that I had pulled through the base of the pseudo penises were also vibrating.  I could feel the narrow straps thrumming against my flat stomach and tight buns, sort of like a guitar string that had been plucked.  These same cords also passed through the base of the butt plug, which gave the same effect as having two instead of one vibrator in me. 

My hips thrust upward on there own accord, my mind no longer in control.  “Aaaarrrrgggghhhhh”, I moaned gutturally into the heavy ball.  The softer motions of small penis in my anal canal were something I had never experienced and the combination was driving me crazy.  My hands were balled into fists so tightly that they hurt.  My slippers dug into the bed allowing my knees to flex and let my pelvis go wild.  Strong leg muscles felt as taut as steel cables. 

In minutes the fire between my legs was an inferno and yet it still built.  My breathing was coming in gasps and I thought the pressure between my wildly spread legs was going to kill me.  “Ohhhh God, Ohhhhhhh God, Ohhhhhhhh Yes.  Yessss.  Yessssss”, I mumbled incoherently as I came in the blockbuster of all orgasms.  I thrashed from side to side, ripping at my restraints with all of my strength.  The waves of release continued to crash into me like breakers against a rocky shore.  More and more waves swept through me, until my sexually charged body tingled from the roots of my hair to the leather covered toes of my feet.  I screamed with delight into my gag as the monstrous orgasm finally ended. 

As my body began to relax, in the warm after glow of sexual release, the thought that I had died and gone to heaven filled my mind.  The large prick bound into my body had other ideas than letting me relax, though.  The constant vibrations did not cease with my orgasm.  The cords did not stop their thrumming and the plug in my rear passage way did not cease its seductive motions.  Rather than bask in release, I could feel my body tensing towards another round. 

At that point I almost released my wrist and stopped the process before it got really underway, but I stopped myself.  Would my imaginary lover turn off my strapped in vibrator after only one set of orgasms?  I doubted it. 

It took a little longer this time.  My strength had been taxed during the first go round, so I couldn’t keep my butt lifted off the bed.  This slightly retarded the motions of the butt plug.  The muscles in my inner thighs were sore from the strain of being spread so widely, combined with my earlier pelvis thrusting, and they just wanted to rest.  The base of the vibrator continued to vibrate viciously against my G-spot.  Soon I was shifting my buttocks from cheek to cheek, which intensified the building fire.  Higher, higher, higher the pressure built..... 

“Yeeesssssss”, I screamed once more as the wave spread through my body.  I pulled at my restraints, making my whole body as taut as the skin on a drum.  “Ohhhh, Yessssss”, I murmured, loving life and everything about it.  Again and again the waves passed through me, not as intense as the previous orgasms, but marvelous just the same.  Once again the sexual release subsided, and this time I really wanted to relax and enjoy it. 

The vibrations of the fake penis, were beginning to be uncomfortably insistent.  This time however, I didn’t feel the building of the orgasms that I come to expect.  It just seemed to get me to a very high level of excitement, but not take me over the peak.  The excitement that at first was fun in the warmth of my last orgasm, became down right annoying.  The fake vibrating cocks motions, became onerous rather than sensuous. 

Before the entire mood was ruined, I opened my right fist and slid through its attendant cuff.  Quickly, I reached down and switched off the tiresome vibrator.  Ahhhhhhh, much better, I thought to myself.  My body was tired and spent, but that warm after glow of the two wonderful sets of orgasms made me feel great.  I just lay there for a few minutes basking in my glorious state. 

Reaching, over to my left wrist I undid it’s bindings.  I inched the satin night mask upwards onto my forehead, but did not remove it.  Using both hands I undid the gag and placed it on the bedside table.  I checked the alarm and turned it to the on position.  Using a blanket I had earlier set besides the bed, I covered myself from toes to torso.  Attaching my right restraint appropriately, I then lowered my mask and carefully bound my remaining wrist. 

In the warm after math of my personalized love making session, I lay contentedly in my restraints.  Luxuriating in the feel of my bondage and ensemble I drifted off to sleep. 

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